I was tagged by @loooreleii and @mommotommo and I finally feel in the right mood for this today, so here I am! Thank you so much for thinking about me <3

Rules: you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. put your mp3 player, iTunes, Spotify, etc…on shuffle and list the first ten songs, then tag ten people. no skipping songs. (you also have to put in your favorite lyric for each song.)

No Surprises - Radiohead (“No alarms and no surprises please (let me out of here)”)

When You’re Gone - Avril Lavigne (“I always needed time on my own, I never thought I’d need you there when I cried”)

Fields Of Gold - Eva Cassidy (“I never made promises lightly, and there have been some that I’ve broken, but I swear in the days still left, we’ll walk in fields of gold”)

A Love That Will Never Grow Old (All of it, I’m sorry, I can’t choose lyrics over others with this one, it’s too beautiful <3 )

We Are The World - Michael Jackson e Lionel Richie (“There comes a time when we heed a certain call, when the world must come together as one”)

You’re Still The One - Shania Twain (“I’m so glad we made it, look how far we’ve come, my baby”)

Hurry Home - Jason Michael Carroll (“It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, I still love you, it doesn’t matter where you’ve been, you can still come home, and honey if it’s you, we got a lot of making up to do, and I can’t hug you on the phone, so hurry home; he walked in just in time to hear her say "Dad I’m on my way")

All I Ask - Adele (“It matters how this ends, ‘cause what if I never love again?”)

Save the Last Dance For Me - The Drifters (“Laugh and sing, but while we’re apart, don’t give your heart, to anyone”)

Something Great - One Direction (“The script was written and I could not change a thing, I want to rip it all to shreds and start again”).

I’m SO sorry! Somehow every song that kept coming up was sadder and sadder and I swear I have a pretty happy iPod all in all! But I had to be honest and couldn’t skip any song, so here’s my very gloomy setlist :D  

I tag @lapelosa @zenlikejen @itwilltoteshappen @adifferentkindofson @idareyoutotakealook @dogsliampaynedoesntinstagram  @rogueforlove because I’m very very curious to hear what your iPod hides, mesdemoiselles :)

When will i stop stanning exo?

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You Don't See Me Yet

You’re here singing
As stars shine on
You’re here dancing
All by yourself
In our backyard
And you don’t see me
Your eyes closed hard
Your hips swaying
Softly to the ghosts,
An imaginary
Audience in your head
And you don’t see me
Your chin jutted out
Pressing out the words
Feeling each note
on your tongue
Your hips sway softly
And there’s a hint
of a smile
On your tongue tip
And you don’t see me
Loving you again
Swaying to the song
Of your lovely scene
Pressing my heart
This beautiful girl
Singing all alone
In our backyard


Aug. 24 POM fan videos

Baby + Oops

Do Somethin’

Breathe On Me

I Love Rock ‘n Roll

Slave 4 U

Toxic, Stronger + Crazy

ok but, Mindful Education is such an important episode. A nice reminder that it’s okay to think of the bad things that have happened and to remember to just breathe. A reminder that everything will be okay. Like, I really needed that this week and i’m so glad this episode exists because it is gorgeous and it has a wonderful message. (also Stevonnie’s singing is amazing too)


      SONG TITLE: Love me again
      RELEASE DATE: 25/08/16
      PLATFORM: Soundcloud
      ARTIST: Heo June
      LENGTH SONG: 3:25 minutes
      AUDIO: Click HERE

“Love Me” is another lovely dance music filled with grooves and rhythmical melodies. The song has a supporting rapper who goes by the name of C.ASP to support June’s mellow voice. As for the meaning of the song, it’s another love song, this time focusing on a lost love that’s left behind many memories and lingering feelings. Both parties realize the love they had was something they were fond of and something they miss dearly and so they both wish to give a try at is once again. The song, simply said, revolves around a couple that’s broken up and wishes to get back together.


[ + 450 - 120 ] Another one!! She’s on fire lately, get it girl! 
[ + 605 - 65 ] I LOVE this rapper, he really completes the song. 
[ + 1490 - 46 ] Right after her dating scandal??? Mystery guy, is that you?
[ + 5697 - 245 ] 👍👍👍👍 i love it
[ + 1703 - 123 ] Her voice is really improving, I look forward to more
[ + 238 - 530 ] Eh, another flop, nice try though.

Another Music Tag

(aka my fave lol I love these!) 

The rules are as followed: You can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Put your MP3-player, Spotify or iTunes on shuffle and listen to the first ten songs - no skipping(!) - Then tag who you want!

I was tagged by @profiler-in-training (ILY <3)

1) HandClap - Fitz and The Tantrums 
2) Fine By Me - Andy Grammer 
3) Danger Zone - Kenny Loggins 
4) Cake By The Ocean - DNCE
5) The Show Must Go On - Queen 
6) Space Oddity - David Bowie 
7) Angel In Blue Jean - Train
8) Crazy=Genius - Panic! At The Disco
9) Sugar - Maroon 5 
10) It’s Hard To Say ‘I Do’ When i Don’t - Fall Out Boy

@iraophelia @bemystucky @thatpetestumpguy and idk literally anyone else who wants to do it! 



and honestly I’ll just say one of my favorite songs is “now (it’s just the gas)”. Because for one, you have the dilemma of Seymour having tried to kill the dentist guy with a gun and failed, but he just sits there and watches the guy die. he’s like, “Couldn’t kill him when I tried, but the fates are on my side, I can off the guy by staying in the chair.” Which is questionable as fuck even if dentist guy Orin, is a total shit fuck and kinda deserved it.

But mostly I enjoy the gradual terror that goes into the voice of the dentist as he realizes he’s asphyxiating on the laughing gas. Like that intrigues me.

tagged by lovely @draxlerr oh god thank you so much!!!!!

birthday: august 5th

gender: female

pronouns: she/her

relationship status: single

zodiac sign: leo

siblings: none

pets: little 3 months old puppy named bucky *naming a dog after marvel character. why am i like this?*

wake-up time: around 9-10 am at the weekends and vacations, and school/university around 6-7 am.

love or lust: i can say both

lemonade or iced tea: lemonade

cats or dogs: dogs, and little kittens

day or night: both

text or call: texts, but if it’s something important I use calls

met a celebrity: nope!!

smile or eyes: both

light or dark hair: light hair

short or tall: tall

chapstick or lipstick: both

city or country: all my life i lived and still living in countryside, so country

last song you listened to: ella henderson - now you say you love me again

i tag: @antvibe @bravemellark @roxelana @edmplurfect @gayern-munchen @griezmam @nandosbutt and @lovegrizi

i was tagged by the lovely @stardustsam thanks bae <3

FAVOURITE FANDOM → supernatural (duh)
LANGUAGES YOU SPEAK → dutch, english, french, spanish, a little russian and a little slovenian (bc of bae @righteuos ) and i wanna learn bulgarian (cough @deanwsexual cough)
FAVORITE FILM OF 2015 → you seriously can’t make me choose betweens star wars: the force awakens, avengers: age of ultron and jurassic world ok
LAST ARTICLE YOU READ → one about a deadly accident somewhere in my country …
SHUFFLE YOUR MUSIC LIBRARY AND PUT YOUR FIRST THREE SONGS HERE → love me again by john newman; come as you are by nirvana; and 99 luftballons by nena
LAST THING YOU BOUGHT ONLINE → i didn’t really ‘buy’ it but my you are enough shirt uwu

ANY PHOBIAS OR FEARS? → uhh fear of abandonment and this really weird fear in which if i look up at high buildings my legs go jello and i feel like i’m falling ?? idk i’m weird

HOW WOULD YOUR FRIENDS DESCRIBE YOU? → the obnoxiously loud but funny gal
HOW WOULD YOUR ENEMIES DESCRIBE YOU → uhh, the weird freak that has a crush on a forty year old ?? idk 
WHO WOULD YOU TAKE A BULLET FOR? → deffo not my fam
IF YOU HAD MONEY TO SPARE WHAT WOULD YOU BUY FIRST? → a house away from this hellhole

RULES: tag ten people you’d like to know better

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@bellsandburns tagged me! Thanks man! I’ll do my other tags soon

Rule: Tag 9 people you want to get to know better.

Relationship status: Man, fuck if I know. I never know. 

Wake up time: 7 am to 8:30 in summer, 4 am during the school year.

Favourite color: Purple!

Cats or Dogs: Cats, hands down.

Coke or Pepsi: Coke (diet cherry coke is my beverage of choice)

Call or Text: Depends on the situation!

Chapstick or Lipstick: Chapstick, on a daily basis, but I love me some purple lipstick now and again

Last song you listened to: Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High- Arctic Monkeys

I tag @doktordyper @undetektable-extension-charm @atomhearthippie @brain-salad-surgery @anderson-hernderson

lanox  asked:

Top five books, top five songs, top five sports (not involving motorsports), and ahhh I guess top five fics?

Top 5  books :

Well, it’s pretty difficult because I really don’t read books, but I can say my favorite “Un sac de billes” written by Joseph Joffo, which is about the WW2 seeing from a children (him)

Top 5 songs : 

It changes almost every week haha :D

1. Love me Again - John Newman

2. Wait - M83

3. Heal Tomorrow - Izia Higelin & Naive New Beaters

4. Midnight City l M83

5. Aloha - Mome

Top 5 sports (not involving motorsports)

So, all the followings sports will be the one I watched during the Olympics haha :D

1. Fencing (I discovered this sport a few days ago during Olympics game, and I really hope France will win the final tonight haha!

2. Swimming 

3. Volleyball

4. Athletic sport

5. Track cycling

Top 5 fics : 

1. Noctural Me l by @f1rabbit

2. Take It Slow

3. A Different Kind of Date Night l by @f1rabbit

4. The Right One l by @hopeful-stranger 

5. Stranger than Fiction l by @f1rabbit

Fortunately @f1rabbit wrote a lot of fics, otherwise I would have to show my very kinky side!

Thank you very much!