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Zebra finches use ‘baby talk’ to teach chicks (with audio)

Adult songbirds modify their vocalizations when singing to juveniles in the same way that humans alter their speech when talking to babies. The resulting brain activity in young birds could shed light on speech learning and certain developmental disorders in humans, according to a study by McGill University researchers.

Lead author Jon Sakata, a professor of neurobiology at McGill, says that songbirds learn vocalizations like humans learn speech. “Songbirds first listen to and memorize the sound of adult songs and then undergo a period of vocal practice–in essence, babbling–to master the production of song.”

First Listen: Sam Beam & Jesca Hoop, ‘Love Letter For Fire’

Love Letter For Fire was, at least in part, inspired by the pair’s desire to make songs that function as conversations rather than soliloquies, and their work backs that up. In the gorgeous “Every Songbird Says,” Hoop and Beam trade bits of the lyric rapidly, occasionally blending their voices as they build to a cooing earworm of a chorus. With the help of producer Tucker Martine and a smart, subtle band, the two achieve a fine balance — of songwriting sensibilities, of time in the spotlight — in the service of songs that feel at once fresh and timeless.”
Pretty Girls

So, I wrote a thing. A Quinncedes thing. A Quinncedes (belated) birthday thing for shaloved30. A little Tay birdie told me ages ago about Sha’s headcanon where Quinn (who lives in Paris) surprises Mercedes (who lives in New York) with a visit.Cue the reunion and thangs.

What better way to wish one of the loveliest ladies a Happy Birthday than with a little lady lovin’? Happy Birthday, Sha! You can blame Tay for all of this, btw. 

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The Songbird says, 'Look into my eyes, Lukel.'

The Songbird

| Hope | Love | Passion | Hate | Resentment | Envy | Indifference | Confidence | Insecurity | Greed | Desire | Optimism | Spite | Hostility | Kindness | Warmth | Intelligence | Experience | Trauma |Aggression | Gentleness |  Arrogance | Pride | Lust | Cruelty | You’re soft | You’re trusting | You seem honest | You’re humble | You’re cold | You’re closed off | You’re reserved and guarded | You’re unfeeling | You’re remorseless | You’re heartless | You’re inhuman | You’re frightening | You’re frightened | You’re devious | You’re unpredictable | You’re struggling | You’re lost | You’re broken |You’re disheartened | You seem headstrong | You seem difficult | You’re stubborn | I see hope | I see purpose | I see absolute conviction | I see compassion | I see a shining light | I see shattered remains| I see something familiar | I see a friend | I see an enemy | I see a lover | I see thirst for blood | I see malicious intent | I see pity | You’re pitiful | I see darkness | You’re unwavering | You’re pure | You’re noble |

“If I do, you know I’ll never want to look away.”