song's storm

And for a moment, I forgot everything, even why I was there. Because she was beautiful. No, I thought, in stunned amazement, she was beautiful, achingly, heartbreakingly, unbelievably so. Raven-dark hair, flowing like a river almost to the floor, eyes like a sea storm, blue and gray and glinting in anger, a face so perfect it hurt, like a force of nature carved in flesh. Blue robes that flowed about her like waves when she moved and grabbed one of the witches.

And slit her throat. (Karen Chance, Ride the Storm)

Bjork, Black Lake // My heart is enormous lake / Black with potion

Cocteau Twins, Serpentskirt // Some forget where to go / They know fear again

Jenny Hval, Blood Flight // And up we went, blood and I, spread over the city

Kate Bush, Waking the Witch // We are of the going water and the gone / We are of water in the Holy Land of water

Siouxsie and the Banshees, Spellbound // We are entranced / Spellbound

Paul Giovanni, Willow’s Song // Am I not young and fair?

Portishead, All Mine // Make no mistake / You shan’t escape / Tethered and tied / There’s nowhere to hide from me

Ride the Storm Appreciation Week - Day 2 - Villain Appreciation 

Nimue + Aesthetic + Playlist

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Siren Allure Spell

Originally posted by enchantinworld

Sirens are dangerous creatures, who lure nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island. This spell is used to bring allure to your speaking and singing voice, to enchant those around you.  It is best used when a witch is wanting to kill it at an interview, dominate a speech, or perform like the greatest diva.  And it is so simple!


–tablespoon of honey
–bowl of sea salt
–glass of water


  1. Begin outside.  (If you are near a body of water, this would be even better.)  Toss a pinch of salt in each of the four directions, saying:
    Northern sirens of rivers carving stone and dark depths, aid me.
    Eastern sirens of cliff drops into jetties and sea spray, aid me.
    Southern sirens of pale sands and hot lava rock, aid me.
    Western sirens of endless horizon and ancient shipwrecks, aid me.
  2. Make a circle with the remaining sea salt, large enough for you to stand in, and step into it.  Shut your eyes.  Envision the tide rolling in over your toes, kissing your ankles, and drawing you out waist deep.  
  3. Open your eyes and distribute your honey onto a spoon.  Recite the following chant:
    For words sweetened as fresh honey,
    for song as powerful as hurricane gales,
    for confidence as strong as undertow,
    for appearance as alluring as siren maidens.
    I am one with the sea and the sea is in me.
  4. Consume the honey.  Let its warmth spread over your tongue, along your teeth, down your throat, and into your stomach.  Concentrate on that heat and feel it spread through your veins.
  5. Taking your glass of water, drink the entirety of it.  When you are finished, say: My siren spell begins now and all will be enchanted.
  6. Step out of the circle and your spell is complete.  It should last one full day.

Hope this helps, darlings!

I'll set fire to the whole place
I don't even care about our house
It's not the same in here since he left anyways
Burn it down,burn it down, burn it down,burn it down, burn it down, burn it down…

because someone already did the war of hearts version - here is everyone’s new favourite malec scene with “storm” by ruelle