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"Mommy! Look! My wings are growing!" The chipper boy circled around his mother, proudly showing off the small wings that grew on his back. Blue eyes glowing in pure delight as he tried to look at them himself. "Do you think they'll be as big as daddy's?"

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Caster couldn’t help herself but let a loving smile cross her features as she watched her little boy running around her. His voice was like a song for her, and that is why he was her little songbird. She was jokingly saying that he was too adorable that she might EAT HIM at some point, and then she was tickling him and ( they were both laughing )

The woman patted her son’s head as she was hearing him out. She couldn’t believe that this smiling child was hers and Tsuki’s. The fruit of their love. Ah, she couldn’t be happier. Akemi was being such a worrywart when she was pregnant. He was being so gentle and caring, even when Tamamo was faking her WHINING just so he will stay with her a little bit more. She could remember Yuko and Yuki coming to visit them. She could remember with what LOVE she was surrounded, and she was happy to know that Tsuki’s and her’s child will be born into the better world where he will be surrounded by such kind people. 

Tamamo was happy that her little boy did not develop her abilities. She was happy to hear that his wings started to appear. Ah, just the thought of her husband was making her smile and let the happiness overflow her mind. 

She was a good mother: wise, beautiful and strict. Surprisingly strict. And yet, she loved her family more than anything. So, once the boy showed her his wings, Tamamo’s ears stood up immediately from excitement as she lowered on her knees to look at ( cute little wings ) that her little boy was showing off. Her smile widened at the SIGHT —

     ❝ Oh my! They are adorable, my little songbird. Your mommy is so proud of you, mfufu~ ❞  Tamamo hugged her son from behind and kissed him on the cheek, making the little boy laugh and try to get away from her clingy mother’s embrace. Tamamo was well known to be playful, even with her family. No, especially with HER CHILD. 

Without letting go of her son, Tamamo inquired:

     ❝ Your daddy and Yuko-san are here today, yes? Did you show them or did your father already asked to show off before me? Let’s go to daddy and ask him if we can celebrate it! I will cook something yummy today~ ❞

First Listen: Sam Beam & Jesca Hoop, ‘Love Letter For Fire’

Love Letter For Fire was, at least in part, inspired by the pair’s desire to make songs that function as conversations rather than soliloquies, and their work backs that up. In the gorgeous “Every Songbird Says,” Hoop and Beam trade bits of the lyric rapidly, occasionally blending their voices as they build to a cooing earworm of a chorus. With the help of producer Tucker Martine and a smart, subtle band, the two achieve a fine balance — of songwriting sensibilities, of time in the spotlight — in the service of songs that feel at once fresh and timeless.”