Korean Movie Alert: A Werewolf Boy

I’ve got a heavy hangover from watching this movie, and even though I have a dance to go to, I don’t regret watching it despite the fact that it gave me impossibly puffy eyes.

This movie hurts, but it hurts so good. 

The story is of a family who lives in a rural country. They settle into their new home only to find that a strange creature has been disturbing their house. They soon discover that this strange creature is actually what they initially assume to be an abandoned child. They later dub him Chul-soo and raise him as their own.

As per the title, it’s evident that this story is about a werewolf boy. We follow their journey as Suni, the daughter with a lung problem, humanizes the boy and slowly grows attached to him. But all is not well with the strange - a demanding suitor stirs up trouble, causing the girl to face the cold hard reality of truth.

What I didn’t expect about this story is how heart wrenching it would be. I dived into it expecting a happy ending, and while the ending was pleasant, it will not at all have you feeling endlessly joyful at the outcome. This movie blatantly expounds the rules of fantasy if werewolves were to exist. It questions the importance of change, the process of acceptance, and the pursuit of renewal. Is it perfect? No. There are some things that were thrown into the middle of the plot that were never developed. I assume they were put into the story to further the plot.

Song Joongki, who plays the werewolf boy otherwise known as Chul-soo, does an excellent job of portraying a boy who can hardly communicate, much less speak. His performance in this movie is absolutely stunning and poignant, and every act he does is wonderfully supported by Park Boyoung, who is equally as talented. These two will wrench your heart, twist it, stomp on it, spit it out, and then beat it, only to put it back together again. Their chemistry is quiet in its simplicity and charming in its relationship. If you don’t like fantasy/sci-fi, I still suggest you watch this movie, even if it’s only to see them acting on screen together.

What this movie doesn’t balk at is giving us the startling truth of if werewolves were to truly exist. No action is without a consequence, and love is strong enough to overcome troubles - but there are times when sacrifices have to be made.

If you’re looking for a movie that will make you smile and cry, watch this. You will, I doubtlessly assume, drench your pillow in snot and tears like I did.

yesterday i watched A Werewolf Boy!! i was waiting for it since it was on theaters in korea!! finally Eng Subs are abailable!!!! this movie is so good!!! really guys!! you should watch it!!! even though it’s such a heartbreaking movie… i seriously want to watch it again!!! ^^ hope you guys enjoy it!!!!!!! <3

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