I’d give anything to hear
You say it one more time,
That the universe was made
Just to be seen by my eyes.

“summer (where do we begin)” is an amazing song because it has a trigger word of mine that is sung several times but in the song it doesn’t bother me even though it bothers me every single other place i see it, and it’s even one of my fave songs of the series, and that my friends is the power of phineas and ferb

you’re not the type of boy who would
drop everything and come save me.
i never meant enough to you;
i was never a priority.
maybe that’s what hurt the most:
you were a priority for me;
i would have dropped everything for you.
i would have done anything i could
if it meant that i could help you.
and that’s what made me realize
you weren’t enough for me.
i’m sorry that it came to this,
but most of all,
i’m sorry you didn’t try.
—  crash my party (kml)
the first ray of sun peeks it’s way over the horizon, and it shines into my tiny apartment bedroom like some kind of warning. dawn’s breaking and WHAT ARE YOU DOING.
i didn’t think i’d ever see her again. but there she is. she’s walking from the bus stop and into the coffee shop i just finished ordering at. now she’s waiting in line and i’m waiting for my coffee, but ten of them could have been made and i wouldn’t know because all i’m doing is staring at her, shocked.
she is just as beautiful as ever, but her dark brown hair is not the long and wavy mess i remember. it’s cut short (just below her shoulders), and i think she must have tried straightening it, because it’s not as wavy as it used to be. her face is like nostalgia. it’s like freezing all your favourite memories and all you’re familiar with, storing it away for years, and then all of a sudden your looking at them again. at her again. like there’s a thick coat of dust on your happiness.
now she’s ordering coffee and i’m too far to hear but i know what she’s ordering because i know what she takes in her coffee better than i know what i take in my own.
my coffee is ready and i thank the barista and when i look up she’s staring at me.
she sees me and her face lights up like it used to and it’s like the armour i carefully installed around my heart just breaks.
we hello and hi and how are you and then we are sitting down at a table together, talking over coffee.
me; works great. never been better. yeah i still play guitar sometimes (that’s a lie. doesn’t she know she took my harmony and rhythm when she left?)
her; school is just fantastic. she’s loving her new city. yes of course she still draws (not true. doesn’t she know i can still tell when she’s lying?)
oh and yeah our families are doing great.
unexpectedly the words blurt from her mouth:
i miss you.
i miss you, i miss you i missyou miss but isn’t that all i’ve ever been able to think since the moment she told me she had to leave?
apparently i have no filter because i blurt out
then why’d you leave (me)?
“i had to find myself,” she says.
“right. you can find yourself when your with someone else, but i just make it so hard don’t i.”
(do i keep you from who you truly are?)
“i miss you. i’m here now.”
“but this isn’t your home anymore”
“well maybe i want to come home”
i think you’re just afraid of being alone.
but i don’t say that because she’s looking at me and something in her oddly familiar eyes make me believe her for a moment.
a moment long enough for me to invite her back to my apartment. she sits on my couch and when i sit down next to her with two glasses and a bottle of wine, i notice the ring on her finger.
at first i think she’s playing me, and now here’s the punchline: she’s engaged again, and not to me.
but no, it glints in the candlelight and it’s the same ring i gave her years ago. the same ring she wore for 6 months before things went to shit.
and the rest of the night is a blur of lust and lost and found and tears and anger and hope and here i am lying in bed next to her in the early hours of the morning. she’s asleep and curled around me like always. we fit like she’s the last piece of a puzzle finally put in the right spot.
maybe she’s just lonely. maybe she finds comfort in the familiar. maybe it’s not love, maybe it was never meant to be.
but how could i just deny the opportunity to try?
how could i lay next to the most beautiful girl in the universe and just give up on the hope that we could make it work?
maybe the fire that once burned between us never really went out. maybe there was a tiny bit of flame, just waiting for something to set it aflame again.
maybe we are wildfire.

”When there’s trouble, you know who to call.”

Okay but listen- I needed a Teen Titans AU featuring these guys………