Song Series requested by anonymous:

I don’t wanna be your friend,
I wanna kiss your neck

(FallingForYou by The 1975)

Michael sat close to you on his old childhood bed, a beer pressed to his lips and wild thoughts running through his mind.  He had hoped he would be able to ignore these thoughts and feelings for the rest of his life, but as you sat there next to him with your crooked smile and eyes that made him think you knew something he didn’t, he knew he wouldn’t be able to keep it in for much longer.  You were so close to him, your unoccupied lips so close to his that he could touch them if he dared.  All he had to do was skim his fingers under your jaw, making you look at him with a weary smile that he would match as he looked down at you with hope-filled eyes.  Simply closing the small distance between your soft lips and his and he would finally accomplish the only thing he had dreamed about for years: knowing what it felt like to be loved by you.  He was sure you would protest at first, saying the two of you shouldn’t go there, that risking your friendship wasn’t worth it, but he would shake his head and reply, “I don’t want to be your friend anymore.”  With his words, a fire would ignite in your belly and you would close the distance between you and him, kissing him as if you had been craving him just as long as he had been craving you.  All he had to do was make the first move.  Instead, he just raised the beer bottle to his lips once more and watched you from the corner of his eye.

➖Snuck out: yes
➖Broken a bone: yes
➖Cried myself to sleep: yes
➖Self harmed: yes
➖Felt lonely: yes
➖Been depressed: yes
➖Birthday: December 25th
➖Biggest fear: i have a few
➖Relationship status: taken 
➖Dream job: veterinarian i suppose
➖Dream car: Subaru WRX 
➖Dream house: family home with huge basement / kitchen and yard 
➖Like someone: *love
➖Love someone: yes
➖Have a girlfriend: no
➖Have a boyfriend: yes
➖Have tattoos: no
➖Have piercings: yes
➖Party: no
➖Artist: too hard to choose 
➖Movie: cheaper by the dozen 2
➖TV series: vampire diaries
➖Book: vladimir todd series
➖Color: blue
➖Animal: kitten

➖Twitter or Facebook: twitter
➖Twitter or Instagram: twitter
➖Facebook or Instagram: instagram
➖Coke or Pepsi: pepsi
➖Tea or coffee: iced coffee 
➖Tacos or pizza: pizza
➖Winter or summer: both
➖Get married: yes
➖Have kids: yes
➖Swim with sharks: no
➖Share a banana: yes
➖Eat rotten food: no
➖Marry a foreigner: no

BIGBANG Releases Second New Song on June 1… “WE LIKE 2 PARTY”

[OSEN=최나영 기자] Group BIGBANG has unveiled the title of their second new song to be released next month following “BANG BANG BANG”. The title is “WE LIKE 2 PARTY”.

On the 28 at 9am, YG Entertainment posted an image of “WE LIKE 2 PARTY” on its official blog (, to heighten fans’ expectations. “WE LIKE 2 PARTY” is the second new song for the “A” series of BIGBANG’s comeback project “MADE”, which will be released on the 1 of next month.

The image of “WE LIKE 2 PARTY” to follow “BANG BANG BANG” looks cool. It shows BIGBANG members in casual look, walking in a row on the beach, which gives the feel of summer.

BIGBANG recently shot the music video for the new song in Jeju Island. It is known that the song is a cool and exciting summer song, just as the image shows.

Before the release of the summer image, “BANG BANG BANG” was announced to be a song to follow the footsteps of “FANTASTIC BABY” and “LIE”. Adding to that, “WE LIKE 2 PARTY” is expected to be a all the more exciting and dynamic summer song. Music fans are speculating that “BANG BANG BANG” to follow “LOSER” and “BAE BAE” and “WE LIKE 2 PARTY” will sweep music charts once again next month.

Meanwhile, reservation for album “A” will be received from May 27 to 31, and the album will be released on June 1 at YG E-SHOP and on/off-line record shops nationwide.

2015. 5. 28.


you’re not the type of boy who would
drop everything and come save me.
i never meant enough to you;
i was never a priority.
maybe that’s what hurt the most:
you were a priority for me;
i would have dropped everything for you.
i would have done anything i could
if it meant that i could help you.
and that’s what made me realize
you weren’t enough for me.
i’m sorry that it came to this,
but most of all,
i’m sorry you didn’t try.
—  crash my party (kml)
One Direction Preference: Song Series

Link to Masterlist

#1: Steal My Girl | #2: Ready to Run | #3: Where Do Broken Hearts Go? | #4: 18 |#5: Girl Almighty | #6: Fool’s Gold | #7: Night Changes

#8: No Control

Notes/warnings: some of these are kind of smutty, but not really


Stained coffee cup
Just that fingerprinted lipstick’s not enough
Sleep, where you lay
Still a trace of innocence on the pillow case

He was pleasantly surprised to see you in his red and green flannel that morning, standing in front of the counter, the sound of sipping coming from you and your morning coffee. “Good morning my sweet.” Liam wrapped his arms around your waist, laying his head on your shoulder. His eyes glanced down your shirt, seeing that you weren’t wearing anything underneath, much like you weren’t wearing anything last night with him either. “Morning.” You grinned, a light blush appearing on your cheeks as you took one more sip of your coffee before setting it down and twisting around in his grasp. “Have I ever told you how lovely you look in my clothes?” “Yes,” You giggled, snaking your hands up his bare arms, his chest, then up around his neck, “You tell me all the time.” “That’s only because it’s true.” He pressed his lips to yours quite aggressively. Hands moving down your bum and giving a light squeeze that made you squeal into his mouth. Liam was smiling, confidently, picking you up. Immediately you cloaked your legs around him, the aggressive kiss soon turning to one of passion and seduction. Liam took quick steps forward, placing you on the counter, his hands moving to your thighs squeezing at your flesh, then a clinking sound and the sound of a dripping sink filled your ears. Pulling away from the haste kiss, you peered to the side and saw that you were now sitting in a pile of spilt coffee. Part of Liam’s shirt now wet with the brown liquid. “Oh no, it’s going to leave a stain.” You cooed, lifted up your thigh to see the coffee quickly filling the counter. But Liam was persistent, “I really don’t care about the stain,” he said, sweeping you off your feet and carrying you away to your bedroom.


Waking up
Beside you I’m a loaded gun
I can’t contain this anymore
I’m all yours

Fingers. They lightly traced over your shoulder, sliding under the strap in your tank top. The feeling was like that of air. It made you shutter under the covers, the light sheet that covered both you and Zayn was barely doing the trick. Slowly, you could feel yourself becoming more and more awake, turning your body over to a welcoming heat that was Zayn. A low chuckle erupted from his throat as he continued his soothing motion along your other arm now—none the less it was giving you goose bumps. “What are you doing?” You grumbled, your eyes were still closed, sleep still fresh on your mind and tongue. You slid your hand out from under the pillow and began to rub your eyes. When you finally opened them, you saw Zayn grinning back at you. “Love, you were moaning in your sleep. What kind of crazy dreams are you having?” It was one of those dreams that when you have them they’re so vivid and imaginative, yet when you wake there’s no recollection in them what so ever. You shrugged, “Don’t know.” A yawn left your lips and Zayn’s playful grin soon turned into a dark smirk, “It was hot.” His hand that was rubbing your arm then moved down to your waist, along the hem of your sleepers. “How long have you been awake?” You asked. “Long enough.” He mumbled, rolling you on your back and hovering over you, his hair was draped lightly on your forehead, giving a light tickle. You were wide awake, a small laugh playing off your lips. There was no secret that Zayn was aroused, so you decided to play with him. “Do you want to know what I was moaning about?” You whispered, seductively and he nodded. To his surprise you flipped over so that he was now underneath you, “Well, how about I show you instead?”


Taste, on my tongue
I don’t want to wash away the night before
The heat, where you laid
I could stay right here and burn in this all day

Luckily, you had woken up before him so there would be no trace of you even being there. But when he turned over, ready to feel your body under his arm that he so desperately wanted to drape around you, there was nothing. It was just before dawn, the sun just beginning to rise and just like you had hoped, Louis was wondering where you had gone. As he lay there in the musk light, hand in the place where you were only a mere hour before. With the night still fresh on his mind, Louis slowly ran through the memory of it. He wanted to relive it, that’s why he was so disappointed that you had left. If he closed his eyes, then he would picture your body lying next to his, and he would be able to still have you in his thoughts although he would much rather prefer you in the flesh. Louis moved his hand along the warmth on his sheet, it was fading so fast he wanted to remember the most of it. This small motion caused his mind to rage with erotica, a euphoria he had only just got over. He rolled over, the sweet scent of your perfume still on the pillow. He could remember everything about you, your hair, your freckles, and the small birthmark right next to you ear. And so badly did he want his hands all over you once again, he found himself craving for the feeling of you underneath of him, one that he would never want to replace with anyone else.


And I don’t care it’s obvious
I just can’t get enough of you
The battle’s now my eyes are closed

“Niall do you need a bucket for all that drool?” His friend startled him out of his daydream. Niall ad been starting at you across the room since the minute you entered. You had completely taken up residence in his mind, the only thing for the past hour that he was thinking of was you, how good you would look moaning his name. He even got to thinking about your orgasm face and how he wanted to be the one to give you the best orgasm you had ever had in your life. Through all of his rambled thoughts, he didn’t expect you to be the one to spark the conversation. “Hi.” You grinned and his mouth dropped, you were even more ethereal up close then you were far away, “I saw you staring at me.” You were so forward, he didn’t imagine anything like this. “Uh…” He was in awe, his friend chuckled behind him and trying to hide it by drinking his beer. “How about a shot, hm? You look like you could loosen up a bit.” You were smirking; Niall had found something new to fall in love with besides your looks. His friend nudged him in the back and Niall coughed. You were waiting patiently, taking your lip between your teeth. Niall felt a shiver of need run throughout his body. “Drink,” He cleared his throat, “I like drinks-uh I mean, I like alcohol-no I mean-“ You were laughing at him and the bartender was already bringing a round of shots over to you. Niall mentally cursed at himself for being such a goofball—he couldn’t help it though, anytime he would lock eyes with you, his mind would go half blank. The only thing important to him now, was you.


Lost my senses
I’m defenseless
Her perfume’s holding me ransom

His lips, barely brushing against you ear, “Mmm, what’s that you’re wearing?” He knew it was the Versace perfume he had bought for you because the scent was so rich. It was one of those smells that you instantly fall in love with and know you want to smell it forever. And he had done his absolute best, as you sat across the table from your parents at dinner, to behave himself. The second he could smell your perfume—plus the way your curves filled out the dress with an eloquent silhouette—he knew he wanted to tear them right off. You rolled your shoulder, a motion that told him to knock it off before you both get so aroused it wouldn’t be healthy at the dinner. Harry was persistent, like always, keeping his lips to your ear for a brief moment, trailing them to your temple and placing a kiss right before your ear. He kept a hand low on your waist, the other began tracing circles on your bare thigh, the skin right before the dress’ hem began. Harry was practically hovering over you the entire night, he couldn’t stop himself though, and your aura was radiating with seducing beauty and although he couldn’t have you right then and there, he allowed his mind to run off into a day dream where you were alone, his, and only his.