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“Bills Bills Bills” by Destiny’s Child | Choreography by Meghan Sanett

ft. dancers: Addie Nelson, Arielle Elonys, Elenna Derkach, Jenna Beltran, Meghan Sanett

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(via They Might Be Giants cover Destiny’s Child’s “Bills, Bills, Bills” - YouTube)

This may be the best thing ever.


Today’s 1990s Music Video of the Day is:
Bills, Bills, Bills by Destiny’s Child, 1999

In my house, I have what I less-than-affectionately refer to as “the bill bowl.” The bill bowl is a large decorative bowl once occupied by fruit and granola bars…

Not long after mom’s diagnosis and subsequent need for someone else to focus regular attention on her finances, I took that responsibility on. Shortly thereafter, the fruit once in the oversized decorative bowl was replaced by all manner of bills and medical paperwork. Thus “the bill bowl” was born. And while I am pretty good at keeping up with the bills on a monthly basis, I admit, I am not always the best about filing away the paperwork and stubs and odds and ends from all those monthly bills and doctor visits. Thus “the bill bowl” became less decorative, and more a functional strata of nonsense that slowly grew into a household Matterhorn. Seriously. That thing had a HEAP of crap in it a literal foot deep.

Tonight, in an effort to get my shit together and make sure I no longer had an excuse for missing a payment on something and needlessly costing myself more money, I took on “the bill bowl” with a fury. (I recently misplaced the bill for my recent dental visit, and a check for over-payment from my former medical insurance provider, and I was determined to find both, because nothing takes the sting out of paying an unexpectedly high bill like getting back some money from somebody you mistakenly sent too much money!)

As you can see, the bowl is completely cleared out! All my bank statements, student loan statements, credit card bills, utility bills, errant receipts, mom’s medical documentation, mom’s insurance statements, mom’s bills from the majority of the last year, all of it gone! All of it sorted, handled, and filed away like it should have been all along! I almost couldn’t believe my own eyes at finally seeing the bottom of the bowl again… It’s been a very long time.

I even took on the sideboard in my living room where all the junk mail accumulates as the bills got sorted out and carried off to the bowl! I kind of surprised myself with that little bonus effort!

You don’t have to be proud of me, because I am proud of me. I am posting this solely for my own edification. I did it! I tackled that mountain and made it my bitch!