songbirds in flight

Random Trinket Table

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, I want something useless but mildly interesting that isn’t from the trinket table in the player’s handbook!” Well, you’re in luck. Because I love random, useless trinkets and I’ve created a list for all to use. Even though there are plenty of other random trinket tables out there, you can never really have too many. Am I right or…? Anyways. Table below the cut!

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Who are your favorite musicians?

Flea: Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones…

Anthony Kiedis: At this time, I listen to the Clash again, whose founder, Joe Strummer, died recently. Moreover, we covered some chords of London Calling, one of their hits, in our shows, as a tribute to this great band.

John Frusciante: Hendrix, the Beatles, the Who, Buddy Holly, Led Zeppelin… Actually, old things!

Chad Smith: Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne (he laughs)…no, I’m saying bullshit!

As which animal would you like to be reincarnated?

Anthony Kiedis: As a marine animal… The grace and the mobility of the killer whale fascinates me, but I don’t know if I would be able to kill the other fish.

Flea: I would say a koala.

John Frusciante: A bird…

Chad Smith: A wild horse!

Song Bird (Peggy Schuyler x Reader)






Peggy giggled as she tugged you through the crowd, her hand firmly clasped in yours.

“I’m telling you, there are flowers that only bloom in the nighttime!” she exclaimed.

“Peggy, that doesn’t even make sense!”

“Yes it does!”

“I’m the florist, I should know!” you retorted.

“But I read about them! They exist!”

“Let me guess… in one of your fiction books?” you asked.

“Yes, but trust me, they’re real!”

You sighed as she led you further down the road to your favorite coffee spot. You were lucky you could hold hands with her in public, without so much as someone raising an eyebrow. Good friends, the people who passed by would assume.

Just good friends.

You had met Peggy around eight months ago, once you started working at the local opera house. Your job was easy, decorate the venue with wonderful flower arrangements and bouquets. Being a trained florist, it was a dream job for you. You got to amplify the beauty of the theatre with your talent, and do what you loved for a living. But almost after two days of working there, you met the prize of the opera house. Peggy Schuyler, an incredibly beautiful performer, with a set of incredibly white teeth, round eyes and a voice that would make songbirds stop mid-flight to take notes. You had never believed in love at first sight. Peggy made you second guess.

She was absolutely enticing. She would catch you when you stared at her during her practice sessions, and giggled as you turned away desperately, accidentally knocking over a vase as you did. She was the one who approached you with the upmost of confidence, asking you out to dinner after one of the performances. She had barely finished asking before you nervously blurted out, “of course.”

Shortly after, you had starting seeing each other. It was a dangerous task, really. In these days, any relationship that was not strictly man and woman could get you locked up forever, either in a jail or an insane asylum. You had to be discreet about it, and told no one. You knew you couldn’t get away with anything more than a quick kiss to the cheek or holding hands in a crowded area. Anything more, and your cover would have been completely blown. In order to avoid any trace of suspicion you both were only to meet each other a few days a week, and spoke to each other as friends in public, and introduced each other as “my co-worker” when talking to loved ones or friends. Your least favorite part however, was continuing to go on dates with men. The men were all the same: charming, intelligent, with a bit of arrogance to them. They were good men, but they weren’t Peggy.

Dates with Peggy had all started out the same. Going to some social event or restaurant, laughing with each other and holding hands, then she returned you to your house, kissing you softly of the cheek, then turning to go home.

As time progressed, you would often stay out later on each date, trying to drag out the time so that it would be dark out by the time she walked you home. When you both arrived, she could then passionately kiss on the lips. The dark hid any public eye from your forbidden relationship. You began to love the night.

A month into your relationship, Peggy decided that you two go to a bar one night. You both were not drinkers, but as a one month anniversary party, Peggy insisted you both let loose and have some fun.

Shot after shot after shot, you drank until your eyelids grew heavy and every worry about punishment for being in a lesbian relationship shed off of you. Peggy grabbed your hand, and whisked you onto the dance floor, waltzed you around, and placed little loving kisses on your collar bone. You would wrap your arm around her waist and pull her further into you. The men in the bar wolf-whistled. The women rolled their eyes. Your heavy consumption of alcohol made people assume you were just two, playful drunk girls. Just friends.

Going home that night, you had wrapped your arms around each other for support. The darkness of night set in as you both stumbled your way home.

Once you got back to your house, you insisted that Peggy stay the night. It was dark out, and she was drunk. You didn’t want any harm to come to her. As soon as you had herded her in, closed the door and locked it, Peggy was passionately kissing you. Her lips were so soft. He body was curvy, and she smelled of lavender and whiskey. Guiding her to your room, you both undressed and let your touches and kisses melt into a mess  of skin, heat, tongues, lips, whispers and soft sweet noises coming from the back of your throats. Even in the euphoric moments, you worried about your future with Peggy. Would she blame it on the alcohol in the morning? Her youth? Her confusion? You were terrified of her leaving. You tried to make the best of that night, even with anxiety eating away at you. You hoped this wasn’t a dream.

Your fear subsided the next morning. You woke up to Peggy’s arms wrapped around your neck, your face in her bare chest and arms wrapped around the small of her back. Your legs were woven together. You let your eyes flutter shut, trying to relish in every detail of the sweet moment. Her skin was soft and silky against your face, her scent was absolutely wonderful. She was holding you close, and began to rest her face on top of your head, pressing sweet kisses into your scalp. The second she realized you were awake, she let out an excited, adorable squeal and peppered your body with kisses, always returning to your lips.

This wasn’t a dream.

But she was a dream.

Since that landmark in your relationship, you always invited Peggy to stay at your house at the end of each date. More often than not, she obliged. Those nights were always your happiest, free to love each other as much as you wanted. You began to bathe together, cuddle, make dinner together, comb out each other’s hair, or even do something as simple as place your head on Peggy’s lap as she would sweetly sing to you. You loved her. You loved her more than you had ever loved any other. You both decided to marry. Not legally, of course, but she moved some of her possessions in, and you read vows to each other, exchanged rings, and set the main plan for the rest of your life: you would always return to each other. You signed marriage papers you had drawn up for each other, and sealed the deal with a passionate kiss. Finally, you were hers. She was yours. No one else knew, but you didn’t care.

Finally, you reached the coffee shop. You sat down at your favorite spot in the corner, the only table hidden from view and covered with a table cloth. You could sit next to each other and she could rest her hand on your thigh, completely hidden from everyone else there. You both happily sipped your coffee as she lightly massaged your leg and you chatted about the upcoming spring performance for the opera house.

“What type of flowers are you planing on decorating with?” she asked, cocking her head as she prepared for you to start your tangent.

“Well, it is early spring, so I think I’m going to go with light pastels as opposed to harsher, darker colors. Arrangements are going to frame each side of the stage, and of course I’ll need to create a large center piece for the lobby. I’ll definitely use some Stars of Bethlehem, amaryllis, and summer snap dragons. Maybe even some peony or phlox or…” you chirped on.

Peggy gazed at you smiling. No one handled your passionate babbling better than her. Fortunately, you were both passionate about the same things: flowers, music and each other.

You finished your coffees and held hands as you walked out of the shop, and back to your home.

“Coming in?” you offered.

“Not this time, no.” she responded, barely giving you time to pout before she began again. “But I’ll be back in the early morning.”

“What for?”

She smiled sweetly.

“You’ll see, my love.” she said before pressing a long kiss to your cheek. It was still bright out, and you were not completely safe.

It was weird that something as simple as sharing a kiss with your loved one in public was something you were afraid of.
“When will you be back?” you asked as she turned to go.

“Soon enough. Be dressed and ready to go when I do.”

You huffed as she trotted away from your house and into the distance, eventually disappearing as her distance from you became greater.

You hated when she was vague. Still, you were very eager to see what plans she had made. You carried out your day regularly after that, and changed your dress. There was no time for night clothes. You sat at your kitchen table and buried your head into your arms and tried to fall asleep for a few hours. You wanted to rest up a bit before she arrived. As eager as you were, you slowly felt yourself drift off into sleep, as the sun set and night approached.

There was a sharp knock at the door.

You jolted up, and almost fell out of your chair at the sudden noise. You sleepily glanced over to the large grandfather clock in the corner of the room.

It read 2:13 AM.

You stumbled over to your front door, still impaired by your sleepiness.

“You better have a good reason for waking me up at the ass-crack of dawn.” you mumbled as you opened the door to an excited Peggy.

“Come on, we have to hurry or we’re going to miss it!” she said as she grabbed your hand, whisked you out of your house and pulled you down the sidewalk.

You yawned as she led you to the secret destination, happily chirping about how she was going to prove you wrong. There was barely ever a moment when Peggy wasn’t bubbly with excitement and happiness. But now, she seemed to be overflowing, running down the street in the dead of night, even so often taking your hand that she held and pressing the back of it firmly to her lips. Despite her best efforts, you still grumbled. You adored Peggy, but not being forced to move at 2 AM.

Eventually you gave up, just letting her guide you through the night as you obediently followed her, hands never parting. The walk seemed to be over an hour long.

“Peggy, where are you taking me?” you finally asked.

She giggled.

“We’re almost there, just be patient!”

You were defeated. Finally, she stopped, ran behind you and slipped her hands over your eyes.

“Peggy!” you whimpered at the sudden loss of your vision.

“Shhhh… we’re here. Just let me guide you.” she responded, and gently began pushing you forward.


She finally stood you still, and ordered you to close your eyes. You obeyed, and her hands slipped off of your face.

“Now open on three, my love. One…. two….” she started.


“…..Peggy, come on!”

She laughed.

“Fine, three!”

Your eyelids flew open. Before you were beds of flowers, all shades of red and blue, blossoming fully and flourishing under the gentle light of the moon. The seas of flowers surrounded you, along with magnificent tall grasses and ivy. You were speechless, breathless. You bent down, running your hand over the soft petals of the beautiful flowers, in awe. You had never seen a place more stunningly majestic. The grasses tickled your feet as you progressed, taking in every single detail you could.

“Do you like it?” Peggy cheeped from behind you.

“Peggy…” you breathed. “This is absolutely incredible. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of these flowers before…”

“That’s because,” she started, smiling at her victory, “they only bloom at night!”

You whipped around to face her, dumbfounded.

“You mean those types do exist?”

She beamed, nodding.

“Yup! Your girl knows her flowers!”

You gazed at her. Adorned in her dress, hands clasped over her mouth as she laughed, eyes locked on you, proud and in love. She really was a dream.

For the next hour, you both admired the flowers together. Gazing and oohing and ahhing as you examined the different species in all their glory, being lit up by beams of starlight. You excitedly bounced up and down whenever you saw a completely unique one, and heard Peggy giggle at your enthusiasm. For several hours you simply stood there, taking in the beauty, enjoying each others company and taking deep breaths of the lightly perfumed air.

Suddenly, she wandered away into a path of incredibly tall wild grass, towering all the way up to her waist.

“Come lay with me.” she suggested, as she beckoned you.

You immediately followed, and trotted next to her as you both laid down, hand in hand, covered by the grass and looking up at the sky, beginning to turn bright with the promise of a rising sun.

You turned your head to her, and smiled. Her eyes lids were fluttered closed, a content grin on her face as her hair spread over the bed of natural plant life. 

How were you so lucky?

“Kiss me, please.” you blurted, the words escaping your lips.

She smiled even wider as she rolled over to you, and placed her soft lips on yours. You immediately kissed back, lips moving in sync as she rolled her body on top of yours and let her hands tangle in your hair. 

This was bliss.

Sure enough, the sun rose. The once beautiful flowers that surrounded you shriveled up and died, but you and Peggy remained in the tall grasses. You began to hear the city wake up, horses trotted down the pavement as they drew carriages and you could hear the conversations of people walking in the street. All were oblivious to you and Peggy, still covered by the tall grasses. She laid her head down on your chest, still kissing you from time to time. The city awoke with life. You were still hidden. 

You knew you felt the same want she did, as you felt her nuzzle into your shoulder. To be out. To be seen. To love freely and openly and without shame.

You both dreamed of a more accepting world.

A better place.

A better time.

You wrapped your arms around her waist.

A better tomorrow. 

“same as always”

sugakookie & namseok, ~1.4k, seasons au
(summer!kook, spring!hobi, winter!yoongi, autumn!RM)
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Summer shakes Autumn’s hand and the Earth shifts around them. 

Jungkook says goodbye with a toothy smile, Namjoon with dimples.

Jungkook feels traces of Winter in Spring’s touch—snowmelt and crisp air, clouds of breath touching Spring’s cheek because Hoseok likes to make the transition with his arms wrapped around the other seasons. He wonders how Winter can stand the warmth of Spring against his ice cold skin when he can barely stand how cool Hoseok’s is against his own. 

“It’s always nice to see you, Jungkookie,” Hoseok says, tucking Summer under his arm. 

“You too,” Jungkook replies. He slips his own arm around Spring’s waist, digs his fingers into his side when Hoseok tickles the back of his neck. 

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I want to be somewhat professional in my writing, but I have to be honest with you. The first thing that pops into my head when looking at this Merlin (Falco columbarius) is, “What a cutie pie!” Very dignified, self, well done.

In all honesty, the attractiveness of this bird of prey has shaped much of its history with humans. In Medieval Europe, they were used in falconry, though mostly by the noblewomen of the age. Their delicate size, gorgeous plumage, and deft ability to catch small songbirds mid-flight make them incredible to watch, and made them the bird of choice for a lady with a passion for the hunt. 

These birds are skillful, intelligent, and deadly, much like the women who hunted with them and those who prep them in our lab!

Photo credit: Aspen Ellis