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Its my first time making a fan mix, and i added annotations to the reasons why I chose these songs!

Undeclared The Dodos //  Can’t Help Falling In Love Twenty One Pilots //  Best Friend Foster the People (ukulele cover)// So Happy Together (The Turtles cover) Brendan Trinkle //  Shooting The Moon Michaela Connors //  Perfection Oh Land cover // Try To Be Blue Hawaii //  Say You’ll Be There MØ & Ohm  //  Only Wanna Give It To You cover Katie Kim & friends  // Coeur de Pirate Wicked Games (The Weeknd Cover) //  You make me want to listen Cyberbully Mom Club

Let’s start by imagining a fine Persian carpet and a hunting knife. The carpet is twelve feet by eighteen, say. That gives us 216 square feet of continuous woven material. Is the knife razor-sharp? If not, we hone it. We set about cutting the carpet into thirty-six equal pieces, each one a rectangle, two feet by three. Never mind the hardwood floor. The severing fibers release small tweaky noises, like the muted yelps of outraged Persian weavers. Never mind the weavers. When we’re finished cutting, we measure the individual pieces, total them up – and find that, lo, there’s still nearly 216 square feet of recognizably carpetlike stuff. But what does it amount to? Have we got thirty-six nice Persian throw rugs? No. All we’re left with is three dozen ragged fragments, each one worthless and commencing to come apart…

An ecosystem is a tapestry of species and relationships. Chop away a section, isolate that section, and there arises the problem of unraveling.

meeting logan

so, if you know me, the dodos has made a large impact on my life. they’ve inspired me to write the music i write, and have upped my game on harmonizing. most importantly, when i listen to them, i think of the happiest place i’ve been to. which is driving around herriman state park. i miss nature quite often since i live in the city. i mean the parks around here are a joke compared to upstate. 

i’ve been to two of their concerts. first one was pretty phenomenal. i danced my butt off and definitely seemed like i was on drugs. but as those sober people say, “i was high on life”. and i really was. i had the time of my life. my heart was connected to the ground, feeling the vibrations, soaking in every word/string plucked, and feeling on top of the world. 

i met both of the members after the show, but i talked to logan for a while. up until there was about 7-10 people surrounding us, waiting to talk to him as well. we both had yellow shirts on, which was our first bond.  

i very much admire drums, since my dad is a professional drummer. it’s actually why i love the dodos so much. the drums and guitar are of equal importance. even at the concerts i’ve been to, the drums are put all the way to the front of the stage, right next to the guitarist/singer. it’s different and powerful. 

second concert, i decided to wear yellow again. i mean, i probably would have anyway cause i wear yellow all the time, but i was hoping that logan would remember me. his eyes bugged out when he caught me dancing like a maniac again. in between songs, he pointed me out by yelling “YELLOW SHIRT” and definitely made my day. we talked/reconnected and that inspired me. i wanted the dodos to really remember me. i wanted to show them that they are truly a one-of-a-kind band and make me extremely happy on so many levels. 

i wrote a song for them called “Looking For Dodos” which will be on Dear Ears new album, coming out in April. i put all of my heart and soul into the songs first draft, (and hopefully the final project, haha) literally the day after the second concert. i thought if i wrote the song, found a way to go to philly to see them one last time that year, hand them a physical copy, i would truly be remembered. however, i chickened out.

i’m not gonna go out of my way to call myself their number one fan, nor do i have the desire to. i never hardcore stalked them to learn every detail about each band member, i just absolutely love their music. meeting them and seeing how awesome they were, was definitely a plus.     

anyway, someone who had once worked with them, came into my store as i was listening to the them. i told him about my second concert experience and how i wrote a song for them. he told me he would e-mail and let them know that this song exists. about two months later, logan finds my e-mail and contacts me asking for the song. 

another two months later, after multiple e-mails and phone calls, he came to nyc to visit his best friend and me. we collaborated on music, danced, ate good food, made each other laugh and told each other stories about our past while taking long walks around the city. 

my life lately has been pretty sucky, but this is such a highlight and crazy turn of events, that i still feel fucking fantastic. and its not that i hung out with someone from my favorite band. it’s that i became friends with someone who inspires me, makes me happy and i can proudly say, that i do that favor in return.  

i love and enjoy many people, but it very rare when i find someone who not only i care for a lot, but i feel inspired to do everything i can to show who i am to the world. as a musician who does show her talent on the internet, i am very doubtful of my abilities, more times than i’d like. 

i’m simply amazed that someone from a band i listen to often, happens to connect with me on a more personal level. he made me realize how happy i am to not be afraid of who i am. i honestly can’t wait to reconnect and have this happen all over again. hopefully.