Demolition Lovers
  • Demolition Lovers
  • My Chemical Romance
  • I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love

Day 49 of 365 - My Chemical Romance, “Demolition Lovers”

with this trunk of ammunition too
i’d end my days with you in a hail of bullets

There’s a reckoning a-coming
And it burns beyond the grave
It’s lead inside my belly
Cause my soul has lost it’s way

Oh, lazarus, how did your debts get paid?
Oh, lazarus, why you’re so afraid?

When the fires, when the fires have surrounded you
With the hounds of hell coming after you

I’ve got blood, I’ve got Blood on my name

I’ve only just recently realized that I haven’t drawn Song of Achilles art in AGES!!! So here’s some cute, cuddling babies <3 And a skinny little Skops/Patroclus on the left! I swear these two kill me with how cute they are~

Edit: They’re tonal because I’m lazy and I’m going to sleep now. So yeah. xD


“ We’ll never lose
We are the best team
It’s not over yet
I have yet to lay it all on the line
Come what may
Confidence alone can’t help me soar
To the highest peak—I’ll reach it with my teammates
Fists, eyes, heartbeats, shouts
Passion, sweat, the same sky, the same dream