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You’re in my arms and all the world is calm. The music playing on for only two.

A very rushed drawing for soriku day because to day was busy, but I desperately wanted to put something out today. I won’t let something as frivolous as an occupation get in the way of soriku day. nope.

All of NU'EST's music videos because y'all need to support them right now


Face (debut song about facing down a tough opponent, more specifically the bullies versus the bullied in school, bonus if u watch the mv u see predebut baby seventeen!!! seungcheol why are u such a bully)

Action (about not conforming to the crowds, standing up by yourself, acknowledging the pain of bullying victims and encouraging them to be themselves and show everyone how amazing they are, more electro (?) than Face)

Not Over You (missing an ex, still wanting to be with them, surprisingly upbeat if you consider the topic which is usually covered in ballads. very refreshing CUTE MV SO CUTE I LOVE HAPPY NU’EST WHAT A CONCEPT)

Sandy (innocent young love, very sweet and happy, great song to listen to if you want to cheer up, also MORE CUTE NU’EST THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD TIME THEY LOVE THEIR FANS SO MUCH)


Hello (struggling in a one sided relationship, very sweet and soothing melody, their voices are like honey in your ears, RAP MONSTER EVEN SAID THIS WAS ONE OF HIS TOP FAVORITE SONGS STOP SLEEPING ON NU'EST)

Sleep Talking (a really trippy song, very unique but addictive beat, about wanting to confess to their dream girl, the mv always makes me laugh)

Fine Girl (funky pop song about how much they like their girl and how they want to show their feelings, THE MV IS SO CUTE WATCH IT NOW I’M  SO MUCH NU’EST)


Good Bye Bye (leaving a painful love, this song is less electro and more of a smooth and slower tempo pop sound, if you watch the mv you can see a shirtless Minki I’m jUST SAYING)


I’m Bad (regret from breaking up with a lover, reminiscing and wanting them back, saying they’re bad for leaving their love and that they aren’t good enough, slow but catchy, makes me think of walking down the street alone but during a sunny day you know? it just has that kind of vibe considering the beat and flow of their voices idk)


Overcome (overcoming the struggles and troubles that come their way for their love, telling their lover to rely on them and that they’ll protect them)

Love Paint (Every Afternoon) (about their dull and boring life being renewed and brightened by their love, seeing the beauty in their love and life, very sweet song pls be aware that u might get a cavity from it)

Daybreak (by Minhyun & Jonghyun, I’m not even gonna spoil this one u have to go and listen to it for urself)

of course, NU'EST has many more songs than this! these are just their Korean music videos, they also have the other songs off their albums, so please take the time to show them love and support for their hard work!!!

sad shit always happens to me so i rarely cry about it so whenever something nice happens i can cry and boi did something really fucking nice just happen


*looks at notecard in hand*

Ford and stan singing along badly to a song together.

the love Simon trailer got me hook line and sinker because 1) walk the moon 2) slightly crap gay teen film is what we deserve 3) vaguely nuanced view on coming out that isn’t just “why not just do it” that straight ppl peddle bc god that’s annoying

Face Down

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Request: Anonymous. Hey could y'all write something based on the song Face Down with dean? If you don’t like writing about that kind of stuff, it’s okay. :) thanks either way!

Pairing: Dean Winchester/Reader

Word Count: 1481

Warning: Mentions of mental abuse and physical abuse, language

Author: Brit and Amy

A/N: Again this was written for a request @crowleysplaythings and since I’m leaving the blog, just moving my work here!

Growing up, it had always been you and Dean Winchester. He was your best friend when you were kids, and as you got older it turned to something more at least on your part. There was no way that he would ever see you in that way. Watching him pick women up in bars had always been hard, so when you met Sean one night it seemed like your prayers were answered.

At first he was everything you wanted in a man- good looking, funny, attentive, made you feel like you were the only one in his world. That feeling didn’t last long, never does with guys like Sean. While everyone else saw the great guy, the one everyone wanted to hang out with, there was another side that didn’t come out unless you were alone together or he thought no one else might hear him.

The first time it was harsh words- “Stupid bitch” being muttered when you didn’t get beer quick enough for everyone. Dean heard it, though. One of the perks of being a hunter was excellent hearing. Sean was quick enough to laugh it off though, “Just messing around baby, c’mere,” he flashed Dean an innocent smile. Dean forced one back, the words stuck in his mind.

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Face Down (Enzo Amore x Reader)

A/N: First imagine! Please enjoy! I’m sorry it’s so long, I am such a detail oriented person haha. Inspired by the song Face Down by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Gif is not mine, unfortunately neither is wwe. Story is fictional work of my imagination. (Sadly)

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Warnings: Angst, Fluff, Abusive Relationship, Blood, love


You sighed, walking down the corridor backstage towards your boyfriend, Bray Wyatt’s locker room.

Life with the WWE crew was great, really. Honestly, there was no reason you should’ve been allowed to travel with them, but when Bray brought you around and they realized your talent for makeup, you were offered a job by Stephanie McMahon herself, and since then you’d been a part of the rag tag group of idiots.

You had been dating Bray Wyatt for three years, and at first everything had been great, but…he had changed since the two of you were kids. He just wasn’t the same guy he once was.

You shivered, pulling down your hoodie sleeves subconsciously. You held Bray’s food in your hands, you shook, knowing you mustn’t drop it. An easy task to anyone but you, the clumsiest of the clumsy.

And, as if Satan himself had overheard your fears, it happened.

You slammed into a hard chest and fell on your butt, dropping Bray’s sandwhich and pop, and you winced when the latter exploded.

“Oh Jesus Mama, I’m so sorry!” a familiar voice exclaimed, and you looked up to meet regretful blue eyes, belonging to your best friend here at wwe, Enzo Amore.

He crouched and helped you to your feet, apologizing all the while, but your mind was too busy working itself up.

You had dropped it.

Since you had appeared here in wwe, Enzo Amore had been the most friendly to you. He cracked jokes, and introduced you to everyone, speeding up the “warming up” process, and making you all kinds of friends. You were never able to hang out with him long, Bray didn’t like it, but he stopped and talked to you each time he passed you in the corridors, and when it was time for makeup, he would always sit in your chair and talk to you while you “made him look pretty” as he called it. Enzo was a good man, with a wonderful personality, and you definitely admired him for it. Each and every day, if you hadn’t passed in the corridors or had makeup together, he would make an effort to find you at least once a day, just to talk and check up on you. Honestly, you had developed a major crush on him, not that you could ever tell a soul, oh God if Bray found out.

“Mama?” Enzo’s voice pulled you back to reality, “You okay?”

You realized you had been staring at the ruined sandwhich on the floor, and Enzo was looking at you quizzically, one eyebrow raised.

You gulped, trying to calm your shaking hands, and hide your terror. You pulled at your sleeves again, “I’m sorry for running into you ‘Zo, won’t happen again.”

Enzo smiled and chuckled, “I don’t mind runnin’ into you, Princess. Gives me an excuse to talk to ya.”

You blushed, and cast your gaze to the floor, gulping again.

Enzo touched your chin, tilting your head to look at him. His eyes were filled with genuine concern as he asked, “Mama? You sure you’re alright? You’re actin kinda funny…”

Standing there looking at him, you knew you should tell him, knew you should spill everything to him, get help, but you couldn’t. If Bray found out…you would have to leave WWE, and Bray would still come home to you. You didn’t have your own house. Your mom had kicked you out at age 16, Bray had been there. How could you tell anyone? How could you oust him? He had been there…He had taken care of you…

You swallowed the lump in your throat and opened your mouth, “I’m fi-”


Your body stiffened and your heart pounded. You felt yourself shake, gulping for the hundredth time that night.

“Oh, hey Bray!” Enzo said cheerfully, “(Y/N) just ran into me, sorry for keeping her.”

Bray gazed at you with the look you knew so well, and you said quietly, “I fell…I-I…I dropped your f-food.” You kicked yourself mentally for your stupid nervous stutter.

Enzo was looking at you, you could feel it, and when you snuck a glance, he looked suspicious.

“I’ll go get you some mor-”

“No, no (Y/N). Let’s just go back to the room. I’ve lost my appetite.” Bray said in a voice anyone elso wouldn’t have noticed but you? You felt the edge. The warning.

Enzo was still gazing between you and Bray, his eyes narrowed, with a look you didn’t recognize.

“Come on,” Bray said, turning and walking.

“Bye, Enzo,” you whispered, looking at him in a way you hoped didn’t show your fear, and trotted after Bray.

Enzo watched you go, knowing something was wrong.


You cried, feeling them.


The sound was hollow, like there was nothing inside you.

You were curled in the fetal position, holding your left wrist, which he had thrown you around with. Blood was running down your face, as your nose was bleeding. Your eye was blackening slowly, you could feel it. Bray was at least smart enough to hit a professional makeup artist.

The toes of his boots seemed to hit over and over into your ribs. Your spine. Your side.

You closed your eyes, sobbing quietly. You knew you weren’t allowed to make noise. You knew it would get worse and he’d get the gag.

You watched his feet appear in front of you, and then the assault on your stomach began, curling you even further into yourself. You clenched your eyes shut, biting back the moans and screams of pain. No noise. No sound.

You were starting to lose conciousness, you knew it from your slowly darkening field of vision.

And then there were bangs in the distance, but you couldn’t keep your eyes open. The assault stopped, there were voices, someone screaming your name, darkness.


When your eyes opened, you were assaulted again by violent fluorescent lights that hurt your head and made you cover your eyes until you adjusted. You pulled your hands away from your face, looking at the bandages on your left wrist and the IV in your right.

Looking down at yourself, you confirmed that you were indeed in a hospital room, in a hospital gown, in a hospital bed, alone.

The beeping slowly came into focus, the various machines running, the hushed voices from the corridor. You looked at the door, seeing it closed, and then you looked the other way, noticing the chair next to the bed. An unmistakeable Red leather Jacket was draped over the back of it, and you cocked your head, wincing at the soreness.

Then, the pain hit.

Your whole body screamed out, and you hissed in pain, dropping your hands to the handles on the sides of the bed.

You looked over at the chair again, breathing and calming the pain down, as you looked at everything sitting on the night stand by the bed and the chair. There was Enzo’s jacket, and a hairband. A few dirty wet wipes that you knew were covered in removed makeup. You smiled slightly, wondering why he’d been here.

You sat up, however slowly and painfully, and very slowly managed to lean over and pick up Enzo’s jacket. You looked at it, smiling at Enzo’s personality. All of his clothing showed a part of him. You hugged it to your chest, smelling his cologne mixed with his natural scent, which you knew well, from doing his makeup before he got ready, meaning not even deodorant. His natural smell smelled like Kettle corn to you, and maple syrup.

You hugged his jacket and laid back down on the bed, but not for long, as you shot back up as the door clicked. You hissed, but still watched as the door slowly opened and you saw the blonde certified G pushing the door open with his foot, as he held a collection of things in his arms. All of which, however, he almost dropped upon seeing her awake.

“(Y/N)! Oh god Mama!” He stammered as he scrambled to the chair and scooted it as close as humanly possible without being on the bed. “Oh my god, Princess I was so worried!”

You giggled as Enzo fell over himself, dropping everything he was holding and stuttering.

“I got you food in case you were hungry, but you’re probably not but oh well and Cass took the other superstars home and I got you some hot cocoa because I know it’s your favorite but I also got you water and- Oh my god! How are you feeling? Should I call a nurse? I’m so-”

You cut him off as he went to stand, “Enzo,”

The stud stopped, “Yeah Mama what do ya need? Anything? I’m right here I’ll-”

“Enzo,” You said again, calmly, “Sit down, I feel fine. Just sore is all…what happened?” You said, remembering the reason for your pain, and your body visibly tightened and curled, you squeezed his jacket harder, and started to shake.

Enzo shot up, making you flinch, but he was quick to sit on the edge of your bed, and take your hand. He looked at your eyes, and you looked at his, so full of concern and care.

“Breathe (Y/N), breathe, I won’t let anything hurt you anymore,” he murmured, gently pulling your hand to his lips and kissing it gently.

You relaxed a little, and Enzo moved closer. Gently and slowly, he laid down on his side beside you, facing you and you slowly and painfully turned to face him, and he ran his hand up and down your hip, his other hand supporting his head.

“Well,” He said finally, “I knew something was up when he was staring at you, and I got suspicious. I would’ve been there sooner but I had a match, and when I came backstage I heard one of the sound guys saying how he had heard crashing in Bray’s room. I got this really bad feeling in my stomach so I ran to Bray’s room as fast as I could and-” Enzo stopped, seemingly angry as he took a deep breath through his nose and tensed. “I found that scumbag kicking you and I lost it. Everyone heard and came running. Cass carried you out of the room and to the ambulance and by the time security pulled us apart someone called the police and they took Bray when they saw your bruises. I came straight here, I told them if they needed to talk to me I would be next to your hospital bed. Doc says you have a broken wrist, couple broken ribs. The rest is just very bad bruising. They gave you painkillers to knock you out while they set your wrist. You’ve been out for about seven hours.”

You started to cry, and Enzo wiped your tears, “Babygirl, why you cryin? C’mon, baby ‘zo’s here I ain’t gonna let nothing happen to ya…”

He trailed off, slowly and gently pulling you into his chest and letting you cry against him as he hummed in your ear and played with your hair.

When you had finally calmed down enough to speak, you did, and it all just came out. You told him everything. From when you and Bray were kids, to being kicked out and moving in with him, to dating, to the abuse, to the sandwhich, to everything. Like Niagara, when you started, you couldn’t stop until you had worked yourself up to the point you had to stop.

Enzo stayed silent, listening and letting you talk, just rubbing your back gently until you had finally finished, and he said quietly, “(Y/N), I am so so sorry for all of this. for everything that happened. All of us should have known. We should’ve suspected. You wear long sleeves in California in June, and none of us saw. Darlin’, I wish I had known, wish I could’ve saved you. I should’ve protected you from the start. Darlin, I know you’re scared right now, but you need to believe in me. Because you won’t be leaving the WWE, your makeup skills are phenomenal, and baby you don’t have to worry about your house.”

You sniffled, “Why not?”

“Well,” He said, almost nervously, “I mean I understand if you want to say no, but I have a huge house…and I’m just one guy, and you can have your own room and bathroom and-”

“Enzo, are you asking me to move in with you?”

“Well….yeah….I think I am…because baby I’ve loved you since I first set eyes on you, but I thought you were happy with Bray, and I would never do anything to sabotage your happiness, my beautiful baby…I’ve been meaning to ask you on a date for a long long time…and we don’t go off tour for a few months, so maybe…yanno…you could see how you like me…and…yanno…when I go home for break…If you wanna come then you can be right next to me the whole way.”

“Yes, Enzo.”

“….Yes what?”

“Yes, Enzo. I will go on a date with you, as long as there’s a promised second date…and Enzo?”

“Yeah mama?”

“I love you too.”

He smiled, and when you two kissed, for the first time in 3 years, you felt safe.