song: ladykiller

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Did you know that Kouha is better at dealing with woman than Sinbad and Alladin??? I'd like to see a scenario of that haha.

Yep, I’ve heard. *cough* Wikipedia *cough* sigh is he cheating on me again–//slapped

Alibaba stood dazed, staring at the scene unfolding in front of him, his expression as if all hope had been lost.

In front of him, an eighteen year old was being surrounded by a swarm of beautiful girls, all fawning over him. And there he sat, on a comfortable couch, sitting with…the ‘top hostess’.


“Kyaaaa Kouha-sama!!~~”

“Kouha-sama, notice me!!~~~”

“No, no me!!”

“Ahahaha, no need to rush ladies, there’s enough of me to go around~~~”


How could an androgynous eighteen year-old with more femininity than an average female be so much more popular than him, and probably more than even Aladdin or Sinbad.

“Hello, a pleasure to meet you.”

A voice snapped him out of his thoughts, the source coming from the figure beside him.

“My name is Isabella.”

Sweat dripping down his chin, he nervously smiled at her, inching away slightly and adding distance between the two of them.

“Say…..haven’t we met somewhere before?”


This damn song. Hits them feels