Music Ask Game


  1. FavoriteThe What’s your favorite song? 
  2. Song for a rainy day?
  3. What song reminds you of your crush?
  4. Song for when you’re sad?
  5. Favorite solo artist?
  6. Favorite band?
  7. What song(s) remind you of your close friend(s)? 
  8. What song describes your emotions right now?
  9. Last song you listened to?
  10. Song for when you’re happy?
  11. A song you listen to when you want to relax?
  12. Last song you bought on iTunes?
  13. Press shuffle on your playlist. Who does the song that pops up remind you of?
  14. What song do you hate?
  15. Least favorite music artist/band?
  16. Favorite genre of music?
  17. A song that makes you cry everytime you listen to it? 
  18. The instrument you wish you could play?
  19. Favorite instrument to listen to?
  20. Favorite album of all time?
  21. A song that reminds you of your parents?
  22. What song do you love but rarely listen to?
  23. A song you listen to when you’re angry?
  24. Favorite 80s song?
  25. A song that makes you think about life?
  26. The song you’ll always turn up when it plays on the radio?
  27. Favorite movie soundtrack?
  28. A song that reminds you of your ex?
  29. Your theme song?
  30. Favorite song that has a number in the title?

Bigger Than Love - Oh Wonder

“Bigger Than Love is a song that we wrote about when two people are overwhelmingly in love with each other but for some reason, can’t be together at the same time.”

Fitzsimmons Appreciation Week // Day Three: Song Day

Just imagine Reys journey to loving Kylo.

“Oh Lord, oh Lord, what have I done,

I’ve fallen in love with a man on the run,

Oh Lord, oh Lord, I’m begging you please,

Don’t take that sinner from me.”

“What do I do,

I’ve fallen for someone

Who’s nothing like you,

Hes raised on the edge of the Devils backbone,

Oh I just wanna take him home.”

“There wasn’t a right or wrong he could choose,

He did what he had to do,

He did what he had to do.”

“Give me the burden, give me the blame,

I’ll shoulder the load and I’ll swallow the shame,”

“I don’t care if he’s guilty, I don’t care if he’s not,

He’s good and hes bad and hes all that I got.

Oh Lord oh Lord I’m begging you please

Don’t take that sinner from me.”

-devils backbone by the civil wars


Do you guys have a ‘cry along’ song? You know, that one song that when you need a good cry you always listen to? Mine is this one. 

Cause everybody needs a good cry here and then. 

Go ahead, let it out. 

the swift life, reputation secret sessions in london, better than red, speak now of pop, taylor swearing and drinking wine, song that’ll make everyone cry, scott swift’s favourite song, taylor reblogging posts about reputation, taylor apparently lurking fans for over a year (some not even getting many likes and still invited to the session), all in the span of one fucking day I-


“Until the day we melt into one

I’ll never let go of you

Even if the moon changes color and everything vanishes like smoke in the wind

Until the day the sadness ends

I’ll never let you go

Even if the flowers rot away and eternity is nowhere to be found”



  These are the shorted lyric from the song, this is the only song that makes me cry, in my sadness and rough life, the only song that relax my mind and makes me cry as to lift up my sorrow.. 
  And somehow I found out that is too fit to my idea of the Demon Hanzo and Helsing McCree that , for a scenario , Hanzo just afraid that McCree will despite him when he turned into his true form, but in the critical situation, he has to…
  Then, when the battle end, he found out that McCree also have a demonic outburst due to his hand. The huntsman stood up before the demon, make a passionate kiss, said that he doesn’t care if the world crumble around the demon, rotten away with his present, he always still with Hanzo, never let him go….
   Tag in @ssaravinter@hanzoshammada@artsysera@jacks-mom and all my other mutuals , I miss you guys and I want to reach out to you by this drawing, I have been hit by depression and is been one week so, I just hope that this drawing will make you guys happy, even it’s poorly excecute.

bts songs that make you feel something 

  • sea
  • run
  • rain
  • tomorrow
  • serendipity
  • spring day
  • blood sweat & tears
  • coffee
  • autumn leaves
  • house of cards
  • love is not over
  • butterfly
  • young forever
  • i need u
  • save me
  • hold me tight
  • born singer
  • you never walk alone
  • nevermind
  • in the mood for love
  • what am i to you 
  • does that make sense
  • 2!3!
  • begin (jk solo)
  • stigma (tae solo)
  • first love (yoongi solo)
  • awake (jin solo)
  • so far away (agust d)
  • 2u (jk cover)
  • paper hearts (jk cover)
  • fools (namkook cover)
  • 4 o’clock (vmon duet)
  • we don’t talk anymore (jikook cover)