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Naive: Part 1

A/N: I’m so freaking happy you guys seemed to like the intro, I wrote this and a few other “chapters” up in one night! Hopefully I can get you guys as hyped as I am for this story😭💛

Word Count: 3k+

Warnings: Just cursing in this chapter because I have the mouth of a sailor. The stirrings of sexual tension. The big stuffs coming next time though you guys I promise lol

Summary: As the goddaughter of Tony Stark you were no stranger to the Avengers, but when you meet the newest member- you’re a little more then intrigued. Unfortunately for him, Bucky Barnes has caught your eye.


You and Pepper sit in the back of a sleek black Mercedes as it winds through the city, towards Manhattan and the Tower.

It had only been a few years since you’d been in New York but damn, had your forgotten how small this city made you feel. You stare out of the window, your eyes tilted up at many sky scrapers, the sun glaring through your oversized sunglasses as you look at the sky.

It reminds you of a canopy, the way the buildings seem to box you in. An urban jungle that smelled like human pee and chronic exhaustion.

“Are you excited for the internship?” Pepper asks you with a grin and you nod enthusiastically, biting your bottom lip.

What she was talking about was the internship you’d managed to score at the American Museum of Natural History.

“So fucking excited. I mean- I know they’re going to have me doing chump work. Since I only just got my bachelors degree, but the boost that it’s giving my career is insane. Like, I’ll be working on my graduates degree at the same time so I’m hoping if I can make a good impression they’ll refer me to the Smithsonian”

You cant help but babble, your mouth going a mile a minute.

School had always been important to you. It’d been drilled into you by your scientist of a mother, and your college professor of a grandmother that education was the most valuable thing in this world. You’d luckily inherited your moms bright nature, and had graduated high school as the Valedictorian…

Which always made you laugh because you’d ditched more then a third of your senior year to smoke pot with your friends in your car and had still managed to pass top of your class.

College was harder, just like you knew it was going to be. But you still goverened a high grade point average. Double majoring in Sociology and History and minoring in Art Forensics.

Because you’d known, ever since you’d watched Indiana Jones when you we’re six, that all you wanted to do was work in Museums. You wanted to be surrounded by ancient scrolls and mystical tombs. You wanted your life to be the adventure you’d mapped it out to be in your head.

Plus the ide of your fat ass swinging around on vines and running from giant rolling death balls made you smile.

“That’s a lot to have on your plate at once. But if anyone can do it, it’s you. But just know if you neglect your flower girl duties, you will be replaced” Pepper jokes and you giver her a “har har”

“You mean maid of honor duties” You verify.

“What? You cant be both? We also we’re thinking of having you be the ring bearer” You roll your eyes at the strawberry blonde who’s typing away at her blackberry. It’s such a familiar sight, a wave of nostalgia washes over you.

You’d spent a good chunk of your childhood looking up to her.

When the car pulls into the garage of what used to be Stark, but what was now Avengers tower you cant help but feel like you’re ten years olf again. Going to spend two weeks in the summertime with your “Tony Tino”

“So they should be out of their meeting in about twenty minutes, your bags are being brought to your room and the boxes got here a few days ago” Pepper confirms the plans to me as we make our way through the lush waiting room and into one of the many elevators.

“Okay, cool. I’ll just go start unpacking then-”

“Nope” She interjects and I shoot her a “why the hell not?” look.

“Tony said you should get something in your stomach. He know’s you never eat on planes” Pepper covers for herself quickly, not wanting you to see through her lie and ruin Tony’s surprise.

“Okay I guess. I’m not really hungry but you can show me the new kitchens. All he’s been talking about is how the upgrades we’re way cool” You seem to be tottaly oblivious wich makes her let out a metaphorical sigh of relief.

The kitchens are even more wicked then what Tony had told you and your eyes light up as you asses the huge room. The stainless steel and clean white walls making it look like something out of Star Trek.

“Hello Ms. Y/L/N” Fridays sing song robotic voice chimes from nowhere and you grin.

“Friday! How have you been?” You know she’s just a computer, just a hard drive, but you talk to her like she’s a real person.

Just like you used to do with Jarvis who, now, actually was a real person.

“I’ve been well, Ms. Y/L/N. Tony has missed you very much. He’s been very busy preparing for your stay. He’s instructed me to make sure you are fed because he knows you “barf” on airplanes. What can I have made for you? The chef’s specialty is French cusine”

You quirk your mouth at the word barf.

That was one time and you we’re fourteen. Would he ever let you forget it?

“Umm, just a bowl of fruit sounds good” You instruct her rolling your eyes at Pepper who insists you eat a more well rounded diet.

“Fine- and a yogurt”

You sit across Pepper, at one of the glass dining tables. You’d been hungrier then you’d realized and had eaten the entirety of the mixed fruit and yogurt happily. Your chatting about the NYU admissions when the door to the kitchens opens and people flooded in.

Those people being the Avengers- sans a couple members, but still, a decent(menacing) group. With Tony at the front.

The grin on his face is big- his eyes crinkling with crows feet as he approaches you, his arms dramatically open wide.

“Hey Tino!” You laugh as you hop down from the stool and walk over, giving him a tight squeeze. He wasn’t the tallest men, but was still much taller then you so you wrap your arms around his middle as he squeezes the life out of your head.

“Hey kiddo” He lets you go after a moment, putting a hand on your shoulder “How are you doing? Are you feeling better? Did you eat?” He looks you over as he speaks.

You look…different. Your hair is different, you’d cut at least a four or so inches off and it now sat just past your shoulders. It was lighter too.

“Yes god father, I ate. Chill out” You shake your head.

“You dyed your hair” It almost sounds like an accusation and you fight the urge to run your fingers through it self consciously.

Your hair had always reminded him so much of your moms…“It looks nice kid! Makes you look like you’re about thirty though”

“Don’t be mean to me!”

“I’m not- I’m not. I said it looks nice. Right Pepper, you heard that?” Tony looks to Pepper who’s still at the table, she just snorts at her fiancée.

“I think it brings out your eyes” Natasha pipes up as she comes up and gives you a short hug.

“Well thanks. At least someone here actually loves me. I missed you Nat, how have you been?”

And that’s how it goes, you making the rounds, reuniting with the people all around you.

Bruce blushes when you hug him tightly and ask him how things we’re hanging in the lab. Thor picks you up, as he always had, and told you how he missed his little lady. You think you hug Wanda the tightest. You’d kept in touch with her the most, you guys were close in age and you just clicked with her. You knew all about her little romance with Vision who you still had the urge to call Jarvis.

“You’ll always be Jarvis to me” You tell him. He, like Pepper, had watched you grow up.

Clint ruffles your hair in a way that makes you swat his hands away furiously. “How’ve you been, squirt?” Before Sam tells you you’d gotten a nice tan in Europe to which you cant help but bark a laugh at. “Okay creep” you punch his shoulder affectionately.

“Hey Steve” You beam at him reaching on the very tip of your toes to wrap him in a quick hug.

God, he’s still hot.

You’d had a thing for him back a few years ago. He was going through a rough patch and needed a friend and you had this inviting way about you that he’d melted into. It never got serious- you hadn’t even really kissed the guy but you’d been close.

You thought it would have been weirder seeing him again. Especially after the whole scene Tony had caused between the both of you but it wasn’t.

He still looked something akin to sunshine. His aura bright and golden.

And he was standing next to someone you’d never met- in person. But you knew exactly who the guy was.

You we’re a history major for fucks sake. Of course you knew who James Buchannan Barnes was.

“How’ve you been, Y/N? It’s been a while” Steve grins down at you.

“It really has, stranger. Thanks for texting me” You shoot at him, with no malice but it makes him shift uncomfortably on his feet.

“Yeah- I’m sorry. I should have checked in more it’s just been really hectic-” You watch him with a satisfied leer. You’d always loved making him squirm, and he just made it all too easy.

“You’re fine Steve” You wave him off “I get it. You’re still all technologically impaired. Guess I’m just not important enough for you”

You use that tone- the one that had always got him so worked up and he just puffs out a breath, shaking his head.

“That’s not- your messing with me” He catches on and you giggle and roll your eyes.

Oh, your sweet 40’s child.

“Always” You inform him before turning your attention to the man you hadn’t been formally introduced to yet and giving him a smile. That smile.

Bucky can see why you we’re known for being a flirt.

He’d just watched you work a room full of people, watched the way that the team reacted to your warmth. The way you seemed to have your own unique bond with everyone and he couldn’t lie- it was intriguing.

You’re pretty- in a way that he didn’t see a lot. Yeah, your bigger then he’d been expecting; all hips and thighs and a large bussom but there’s something eye catching about you. Maybe it’s the way your eyes are lined with sharp cat eye liner or the way your eyebrows arch. It reminds him of home, of the women that he’d grown up around.

“Hi, I’m Y/N” You hold your hand out to his. Your eyes are sparking with curiosity as he reaches down to take it.

“I’m-” He starts and you cut him off, your playful nature coming out.

“ Sargent James Buchannan Barnes? I’ve been learning about you since like kindergarten!”

“That so? You can call me Bucky, doll” he drawls out.

“Bucky. It’s really nice to meet you. Any friend of Splangles here is a friend of mine. I mean unless you’re as boring as he is”

You really we’re a charmer. And he thought he’d been charming back in the day. You could run circles around him.

He can’t help the smooth chuckle that leaves his throat as Steve protests with an half offended “hey!”

“I’m just kidding, Steve. You know I love you!” You pinch his cheek, your nose scrunching before turning away from them and back to Tony.

Not before telling Bucky you were “Excited to pick his brain sometime”

Bucky’s gaze is focused on your retreating figure. He feels a little…dizzy. The way you feel when you get off a ride at Luna Park.

He doesn’t think he’s felt like this anytime this decade.

Steve shoots him a knowing look.

The Y/N effect.

“Told ya’ jerk” Steve pushes Bucky’s shoulder in a friendly manner as he passes him and Bucky shakes him, and the weird head high off with a quick “Punk”.

Tony hasn’t stopped talking since that first moment you’d been reunited and you hang onto every word. You’d always loved this about him; that he’d talk to you. And like, really conversation. Not just treat you like your were some dumb kid who couldn’t keep up.

You end up leaving the rest of the “Scooby gang” and you follow him to where you’re assuming is his office.

“Okay but how are they going to try and pass Government restrictions on you? It doesn’t make any sense? If they had half a brain they’d label you an international task force- but I mean then you’d have to deal with the UN more I guess. And aren’t they still super salty about the accords?…”

Tony’s over being impressed with the way your brain works. He’s been over it since you were eight and you’d called your teacher a facist.

“Super salty” Tony affirms with a sigh “But at least we have SHEILD backing us now. And there’s some new members. Oh yeah and Thors phycotic brother promised he won’t try to invade earth anymore”

You snort “Well that’s a relief I guess. He’s finally getting his younger sibling syndrome in check”

“I think Bruce scarred him for life”

“Good. He needed it. Where’s Rhodey? I noticed that he wasn’t down stairs” you ask the question that been bugging you.

“Oh yeah. He had a physical therapy appointment but he’ll be gracing us with his presence for dinner”

“How’s he doing?”

“You know Rhodey. He’s kicking PTs ass. He should be able to get back in the suit in a few months”

That makes you happy. Like genuinely so happy and relieved because you loved the shit out of Rohdey and you’d been really worried about him after the…accident.

“Yeah. He’s such a bad ass- uh hey Tino, where are we going? I thought your office was on the 47th floor?” You watch as the light around the 15 lights up, announcing your stop.

“I thought we’d make a detour. So I know you wanted to get your own apartment- but rent in the city is outrageous and you decided to humor your dear old god dad… So I improvised” Tony explains and your whole face is twisted up in confusion because what is he even talking about?

“What?” You hiss as the elevator doors ding open.

The room that’s revealed has your jaw dropping and harsh gasp ripping itself from your throat.

“Think of it as a graduation present” Tony’s happy- your reaction is just what he’d wanted.

You looked childlike as you took in the space. There were large, floor length windows that lined the furthest wall- the natural lighting was something out of a dream. The couches were plush and charcoal colored, an array of throw pillows lining them. There were white furry rugs and marble accents and gold lining to everything. The color scheme you were obsessed with.

“Tony oh my god! I love it!” You squeak. How had he gotten your tastes so well? “This is why pepper started following all my Pinterest boards huh?”

“We wanted it to feel like your own place. There’s a bed room and a bathroom back down that hall”

You turn to him, your bottom lip jutting out.

“Don’t cry!” He protests and you sniffle dramatically.

“I just- I can’t believe you had the time to do all of this. Thank you so so so so much, Tino. I love it. Best graduation gift ever”

He’d always spoiled you, a fact that you weren’t ignorant to but this… It almost felt like too much.

“I’m just happy you’re staying here. I think NYU and the internship will be really good for you. And Pepper needs someone to talk wedding plans with cause she’s staring to make my ears bleed with that shit-”

“And you want to keep an eye on me while I withdrawal?” You guess, saying what he hadn’t.

The atmosphere in the room seems to suddenly shift.

He chomps his teeth together with an audible snap and nods.

“We don’t know the entirety of side effects from coming off that drug so yes. I want you here while you do it. Even though I still don’t think it’s the best idea” Tony uses that parental voice you hate on you and you sigh and walk over to one of the Windows. Staring down bustling streets below you.

“I know, I don’t know if it’s the best idea either but somethings gotta’ give. I’m willing to try anything at this point…I don’t want to feel like this anymore” you whisper the last part.

Tony watches you, his arms folded over his chest as he deflates.

“Okay- just like I told you over the phone we’ll try it. Ween you off slowly. But if it gets too intense we’re starting them back up again”

I’m not gonna lose you too, is what he doesn’t say.

No matter how bad the idea of it scares you, you know it’s the best route. The only one you’ve got left.


Dun dun dunnnnn. Y/N’s on drugs say what?! Trust me, it’s not what your thinking. Unless you’s a mind reader- then it’s exactly what your thinking. I’m thinking? We’re thinking?😂

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1. Hello.
2. I miss you.
3. Can we talk?
4. I hope I’m not annoying you.
5. I want to see you.
6. Please tell me you’re doing fine.
7. I’m worried about you.
8. Let’s listen to our favorite song.
9. Do not let other people bring you down.
10. I hope you’re truly happy.
11. I love you. I really do.

We started from 1 and I felt 11. Sometimes we do 8 with comforting silence. You used to remind me about 9. And I will always be grateful about everything we’ve had. Wherever you are, and whoever you’re with, please always remember 2, and 10.

—  ma.c.a // 4 but 7,3,5 and 6 : An Indirect Message From Me
Lazy Stars and a Full Moon

I’ve never seen a smile that can light the room like yours - A Day to Remember

Newt truly had meant for the night to go well. He’d scoured the local library for recipes, ironed his shirt, and spent hours in his workshop crafting and charming tiny decorations by hand. He’d even thought to buy some of your favorite scented candles.

Tonight should be perfect, it really should, and it probably would be, except that Newt can’t breathe.

He wipes his palms on the front of his slacks for the fifth time during the dinner, nodding along to the story you’d just finished telling about a new co-worker. “Sounds lovely.”

“Oh, she is.” You say, positively glowing as you launch into another story. A sky filled with stars blinking sleepily overhead covers you, and the flickers of light mimic the calm sway of the candles set in the center of the two-person table. Crickets chirp nearby, birds coo, and Pickett rustles around in Newt’s pocket, leaf poking him over and over in the side, impatient for Newt to get on with it.

A gentle wind brushes through the park, rippling through the holes in the white lace tablecloth Newt had asked his mother to send him months before. She had no idea what he intended to use it for, neither did you, or Theseus, or anyone, really, aside from Newt.

He swallows, Adam’s apple bobbing before he takes a small sip of the red wine he’d poured for the both of you. “I’m happy for you,” he murmurs once you finish your story.

“I just hope she doesn’t end up leaving soon.”

“Love?” Newt asks tentatively. Oh Merlin, he really can’t breathe.

“Hmm?” You hum, spearing a piece of the elegant supper he’d cooked for you.

Newt smooths his hands over his pants yet again, trying to suck in a deep breath. “May I interrupt for a moment?”

You tilt your head, eyes glimmering in the light, and Newt’s breath, as it always does when you look at him like that, like he’s the most amazing man you’ve met, like you truly love him, catches in his throat. “What’s up?”

“I just,” he pauses, taking another calming breath. Merlin, how is he supposed to do this? No, no, he can’t. It’s not perfect, and you deserve no less.

And he’s about to back out, change his mind, leave this as nothing more than a date under a full moon’s light, when you reach across the table to take his hand in your own. “Come on, darling. You can tell me.”

Newt’s stomach erupts. Merlin, will that ever end? Will you ever stop terrorizing him with butterflies with something as simple as a touch or look or word?

With those words, that touch, Newt’s nerves ebb away, and he fights a smile as he looks down at your entwined hands. How did he get himself into something so wonderfully unexpected?

You smile at him, and Newt knows that it must be tonight. There’s no use in delaying any longer. It would simply be one day longer without knowing that you understand how much he loves you.

Newt stands, ignoring the small cheer Pickett makes, and walks to your side, his hand never leaving yours. He takes a deep breath and squeezes your hand once before dropping it, not bothering to answer the question in your eyes just yet. He is, after all, a mere moment away.

Newt looks down at you, eyes gleaming with tears. He’d never thought he’d be here, never thought he’d get this chance, so when he opens his mouth, he knows exactly what he’s going to say without considering the speech he’d spent hours preparing earlier.

“Love, you’ve taken my breath from me over and over and I was wondering,” he smiles shakily as he digs past Pickett in his pocket and withdraws a box that fits snugly in his palm and drops slowly to one knee in front of you, “if, just this once, I could do the same for you.”


GOT7 Invited To The Cookout

When they arrived, they were automatically lit just like they said they would be. you were surprised, because you thought they that would be scared to show their true colors in front of all these people.

“y/n!” they hopped out of the truck and ran over to you.

they pulled you in the center and group hugged you in front of everyone. “stop embarrassing me!” you shouted.

you backed away from them and fixed your clothes. then, you checked out each of their outfits. they looked good, so you told them which only gassed them up.

a few minutes later, everyone except yugyeom was spread out talking to your people. he was kind of shy so he decided to stick around with you.

“this is my song.” his eyes widened when a Chris brown song started to play.

“then dance. my cousins would love it if you showed their uncoordinated asses how to dance.” you started to call for your cousins to come over.

“no no no no!” he semi whispered to you and when they started to come over, he froze.

“yeah?” they said in unison.

“take him…and dance. he said this is his song and don’t y'all like this song?” you asked them.

“you know we do cuz!” one of them started dancing…off beat.

yugyeom held in his laughter and looked down at you. “you were right.” he said in korean causing the several young kids in front of you to freak.

“what did he just say?”

“he said that you all look cool.” you lied.

“alright tall asian guy, come show us what you got.” they took him away.

“alright…” you said to yourself. you scanned the huge crowd of people in your backyard until you spotted jackson and mark going into your house. you decided to quietly follow behind them and see what they were up to.

once they got to the kitchen, they stopped. “i’m so hungry. you think y/n’s got any snacks?” jackson asked mark.

“you know her fat ass has snacks!” mark nudged him and looked around until he spotted you.

“pstt.” he signaled for jackson to turn around and once he did, his jaw drooped. “you didn’t hear that did you?”

“i did.” you pretended to cry.

“oh noo…! we’re sorry.” mark ran over to you and pulled you into a hug, jackson quickly following.

“fuck off!” you pushed them off of you and covered your laughing face. “and you’re at a cookout! why the hell are y'all looking for snacks?!”

“we haven’t eaten in hours.” jackson pouted.

you shook your head and told them to follow you to your room where you hid your snacks. “don’t tell the others about this or i’ll kill you both.”

“yeah yeah yeah..” mark said with a mouth full of chips.

“i love you y/n. you keep me fed girl.” jackson bit his honey bun and pretended to wipe a fake tear.

“hey i love her to!” mark scoffed at jackson.

“there’s enough of me to go around.” you stuck out your tongue and stood up. “let’s go…the boys must be looking for us by now.”

the three of you exited the house and went back to doing random things with random people in your backyard. that is until, you saw bambam and left them for him. he was being lit with the elder people.

“what’s that? ain’t that thing the dab?” your half drunk uncle asked him.

“yes! can you do it?!” bam asked him, almost falling out of his seat.

he got up just in time to dab when the beat dropped, earning him an audience. mostly everyone except those who were tending to the grills and the women in the kitchen.

“what the hell.” jaebum said while he and jinyoung stood on each side of you.

“i know, now he’s got my whole family dabbing. shit we’re probably gonna take a family picture where everyone has to be dabbing in it now.” you face palmed yourself since what you said wasn’t a joke and most likely a fact.

you walked away from the crowd looked around for youngjae. he had greeted you when he first got here but that was the last time you saw him. you were getting a little worried until you found him.

he was at the cotton candy machine with one of your aunts that went to church everyday of the week even if it wasn’t open, singing along to a gospel song that you had no idea he knew with her.

“y/n why didn’t you tell me you had friends that could sing? his voice…is soulful.” she placed her hand on his shoulder and complimented him a thousand times on his voice. he damn sure needed them, his self esteem was so damn low.

“hello to you to a/n.” you hugged her and took a cotton candy stick from the cart. “i was just checking on you jae.”

“alright thanks for caring about me y/n, i love you.” he hugged you and kissed the top of your head.

“oohh imma tell your momma! you get down like that?” your aunt put her hand on her hip and smirked at youngjae and you.

“it’s not what it looks like..seriously. it’s always like this…with all of them cause i’m like their little sister.” you defended yourself.

“she’s right.” youngjae said while he put his hand on top of your head.

“mhmm.” she said while squinting her eyes, she wasn’t gonna believe you.

then, she pulled her phone out and turned to another gospel song. “you know this one baby?” she put the phone close to youngjae’s ear.

“yes ma'am.” he said right before he started singing the song.

it was your cue to go.

“yugy yummy!” you shouted over at the ‘tall asian guy’ who seemed to be more comfortable around your cousins than he was earlier.

he high fived every single kid which took about two minutes before coming over to you.

“yeah?” he put his hands on his hips and looked down at you.

“you’re having fun?” you asked him.

“yeah, thanks for pushing me out of my comfort zone.” he lifted one side of your hair up and let it fall which made you giggle.

“your comfort zone? what comfort zone did i push you out of?” you asked.

“you know…i like being under you.” he swayed from side to side, something he always did when he got tired of standing.

“the food is ready!” someone yelled.

you grabbed yugyeom’s hand and rushed past people to the food. “you’re that hungry?” he asked.

“no but you’ll thank me for this later.” with as many cookouts that you’ve been to, you knew that when the food was ready, you had to go. if you weren’t quick enough, something good would be gone.

after you fixed both yugyeom’s and your plate, you headed to your room where you told the others to meet you.

“y/n there was no more soda.” bambam frowned.

“yeah, seriously those people know how to drink.” jaebum shook his head.

“i’m thirsty!” jackson exclaimed.

“alright i’ll be back, and don’t touch my food.”

you went to the kitchen and took out a kool-aid packet and sugar. you grabbed a pitcher from the cabinet and did what you usually did. you were the one who made the kool-aid at dinner time cause yours was the best. hopefully, the boys would like it.

“y/n..” yugyeom’s shy voice replaced the silence.

“ye-” you paused when he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled himself closer to you. “yugyeom…what are you doing?”

“shh.” he rested his chin on your shoulder and closed his eyes. “just continue doing what you were doing.”

you were froze, still processing what was going on. it took you about a whole minute to realize that you weren’t dreaming and that this was really happening. he wasn’t moving, the only time he moved was when he tightened his grip on you.

“you’re weird yugyeom.” you continued stirring.

“i’m weird for liking you?” he basically confessed.

“what? you like me? is this a joke? are y'all playing truth or dare or something?” you put the cap on the pitcher and wiggled out of his hold.

“no…why would i joke around and say that i like you y/n? i…really like you.” you grabbed eight plastic cups and handed yugyeom the pitcher.

“alright..since when?” you asked.

“i’m not saying all of that until you tell me how you feel about me.” he bit down on his lip, hoping that you would say that you like him too.

you took in a deep breath. now was your turn to confess. it couldn’t be too weird now…since he feels the same way.

“i like you too.” you finally said it.

yugyeom looked down and attempted to hide his broad smile. he must’ve forgotten that you were shorter than him, so you saw all of his blushing when you looked up.

“did you tell her?” you heard jinyoung ‘quietly’ ask yugyeom which made your jaw drop.

“y'all knew?” you pointed between yugyeom and you.

“i mean..y'all are fucking obvious.” mark said.

“yugyeom was literally staring at your ass the other day and you knew it but you didn’t say anything becau-”

“yeah okay anyways i brought something to drink!” you cut jackson off.

you handed everyone a cup and poured them their drinks, including yourself. you sat between yugyeom and youngjae while they chugged their drinks down..well all of them did.

“y/n tell me what this is so i can buy it and drink it for the rest of my life.” jinyoung said while he moaned into his cup.

“this is so sweet and you know i love my sugar y/n what is this?!” bambam added on to jinyoung’s question.

“it’s called kool-aid and i made it.” you said with pride.

“no you didn’t. you can’t even make a sandwich.” jaebum laughed…by himself.

“why are you like this hyung?” yugyeom asked him.

“hmm this’ll be your last time drinking it jaebum. i was gonna bring some to the dorm faithfully but you fucked it up.” you shrugged.

“fuck!” mark cursed and slammed his hand on the floor. everyone else but jaebum followed.

“okay okay im sorry. y/n please bring your sweet juices to dee dorm faithfully.” he apologized and bowed down before you.

“alright peasant.” you giggled.

the eight of you finished up your food and drinks then, headed back outside to enjoy the last hour of the cookout.

in overall the boys had fun and found their new favorite drink thanks to you. you and yugyeom started dating. and bambam is still dabbing.

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75 with Harry ps love love love your header imagine 😍😍

Thank you! :)

Sorry this took so long. Short little blurb. Prompt was:
“You fainted, straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

Running On Empty

Harry was a new guy at my gym. I hadn’t been going as regularly as I should have, but once he started coming a few weeks ago, I made it a point to keep up with my workouts. He was gorgeous, to say the least. Not your typical buff, gym type guy. But really attractive with a killer smile.

So far our exchange had merely been a few hellos and nods of the head. But I was determined to get his attention. I can assure you however, what ended up happening was not my intent.

I’d skipped lunch that day, having only a bagel for breakfast and a handful of jelly beans that I’d grabbed from my co-worker’s desk when my boss had asked if I could stay to help set up the conference room for an important meeting. I could have (and should have) easily gotten a sandwich at the deli before heading to the gym, but I only had an hour and I knew Harry would most likely already be there. It was pathetic how I’d memorized his schedule, this man that I barely knew.

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I Miss Her Too

@crowleysfavoritehuman asked: hello! im not sure if you do pennywise imagines but maybe you can change the characters if youre not comfortable? i’ve been listening to the song Every 27 years from the It soundtrack and it got me wondering. what would happen if the reader and pennywise(90s or 2017 version, doesnt matter) had like a relationship of some kind and reader dies unexpectedly maybe like car accident idk? like how would they react? totally get it if its not your style, but thank you for reading!!

Pairing -> Bill Denbrough x reader (A/N)

Warning -> sadness, the feels(😭) I actually cried while writing cause I hate sad things cause I’m too sensitive to people I love crying.

A/N: So this was originally a Pennywise request but I’m not that comfortable writing about Pennywise so Bill it is! Also, they are all about 17 in this. Also, italics mean it’s you and Bill talking in the past. Also(😂) this is an imagine kinda if this is okay cause I got this idea while reading the request☺️

F/C = Favourite Colour


Bill stared at the drawing he had drew of you when you were both fourteen. It wasn’t an accurate drawing, hardly no one’s was, but he couldn’t help but just stare. The way the hair colour resembled yours or the clothes that you loved wearing. He sighed and placed it back onto his shelf, throwing a old crisp packet from about a week ago to the floor. Bill hated it. The feeling of emptiness. He felt full when you were around, laughing and smiling, and now, he felt nothing. His two favourite people were gone.

“Bill! Richie’s here!” Mrs Denbrough shouted from downstairs.

Richie. Bill’s best friend. Bill knew what would happen when he went downstairs. Richie would ask him to come with him, he would say no. So when he headed down the stairs and soon saw the whole Loser’s Club standing there, Bill recoiled.

“Bill, I know you’re gonna say no, but we’re not listening anymore. Lets go” Eddie says, grabbing Bill’s wrist.

They headed along Derry’s street and turned down an avenue. Your avenue. Bill slowly came to a stop when he saw that they were going to your house. Stan stopped and turned towards him, giving him a sympathetic smile. Holding his hand out, Bill grips it and carries on walking until he reaches the garage where the Loser’s stop, but Bill. He carried on walking.

Inside your family’s garage was hundreds of your things. Your Polaroid pictures were hung up around the garage with your fairy lights. Your F/C blankets were scattered neatly onto the floor with your pillows and teddy bears while a projector was sitting on top of your old dressing table. Standing in the middle was Lisa; your eleven year old sister. She was holding a box full of something and walked towards Bill, holding them out to him.

“Hey Billy. I made these in school today and i didn’t want to eat these by myself”

“W-why not L-Lisa?”

“Because me and Y/N use to eat these together all the time. But now i can’t so I want to eat them with Y/N’s favourite person. Please?”

Opening it, Bill saw it was chocolate chip cookies, your favourite. Bill knew that if he opened his mouth, it would just come out in a sob so he just nodded, letting Lisa grab his hand and take him inside the garages, pushing him down onto the blankets. The Loser’s Club followed in after, Mike closing the garage door and settling down. Ben pressed play on the projector and soon enough, pictures of you popped up with everyone. The way you rolled your eyes at Richie, towered over Eddie, laughed with Beverly, helped Ben, read with Stan, looked at the animals with Mike and, most importantly, smiled at Bill.

“Who came up with this?” Bill asked quietly

“All of us, but mainly Richie and Eddie. Beverly and Lisa did the decoration” Stan answered

“Thank you” Bill replied, smiling lightly

Soon enough, a video came up and started to run through. Bill stared at it as he reminiscent the days.

“Billy! Lets go!” You shouted

Running from behind cameraman Stan, you jump onto Bill’s back and start laughing, your dimples showing to a huge amount. Bill placed you onto the ground and smiled down at you. Reaching up, you kissed Bill on the nose and ran after Beverly, who had stolen your cookies from you bag.

“Marsh! Get back here!”


“Guys! Smile to the camera!” Ben says

All turning away from the fire with marshmallows in your hands, you all beam at the camera while you and Richie struggle to keep the marshmallows inside your mouth. Bill hugs you and you grab his hand with your free one, laughing and spluttering chewed up marshmallow everywhere.

“Say ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE!” You shout, smiling over at the laughing boy

“Happy birthdays mickey” Richie splutters, earning a playful punch from you and Eddie.


“Lisa! Guess who’s here to see you!”

You run in and grab your nine year old sister, swinging her around and leading her outside. She squeals as she sees the Loser’s Club standing there, smiling sweetly at her.


Lisa squirms from your grip and sprints over to Bill, wrapping her arms around his waist and hugging Bill tightly. Bill bent down and hugged Lisa back, her small arms not reaching all the way around his shoulders.

“SISSY! COME JOIN US!” Lisa shouts over to you

Laughing, you run over and engulf both in a hug. Eddie and Richie join in, then Beverly and Stan, and finally Ben and Mike.


By the end of the video, Bill was crying hard. The tears were making their way down his face easily as he quickly wiped them, even though more kept coming. Lisa crawled up to Bill and snuggled against him, crying into his shirt. Richie knelt down against Bill, tears in his eyes as well as he hugged Bill. Eddie, Stan and Beverly followed along with Ben and Mike. Sobbing into his hands, Bill glances up at the screen to see the ending picture. You and him.

It was the last day of school this year before the school holidays. About two weeks before you had died in that fatal car accident. Your mum, dad and Lisa were in it, although you were the only one to die. Your dad was intoxicated and had had an argument with your mum, so driving home he was angry. It was raining heavily that night so as your dad was speeding, you car collided with another, sending yours tumbling off the edge and down the ditch. Police had said that it looked like you had covered Lisa’s body with yours to save her. Trust you too do that.

No one spoke for a good few minutes.

Everyone was crying.

Everyone was aching.

Everyone was hurting.

Everyone missed you.

“She didn’t deserve this” Stan

“She was too kind for this world” Ben

“Y/N was too caring” Mike

“Y/N deserved to have the world” Beverly

“She was so strong” Eddie

“She understood me too much” Richie

“B-Billy-y I m-miss h-her” Lisa whimpered, sobbing into Bill’s shirt

Looking down at her, Bill could see Lisa’s bloodshot eyes, wet cheeks and runny nose. Hugging Lisa tighter, Bill buried his face into her hair, just like had done with you to comfort himself.

“I m-miss h-her t-too”

And Bill did. He really did. After Georgie had gone, you were his main reason to get up everyday. And now…

He had nothing.

Jimmy Fallon (KJ Apa)

Originally posted by danks-gif

Requested by: @bocafuls : can you please do an imagine that y/n is a singer and she has an interview with Jimmy Fallon and KJ is really supportive hehe. have a great day sweet 😽💞

Written by Ky

There’s a few swears and the song is actually written by me


Your day had been hectic. You’d spent the majority of it in the studio finishing off the last touched of your new album, Last. You were in the car home, shoes off and staring off into space when your phone begins to ring.

“Hello?” You say surprised, you weren’t expecting any calls.

“Y/N? It’s Lilly your manager! I have wonderful news!” Your overexcited manager yells into your ear.

Pulling your phone away from your ear slightly, you smile. “What would that be, Lily?’

“The people from The Tonight Show called! Jimmy Fallon wants you as his guest tomorrow night!!” She squeals.

Your heart stops, and your smile grow bigger. “That’s awesome Lil, thank you so much!”

After pleasantries and details, you hang up with your manager and begin to text your boyfriend.

To Kiwi Daddy: Guess who is Jimmy Fallon’s guest tomorrow?

From Kiwi Daddy: You?

To Kiwi Daddy: How’d you know?

From Kiwi Daddy: A certain Jimmy Fallon tweeted it out. He’s totally fangirling over you babe

To Kiwi Daddy: This is so cool! Will you come with me tomorrow?

From Kiwi Daddy: Of course babe. Idly
To Kiwi Daddy: Ily2

You smile, and throw your phone back into your purse.


This is it. You’re not freaking out. You’re really freaking out. This will be your first ever live TV performance and interview.

You’re standing behind a curtain listening to Jimmy introduce you.

“Ladies and gentlemen, tonight our musical guest is the lovely young Y/N Y/L/N performing her hit single, Hypocrite from her upcoming album Last.”

The curtains swing open and the lights hit you. The first few beats begin and you start to sway. You do what you always do, loose yourself in the music.

I swear on my life. I’ve done this a thousand times. I’ve sat through it all. You promise, you lie, Then I start to cry. But I’m telling you now. I’m different and its all changed. Damn right. I’m not the same

You get to the chorus and now you’ve got the crowd rocking. You’ve become comfortable and you begin to dance and walk around. You spot KJ in the front row and you wink at him.

You’re such a fucking hypocrite. Everything you do with that stuck up attitude. Got your head in outer space on the freaking moon. And your mouth running off like a some shit motor. You’re such a fucking hypocrite. Wash your hands and face in blood. Then yell at me for doing the damn same thing.


The song went over super well. You’re now sat in front of the live studio audience facing the one and only Jimmy Fallon. You smile.

"That was quite the performance. I have to say, Y/N. I’m so excited for the album, How’s it coming along.” He asks.

“It’s going so well Jimmy. We’re finishing up the last touches. I really want this album to be something everybody enjoys and that’s why it’s taking so long. This is my first album and it’s my baby. I want it to be amazing.” You say sincerely.

“Speaking of babies, you’re dating heartthrob KJ Apa. How’s everything with him?”

You blush. “KJ is perfect. He’s so supportive and loving and it’s great. The distance while he’s filming is hard but there’s so much social media that allows us to contact each other that we’ve learned to live with it.. He’s here tonight actually sitting in the front row. He’s my biggest fan and I couldn’t have asked for a better boyfriend. I’m honestly the luckiest girl in the world with the amount of love I have.”

kelseyy123  asked:

Hi, I was wondering if you know of any fanfics that relate to Larry in their real life situation and not a completely different story line and shows what it is like in their point of view from 2010 discovering each other up until now and all the things they've had to go through, throughout the years?


Ok, let me start off by saying that I am very, very choosy about canon fics and I am unable to complete ones I found lacking. You can say that I avoid reading canon fics because I am fragile. Also, I understand what kind of fic you want and I will do my best. So, here goes:

dark and the dentist by sunshiner  @theprizeofcoolness

“I know this song,” Louis whispers, and Harry has to lean his ear toward him to pick up what he’s saying. “It was written for people to dance to it. We should be dancing.”
We can’t, Harry almost spits, but it’d be stupid of him. Louis knows they can’t. Even if he looks like any regular Parisian in their twenties, and Harry looks like any hipster Parisian in their twenties, they can’t anyway. To be fair, they probably wouldn’t do it even if they were out. But if they were two uni students, both in Paris for an exchange, meeting over fallen books at the library, or because of mutual friends, or watching Monet’s Water Lilies?
“How would we dance?” Harry murmurs, mouth almost pressed to Louis’ cheek, so close he can feel his warmth. What a picture they must make, two millionaires freezing in a park and dreaming of a different life.

An account of the events of November 2014. Canon-compliant.

**This fic made me cry… in a very uncool way. Maybe my favourite canon fic.

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Secret Love Song

Hello, everyone! I’m writing again for the first time in about a year and I am so excited. I’ve been playing with this idea for a while but I finally got the motivation over last few weeks. ( i wonder why ;) ) There’s a bit more to it and I was considering posting a Part Two. So let me know if you want to see that!

“Why can’t I say I’m in love? I wanna shout it from the rooftops.”

It was all happening for him. Having a solo career was something Harry had dreamed of since he was a kid – it was what he had showed up for at the X-Factor audition in the first place. He’d been more than happy to have the opportunity to be a part of the band and to experience everything with boys by his side. But now, for the first time in 7 years, his dream had finally become his reality.

The day had come for his debut album to release, one of the most anticipated days in the industry, and you couldn’t find anything suitable to wear to the release party. Some of your dresses were nice enough but nothing screamed important industry party to you.

You throw yourself down on your bed, burying your face deep into your pillow, figuring maybe you wouldn’t go. Between the music executives, press and fans, Harry would be tied up all night anyway. And the fact that the public still didn’t know about the two of you wouldn’t help much. He’d practically begged you to come though but his insistent invitation had a bit of a damper to it when he gently reminded you, you’d be going as his sister’s date. But even so, he swore up and down that he wanted you there, whether you got to be together or not.

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The Joy and Life Inside Our Souls

For the 14 Days of Love Fic-a-thon hosted by @softkent

Also on AO3

Growing up, Ransom’s life was dictated for him. It hadn’t been intentional. The thought of planning gave him hives. So when his mom said why not be a doctor like your auntie, Ransom nodded dutifully. When his sister took up pottery for a week, he took it upon himself to take the rest of her classes at the community center by their house. When four of his cousins joined a local hockey league, Ransom followed suit. His family led him through a myriad of phases and interests.

At the end of the day, some of their ideas were truly inspired. Hockey, for instance, got him a student visa and a scholarship to Samwell. That’s where he met his best friends Lardo, Bitty and Chowder. He was also close to their goalie, Johnson. Mostly that was because he understood how to give Ransom a wide birth around exam time.

“Can’t let you drop out of college from stress,” Johnson chirped once.

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Club Sin

Warnings: Cussing. Negan. oral sex. smut. (does this count as kinky?)

Request: Hi hi can I make a request where the reader meets Negan at a club and they’re like grinding up on each other. And then Negan takes her home to his house and they have some hot kink sex (spanking, biting, scratching, choking, oral, literally everything) make it as kinky as you possibly can with in your comfort zone. - anon

I really hope this is what you requested! I tried. Please let me know what you think!!

Tonight was the night. You’d planned this night to go out with your ‘girlfriend’ and have a little fun at the club. You just finished getting ready when your doorbell rang. Your heels clicked against the hardwood floor. You opened the door to reveal Sherry, your best friends since high school standing at the door. She had on a tight low-cut red dress with matching heels. She looked gorgeous. 

“(Y/N),” she squealed when you opened the door. “You look amazing!,” she said referring to your tight black dress that hung to your curves and showed you off. “You planning on picking up a hot guy tonight? huh?” she wiggled her eyebrows at you as you laughed softly.

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Goodnight Moon / Peter Parker (Part 3)

Pairings: CA:CW!Peter Parker + Reader (Y/N)

Description: Peter doesn’t know how to handle his feelings toward the reader so he feels like pushing her away will help - but it only makes it worse.

Warnings: Strong language (a few curse words), this is the LAST part! I hope you liked reading it as much as I liked writing it! :)

Part OnePart Two

“He hung up on you?” I nodded as I shoved another spoonful of cookie dough ice cream in my mouth. (Y/F/N) sat opposite me and tried to register the mess of the fight Peter and I had. “So, wait, are you still friends? Or did you, like, end on not being friends?”

I opened my mouth to respond but then realized I didn’t know how to. He had told me that he couldn’t do it anymore, he told me he couldn’t be my friend anymore. Did he mean it? My phone went off and I heard the chorus of Summer Nights from Grease playing, instantly knowing that it was Peter calling me.

“Why the hell is that Peter’s ringtone?” (Y/F/N) peered at my ringing phone questioningly.

“It’s our karaoke song… shut up.” She shrugged before getting off the couch and going to the kitchen, most likely to give me some privacy.


“Hey. I’m outside. Can you open the door?”

“Oh – yeah! Yes, hold on.” I couldn’t stop the smile forming on my face. I hadn’t lost my best friend and I would get to relish in him begging for my forgiveness.

“Hey!” I said after opening the door. He smiled at me slightly before walking in. I began walking to my room, expecting him to follow me. When I didn’t hear him behind me I turned around. “Aren’t you coming?”

He hesitated but followed me anyway.

“So,” I started, sitting on my desk chair. I couldn’t help the smile on my face as I looked at him, waiting for an apology from him, “what’s up?”

He held the box he held in his hands up, only now did I realize that he was carrying something. He cleared his throat and set it on my desk, right in front of me. I gave him a confused look and he only sighed before speaking. “I thought you might want this back.”

I knitted my eyebrows together, my confusion growing. “What is it?”

“It’s a box of your stuff… y’know, stuff you left at my place.” I looked back at him, ripping my eyes away from the box. My mouth hung open but Peter refused to look at me.


“I just thought you might want it. You know, considering-.”

“Considering what?”

“Considering we aren’t friends anymore.”

I felt my eyes begin to sting, the tears threatening to collect at the brim of my eyes. “You were serious about that?”

He shrugged at me. “I just thought-.”

“I can’t believe you. We’ve been friends for seven years!”

“(Y/N)… Listen, if you don’t want it I’ll-.”

“You’ll what? Throw it away? No, you’re right. Here.” I got up from my desk and walked to my closet, grabbing the clothes he had let me keep for winters and threw it on the ground at his feet. “Take your shit back.”

“(Y/N)-.” I heard his voice shake but I didn’t care.

“Here, take this shitty card you made me, take this shitty hat you let me borrow and take this bullshit of a friendship mug you gave me, too! Is this what you want? I’m so sorry for being such a damn burden to you! God, I can’t fucking believe you!”

“(Y/N), god, can you just let me talk?”

He looked at me sympathetically before holding his hand out for me to take, which I did, hesitantly, but I still took it. He gave me a squeeze before pulling me into his side and hugging me. I pressed myself against his side and held him close to me, my heartrate still fast and loud, not wanting him to let go. “You can never be the source for anything except my happiness. Do you hear me?” I nodded against his chest. “I’m sorry, moon. I’m so sorry. You forgive me? I’ll keep your stuff. I was stupid for thinking I could even go a day without being your friend. This past month has been like hell for me. Even if you don’t forgive me right now, please, don’t make me leave knowing you hate me.”

“I could never hate you.”

“So, you forgive me?”

“Will you come back to my place tonight with takeout for a movie night?”

He laughed quietly before kissing my head, “Anything you want, moon.”

“I missed you, sun.” He squeezed me tightly, swaying us back and forth slightly before letting go and walking to my front door with me following. He said goodbye and told me he’d see me tonight.

“Okay, here’s one for you. Are you ready?” Peter and I had blown through about four movies already and it was two twenty seven in the morning. We decided to just talk, considering we had long forgotten about the movie that was currently playing, making up for the month we lost together. We had been asking each other questions for the past half hour, nothing in particular. It varied from what tattoos we would want to get, what they would mean to us, where we saw each other in the future, individually and together.

“Yeah, I’m ready. Go.”

“What does love mean to you?”

I paused and thought about the question. He opened his mouth to maybe repeat himself but I began speaking before he could.

“Singing in the shower.”

“What?” I laughed and nodded at his question, all the while he sat there in confusion.

“Love is singing in the shower. And love is reading a good book or watching your favorite movie.”

He probably thought that maybe I misunderstood the question because his eyebrows met together in the middle, giving me a confused look. “No, no. What does love mean to you? Not what you love.”

“I know. I understood. That’s what love means to me.”

“I don’t understand.”

I sat upright, taking my head off his lap as I looked at him from across the couch. He turned to face me, sitting in the same position: cross legged.

“Love means so many different things to so many different people. Love, to me, means singing in the shower and watching your favorite movie and taking a bath and listening to you talk about something you love. It’s simple. Love, to me, means simplicity. Wholehearted love isn’t easy, but it should never be complicated. Even when it gets hard, it should always be easy to remember what that love means to you.”

He stared at me stunned. Probably not really realizing how often I had thought about this. “What else?” He questioned.

“Well,” I started, shuffling closer to him until I got him to untwine his legs, allowing me to press my back against him, his arms wrapping around my middle, “love is everything that makes you happy. Like you.” My voice got a little quieter, “You make me happy. You’re what love means to me.”

“Well, damn,” Peter laughed a little, causing me to look up at him and laugh, too.

Our laughter died down as he turned to look at me. He smiled softly at me and I returned it, in my head it was an innocent exchange between old friends; best friends. But then he looked at me more intently and his smile faded as he continued to just look at me. His gaze wasn’t uncomfortable, but it prompted me to want to know the meaning. Then, he began to speak, slowly and low, “I lied.”

I looked at him confused. “What?”

“I lied when I told you I didn’t speak to you because I was embarrassed when you rejected me. I liked you, and you were right, you did hurt my feelings.” I didn’t know what to say so I replied with a small nod, my palm growing sweaty. He smiled before shaking his head and looking down at his hands that met at the middle of my stomach. “I’m lying again.”

I waited for him to speak, not knowing what to expect or what to do.

“I didn’t just like you,” I waited for him to finish as his eyes drifted anywhere but toward me, “I fell in love with you.”

And I felt my breathing stop as I looked at him questioningly. “What?”

He breathed deeply and repeated himself, more surely this time, “I’ve been in love with you, once upon a time.” He smiled again as he shuffled away from me. I turned around, sitting cross-legged facing him again.

I was silent and so was he for quite some time. He rubbed his eyes and then spoke again.

“It was four years ago. You came over because you and your mom were fighting, remember?” I did. “You wanted an escape so we raided my kitchen cabinets for anything that contained sugar and picked out the movies with the corniest story-lines, ones that would no doubt make you feel better.” I listened to him intently, wanting to drink in every word that came out of his mouth, never wanting to forget the way he said it and the way he looked.

“It was during our second run through 10 Things I hate About You, your favorite. You fell asleep, I don’t know if it was because of the weight your eyes carried from crying, or if you had another nightmare the night before and hadn’t gotten enough sleep. Maybe it was both. I remember looking at you, and I was happy. And I couldn’t figure out if that was creepy or not, y'know watching you sleep while I smiled at you. Out loud it sounds crazy.” I laughed a little, I didn’t think it was creepy. I had spent tons of our sleepovers awake admiring the way he softly slept.

“I debated whether or not to wake you up but then I took into count how torn you looked when you walked into my house, and I didn’t want you to feel like I didn’t want you here. so, I picked you up and carried you to my room, you’d slept in there so many times before I just assumed you wouldn’t mind. You were in my t-shirt and I draped a blanket over you, and when I looked at you I felt something - I didn’t know what it was, but I felt it. How could I not? I felt it like a fucking bus.”

It sounded like he was talking to himself more toward the end. I wrapped the blanket that was around my shoulders tighter around me, wanting him to never stop talking. So, I remained silent.

“I laid down beside you and just looked at you. It was two thirty four in the morning and I had never wanted the ability to stay awake forever, until I saw you and realized I never wanted to stop seeing you. I was afraid that every time I closed my eyes so much as to blink, that I had already missed so much of you. And it was then that I realized how much I loved you.”

I held my breath. He looked like he was zoned out, yet focused - focused on getting his words out and wanting to deliver them properly.

“Goddamn, I loved you. In that moment, I thought that if I could only ever see one thing for the rest of my life, it would be you. I would never have had the urge to complain about anything else ever again had I been given the chance to be able to wake up with you next to me every day. And, I thought about anything bad that had happened in my life, and every possible negative thing that could happen in my life,” he looked at me finally, “and I realized that nothing could ever be bad if I knew that you would be the last thing I saw at night and the first thing I saw in the morning.”

He smiled at me, finding confidence in himself. Relieved, maybe, to finally be able to tell me this.

“Goddamn, I love you.”

“You love me? Present tense?”

I saw the struggle in his face, he seemed hesitant. But, after a moment he took my hand and kissed my knuckles.

“Yes, moon. I love you. Present tense.”

And if he couldn’t hear my heart beating out of my chest before, he could sure as hell hear it now. The smile that spread across his face was confirmation enough. I took his hand, too, and kissed his knuckles as he did mine.

“Well, goddamn, Sun. I love you, too. Present tense.”

It was silent as his hand caressed my cheek. We just looked at each other in silence, seeing a new light in each other.

“I really, really want to kiss you right now… can I?”

“Are you sober?”

"God, I hope so.” I laughed loudly at this, his smile growing as his hand rested still on my cheek.

“Then, I won’t stop you this time.”

“I love you, moon.”

“I love you too, sun.”

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Burn (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)

Originally posted by heaven-by-the-sea

Summary: You had always thought you and Alexander lived a fairy tale happily ever after life, but one day when you receive a document called “The Reynolds Pamphlet,” your entire world is flipped upside down.

Warnings: Mentions of cheating, and I would say it’s on the more angsty side of fanfiction.

Time Period: Hamiltime

Words: 1540

A/N: Hello! I am so excited to be posting my first story ever. My inspiration was obviously the song “Burn” and the idea of Alexander being in the room when this all went down. I’m proud of myself for how it turned out, and I hope you feel the same way. Please don’t hesitate to let me know what you thought or to request a story. Have a wonderful day!

As you walked through the town, basket in hand, you enjoyed the warm rays from the sun. You had no idea that in a matter of minutes, your entire world would be completely turned upside down. The whole time you walked down the street, it felt like every pair of eyes were focused on you. And you swore you kept hearing whispers of, ”Have you read this?”

Before you could continue down your path, you were stopped by a man whom you had never met. Not even saying a word, he shoved a thick pamphlet in your hand with an apologetic look, and hurried away. You looked down at the paper and rolled your eyes. “The Reynolds Pamphlet” as it was called was written by your husband. What political debate could he be getting himself into now?

Once you found a nearby bench to sit on, you began to flip through the pamphlet given to you. Still confused as to why this was the source of such gossip you began to look for highlights in your pamphlet. Suddenly, you felt like you couldn’t breathe, and it wasn’t because of your corset; you finally discovered what all the fuss was about.

“…had a torrid affair with Mrs. Maria Reynolds, with her husband’s knowing consent.”

“I had frequent meetings with her, most of them at my own house.”

“While Mrs. Hamilton and our children were absent…”

You were now one hundred percent sure that every single person in the street was staring at you, clutching the paper in your hand, tears streaming down your face. In a state of rage, you crumbled the pamphlet up in your hand and threw it to the ground. Next, you stood up and took off as fast as considered publicly acceptable to reach your home.

Reaching your destination, you threw open the door and ran upstairs to the privacy of your bedroom. Instantly, you collapsed at the foot of your bed, sobs racked your body. Your chest heaved up and down as you tried to calm your breathing. A million thoughts were racing through your mind, and you were trying to sort through all of them. The most important being why did Alexander do this?

Was he tired of being with you? Did he regret asking for your hand in marriage, and later starting a family with you?

A tug in your heart pulled you towards a small chest on your dresser with (y/n) engraved on the top. You gently picked it up and walked in front of the fireplace, starting it up. With tears still flowing down your face, you opened the lid and stared down at the letters resting inside.

They were the all the letters Alexander had ever written from the moment you began to court. And while that was a lot of letters, each and every one held a special meaning to you. You dug through the stack until you reached the bottom and grabbed the letter. It was the first letter Alexander had ever written you. At the time, you felt so in love, but now you were not so sure.

Now holding the letter at eye level, you examined each line and tried to find clues; warning signs that you should have noticed. In the middle of your examination, the bedroom door opened and Alexander stepped in. He hung up his coat and made is way over to you, to see what you were doing.

By the glow of the fire, he could see the tears resting on your cheeks, and in an instant, he was kneeling right next to you, engulfing you in his strong arms.

“What’s the matter, (y/n)?” he questioned as he wiped away the tears with the pad of his thumb.

“You know,” you began quietly so you wouldn’t give away your cracking voice. “I had thought you were mine from the beginning of our relationship, but I guess I was wrong.” you admitted.

“What are you talking about, darling? Of course I am yours. I always have been and I always will be.” Alex shook his head, laughing lightly at the absurdity of your statement.

“Really?” you questioned. “Then why did I seem to be the last to find out that you had an affair? And by reading it in your stupid pamphlet, no less!” you shouted accusingly.

“You-you-what-wait…” Alex stuttered, taken aback by what you had said.

Alexander knew in his heart and mind that there was no possible way for him to debate himself out of the argument that would surely follow. It was time that he owned up for his mistakes.

“I was so in love with the palaces that you built me out of your words that I was delusional enough to create a fantasy where we could live happily ever after.” you mused aloud, although more to yourself than to your husband.

“But we are living happily ever after. This home, our family, the fact that we have each other. That’s our happily ever after, it’s not a fantasy.” Alexander pointed out, hurt by what you had just said.

You stood up and took yourself out of his grasp, heading to the opposite side of the room just to be away from the man you loved. You were trying to mull everything over and decide what the right plan of action was.

It wasn’t probable for you to take your children and leave, it was unacceptable in society. And while you couldn’t stand the sound of Alexander’s name at the moment, you did not want to drag his name through the mud any more than it had already been. You would have to stay, but there were going to be some changes.

“I just have one question for you.” you started, staring out the window and smiled internally as you saw your children playing in the yard, oblivious to what was happening between their parents.

When he didn’t interrupt, you continued. “What made you think it was a good idea to publish the letters she wrote you? Was it because you are so obsessed with your legacy and paranoid how people look at you that you couldn’t stand the thought of somebody else exposing the affair?”

You waited with a battered breath for his response. It took a moment for Alexander to respond and in that time, you tried to convince yourself that none of this was real. So desperately you wanted to believe it was a bad dream you would soon wake up from.

“Yes.” Alexander answered, his voice almost inaudibly.

More tears pooled in your eyes as you covered your mouth in shock. Yes, Alex was always worried about his reputation, but you never thought he would go as far as ruining your lives just to fix his. At this point, your back was turned to him and all he could see was the shaking of your shoulders.

Tentatively taking a step forward, Alexander slowly approached you and rested his hands on your shoulders, trying to console you. Leaning his mouth close to your ear, he whispered. “I know that I broke your heart and I don’t deserve your forgiveness or trust ever again. But please, let me try to mend the pieces I broke.”

Quickly, you turned around and started at Alexander with a look of horror across your face. He thought it would be that easy? That he could just build more palaces and cathedrals out of words and all would be forgotten? Well he was sorely mistaken.

“No.” you shouted, boldly. “You forfeit all rights to my heart when you slept with Maria Reynolds. In fact, you forfeit your place in our bed. You can sleep in your office from now on, because I am not leaving, but I cannot share a room with you any longer. We may be married, but I am not your wife any longer.”

Guided by the pain and sorrow in your heart, you grabbed the stack of letters from your chest. Stalking towards the fireplace, you knew what you had to do. It was the only way you could begin to move on.

Slowly at first, but then more confidently, you tore the first letter that Alexander had ever written you and you threw it in the fire. Each letter met the same fate as you cried silently. Alexander stood off to the side and watched in horror at the scene that unfolded before him. He had caused you, normally such a sweet and caring person, to destroy the earliest symbols of the love you two shared.

For a moment, he thought he was imaging it, but Alexander heard your broken voice. “I’m burning the letters that might have redeemed you.”

When all the letters had been burned, you closed the lid to your chest and placed it back on your dresser. It felt like a weight had been lifted from your shoulders, but you still felt betrayed and destroyed. Marching up to Alexander, you stared him right in the eyes.

“Just like those letters, I hope that you burn.” you spat.

You turned on your heel and walked out of the room to visit your children, slamming the door behind you; leaving Alexander, with tears in his eyes, to think about what exactly he had destroyed.


Perfection (Shawn Mendes Imagine)

requested: nope

pairing: reader x Shawn Mendes

summary: Shawn gets frustrated over a song that he wants to be perfect.

a/n: hello! this is based off of some feelings that I had last night when trying to write a separate imagine, and this one just came to me more naturally. It’s also based off of this video. please tell me what you think! gif creds go to owner- it’s not mine. 

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The Ravens - Loki x Reader(f) Part 3

Authors Notes: This kind of feels like a filler to me but I like where it goes and what it sets up for. I hope you guys are still enjoying this series and I can’t wait to hear what you think of this part!

Word Count: 1.7k +

Au: Rockstar AU

Notes/Warnings: None? Maybe nerves and tears. But really, this chapter is super mild.

The Ravens- Part 1  Part 2

Originally posted by maryxglz

 It had been three weeks since he last saw her in the manor. The night he and his band hosted that ridiculous dinner party, she had shown up and changed his world. Everyday he looked at her number in his phone. Everyday he thought about calling or texting her but the words never came.

 Instead, he spent the time he wished he had been talking to her, to write music instead. He wrote four songs. None of them captured her essence, though. They weren’t right. They weren’t perfect like she was.

 For weeks after he walked her to the door and bid her a goodnight, he struggled to put to music the way she made him feel. The melody wasn’t soft enough, the lyrics weren’t intelligent enough. It wasn’t enough for her.

 However, one night, as he was playing around with his guitar, he struck a chord. He hadn’t meant to, but he did. Then, he struck another, then another. And before he knew what had happened, he’d done it. He’d completed her song. He’d figured out how to write her, he’d figured out how to describe her and what she made him think of the most.

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lumiere imagine

Originally posted by softtroublemaker

Imagine: Lumiere catching you singing ‘Be our guest’

Don’t own gif, credits to owner 

Note: gender neutral pronouns are used for the reader

It has been about five weeks since Y/N has switch places with their father and stay at the castle. Knowing that Y/N is still in the castle, has given all the servants a new sense of hope that the curse will be broken and that they will be human again. The servants have become more cheerily and some have been caught day dreaming of being human.  

No other servant have been caught day dreaming more often then Lumiere. For the candlestick dreams of being human again, so that he can hold his lover in his arms, without worrying about burning her. For he longs for physical touch and attending. 

Like every other day for the past five weeks, Lumiere caught himself day dreaming as he walks down one of the many hallways the castle has. As Lumiere shakes his head to get rid of his thoughts, he continues his quest to find his lover but something catches his attending. A voice. Lumiere’s quest would have to be put on hold for now, until he finds this mysterious…singer?

Lumiere slow down his quick pace, so that he can hear where the voice is coming from more clearly. As Lumiere slowly comes to a halt, he discovers that the voice is coming from the second door, on the left, at the very end of the hallway. But also discovers that the lovely voice is singing a very familiar song. 

With a proud smile, Lumiere walks over to the door. Hearding the voice less muffled the more closer he gets. Until, he is standing right in front of the door. 

“After all, Miss, this is France

And a dinner here is never second best

Go on, unfold your menu

Take a glance and then you'll”

With a jump, Lumiere is able to open the door to see Y/N singing, and dancing, to his song while they’re cleaning. A slight to see really, Y/N twirling around while doing varies hand motions to match with the lyrics. With an amuse chuckle, Lumiere deiced to continue watching Y/N sing the rest of the song. Well, that was the plan at first. 

Be our guest

Oui, our guest

Be our guest!

Y/N jumps in fright and looks around the room to see who has join in with the song on the last line. It didn’t take long to find the random voice for it kept singing two other lines before stopping. Then, locking eye’s with Lumiere, Y/N; right then and there, wish for death. 

“Ahh, Lumiere! F-fancy seeing you there…Heh. what you doing?,”ask Y/N while cringing at their life. Out of all people, it had to be Lumiere to catch then singing? 

“Hello Y/N. Well, when I heard the most beautiful voice singing, a song I’m all too familiar with, I just had to go look for them and compliment then!” Lumiere said with a slight smirk as he sees Y/N’s face turning red from embarrassment. 

“O-oh, well, in that case. Surprise! It was me singing..heh”

“Well, in that case, I have to say Y/N; you’re voice sounded like the Angels from above were sing themselves!” compliment Lumiere. 

“I-i wouldn’t say that” Humbly reply Y/N. Which makes Lumiere rise a eyebrow as he hops onto a table near Y/N.  “Oh? Then, how would you describe your beautiful pipes as, Chere?”. Y/N watch as Lumiere makes his way on a table near them to talk more clearly. But it only makes Y/N more nervous and embarrass to be confront about their singing? Oh, the humiliation! “Um, I would describe my voice as a..umm, g-good voice?” Y/N said as they look away from Lumiere. 

“A good voice?” Ask Lumiere, with an amuse smirk on his golden face. “Y-yes! A good singing voice!” Y/N said as they look at Lumiere once more.

“-chuckles-, well, it was a pleasure to hear your, ‘good singing voice’, Y/N” compliment Lumiere. “Um, thank you Lumiere” Reply Y/N,a bit bashfully by the compliment but, non the less grateful for it. 

“I should be off, I hope I didn’t disturbed you, Y/N” deiced Lumiere as he remembers his quest and hops down from the table.  “No, you didn’t disturbed me. Um, have a good evening Lumiere” reassure Y/N as they watch Lumiere walk to the door.

“And you as well Y/N”. Lumiere walk over to the door but before he could completely walk out of the room Y/N ask him a simple request.

“And, umm, Lumiere?”

“Yes, Y/N?”

“Could you, umm, not tell anyone about this?” Y/N ask, with a face so red, that Lumiere didn’t think was possible that anyone could be that red. 

“Of course, mon chere! You secret is safe with me” Lumiere said as he close the door and continue with his quest. But with a new addition to it! To find his lover and to tell her about the interesting sight he saw. After all, it won’t hurt if he tells just one person, right?

anonymous asked:

Do you have any stories/quotes about John and Paul when they were teenagers in Liverpool?

“I used to go round to Aunt Mimi’s house and John would be at the typewriter, which was fairly unusual in Liverpool. None of my mates even knew what a typewriter was. Well they knew what it was but they didn’t hae one. Nobody had one.” Paul

‘John had a chocolate bar, and he shared it with me. And he didn’t give me some of his chocolate bar. He didn’t give me a square of his chocolate bar. He didn’t give me a quarter of his chocolate bar. He gave me half of his chocolate bar. And that’s why the Beatles started right there.’ Isn’t that fantastic? It’s the most important story about the Beatles, and it’s in none of the books!’ Paul

“John and I grew up like twins although he was a year and a half older than me. We grew up literally in the same bed because when we were on holiday, hitchhiking or whatever, we would share a bed. Or when we were writing songs as kids he’d be in my bedroom or I’d be in his. Or he’d be in my front parlour or I’d be in his, although his Aunt Mimi sometimes kicked us out into the vestibule!” Paul

Paul used to come to my front door. He’d lean his bike against the fence and look over at me with his sheep eyes and say ‘Hello, Mimi. Can I come in?’ ‘No, you certainly cannot,’ I’d say.  Mimi

“It was the Easter school holidays and John and I had hitchhiked down from Liverpool to help out in the pub. We generally dossed around for a week and worked behind the bar. Then Mike said that me and John should play there on the Saturday night. So we made our own posters and put them up in the pub: “Saturday Night – Live Appearance – The Nerk Twins.” Paul

When I caught sight of him, when John brought him home for the first time, I thought “Oh-ho, look what the cat’s dragged in.” He seemed so much younger than John–and John was always picking up waifs and strays. I thought “Here we go again, John Lennon… another Shotton.” […] He was well-mannered–too well-mannered. He was what we call in Liverpool “talking posh” and I thought he was taking the mickey out of me, John’s little friend, Mr Charming.I used to tease John by saying “chalk and cheese”, meaning how different they were, and John would start hurling himself around the room like a wild dervish shouting “Chalkandcheese! Chalkandcheese!” with this stupid grin on his face” - Mimi

Church - Bellamy Blake Imagine (SMUT)

Request:  Hello, if you’re taking requests could you do one with Bellamy x Reader and the song church by Chase Atlantic?

WARNINGS: smut, not a cutesy imagine with happy ever after ending……

A/N: This is the first time I’ve done a song/lyric based imagine sooooo… spare me.

Originally posted by darlinglostcrank

  The moonshine had gone to my head. In the morning, I’d regret the countless drinks I had downed, and what was to follow. My mind was too fuzzy to consider that now.

  Our eyes met from across the bonfire, pulling us closer together. It felt as though everyone had gone, leaving just him and I alone together. His hands grasped my waist tight, pressing my body against his. His lips brushed my ear as he spoke, whispering ungodly words.

 I pulled him with me, towards my tent.

And I’ll keep leading you on…

 His lips crushed against mine, quickly lacing our tongues together.

If you keep leading me into your room…

 I parted our lips to rip my shirt hastily over my head, his swiftly following. His lips trailed my throat, leaving bruising marks there. He pushed my back towards my cot, leaning me until I fell onto my back, allowing him to crawl over me.

I’m about to take you back to church…

 My pants were gone in moments, as well as my bra. His lips began to kiss at the newly exposed skin, between my breasts and down to my hips. Soft, panting moans left me as his kisses trailed lower.

Well, tell me your confessions, baby what’s the worst?

 His fingers hooked my panties, leading them down my legs slowly, teasingly. I whimpered, quietly begging him to give me what I craved.

Baptize in your thighs till it hurts…

 I cried out when his lips brushed against my heat, tongue slipping out to lay the slightest lick.

 “Bellamy…” I pleaded.

  His dark eyes met mine. His tongue pressed fully against me and I moaned, arching off the fabric below me as pleasure coursed up my spine.

I’ll keep you open till’ the sunset…

 His nimble fingers found their way into the mix, pushing into me slowly. My hands grasped the sheets tightly. His hand quickened its pace, and in moments I was groaning his name as my pleasure peaked over.

Speaking in tongues, yeah, we ain’t done yet…

  A wicked grin crossed his features as he moved his way up my body, capturing my lips in his.

 “I’m not done with you, baby,” he murmured, shedding his clothes.

  My hands trailed along his skin, over his toned chest and down his abdomen. He watched me with those lustful, dark eyes, letting me feel him. His length exposed to me, I hesitantly grasped it, meeting his gaze as a quiet groan erupted from his throat.

 “Enough, beautiful,” he spoke softly, removing my hands and positioning himself between my thighs.

Don’t take my verses out of context…

  I closed my eyes, feeling him press at my opening, slowly thrusting his way in. I moaned, grasping his biceps as he seated his length inside of me, melding our bodies together. The most intimate of acts, yet the most meaningless between us.

I know its weighing on your conscience…

 His head fell into the crook of my neck, his thrusts slow and steady. I wrapped my arms around his torso, legs hooked around his hips. His name fell from my lips as his hips snapped harder, faster.

I’m about to take you back to church…

 He grunted, lifting himself up so his thrusts came faster. I moaned and writhed beneath him, head tilted back. He watched me closely, taking pleasure from the way my hips rutted against his, my brows furrowed, my lip caught between my teeth, pleasure raking my body.

Tell me your confessions, baby, what’s the worst?

 “Bell,” I whimpered.

 “Come on, baby,” he rasped back.

Baptize in your thighs till it hurts…

My legs tightened around him, the moans escaping my lips becoming louder, his thrusts becoming rough and sloppy, uneven. We reached our highs in sync, both crying out as the pleasure became too much.

Cause I’m about to take you back to church…

 His body left mine swiftly, being covered as he redressed and disappeared from my tent.

Can you imagine?

Request: You’re reading for Maria at the Hamilton workshop, but you’re far more interested in Eliza than Alexander.

Pairing: Phillipa Soo x reader

Warnings: none

Word count: 1,733

A/N: here’s day six of the @hamwriters‘ writeathon a bit late- also known as first time day! I know Pippa wasn’t actually part of the workshop cast but I’ve fiddled with it bc reasons. I’ve not written pippa x reader before so here goes

The room was empty except for a circle of chairs and a piano. You paused awkwardly in the doorway, checking the room number you had hastily scribbled down again. It definitely said room twenty, but what if you had heard wrong over the phone?

You wiped your hands on your jeans and walked in. “Hello?” you called apprehensively, peering around. You had had the call last night- Lin-Manuel Miranda of ‘In the Heights’ fame wanted you to read for a part in his new musical.

Which was apparently a rap musical about Alexander Hamilton. Okay.

Since no one else seemed to be there, you sat down in one of the chairs and fiddled with your phone, debating the merits of downloading an inane game to pass the time. You started to hum the song that had been on the radio in the taxi that had brought you there. 

Almost ten minutes later, just as you were halfway through singing What the heck I gotta do, someone appeared in the doorway. “Hello, hello, hello!” Lin-Manuel Miranda grinned as he walked in, “sorry I’m late.”

You looked around at the other empty chairs. “It’s alright- you’re not the only one.”

He frowned, as if he’d only just noticed that the two of you were the only ones there. “That’s weird.” He pulled out his phone and fired off a text. 

“I’m Y/N,” you said, half-getting out of your chair, “I’m reading for-” you checked your notes, “Peggy Schuyler and Maria Reynolds?”

“I’m looking forward to it,” Lin held up his own script, which was covered in scribbled annotations in messy handwriting, “I’m your Hamilton.”

You raised an eyebrow and were about to respond when the doors open again and a couple of people arrived- you recognised Chris Jackson from In the Heights and Daveed Diggs, whose music you had started to listen to as soon as you found out he would be in the show. 

You stayed sat in your chair as everyone started to settle down, some stopping to say hi to others before they made it to their seats. You looked to your right and felt your jaw drop. A beautiful girl, her dark hair pulled back in a high ponytail, and wearing a flowery scoop-neck and knee-length skirt, had taken the seat beside you.

She looked up and met your gaze. You hastily smiled. “Hi,” you said, voice higher than usual from nerves that made your heart thump particularly hard.

She smiled back and you knew you were lost- her smile was soft and gentle, her eyes kind and a dark brown. “Hi,” she said, “I’m Pippa.”

“Y/N,” you returned, throat dry, “Nice to meet you.” 

Before you could make a fool of yourself, Lin clapped his hands and stood up. “So,” he grinned, “you’ve all heard my admittedly terrible demos, you’ve all got scripts. I’m Lin and this,” Lin gestured to Alex, who stood up from behind his keyboard and waved, “is the genius behind the music, Alex Lacamoire.”

Everyone murmured a hello as Lin took a seat. Alex cleared his throat. “We’ll run through the songs in order,” he said, “starting with Alexander Hamilton.” He sat down again and played a couple of scales. “Is everyone warmed up?”

You nodded, having done some exercises before everyone else arrived. Everyone else nodded too, and you wondered if that had been why they were late. 

Scanning the lyrics for Alexander Hamilton again, you remembered that you only had the one line in it: “Me? I loved him”, so you settled back to hear everyone else. 

Utkarsh grinned and introduced the musical as Burr, looking as if he wanted to be moving about the room even though it was a read-through. Chris, Javier, Joshua, and Daveed joined soon after. It felt somehow tense but freeing to be in the room- it felt like the beginning of something, you realised.

Then Pippa started to sing- quietly, soprano- and you saw her face change with real emotion. Too quickly her part was over and you joined in with the others to sing the ensemble part. 

Alex gave feedback after you finished running through the first two songs and Lin scribbled furiously all over his script and sheet music, muttering about tempo and line changes as he did so. He asked Chris to try some new lyrics, got Daveed to swap a line with Joshua, and asked Pippa to sing her line with a crescendo instead of diminuendo and a slightly different inflection.

The next two songs went much the same, except that you only sang the ensemble parts, watching Lin rap his way through My Shot  with impressive speed. Then you moved onto Schuyler Sisters. You, Pippa, and Anika all got up so Lin could see your dynamics, standing in the middle of the circle of chairs. 

Utkarsh narrated again from the sidelines and your stomach did a flip when Pippa took your hand to ‘tug’ you into the circle properly. You bumped your hip against hers when you sang your first line, almost stuttering when she returned the gesture. Everyone sang the ensemble part and you stepped forward.

You put your hands on your hips and turned to face your ‘sisters’, “Daddy said to be home by sundown-”

Anika shrugged. “Daddy doesn’t need to know.”

You pouted. “Daddy said not to go downtown-”

Pippa raised an eyebrow and pointed towards the door, “Like I said you’re free to go-

After Schuyler Sisters you didn’t have much to do beyond singing the ensemble part. Instead you sat on your chair and watched Pippa perform Helpless, something twisting tightly in your chest when she kissed Lin at the end.

You wondered if you could change Satisfied to be about Eliza instead.


It was lunch time before you reached the end of the first act. “Well done,” Lin called to everyone after the end of Non-Stop, “you can all take an hour or so for lunch and afterwards we’ll work on Act two.”

“After we try some changes to Non-Stop,” Alex interrupted firmly, making everybody grin. There hadn’t been a single song that hadn’t been followed by Lin scribbling on his script and Alex on his sheet music, followed immediately by calls for corrections or alterations. 

You grabbed your bag, wondering where to go. You didn’t know many places around the are but surely there’d be a Starbucks or something nearby. As you stuffed your jumper into your bag, you heard someone clear their throat. 

You straightened to find Pippa standing there, a nervous smile on her face. “Do you have plans for lunch?” she asked, adjusting the strap of her bag, “I was wondering if you wanted to grab something- there’s a nice café around the corner-”

You were so surprised that you did nothing but gape for a moment. Pippa’s smile faded. “If you don’t want to-”

“No I do!” you found your voice and interrupted her, “I’d love to.”

Pippa’s smile returned full-force and she fell into step beside you as you headed out, waving goodbye to Lin and Alex where they were hunched over Lin’s script, whispering and scribbling. 

You and Pippa settled down in the corner of the café, hot drinks and sandwiches cluttering up the tiny table. “So,” Pippa said as she pulled her hair out of its ponytail, “how did you end up here?”

“I worked with Lac on a project a couple of months ago,” you explained. You took a bite of your sandwich, “I wasn’t singing for him, just managing some stuff- but he heard me in the break room.”

Pippa laughed and raised her cup. “To what a little break room singing can do,” she suggested. You giggled and raised your cup too, tapping it against hers. You both took a sip, wincing when you realised it was still a little too hot to drink.

“Broadway, huh?” Pippa gazed dreamily out of the window in the direction of the Richard Rogers, “Can you imagine?”

You could see Pippa up there, inspiring joy and sadness and astonishment. “Yeah,” you murmured. Her hand was resting on the table and you wondered if it would be too soon to take it.

The first song after you came back was ensemble time for you again. Pippa joined you as you welcome Daveed, cocky and enthusiastic as Jefferson, home again. Then you sat back to watch Lin and Daveed spit their arguments to each other and then watched Javier and Pippa try to persuade Lin to take a break.

Javier knelt down to be Philip, miming the piano tune that Lac played in the intro. You stifled a smile and bit back a laugh when Pippa tried to beat-box. “I’ll learn,” she promised Lin in the feedback session. He gave her a hard look but nodded.

“For this one, Y/N,” Lin said, “your job is to be sexy.”

You felt your cheeks heat up and stammered out your agreement. You saw Pippa grin out of the corner of your eye and steeled yourself to try your best. Lin had reassured you that you didn’t need to kiss him, even though it was scripted.

Utkarsh introduced the scene again, handing over the narration to Lin after a moment. You stared at your line and anxiously calculated your cue. “I know you are a man of honour,” you sang, meeting Lin’s gaze. He was giving you his best smoulder and you fought back a grin, “I’m so sorry to bother you at home.

You gathered your things, ready to leave. Lin and Alex had praised everyone’s efforts and reminded you to return next week to work with any changes that they might have made during the week. You shouldered your bag and turned to go, only to find Pippa standing there.

“This is starting to become a regular thing,” you laughed, stepping back a little.

Pippa laughed. “I was wondering…” she looked uncertain, poised on the balls of her feet as if she was about to run for it, “if you wanted to grab dinner with me.” She flushed a pretty pink and lowered her gaze, “you know, as a date.”

You took her hand hesitantly and squeezed it. “I’d love that,” you said quietly, relieved when she squeezed back. 

The two of you headed out, hands hesitantly linked between you. You could have sworn you saw Lin wink at you as you passed him, but brushed it off. You’d rather have Eliza.


Playboy!Namjoon Pt. 6

(Pt. 1 / Pt. 2 / Pt. 3 / Pt. 4/ Pt. 5)

It’s already been a month since Namjoon left for tour. He texted you sometimes, sent you pictures every time the sky was tinted with pink before the sun set over whatever city he was in at the moment. Because you were friends, you had told Somi after she had peaked over your shoulder one day, not because of anything else.

You were sitting at you favorite café, the one close to your park of choice. You had the day off from practice for your next comeback, the girls were driving you insane and you just needed a break from your stuffy apartment. Sonhee was being extra sensitive about everything, and Somi trying to make you talk about Namjoon every two seconds wasn’t helping at all.

You are coming right?” Jackson’s voice came through the phone pressed against your ear. “It’s my birthday, and I’m your best friend, you have to come!” he whined for the 100th time.

“You know I’ll go, oppa. Stop being annoying, I’m trying to find my inner peace in here, and you’re ruining my mood. Don’t you have some schedule or something?”

His loud laugh ringed in your ear, making you back your phone away from you until it subsided. He said goodbye to you, making you promise again to text him more. Because apparently, you weren’t doing that enough already.

You sipped your green tea latte, closing your eyes. Maybe you were being a little bad at keeping contact these days. The last person you talked to over the phone was Namjoon, and that was only because he was horny and probably hadn’t found someone for the night. Which definitely didn’t bother you. You both weren’t a thing. It was casual, and that was all. You didn’t miss him coming to your apartment every time he had some free time.

If it’s casual, why does he stay the night? Mina had asked, not with the mocking tone that Somi always had, but with innocent curiosity.

That didn’t mean anything. Him staying the night was another way of being casual. It was casual cuddle, almost innocent. So what that most of the times it ended with morning sex and you making him breakfast before giving him a ride home, where he promptly showed you a new playlist he made for when you were driving.

You were friends, friends did those kinds of things. Right?

Because she’s being stupid, Sonhee had said from across the studio, this thing is just a scandal waiting to blow up.

You didn’t blame her for thinking that way. For being rude to you even though you were her unnie. Out of all of you, she was the one who had suffered the most until she debuted, the one with more to lose. You loved those three girls like they were your own sisters, which was why you would never get yourself involved in any scandal.

You continued to type again, trying to work on the lyrics of the unfinished song staring at you from your laptop. It had always been a dream of yours to finally release one of your own songs, without the producers and even JYP himself getting involved with this. This was yours, untouched.

You never finished it, instead stopping halfway by being startled by someone sitting across from you.  A black mask hid half his face, but you recognized the sharp eyes, straight brows, and fierce gaze anywhere.

You shut your computer forcefully, shoving it in your bag again.

“Are you really just going to leave me here without even saying hello? I just wanted to talk to you.” Sehun asked, his deep voice making your heart clench painfully. You swallowed around nothing.

“I have nothing to talk to you,” you reply, finally getting up to leave. Before you can take a step away from him, his hand wrap around your wrist, his skin cold against yours.

“We need to talk. You’ve been avoiding me every time we’re in the same place.”

‘Can you blame me?” You exploded, voice coming out higher than you intended, making a few heads turn your direction. With a low grunt, you sit down again, not wanting to draw attention. “ You were fucking horrible to me, Sehun. I don’t want to talk to you ever again if I can. Just tell me what you want so I can go home.”

“I… fuck, Y/N,” He rubbed his hands across his face, removing the black mask in the process, making you now able to see how his mouth was turned down in a frown. “I know I fucked up, ok? I know it. But I miss you, and I want you back.”

You can’t breathe, you can’t hear the pleasant buzz of people around you as you just sit there, staring at him. Trying to comprehend if he really had just said that to you after all this time. After all the things he said when you two broke up.

Anger bubbled inside of you, making you take a deep breath. “No.” you hear yourself saying, without noticing that you had actually said it instead of just thinking it like you usually did. “You don’t get to want me back, You gave up on me when I needed you the most. You can’t just… You can’t, Sehun. I’ve moved on.”

Just when you finish speaking you hear the distinct sound someone taking a picture. Frantically, you look around just as Sehun does too. Two tables away from yours, a group of high school girls are whispering and looking in your direction.

You groan, burying your head in your hands. There goes your dream of being rumour free this year. In half an hour his whole fandom would come to you with full force, in the very least just calling you all kinds of names.

“Fuck.” Sehun says softly, placing the mask in his face again, turning away, tucking his cap even lower. What good was it now? Everybody had already seen him.

“Please, don’t talk to me again.” You say as you stand up again, this time not giving him time to stop you.

You walk quickly to your car, your bag hitting your hips with every hurried step you took. Unlocking the door, you throw yourself inside, feeling sick to your stomach.

He missed you? He fucking missed you after all he had made you go through. You couldn’t understand him. Why now, of all times? Why not before?

You pulled your computer out of your bag, opening the word document again. Quickly, you wrote exactly what was in your mind.

You pushed it to the side, sending your manager a text warning him of the photo. It was the least you could do, really. And JYPE was good at dealing with the rumors regarding you. You needed to keep a clear head now, so you started the engine, driving back to your apartment.

Where you promptly face planted in your bed and screamed into your pillow. You screamed until your throat was hoarse and your mind was free of any thoughts about pretty boys from any group. It was cathartic, actually. You had to send a letter to the director of Lilo and Stitch for teaching you how to do it.

Feeling a lot more like yourself, you got up, You kicked out your pants, making yourself a nice cup of ginger lemon honey tea after, snuggling up on your couch to your favorite chick flick on Netflix. You were halfway through the movie before you felt your phone vibrate from the other side of the couch. You slid your finger across the green bar, picking up without really seeing who it was.

“Hello, you’ve reached the house of infinite mistakes, with what may I assist you?”

Namjoon laughed across the line, making you instantly sit straighter. “It’s that bad today, huh?” he greeted, making you smile in return.

“I’m just waiting for AllKpop to make a new article about it. But I don’t wanna talk about it. How’s tour?”

You could faintly hear the sound of a zipper being pulled open, and of clothes being shuffled around in his suitcase. Thinking about his clothes, you glanced down, having completely forgotten that in you hush to leave the house this morning you had put on one of his t-shirts, the no jams one. You winced to yourself, silently praying for whatever photo theses girls had taken to not show it.

“It’s been fine, we’re heading back to Korea tomorrow actually. We’ll have a small break before we die on stage y’know. Also, I almost bust my toe today at rehearsal, but that’s not why I called. I missed your voice, actually.”

You laugh, stretching your legs. “My voice? It’s that your way of asking me to have phone sex with you?”

“No! Of course not! I just… it’s silly, forget it.”

“I’ve never heard you say anything silly before. C’mon oppa, spill it.” you coaxed knowing he was soft for you calling him that, and you could just imagine him lying in a hotel bed, probably facing the windows so he could look at the sky.

“You shouldn’t say that, remember that time  I asked of you thought  if stars  had feelings?”

You chuckled. “I still think they do.”

He laughed quietly for a second, before finally saying,“I’ve been stressed, about the concerts, y’know. Your voice always help me sleep better. It’s really soothing, actually. I guess I miss home in general also. I miss Seoul.”

“Seoul misses you too.” you murmured from under your soft throw blanket.

“You sound sad, are you okay?” his voice sounded a little worried, and you knew that if he was there with you he would be frowning, his eyes slightly narrowed as he looked at you like you were the only thing he saw in the moment.

You clenched a hand over your heart at the warm feeling that spread through your chest. That was a dangerous territory.

“I’m always a little bit sad.“ you sighed. “ I’m too caught in my own head again. Sometimes I think so much that I don’t know how my head doesn’t just crack open from all the pressure. I need a distraction but I’m too tired to do anything.”

You could hear the faint crackle of his mattress as he moved, the ruffle of his clothes as he changed positions. “I understand you, baby. Does me talking to you help, though? I can hang up if you want some silence.”

“No!” You quickly exclaimed. “ I like hearing your voice. I miss you… coming here to help distract me, actually. You did a pretty good job last time.” You added quickly, wincing at yourself. Were you even allowed to miss him if you two were casual? He was your friend… friends are allowed to miss each other, right?

He chuckled at you, making you squeeze your eyes shut in sudden embarrassment. Did you sound too clingy? You hadn’t meant to.

“I guess we both are suckers for each other’s voices huh?” he mused. Then with a terrible imitation of your voice, he said “Is this your way of asking me to have phone sex with you?”

Did you? You were feeling stressed, tense, and you probably could use a good orgasm even if by phone.

“God, oppa, are you really going to make me ask? What do you want me to say, that I miss your hands on me? ”

There was a quick pause, not even the sound of his breathing audibly before he answered again.

“I’m gonna switch this to facetime, okay?” he asked and you made a noise of affirmation, moving your phone to face you.

After a few seconds Namjoon was staring at you from the screen, his light brown hair wet, his bare face as smooth as ever, which wasn’t fair because you looked like hell, your hair was a mess, you hadn’t even bothered to apply makeup this morning and-

“Wow,” He gasped. “you look beautiful.”

You felt your cheeks flush at the compliment. Before you could say anything he was smirking at you. “So, tell me more about what you miss me doing to you, angel.”

A shiver ran down your spine with the familiar pet name. “I miss your lips on me, and the way you always leave a hidden hickey somewhere. Every time I look at them I remember what you did to me and can’t wait to see you again.”

“Baby, I can’t see you, get off of that blanket.” you complied, kicking it to the ground. “I want to see you, can you show yourself to me?”

You stretched your arm, pointing your camera down on you, let him see his shirt on you slightly lifted and showing a part of your belly and your pink undies. You looked at him on your screen as his eyes hungrily traveled through the image of you sprawled on your couch.

It excited you, seeing him look at you like that. It made you feel sexy, even in such normal clothes.

“I miss you fucking me, oppa.” you said as innocently as you could, loving the way his breath hitched as he watched your free hand sliding down your breasts. “Wish you were here with me right now.”

“Fuck, baby, me too” he groaned. “You look so good in my shirt, I want to eat you out while you’re wearing it.”

Fuck, just the mental image of that made you squeeze your thighs together. You didn’t have to touch yourself to know you were already wet just by looking at him. Namjoon had that effect on you. And could anybody really blame you when he was looking that, all the way across the world, looking at you through your phone screen?

“Can you do something for me?” he asked, voice lower than before, sounding even more sensuous and intimate.

“With a voice like that you can make me do anything.” you breathed, already imagining what he had in mind.

“Touch yourself for me.” he instructed.

You nodded, bringing one of your fingers to your mouth, sucking on it while making eye contact with him through your camera, watching him as he looked at you with pure lust all over his face. Releasing your digit with a soft pop, you brought it under your panties, circling your clit slowly.

“Take off your panties, I want to see you.”

You balanced your phone on the armrest of the couch, the low angle wasn’t the most flattering, but it would have to do for a while. You smiled at him, slowly, oh so slowly sliding the pink underwear down so he could see you. “You look so good baby, touch yourself like you think I would.”

“I want to see you too.” you whined, getting back to your previous position, the pleasure already starting to build up in your core as you moved your finger.

He angled his phone, making you able to see how he was already pumping himself with his fist, his cock leaking precum, making you miss him even more. His hands moved down, coming up to twist at his head, making him whimper lowly.

You moaned, imagining him there with you. You slid two fingers inside of you, curling them slightly, hitting your spot and moaning even louder. You imagined it was him thrusting inside of you like he had done so many times before, already familiar with your body.

“Fuck, oppa.” you uttered, voice ragged with desire. “I’m already so close…”

“You’re so eager, angel. God, I bet you would feel so tight around me, you’re always so tight for me,” he grunted and you could almost feel his breath against your ear, making you shiver.You could see his movements fastening as he too tried to find his release. “You’re so pretty that I just think about you even in a different continent. I can’t wait to have you again.”

“Oppa,” you whimpered, your palm rubbing against your swollen clit every time you slid your fingers in and out. “fuck- please, I’m so close…”

You added a third finger, moaning loudly his name, making him hiss as you pointed the camera toward your movements. You were close, so damn close, all you needed was just-

“Cum for me, baby, let me see how much you miss me.”

His voice and the pure tone of command was the cherry on the top, making you cry his name loudly, almost sobbing with how hard your orgasm hit you. You were still whining, shaking slightly as you rode it out when you saw his hand halting at the same time he moaned raggedly, head tilted back against his pillows, eyes closed shut as his cock twitched one, two, three times, the white strings of his release making a mess on his grey shirt. And you can’t take your eyes off him as he tries to even his breathing once again, a smile playing on lips as he finally looks at his screen again, eyes half open. And it was almost as he was there with you, and not in another country, in another time zone.

“Fuck, baby. I wish I was there to cuddle you right now,” he says, laughing throatily. His face was glistening softly with a light layer of sweat, his bronze skin practically alight even under the ugly fluorescent lights of the hotel room.

It was in moments like this that you thought he was the most beautiful, not when he was all made up on stage. It was when he was looking softly at you, his dimple appearing ever so slight as smiled at you.We’re friends, you thought to yourself,  it’s okay for friends to think that the other was basically a living work of art, right?

“That would be nice. I could use a nap right now.” you agreed, reaching out for the pink panties on the floor, trying to wriggle yourself on it again with just one hand. “What time is it there, anyway? “

His eyes darted to the wall to his left, where there must be a clock. You chuckled, it was just like Namjoon to search for a clock instead of just checking the time on the top of his screen.

“Shit,” he cussed, getting up suddenly. “I told the boys I would meet them at the hotel restaurant to celebrate the end of half of the tour ten minutes ago. I’m sorry, Y/N-”

You made a dismissive gesture with your hand. “Go, eat well, and rest. You deserve it, Namjoon.”

He gave you a full smile, all his white straight teeth showing. “Thanks, angel, I’ll text you before I board tomorrow. Eat something and take your nap, ‘kay? I’ll talk to you later.”

You waved your fingers at him, shooting him a finger heart as you said goodbye. The screen went back to your same old background, your group smiling as you took the selca on your first win staring back at you.

You rolled face down on the couch, taking your well-deserved nap. You knew someone from your agency would call you soon to talk about damage control anyway. You deserved peace for at least half an hour.

Namjoon leaned his head against the mirrored elevator wall, his cheeks still flushed with the thought of you. How was it possible for you to have this effect on him even when he was away? He had never met any girl who did that to him before. He definitely hadn’t met anyone while touring that could even compare to you, all the girls who tried to make a move at him in the few times he and the boys had gone out all seemed to pale in comparison to your vibrant colors.

The image of you on his shirt, looking so comfortable made him feel warm. All the hookups he had before weren’t like this. If any of his former lovers had even tried to cuddle him he would leave immediately, never staying the night.

But well, none of them had been you.

Namjoon had watched you since your debut, had admired the fierce leader, fun but still serious when it was about your members. Slowly he felt drawn to you and your voice, your powerful vocals so mature mixing so well with the sweet timbre of the other girls in your group. He had admired you when you confessed to having been dealing with depression since before debut on a vlive, had felt so close to you as you advised your fans to always be kind because it was easy to be mean, but so much easier to be nice and make people happy.

Jin would tease him endlessly about always watching your LieV when his stress-induced insomnia was at his peak, but he paid him no mind. Your voice, even just speaking normally, was beautiful, sliding like velvet across his mind and enveloping him in a peaceful sleep.

“I was almost going up to see what was taking you so long.” Yoongi’s low voice echoed, taking the brown-haired man out of his own head and back into the present again.

“No, you weren’t.That would require you moving.” Taehyung chirped, all energy even after a month of nonstop concerts. Jungkook nodded by his side, cheeks puffed with all the food he was shoving in his mouth.

Namjoon pulled a chair for himself in front of the untouched kalguksu bowl, scowling at the younger ones. “I was on the phone. Who ordered for me?”

“I did.” Jin offered mid-chew, two chairs to his left. The room was filled with the sound of the staff chatting, a table away from him, and it made him feel at home for a second, having dinner with everyone at Big Hit in Seoul. ”How’s Y/N, by the way?”

“She’s okay.” He answered his hyung warily, already anticipating what would come next.

“Are you two dating?” Jungkook asked too innocently, but as Namjoon almost choked on his noodles he could see the mischievous look on the maknae face. Taehyung fist bumped him.

“I don’t date.” he hissed in between gulping down his water, trying not to die with a noodle stuck in his throat.

“You course you don’t, hyung.” The maknae said in a condescending tone, leaning forward across the table to pat him on the shoulder. “But you never sleep with girls you had a crush on for 3 years too, right?”

Namjoon just glared at him until he removed his hand, sitting back in his chair.

“I thought, “ Jimin said loudly to no one in particular, “ that she was dating Sehun.”

“I thought she was dating Jackson, aren’t those two always together?” Yoongi frowned, slurping his cold noodles loudly.

Jimin seemed to think for a second before shaking his head no. “Nah, they’re best friends. Wasn’t she with Sehun today? Her name was the most searched on naver when I went to check if I was still the first Jimin to come up.”

“Yeah, someone took a picture of them at this café today. It was all over stan twitter, Soompi and Allkpop made some sensationalist article or something like that as well.” Hoseok added, quickly opening something on his phone and setting it down on the center of their table so everybody could see.

It was the said article, and as Jin read it out loud, a foreign coldness started seeping through Namjoons body. After a second he recognized it as dread. He gulped hard, finally focusing on the photos.

Starry Night’s leader spotted having a supposed date with EXO’s maknae today.

The owner of the pictures, a student who was surprised of seeing both Idols in a small coffee shop on the outskirts of Seoul reported on her twitter that the two were having what looked like a lovers quarrel.

It isn’t the first time Y/N is involved in a dating rumor, especially not with Sehun. They were already rumored to have dated when they both were trainees. Recently she was also involved in a rumor with BTS leader, Rap Monster after she almost fell on stage and he stopped her from falling live.

Their agencies haven’t made any official statements as of yet.

He could feel the half bowl of kalguksu sitting heavily in his stomach the more he stared at the picture. You look like you were about to either cry or strangle Sehun, who had his fingers wrapped around your wrist as you apparently tried to leave the table. The next photo was with you sitting down again, his hand still in holding you, your eyes closed tightly.

“That’s ridiculous, can’t idols even meet each other now without a scandal breaking?” Jin scoffed, taking the phone out of Namjoon’s vision field. “Why did they had to bring you up, too? Are they really that desperate for views?”

“Hyung,” Jungkook worried softly, his big eyes glued to his leader. “are you okay?”

The leader in question nodded curtly, swallowing thickly, trying to school his expression to one of normalcy. Getting up, he bowed to the staff, thanking them for their hard work.

“Joon-ah,” Jin said, holding him in place with a firm hand on his elbow before he could bolt back to his room. “Just talk to her. You know that rumors hardly are ever true. Don’t overthink it and get some sleep.”

“I don’t need her to explain anything to me hyung.” He said, voice distant in a way Jin could recognize as him getting too caught up in his own thoughts. “We’re nothing to each other, I said it before. We’re just-”

“Casual, sure you are.” Jin sighed, finally releasing him. “Are you trying to convince me or yourself?”

Namjoon didn’t give his oldest hyung an answer, instead, he walked to the elevator, pressing the button to the 16th floor. He stared hard at himself on the mirrored walls.

He could feel like this, right? You both were also friends, and friends told things to each other. Like if they had a boyfriend. So he could be feeling this feeling in his stomach like he was about to throw up, this sense of betrayal. Right?

But, he remembered, you had told him something. You had said something about infinite mistakes, hadn’t you? And about you waiting for AllKpop to make an article about something… and the look on your face on the pictures, the same hurt in your eyes he had seen when he last saw you, laying down on your couch feeling sad about meeting your ex.

Namjoon knew he didn’t have any rights to demand you to tell him everything. Even if you were friends with benefits, it wasn’t for that long. That didn’t make him feel any better about the thought of you having a boyfriend.

He shook his head, trying to clear his mind, finally getting back to his room and faceplanting face first into his soft mattress. Why was he feeling all these things, these conflicting emotions? He had these kinds of arrangements you two had with other girls in the past, who saw other people besides him, and he never felt like this. He did the same, actually. He never felt attached to any of them. Because it was casual.

And because they weren’t you.


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