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15 | You’ll Never Walk Alone | Opening Scene 

“Where are we?” You asked Jungkook with pinched brows as you stepped out the car onto the gravel, the surrounding suburb unrecognisable.

“The outskirts of Bangbae-dong, this is where I grew up.” He gestured to an old, poor looking apartment complex fitted with dark window frames and graffiti, his sharp features weighed down with something that resembled regret. “We’ll be safe here for tonight, I’ll think of a plan when we get inside… Come on.”

Without thinking about it Jungkook jogged round to your side and picked you up in his arms after locking the car, carrying you bridal style into the small building. With your head patiently resting on his shoulder you thought about the others, about Jimin and Sung, Taehyung, Yugyeom and Bambam, you thought about Jaebum. Who would be so insane to shoot someone in the middle of the day? And how did they get onto the property in the first place. Nothing made sense.

“I haven’t been here in a while, so I don’t know how homely it’ll be.” Jungkook cleared his throat, effortlessly taking two concrete steps at a time despite having you in his grip.

“You know I can walk right? It just takes me a little longer, you don’t have to carry me everywhere like a caveman.” You chuckled, shaking your head in disbelief. He wasn’t short of breath, he wasn’t excessively perspiring, he wasn’t struggling with your weight one bit, he made everything seem so easy.

He hummed in response, a vague hint of a smile tugging up his lips.

Before long you were sitting inside a small apartment, furnished with out-dated fabrics and an old printed carpet. Even though Jungkook had warned you he hadn’t been here in a while, you weren’t expecting it to be so noticeable. After sitting you down on a small armchair he made his way to the kitchen and tested the taps, to both your surprise the small apartment still had running water; but judging by the lack of heat and electrical appliances, running water was just about the only thing that worked inside these walls.

“Can I use your phone?” You asked, heart beating erratically in your chest. “To call Jimin…”

“Sure.” Jungkook tossed his black iPhone over to you without hesitation.

“What’s the passcode?” You looked up at him with wide eyes as your body trembled, the building unbelievably cold.

“0127.” He stated nonchalantly before leaving the main living and kitchen area, opening the door to presumably the bedroom or bathroom.

In that very moment an overwhelming sadness weighed you down, your gut practically falling through the ground as you sensed that something wasn’t right. Tears welled up in the corners of your eyes as you frantically dialled Jimin’s phone, once, twice, three, four, five times…

No answer.


anonymous asked:

In your opinion what are the most annoying ways to start a script? (Ex. Alarm clock ringing)

The most annoying way to start a script is… The Average Morning. Whether it’s the mom getting those scampy kids off to school and Dad off to the office or the schlubby person waking up in their messy room and slobbing their way to work to get inevitably fired or the Single White Successful but Neurotic Girl Exec jumping onto her Peloton bike, then rattling off a complicated no-fat soy breakfast beverage order. Even writing about these openings is boring.

The Average Morning is the worst because nothing happens, it’s just bland and promises a very bland script with a super soft second act because a writer who would open with these tropes is almost certainly not sure what their story is about.

Somewhere down the line, it may be decided that The Average Morning is a good opening for the film, but it is never a good choice to open a script because The Average Morning is a red flag of doom to readers.

BONUS HORROR/ACTION WORST OPENING: Someone you don’t know is torture-murdered in detail by someone else you don’t know. Indicates the writer is a sex pest and the script will be about sex-pestishness on every level.

Best opening? Conveys a great deal of interesting information with visuals, introducing a situation and/or character as something out of the ordinary. Bottom line - if you’ve seen it before, especially if you’ve seen it many times before, don’t use it as an opening. 


Comparison of opening scene between ep 1 and 11 (๑♡⌓♡๑)


Opening scene (scored by Joe Trohman)

Credits: @misamisa_10969