Neverland Pt.2 - Harry Hook x Reader

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A/N I’ve been pushing off doing Pt.2 to Neverland because of the lack of ideas that I have for Harry and the reader but my inbox is flooded with “Do a part 2 to Neverland” Or “Part 2 to Maybe We Can Be Friends” which is super amazing since I was never planning to make a part 2. But I’ll do for all of you (: However I’m using a different song for a different kind of setting. I don’t know if I’ll make a part 2 of ‘Maybe We Can Be Friends’ but drop a message if you think I should write it. Also if you haven’t read Neverland then I suggest you got check that out. Enjoy xoxo. 

Song (x)  - Love Me Again by Katelyn Tarver

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the night is dark around me like a shroud. i want to open my throat and sing, but my vocal chords are locked in place – it is not a time for melody. the times when i used to spin canticles for him are long gone, although in my mind they replay like they were yesterday.

a hand falls on my shoulder and i know it instantly – fire and ice can’t exist simultaneously in anyone’s touch but his. hey there, nightingale. i say nothing – if i open my mouth i will bring forth song, and song may make him love me again. i don’t need that; i don’t want that. (i want that.) his fingers wrap around my collarbones like they are his to take (and they are). what’s on your mind?

i want to tell him so much: i am thinking of the way your lips taste, i am thinking of the way i am like poison, i am thinking of every time you ever said “i love you” and wondering why it always sounded like a whimper. i am thinking of all we lost, all we could have had had we had enough courage to take it in our fists. lastly i am thinking of you. always of you. aloud i say nothing – my head was his business once, but no longer. he would get tangled in the thickets there and bleed to death on the thorns.

he knows my silence well – he and it have a long-standing acquaintance, more so than he and my music. he squeezes my shoulder, plants a kiss like a flower on my head, and walks away. he is gone, thank God. (i wish he would come back.)

- 10:13 canticle // abby // prompt for anon

Masterlist - Part 3 - Happy

Happy’s imagine based on the song “Angel Loves the Devil Outta Me”, by Jace Everett.

Sex Toys’ Box

Happy x Lyla x Reader

Happy’s girl - PART 1 ( Happy’s girl ) - PART 2 - ( Forever Happy’s girl )

Happy’s imagine based on the song “Thinking Out Loud”, by Ed Sheeran

Mrs. Lowman

Happy’s imagine based on the song “Love Me Again”, by John Newman

Taken - Prologue ( Girlfriends ) - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3  

Marry me, Killer

Mrs. Lowman’s tricks



Happy imagine based on the song “Heaven”, by Warrant


Happy imagine based on the song “Can’t help falling in love”, by Elvis Presley


Lowmans’ Saturday Night

Silence treatment


Your secret is safe with me

Happy imagine based on the song “Diet Mountain Dew”, by Lana Del Rey

Deal breaker

Happy imagine based on the song “Body Say”, by Demi Lovato

Taking a break

“I need a lawyer”

Make things right

Happy imagine based on the song “Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy”, by Big and Rich

I don’t wanna miss a thing

One more chance

Ride or Die

❄ Where Have You Gone? Listen here

A Petrigrof fan mix for when you feel a little crazy and alone

1. Lit I Am My Own Worst Enemy 2. Naked Eyes Always Something There to Remind Me 3. Ally Kerr The Sore Feet Song 4. John Newman Love Me Again 5. Carole King So Far Away 6. Nico These Days 7. Fun. Be Calm 8. Lovelife Your New Beloved 9. Ron Pope A Drop In The Ocean 10. Snow Patrol The Lightning Strike 11. Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson Winter Song 12. Mumford & Sons I Will Wait 13. Zach Sobiech Clouds 14. Daughter Medicine 15. Of Monsters and Men Little Talks 16. The Fray Love Don’t Die 17. Coldplay Fix You

I Dedicate This Song To You - M.C.

Summary: Michael and his girlfriend Y/N break up before a 5 Seconds of Summer basement gig. Their show happens to be right next door from Y/N’s house.

Pairing: Michael x Female Reader

A/N: The title is misleading because Heartbreak Girl isn’t mentioned in the story oops. ALSO THIS IS FETUS!5SOS PLAYING CURRENT 5SOS MUSIC. Inspired by this audio.

- - - 

“Save it, Y/N!” Michael spat as he grabbed his keys off of her bedroom desk, tears forming in his eyes. “Don’t try to act like any of this was real! Don’t try to tell me that it’s gonna be okay after you tell me you never loved me! You know what, just don’t even talk to me. Stay away from me, Y/N.”

Y/N sat on her bed, lower lip trembling as she watched Michael storm out. She wanted to follow after him, telling him that she was wrong and that he should get back into bed, but it was no use. She heard the front door slam, causing her to break into tears. It wasn’t until she heard the sound of his car speeding off down the street until she realized she made a grave mistake: she did love Michael. In fact, she loved him a lot.

It’s been a week since the breakup and Y/N wasn’t taking it so well. She spent her nights cooped up under her blankets, crying her eyes out until she fell asleep. Michael diverted his emotion into his music, pouring his heart into every note he played on his guitar. He didn’t have time to mope around and grieve his loss- his band had a show coming up.

Around eight o’clock that night, cars started parking outside of Luke’s house- just a door down from Y/N’s house. The cellar door was wide open and surrounded by twinkling fairy lights to make the area look more inviting. From what Y/N could observe from her bedroom window, the show would be packed. She remembered helping Michael and the other boys post flyers around the city promoting the show.

Y/N felt a lump forming in her throat. Michael was so excited for the show and she pinky swore to him that she would be beside the stage to watch him. She hated breaking promises, especially to Michael, but she thought that he wouldn’t want her there anymore. After all, she was his ex-girlfriend now.

About half an hour later, she heard music pouring from the open cellar door. The band was playing the song she recognized as Kiss Me Kiss Me. Y/N found herself humming along to the muffled music, but quickly silenced herself. When the song ended, she heard a deafening applause. That’s when the switch inside her flipped.

Y/N got up from her bed and changed out of her pajamas, pulling on jeans and a shirt that Michael left at her house. She grabbed her bag and ran out of her room, storming down the stairs of her empty house and walking out the front door with impeccable speed. She followed a large mass of people through the cellar door, being enveloped into Luke’s dark and chilly basement.

Lights were strobing around the stage, sending flashes of white and blue into the massive room. They were just wrapping up Safety Pin when Michael caught glimpse of Y/N in the back of the room, his eyes going wide. His heart started swelling like a balloon, his lips starting to tremble. Y/N knew he saw her and it took her all the strength in her being to refrain from crying.

With a gentle reminder from Luke, Michael snapped out of his trance and started talking into the microphone. “This next song goes out to Y/N, she’s in the back of the room,” he introduced, raising his arm and motioning to Y/N. Her eyes grew wide. “She hasn’t heard this song before, but I wrote it for her. This last one is called Outer Space.”

Girls looked at Y/N with jealousy, but her eyes were glued to her ex-boyfriend on the stage. Her heart started breaking all over again, the tears flowing out freely.

“Guess I was running from something, I was running back to you.”

“If you could love me again, I could let go of everything.”

“Love me like you did, love me like you did. I’ll give you anything, I’ll give you anything.”

As the final chords stopped ringing, Michael’s gaze met back with Y/N’s. Her eyes were glassy and her hand was covering her mouth. Not even a second later, Y/N turned around and started running up the stairs to leave the basement. What she didn’t know was that Michael took off after her.

“Y/N!” He called as she reached her house, his pace quick as he followed her. “Y/N, wait!”

“What, Michael?” Y/N sobbed, turning around and leaning her back against the door. “What the hell was that? You tell me to stay away from you and to never talk to you again, but then you write me songs asking me to love you again?”

Michael stopped dead in his tracks and he looked down at the cement, stuttering his words. “I never stopped loving you, Y/N. I know you told me you didn’t think you really loved me, but I’m crazy for you, Y/N. I thought that maybe I could change your mind.”

There was a tension-filled silence between the two. Y/N sniffled occasionally, then stopped to wipe her eyes with the back of her hand.

“When you walked out,” she began, eyes staring at Michael’s shoes. “I realized that I was wrong. I love you, Michael. I don’t know what got into me that made me think otherwise, but I realized you’re the only one I love. I was so devastated because I thought you hated me.”

“Y/N, I could never,” Michael sighed, stepping forward and letting his hand rest on Y/N’s shoulders, the other gently cupping her tear-stained cheek. Her gaze met his, flickering from his brilliant green eyes to his pouty pink lips. As cliche as it sounds, time felt like it slowed to a crawl as Michael leaned in, kissing her softly and passionately. Everything felt okay again.

“Can we try again?” Michael asked, a hopeful glimmer in his eyes. Y/N’s lips twitched into a smile before she let out a breathless giggle. “Of course we can.”

“Love Me Again”, by John Newman - Happy’s imagine

Personal Idea: Happy’s imagine based on the song “Love Me Again”, by John Newman.

Hello friends,

I really like this song and I don’t why but I think about Happy when I hear it. I’m sorry that this is cruel, but this song inspires this for me…

Enjoy! Love you all!

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: can be triggering, violence, torture

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His blood was boiling, but all he could feel was cold, shivers and angry. All the Samcro family around him wasn’t helping and the silence was killing him. He was ready to revenge, but first he needed to know if you would be okay…

“Happy…”, he heard Gemma’s soft voice and looked up to her. She had a cup of coffee in her hands. He took it but didn’t drink it. He was lost in his own mind.

You were an angel, different from everybody else he ever met. First, he thought you were too innocent for hanging around Samcro, but then you proved to be strong and he couldn’t help himself. Happy had to have you, though he thought he was the last person on Earth to deserve you. He was a cold heart killer, closer to the evil’s dictionary definition and doing things that the devil himself could only imagine.

However, you didn’t care about all that. Day after day you came closer and got into his skin. He told you, a bunch of times, that you were a fool, but you just ignored. Happy felt for you, hard, and in the day you became his old lady, officially, he swore to God he would protect you with his own life.

Now, he had failed and he was desperate…Would you be able to forgive him? He didn’t think so, he had broken your heart in the worst way possible.

          Know I’ve done wrong

          Left your heart torn

          Is that what devils do?

          Took you so low

          Where only fools go

          I shook the angel in you

He noticed everybody getting up and then Tara was entering on the room. Happy got up and practically ran to her, his eyes begging for good news.

“She has a few ribs broken and bruises on her face”, she swallowed. “She will be okay, but…the baby…”

She didn’t need to finish the sentence, Happy clenched his jaw so hard that everyone near could hear it. He was almost sobbing like nobody ever saw him do. Gemma looked to everybody, keeping them away as she hugged Happy.

“Listen to me sweetie”, she whispered in his ear. “You need to be strong for her. Cry, all you have to, right here and right now. When you walk through that door and look in her eyes, you will be her rock. She need you”

“I dragged her into this Gem”, he mumbled.

“She is a big girl. She knew what she was signing for”, she said. Happy nodded and wiped the tears.

“You go first”, he said, looking at her and at his brothers. Gemma nodded and Tara took her to your bedroom. Happy was taking deep breaths trying to put his stoic face back on.

Gemma was back to the waiting area a few moments later, she looked at Happy and told him to go. Feeling like he was under water, he walked to your bedroom, slowly opening the door.

There were flowers on the nightstand and you looked so fragile under the sheets that he felt the tears back on his eyes. You turned your head, looking away from the window to face him.

“Hi”, you said, your voice weak. Happy took slow steps towards you.

“Hi baby”, he whispered, taking your head between his hands. You could see the twitch on his jaw and tell the conflicts going on inside his mind.

“Happy, I’m fine”, you said, in an attempt to comfort both of you.

“Shit”, he breathed. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I dragged you into this baby. I failed in protect you. You must hate me”

“Listen to me…”, you whispered. “I don’t hate you. I hate them. I hate those bastard that did this to me. You are not a bad man Happy, you just do what you need to do to survive. I admire you baby and I love you”

Happy looked up, not believing in your words. After what you had suffered in the last hours, things that came from your relationship with Samcro…You still loved him? He was amazed and grateful.

“Now I need just one thing for you”, you said, getting his full attention.

          It’s unforgivable

          I stole and burnt your soul

          Is that what demons do?

          They rule the worst of me

          Destroy everything

          They bring down angels like you

Everybody looked at Happy when he went back to his family. Tig noticed the killer look on his face and nodded, picking up his phone. He walked towards Gemma, “Stay with her mom, I’ll be back soon”

“Of course”, Gemma blinked surprised with the change on his mood and with all the guys getting up to follow Happy. She prayed for them to be fine and walked to your room.

Meanwhile, Happy and his brothers were riding their bikes around town, going back to the warehouse where they had found you, to being their hunt. Juice was at the clubhouse, tracking down phone and cars. Tig was talking to some people he knew on the bars around town. Night was almost ending when they found the group on the docks, hiding like rats.

Happy didn’t have mercy, he tortured them using all the tools and all he could think about. He let the adrenaline and the rage took over his body and mind, only stopping when Jax touched his shoulder saying it was enough. He watched the flames consuming the bodies and held the teeth of those men in his fists. He drove back home and took a shower before go back to the hospital.

         Now I’m rising from the ground

         Rising up to you

         Filled with all the strength I’ve found

        There’s nothing I can’t do

Gemma was sleeping on a chair when he arrived and he woke her up, lying in bed with you after she was gone. He thought you were sleeping, but you sighed on his arms and whispered in the dark, “Did you find them?”

“Yes”, he whispered, running his fingers through your hair. “I killed them”

“Good”, you said and closed your eyes again. “I love you Happy”

“I love you too girl”, he said, closing his eyes too and finally getting the rest he needed.

         I need to know now, know now

         Can you love me again?

Imagine Song ~ Louis Tomlinson

John Newman - Love Me Again

- Pode trazer mais uma. - Falei para o barman que já me olhava com pena. Eu não estava nem aí para o que pensassem de mim naquela noite, eu só queria esquecer toda a porcaria que eu fiz na minha vida e a bebida era a minha única saída.

- O senhor não acha que bebeu dem…

- Você não está sendo pago pra me fazer achar nada. Me dê mais uma garrafa, porra! - Gritei batendo no balcão e chamando a atenção de algumas pessoas no bar.

- T-tudo bem. - Com as mãos trêmulas ele foi até a estante e me trouxe mais uma garrafa de vodca.

- Obrigado. - Puxei de sua mão e decidi sair dos bancos do balcão e ir para uma mesa um pouco afastada. Tomei aquilo como se fosse água no deserto. Eu bebia muito, mas nunca tanto assim.

Tudo por culpa dela… Na verdade por minha culpa. Eu a trai, mandei ela sair da minha vida, da minha casa e o pior, tudo na frente da vadia que eu fiquei na nossa cama. Eu estava errado e ainda tratei (s/n) como um nada, como se ela não fosse o que é: a mulher que eu amo.

- Isso não é hora pra ter alucinações, Louis. - Cerrei os olhos na tentativa de ver melhor a mulher que entrava no bar. Era a cara e corpo da (s/a). - Ela não vai estar aqui, ela odeia sair à noite. - Baguncei meus cabelos baixando a cabeça.

- (s/n), me espere aqui na mesa que eu vou buscar algo pra bebermos. - Uma mulher disse perto de mim. Era ela, mas o que…

- Eu quero ir embora, Tina. - Sua voz era fraca e desaparecia em alguns momentos da sua frase curta. - Por favor.

- Não, você precisa esquecer aquele filho de uma pata choca. - Minha mãe não é uma pata, só pra frisar. - Já volto, fique aí.

- Está bem. - Continuei com o rosto virado pra mesa, mas podia imaginar que ela estaria revirando os olhos.

Levantei o rosto um pouco e ela olhava para o lado oposto, o que era bem melhor já que eu não queria que ela me visse ali e bêbado do jeito que eu estava. (s/n) baixou a cabeça e quando a levantou novamente olhou para um ponto perto de mim, mas não me reconheceu. Pude ver seus olhos cansados, a maquiagem que não escondia as olheiras e algumas lágrimas querendo cair.

Know I’ve done wrong

(Eu sei o que fiz de errado)

Left your heart torn

(Deixei seu coração despedaçado)

Is that what devils do?

(É isso o que diabos fazem?)

Took you so low

(Te deixei tão pra baixo)

Where all that fools go?

(Para onde todos aqueles tolos foram?)

I shook the angel in you

(Eu abalei o anjo em você)

Encarei-a mais um pouco e logo após ver um homem olhando-a como um predador eu decidi deixar o bar, não queria armar uma cena sem ser nada dela. E tudo culpa minha. Levantei-me do lugar, passando rapidamente por ela pra não ser notado, paguei a conta e fui embora dali na chuva mesmo.

- Você vai ficar aqui, seu bêbado. - Falei comigo mesmo sentando-me na calçada e me apoiando no muro de uma casa. - Na chuva pra aprender a ser homem de verdade. - Olhei para o céu e deixei que os pingos fizessem a festa no meu rosto, quem sabe assim eu não acordaria pra vida.

É nessas horas que você vê tudo o que se passou. Lembrei dos momentos em que estávamos juntos, de todos seus conselhos, da força que ela me deu quando eu precisava, das vezes que me salvou da minha mãe, das palavras que me disse, do amor que me deu nos anos que ficamos juntos… E eu estraguei tudo por causa de uma vadia de peitos siliconados.

- É esse o meu fim? - Gritei ainda olhando para o céu.

“Cara, se eu fosse você iria atrás de sua namorada agora mesmo. (s/n) te ama e você não pode desistir dela assim, pensa nisso.” - Li a mensagem de Niall e após guardar o celular no bolso da calça molhada, eu sai dali correndo de volta para o bar.

Now I’m rising from the ground

(Agora eu estou saindo do chão)

Rising up to you

(Subindo até você)

Filled with all the strength I found

(Preenchido com toda a força que eu encontrei)

There’s nothing I can’t do

(Não há nada que eu não possa fazer)

Entrei no bar e todos me olharam assustados, talvez pelas minhas roupas encharcadas, talvez. Fui até (s/n) que estava de olhos arregalados e boca aberta.

- Eu… Eu tenho que falar com você.

- Ah, tem? Mas ela não tem nada pra falar contigo. - A mulher irritante que a acompanhava respondeu por ela.

- (s/a), por favor, eu preciso que me ouça.

- (s/a), vamos embora. - Ela segurou no braço da minha mulher e se levantou, mas (s/n) não moveu um músculo. Era um bom sinal?

- Por favor! - Implorei sendo observado por todos.

- O… O que você quer?

- Quero te pedir desculpas, tudo o que eu fiz… Foi tão errado! Você pode me chamar de qualquer coisa, pode dizer que eu fiz de tudo, mas você sabe, sua amiga sabe, todos sabem que eu te amo. Eu errei, mas todo mundo erra, não é? Temos que aprender as coisas de algum jeito e nós seres humanos somos a pior raça que existe e escolhemos a forma mais dolorosa. Eu preciso que me perdoe, eu não vou ter paz na minha vida se não tiver você.

I need to know now

(Eu preciso saber agora)

Know now

(Saber agora)

Can you love me again?

(Você pode me amar novamente?)

I need to know now

(Eu preciso saber agora)

Know now

(Saber agora)

Can you love me again?

(Você pode me amar novamente?)

- Louis…  - Ela sussurrou me encarando atentamente. A sua amiga com pinta de travesti apenas me olhava assustada.

- Volta pra mim? Por favor! Eu nunca mais vou errar contigo, pelo menos pretendo. - Ela riu. - Já é um bom começo, não?

I told you once, I can’t do this again

(Eu te disse antes, não posso fazer isso de novo)

Do this again

(Fazer isso de novo)

Do this again

(Fazer isso de novo)

- Sim… Já é. - (s/n) levantou-se do seu lugar e me abraçou. - Não estou brincando, se você me fizer isso ou algo parecido novamente não há pedido de desculpas algum que vá me fazer voltar pra você.

- Não farei nada, prometo. - Puxei-a pela cintura para um beijo. - Essa sua amiga é um demônio.

- Ei, eu ouvi. - A irmã gêmea do capeta disse com as mãos na cintura.

- Foda-se. - Sussurrei e (s/n) me olhou feio. - Desculpe. - Dei de ombros e ergui as mãos em rendição fazendo (s/a) rir.


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Young british singers you should listen to if One Direction made you lose hope in British music.

1. Birdy

Age: 17

Album: Fire Within

Favorite Song: “Wings”

2. Tom Odell

Age: 23

Album: Long Way Down

Favorite Song: “Can’t Pretend”

3. John Newman

Age: 23

Album: Tribute

Favorite Song: “Love Me Again”

4. Ed Sheeran

Age: 23

Album: +

Favorite Song: “Give Me Love”

5. Jake Bugg

Age: 20

Album: Shangri La

Favorite Song: “Seen It All”

6. Sam Smith

Age: 21

Album: In The Lonely Hour

Favorite Song: “Stay With Me”

You’re Welcome.


“It’s unforgivable,

I stole and burnt your soul,

‘Cause that’s what demons do,

They rule the worst in me,

Destroy everything,

They bring down angels like you”

roughfoxs  asked:

seems kaisoo lose it or they're only rrely seen tgther ltely? so really strnge tste, somehw I feel aftr the photoshoot, kaisoo strted tenuous, I alwys wondering! did they really hvng a real relationship? please give me a mch help here! ilysm senpai!!

[warning: this would sound very very very delusional for some people and it’s long like always so prepare your eyes, if you hate me bc of this, well, i have warned you, also this is pure my opinion, we may have different ways of thinking, so feel free to disagree. i aint indoctrinating u anything. dont take this seriously plz. i know nothing.]

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anonymous asked:

I had this theory that kaisoo had their relationship last yearjuly_aug as what we call 'cool-off'. I mean if theyre indeed the gay couple, i think they had tried to make lie low their relatioship. The worse scenario is that they broke up last yr. But

2. Since they think that the reason for their break up was petty they got back together..i dont know. We know that last year jongin always recommends the song love me again. And when you look at the lyrics. It screamed kd. I was one of those fans who

3 got sad because of the lack of interactions between the two on the midyear last year. But then during those time..with the lack of interactions..kai always sing the song love me again from the lotte event to his radio guesting. During those times,

4 i was also one of those fans who deluded themselves that the song was meant for soo. And during that time. Kai had his photoshoot w/ taestal while soo was busy shooting his movie. They were both busy indvidually but when they both have activities

5 as a group i wished for interactions yet they were none. I was devastated that time but i just indulged myself on other things so i ignored their phase. But then when august came, it was unexpected that they got okay. Thank you for connecting the

Hey anon,

You have a pretty interesting theory there. I do think that something was going on with them last year too but I can’t really pinpoint when. Probably like what you interpreted around July-Aug. Kfans also mentioned the same thing to me. 

KS started filming pure love in June, JI’s phone found cracked on July (I don’t imply that this has a big connection to their relationship but it must be something really personal), JI singing love me again coincidentally a few days after his phone cracked and 2nd box couple talk filming around Aug-Sept (when everything seems ok again).

They indeed were busy with individual activities around June-Aug especially KS. I was quite devastated as well when they hardly interact during concert throughout June-Aug. However, I keep being objective because the one thing I really hold on close is ‘things don’t happen in vacuum’. Though I know I won’t get any explanation for that anytime soon but I know I will find the explanation one day, sooner or later. Then things seem to be alright on Aug, like what you said.

I assumed that you’re talking about my KS’s first love post. I’m glad to know that it helps you in any way. Don’t get indulge too much in negativity and emotions. These two things can be a poison and used against yourself. Always stay positive and think practically! Keep your mind open. It’s important, ok? :))