song: 'santa monica'

a whisper that’s just loud enough to make out

Zenyatta has been over at his house for two hours, and Genji is still nervous about being so close to him. He’s had a crush on him for longer than he can remember, but knows he can never tell him how he feels. Maybe the old romantic movie they’re watching can help a few things come to the surface.

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I felt super guilty about not contributing anything to Genyatta week after I did three for mc..hanzo week, so my hands held me hostage until I wrote this. It’s another one of those December ideas I had that I never got to write until now, so I hope it’s at least readable and enjoyable (I can’t tell it’s literally three in the morning). Prompt was movie night, and I hope you enjoy it!

I wish we were forever lying on the Santa Monica beach.
Drinking tecate, 24 oz, underneath the stars.
Being a superior couple, loving who I am ‘cause what we are.
I wanna confess it in a whisper that’s just
loud enough to make out. I want you to listen
from the kitchen to me confessing on the couch.
I wanna be stronger than your dad was for your mom.
—  The Front Bottoms, “Santa Monica”