what about a les mis/wicked song swap?

elphaba singing “on my own” and eponine singing “i’m not that girl”

fiyero singing “drink with me” and grantaire singing “dancing through life”

oh, and a duet, fiyeraba with “a heart full of love” and cosettarius (or whatever you call them) with “as long as you’re mine”

oh oh! and enjoltaire singing “what is this feeling”

and enjolras singing “no good deed”

and “defying gravity”!

no. wait. forget that last one.

Song Swap (TM) Episode 4

Goldfrapp / Jesse McCartney

Just imagine……..

Out of all the musical genres, pop is my favorite. I will never be ashamed of it. Never, ever, ever, ever. The nineteen eighties taught us one very important thing about music - you gotta get you some synthesizers up in there, mayne.

Alison Goldfrapp - the namesake and one half of the duo Goldfrapp - has a sinfully breathy voice that floats deliciously over a dirty synth in “We Radiate” - a song about seeing somebody hot (I’m assuming a girl- because AG is currently in a ‘don’t-label-me-a-lesbian-but technically that’s what I am-’ phase) in a club and dancing with them and the two of you are so hot that the probably less attractive losers around you can feel your heat. (Subtle.) This song is an absolute delight for your ears and if you like humming it will do just fine for that too.

Jesse McCartney - I can’t explain why I love the kid. I just do. His songs make me happy and he’s actually a decent singer when he wants to be. Now that he’s older, he’s gone brunette and gotten as edgy as you can get for a white guy who’s really not that edgy. “Shake” is probably the dirtiest song of his that I know of and at first, you want to run away, but then you hear a touch of dirty in his voice and then you think “hold up, white boy, I got to hear this!” (I assume everyone will say it JUST LIKE THAT). It’s a rockin’ beat and I dare you not to get the catchy chorus stuck in your head or do your best attempt at his cute little adlibs throughout.

External image

sings Shake


External image

sings We Radiate.

You'll be clapt  (into jail)
  • Javert:You say, the price of my law’s not a price that you’re willing to pay.
  • You cry, on your bread which you hurl with dread when you see me go by
  • Why so sad? Remember we made an arrangement when you went away; now you’re making me mad!
  • Remember, despite your estrangement, I’m your JAVERT.
Song Swap (TM) Episode 2

Hold onto your hats, kids. In Episode 2, we’re already switching it up in a major way.

It’s no secret I’m a Fanilow (Fan of [Barry] Manilow). Barry’s music can easily go from light and playful to sorrow filled and retrospective. You know whom else has that quality? Weezer do! As if front man Rivers Cuomo’s boyish looks and Buddy Holly glasses aren’t enough incentive for instant appeal - just imagine the kitschy-catchy alt rock turn the Weezer collective could boldy take with a sweetly broken-hearted Manilow tune?

I know at first thought, it seems a bit of a stretch - but for me, I can easily hear

External image

Rivers’ crystalline and impish vocal interpretation of This.

Then you’ve got the husky and chutzpah voiced

External image

sprinkling his big band magic dust over This!

People will be talking about this one for weeks…….

papercrane  asked:

Wow, can I just say I love your outfit swaps? Your art style is great, and the poses and quotes you chose for each one are always so cute!

Thank you for taking the time to tell me in person! I’m so glad you like them, and enjoy the quotes - I have a lot of fun picking them out (I wasn’t sure if people noticed that they were each characters’ quotes or nah). 

answers about running

laowaiadventures reblogged your photoset and added:

wahhh I wanna run a 5k! How did you train for it?

Very casually :D I looked at a bunch of couch-to-5K websites and then went “fuck all this noise, this looks terrifying” and just did my own thing. 

I started out walking on a treadmill in…September, I think? Then alternating walking and running using music – I’d walk for a song, then run for as much of a song as I could, then walk, etc – until I could run for a whole song. Then I’d swap that song out for a longer song, or I’d shorten the “walking” song between two running songs. The first few times I went a full 5K, I did it on a treadmill, so that if something went wrong (or I felt too tired to finish) I wasn’t stranded out on the street somewhere. 

I started street running when it got warm enough, and I’ve just slowly increased the distance I run daily based on how I’m feeling. At this point it’s rare I run less than two miles, and usually I run between 2 ½ and 3 miles, about four to five times a week. I’m hoping eventually to be doing a minimum three miles, then start inching it up to five over time. 

And you know, when I say “run”, I still mean “alternate running and walking”. At this point it’s mostly four minutes running, two minutes (or less) walking. I really don’t have the stamina to do more than 6 minutes of running in a shot without a break. And I might never; I don’t know where my wall will be. I’m hoping that continued 5K training for the rest of the year will allow me to work towards doing some 10Ks next year, but I’m not sure I’ll get there – and even if I do I’m not sure my attention span will allow me to enjoy doing a 10K mentally. I’d like to at least reach the half-marathon level, but I don’t think I’ll ever be a marathoner.  

But, uh, the Patented Sam Training Routine is basically “constant gentle pushing accompanied by low expectations” :D 

I saw a great shirt on the run today, it was on this older dude and it read “Start Slowly, Then Taper Off” :D I liked his style.

digitaldiscipline replied to your photoset “I’ve now run an entire 5K with a stitch in my side. Oh god that was…”

would you say your performance would have… shocked the monkey?

I didn’t exactly go ape. On the other hand, it’s no small bananas…

cypheroftyr replied to your photoset “I’ve now run an entire 5K with a stitch in my side. Oh god that was…”

Wait you’re in my city?

Well, I mean, assuming you’re talking about Chicago, I live in your city. :D 

levynite replied to your photoset “I’ve now run an entire 5K with a stitch in my side. Oh god that was…”

aaawww lookit dat chinese calligraphy for monkey incorporated into the shape of a monkey!

I KNOW RIGHT. I was so excited to get a finisher’s medal and it’s SO MUCH COOLER than most of the finisher’s medals I’ve seen. 

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Since almost every teacher is voiced by Baker Terry, you essentially get almost all the teachers to swap songs or voices. I'm not sure why I'm telling you this but I thought it was weird thought.

if you thought that was weird my first thought was: it’s like how some people who look/sound the same date each other

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where can i find the jaderoseweek schedule???

on the prompts page here - day one was sunday if it helps!

Day 1: Crossovers

Day 2: Witches / Fairytale AU

Day 3: Space and Light / Prospit and Derse

Day 4: Grimdark / Monsters or magical creatures

Day 5: Gardening / Fanwork inspired by a song

Day 6: Species swap / Post Scratch

Day 7: AU Day (kidswaps, collegestuck, more crossovers, whatever floats your boat! pretty much a free for all)


So the boys have covered SHINee’s Dream Girl, Seventeen’s Adore U, 2PM’s 10 Out Of 10, BTS’ I Need U, TVXQ’s Mirotic and Got7’s Just Right. Looking at the comment section of all of these songs, there are so many hate comments, saying how the original group did better than the boys. But what they’re missing out is all of the groups did not have a say in their song choice and in fact only had FIVE days to prepare because they swapped songs after the first 5 days of practice (thanks MNet). On top of that, the boys in this programme are not trainees and most of them have never underwent any proper training. Considering that, I personally think they did very well.
Unit Yellow got criticised a lot but I thought they did such a good job. They shouldn’t have gotten criticised because they changed SHINee’s original choreography - I personally liked the fact that they had the guts and creativity to change the moves to the chorus and it actually worked. Unit Green got criticised a lot too (and yes I agree the boys sounded very weird) because they weren’t as bright and playful as Seventeen. As a Carat, yes they didn’t do as well as Seventeen, but for Unit Green (who admitted that they were boring and had never attempted cheerful concepts before) it was a great performance that was way out of their comfort zone. Unit Red, Blue, White and Sky of course got criticised as well but I support Unit Yellow and I felt like I wanted to speak up as a Carat.
Please do not compare Boys24 to Produce 101, they are two VERY different programmes and should not be compared. I have watched Produce 101 and it is very very much different from Boys24. Even though I can’t say that I prefer the girls or the boys better, I can definitely say that I thought the Boys24 elimination method is dumb and should really change because wtf why does Inho and Insoo get eliminated??
Side note: I would have liked to see Unit Yellow cover Seventeen because they have a really Seventeen-like aura but ofc MNet had to put a twist in.