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lol stydia isnt fan service but u know what is? sheriff and melissa..

Okay, that may be true, but– consider this. 

Jeff said we’d never get prom (still hope he was lying), so instead we get Sheriff and Melissa’s wedding. Maybe that’s even the way they end the series. Maybe it’s the end of high school, or maybe the end of the last episode skips forward a few years when they’re all visiting from college. I love to imagine the girls dancing together in long dresses and Scott shoving cake in Stiles’ face and Lydia and Stiles slow dancing and Scott and Stiles leaving the party to have a talk with their jackets off and their hands tucked into their pockets, watching the lights from the tent in the distance. 

But my favorite part is thinking about the ceremony itself. 

It’s this small backyard wedding, but everybody is all dressed up and beautiful as they watch Melissa walk down the aisle towards Sheriff. Stiles and Scott are best man and maid of honor, respectively. Lydia and Kira and Malia are all sitting in the audience together in their finery, watching. There’s a close up on Stiles smiling at Lydia and Lydia smiling back at him, this unspoken pact that they’re going to do everything that they can to get here together because they want this too. They want to be happy together for as long as they can be. 

But those three aren’t the only pack members there. Everybody’s there. Isaac sits next to Chris Argent. Liam, Mason, and Hayden are all watching the proceedings with smiles on their faces. Derek and Braeden sit in the back of the venue, with Braeden’s hand on her stomach and Cora looking thoroughly uncomfortable in her finery. Danny is in the back with Ethan, holding hands and watching all of it. 

And Scott McCall is standing at the altar, looking out at all of it. His mom and Stiles’ dad have invited everyone who saved their sons lives countless times. They have invited all of the people who got them here, today, to a time when they would be able to sit in peace in a backyard at sunset and watch two people bind their lives to each other. Throughout the years, Scott has watched death, destruction, and calamity take over Beacon Hills, but he never, not once, gave up hope. 

This moment proves why. Because amidst all of that pain and heartache, sometimes, you get moments like this. You get to watch your mom marry a man who makes her smile so big. You get to look over at your best friend pulling silly faces at the girl who he’s been in love with since he was eight years old– the one who loves him too. And at the end of everything, every disaster, every death, every scream, there is this: there is life. There is something new. There is love. There is a beginning. 



[🐲] –

HE did not like this, he did not like this! So many people, new faces, all of them staring, all of them [L O O K I N G] and [J U D G I N G] when he walked in with shaky legs and a bruised up frame. All of them staring with questioning expressions and insults! He was not used to this! The grass beneath his legs, the sounds of muttering people!

IT was not snowing either, it was warm, but it still felt so [C O L D], why was the sky so dark, why was it so cold, why were there so many different [P E O P L E ??] Where were the [P O K E M O N ??]

EVERYONE refused to leave him alone as well, people questioning him in various different tones he did not understand–concern? Why would anyone show him any [C O N C E R N?] They were all trying to get so near, to close, to close–!!

A cry as his Charizard, bigger than most, terrifying than most, circled around and spread its wings, smoke emitting from its muzzle as if ready to fry whoever bothered to come near, no one was to touch is boy! Of course, he would not trust anyone, not with a boy whose cry was so empty that it broke hearts, a cry so [D E S P A R I N G] people walked away to get far from the sound–except for those who attempted to get close. Stop! You’re scaring him!

(I–I d-don’t l-like th-this.)  

He really did not like the park.

Jay Z - Song Cry
  • Jay Z - Song Cry

Jay Z | Song Cry 

Need I say more?

Shit I’m a man with pride, you don’t do shit like that, You don’t just pick up and leave and leave me sick like that, You don’t throw away what we had, just like thatI was just fuckin them girls, I was gon’ get right back, They say you can’t turn a bad girl good, But once a good girl’s goin bad, she’s gone forever..I’ll mourn forever Shit I gotta live with the fact I did you wrong forever