song; face down

You’re in my arms and all the world is calm. The music playing on for only two.

A very rushed drawing for soriku day because to day was busy, but I desperately wanted to put something out today. I won’t let something as frivolous as an occupation get in the way of soriku day. nope.

All of NU'EST's music videos because y'all need to support them right now


Face (debut song about facing down a tough opponent, more specifically the bullies versus the bullied in school, bonus if u watch the mv u see predebut baby seventeen!!! seungcheol why are u such a bully)

Action (about not conforming to the crowds, standing up by yourself, acknowledging the pain of bullying victims and encouraging them to be themselves and show everyone how amazing they are, more electro (?) than Face)

Not Over You (missing an ex, still wanting to be with them, surprisingly upbeat if you consider the topic which is usually covered in ballads. very refreshing CUTE MV SO CUTE I LOVE HAPPY NU’EST WHAT A CONCEPT)

Sandy (innocent young love, very sweet and happy, great song to listen to if you want to cheer up, also MORE CUTE NU’EST THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD TIME THEY LOVE THEIR FANS SO MUCH)


Hello (struggling in a one sided relationship, very sweet and soothing melody, their voices are like honey in your ears, RAP MONSTER EVEN SAID THIS WAS ONE OF HIS TOP FAVORITE SONGS STOP SLEEPING ON NU'EST)

Sleep Talking (a really trippy song, very unique but addictive beat, about wanting to confess to their dream girl, the mv always makes me laugh)

Fine Girl (funky pop song about how much they like their girl and how they want to show their feelings, THE MV IS SO CUTE WATCH IT NOW I’M  SO MUCH NU’EST)


Good Bye Bye (leaving a painful love, this song is less electro and more of a smooth and slower tempo pop sound, if you watch the mv you can see a shirtless Minki I’m jUST SAYING)


I’m Bad (regret from breaking up with a lover, reminiscing and wanting them back, saying they’re bad for leaving their love and that they aren’t good enough, slow but catchy, makes me think of walking down the street alone but during a sunny day you know? it just has that kind of vibe considering the beat and flow of their voices idk)


Overcome (overcoming the struggles and troubles that come their way for their love, telling their lover to rely on them and that they’ll protect them)

Love Paint (Every Afternoon) (about their dull and boring life being renewed and brightened by their love, seeing the beauty in their love and life, very sweet song pls be aware that u might get a cavity from it)

Daybreak (by Minhyun & Jonghyun, I’m not even gonna spoil this one u have to go and listen to it for urself)

of course, NU'EST has many more songs than this! these are just their Korean music videos, they also have the other songs off their albums, so please take the time to show them love and support for their hard work!!!

sad shit always happens to me so i rarely cry about it so whenever something nice happens i can cry and boi did something really fucking nice just happen

you’re walking in the woods. there’s no one around and your blaster’s dead. out of the corner of your eye you spot him: kylo ren.

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🎧 (i couldn't resist)

wicked games by the weeknd.

❝ let me see you dance / i love to watch you dance / take you down another level / get you dancing with the devil. ❞

bad bitch by bebe rexha.

❝ you say you want a bad bitch / baby, no you have it / now you got the baddest / show me you can handle this. ❞

gangsta by kehlani.

❝ i’m good on, that pussy shit / i don’t want, what i can get / i want someone with secrets / that nobody, nobody, nobody knows. ❞

madness by ruelle.

❝ feel the fury closing in, all resistance wearing thin / nowhere to run from all this havoc / no where to hide from all this madness, madness, madness. ❞

tio by zayn.

❝ i can taste it on your mouth and i can’t leave it / you’re a freak like me, can’t you see ? / we can work this something out and i’m believin’ / you get off on me, it’s like cheating. ❞

strangers by halsey feat. lauren jauregui.

❝ i remember, i remember what you told me / said that we’re not lovers, we’re just strangers / with the same damn hunger / to be touched, to be loved, to feel anything at all. ❞

quit by cashmere cat feat. ariana grande.

❝ i know i’m gonna regret it / when you said, “baby, i just want you to lay me down and we’ll fuck the pain away” / ‘cause skin on skin, i feel nothing but the burning of desire / and that’s just foreplay. ❞

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Josh entered the ballroom, brows furrowed. Everyone here seemed to have someone – whether it was a friend, or a lover, or a parent. His dad had forced him to come here – this was, after all, his office party. He argued that some social interaction would be good for him. As much as Josh had tried to resist, his dad rented him a suit and sent him off. 

He couldn’t help but smirk as he heard that god damned Chainsmokers and Coldplay. Perhaps he wasn’t laughing at the song, but at the people attempting to dance. He went over to the refreshment table. God, let there be alcohol. He just wanted this night to be over. – He was out of luck, however. Only punch. He felt a person come up next to him. They were really in his bubble.  ❝Excuse me–❞ He interrupted himself. 



MY DREAM CAME TRUE ;______________________________; IT’S HERE!! ;_; 

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a - age: 18
b - biggest fear: Yesterday I was at my therapist appointment and her and I both came across the revelation that I have a fear of letting people get too close to me due to the fact that when people get too close they hurt you more so whatever that is lol
c - current time: 10:43 pm
d - drink you last had: Tea
e - every day starts with: Actually waking up
f - favorite song: Bury me face down by Grandson
g - ghosts, are they real: Yes
h - hometown: A secret
i - in love with: No one
j - jealous of: A lot of things
k - killed someone: Nope or else I wouldn’t be here typing this
l - last time you cried: 2 days ago
m - middle name: Elizabeth
n - number of siblings: 1 sister
o - one wish: Freedom
p - person you last called/texted: My friend Julia
q - questions you’re always asked: Why are you doing that, do you know what you’re doing, can you please get off of that, can you please stop doing that, and can you please be quiet
r - reasons to smile: I graduate tomorrow
s - song last sang: Sang? Oh geez, um, I don’t recall singing but I did hum Greensleeves?
t - time you woke up: 8:30 am
u - underwear color: Uh, blue and white.
v - vacation destination: I’d like to travel around Germany. Like, all of Germany.
w - worst habit: Nail biting.
x - x-rays you’ve had: Teeth, I guess head if you count an MRI, Kidney, Stomach, and Chest
y - your favorite food: I’m not too sure at the moment
z - zodiac sign: Scorpio

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(Bucky Barnes/Reader One Shot)

{Request: Bloo-moon-freak ~ Can you do a Bucky x reader one shot where the reader is in an abusive relationship and Bucky comes in to save her. One a song fic face down by the red jumpsuit apparatus please?}

Warning: Abuse 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

A/N: Sorry this took a while, between work and adult life it got hectic. ~Admin Steve

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repost and fill in the answers you most associate your character with to each question.

1.       ANIMAL: black mamba
2.       COLOR(S): blue, white, black, silver
3.       MONTH: oct

4.       SONG: bury me face down

5.       NUMBER: 1
6.       DAY OR NIGHT:  night
7.       PLANT: wolfsbane
8.       SMELL: new leather car interior smell you know the one
9.       GEMSTONE: tourmaline, opal
10.     SEASON: winter
11.      PLACE: skyscrapers
12.      FOOD: filet mignon 
13.      ASTROLOGICAL SIGN: scorpio
14.      ELEMENT(S): earth
15.      DRINK: water

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