song: im sorry

boyfriend/frat boy!tom decorating his dorm with loads of christmas lights and stockings with both of your names and he even scored a mini tree in the corner and he’s dramatic enough to wrap a blindfold around your eyes and guide you to his room so you could see what he did and once he took off his blindfold he’d come slip his arms around your waist from behind and press a kiss to your neck while murmuring “merry christmas, baby”

tune-it-or-die  asked:

Hi! I've been thinking about creating my own comics, do you have any pointers or tips on what do do? Your Black Water comics are so awesome well put together, how!?!

I not good it giving tips and I don’t feel comfortable to tell to people what to do

but there is this video that I think that can help you! (it did for me)

and if it help I guess I can tell a little about how I come around to make my comic

I had the idea of character and the story about fish people for a long time (as lone as 2014) 

but it was very different in the beginning I mean the first version of the story was about a shark that was a waitress moving to a new apartment with a angry clown fish who would screamed a lot as his neighbor (and yes this neighbor was the first version of Alex I think Alex was started to be the main character in my 3 version of the story)

What I’m trying to say is that a good story doesn’t come out in the first try
You need to work on it as much as you can to make it as good as you can  ☆

I hope this helps you (somehow) and I hope you have a nice day! :)