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This is a page from a lavishly illustrated copy of Meriadoc Brandybuck’s book Herblore of the Shire that was long held in the library at Brandy Hall. It illustrates the famous Pipe-weed in watercolor, with additional details of the flower, seed, dried leaves, pipe-weed pouch, and pipe in ink.

As I was painting this, I realized that this is the first Tolkien fan art I’ve done in about 20 years! I’ve re-read the books many times, but somehow never felt moved to art about them since my teen-fan years. The inspiration now comes from this Tolkien readalong, and “concerning Pipe-weed” is a prompt for the Prologue to FotR. I looked at some botanical illustrations and photos of Nicotiana Tabacum for reference, since Tolkien says pipe-weed is probably some species of Nicotiana.

(P.S. I’m new to watercolors and to photographing my watercolors, so I have a lot to learn about both!)

The Carcass That Rot In Despair and The Spiderlily That Blooms In Madness-Prologue

Remember my previous post about NijiHai sex slave AU prompt? This one. 

 I AM SERIOUSLY STARTING THIS. Here’s the prologue.

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  The shuffling around my condo woke me up. I rolled over to see the thick ass blasian girl looking for all her clothes from the night before. Damn last night was crazy I though to myself. “Here go yah bra ma’” I said pointing to the nightstand. She jumped up in fear, “Oooh sorry I didn’t mean to wake you. I… I just need to go. ” “Its good, you alright?” I said sliding out of my silk sheets onto the cold hardwood. “I’m fine I just have to go.  Last night was fun.” She had a perky smile on her face. I’m guessing our wild sex made her happier. “Yeah you was wildin’ put all the kung fu moves on a yung N.O. nigga.” We shared a laugh and after that she was gone. With last nights events still left on my mind I walked to my dresser grabbed the weed and went to work. I was interrupted by some hoe blowing up my phone but I was too lifted to care. “Damn I gotta leave these basic bitches alone and settle down.” I thought, “but I definitely let the right girl get away … I wonder if she thinks of me anymore or still even has any memory of me.” I let my thoughts drift me away back off to sleep.


“Seppie baby pleeeeease come get dressed for mommy!” I begged her. This was my third attempt but that little girl was too fast and too stubborn to be four years old. Just like her father. She ran and giggled around my room with only her undies on and her hair still braided into her overnight bantu knots. “Baby mommy has to do your hair, get you dress AND  drop you off at Uncle Trey’ s.” I whined at her. After she heard Trey’s name she flew towards me trying to dress herself. “Why do you like Trey so much Seppie?” I questioned. “Cuz he kid just like me. He make me laugh and he always have  candy.” She said messing with her knots. Once she realized she told me about the candy she covered her lips with her tiny fat fingers, “But mommy you not pose to know about candy don’t tell Unkie I told you.” She looked so innocent so much like her father when he  use to want me to give in to one of his crazy ideas back in the day. Uhh. I snapped out of my memories and looked at Seppie all dressed. “How do I look mommy?” She asked with her hands on her hips. “Like a beautiful day in the fall.” She loved when I said that. I turned the tv on so she could be distracted while I threw on my makeup and my scrubs for work. I admired her out of the corner of the mirror. God knows I hate him and wanted nothing to do with him ever but our baby is a memory of him that’ll never be erased. I wonder does he think of me after all these years…