song: the rum tum tugger


The Rum Tum Tugger - starring John Partridge. HD, from Cats the Musical - the film. (by catsmusical)

Because this never, ever gets old.

The Rum Tum Tugger is a curious cat, and there’s nothing you can do about it!“

This post is LONG overdue! This is the second installment in my CATS series where I interpret the Jellicle cats in my drawing style. c: I did this over the summer but due to a busy schedule was staying off of Tumblr so now I am back! 


OK, so I just rewatched videos from Cats: The Musical

and OBVIOUSLY Sherlock is Mr. Mistoffelees

BUT I DIDN’T REAlize how Rum Tum Tugger is JOHN


How he’s SO CLEVER

Look at him brandishing that rainbow!!!

P.S. Mycroft is Bustopher Jones here is a picture of him and Sherl

Just Thinking

I know it’s a really really  really popular opinion that the Rum Tum Tugger is a Maine coon, but I also wonder if he might not be a Bengal cat as well.

In my mind he has characteristics of both.

(Bengal Cat)

(The Rum Tum Tugger)

(Maine Coon Cat)

Maine coons of course are large cats with tons of fur that can range many different patterns and colors (fitting with Tugger’s mane and stripes and spots).

The make-up is also similar to a Maine coons (at least the mouth appears to be to me) and the furry ears on the wig.

But then Bengal cats are also large cats. And they also can range in fur pattern from spots to something called “marbling”. And they are closely related to a type of wildcat (which I don’t know the name of forgive me) making them very energetic and active cats:

They like to get into things and often wreck havoc on homes if they aren’t trained.

Remind you of anyone?

I just thought it was an interesting idea since I’ve never seen a Maine coon with leopard spots. Who knows?