asoiaf and roman sayings for anglophones (1/?)

theon greyjoy + never a joy

mai ‘na gioia ▸ literally never a joy, can be more accurately translated in never a moment of happiness; can be used both ironically and less so. quite often used to describe a situation in which you can’t find anything to be happy about, or also to describe someone with a perpetual negative attitude in life, or to express endless frustration at your surroundings.

donottalktomeinthemorning asked:

Strong Belwas and Wylla Manderly, AU! You're welcome!

it is almost sad, he thinks, that she must keep her hair covered while she works in the kitchen.  but health codes are health codes, and belwas doesn’t want his restaurant inspected again.  bad enough that the inspectors from the department of health had found his bathrooms inadequately clean the last time.  he wonders what would have happened if they’d found a dyed green hair in their salad.

belwas has always liked a girl with meat on her bones, and wylla is one such girl.  she says it’s from tasting her own cooking too much, but belwas has seen her father and grandfather.  he doesn’t mind it.  in truth, he finds it comforting.  sometimes he gets stares from people because of his girth.  they think he should work out, lose some weight, not knowing that he can lift four hundred pounds.  belwas likes to fill his stomach, so he does.  he is not unhealthy.  but people look at him as though he is.

not wylla though.  she’ll berate him for keeping bad hours, and buying bad wine, and forgetting to hire a dishwasher.  belwas doesn’t mind.  wylla speaks her mind, and cooks well, and brings many people to his restaurant.  she makes his restaurant feel like it has life again, and for that, he’ll hear whatever she says with love.