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10 characters I wished were real so I could date them. Part One

10) Age of Youth: Park Jae-Wan: Every single drama I’ve seen Yoon Park in I’ve hated him lol. But this is the first time he has played a decent character for me. I loved him in this. I have no idea what he is saying in this gif.

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8) Healer: Seo Jung-Hoo: I literally picked him because of this scene. He kept cuddling with her and I was like “oh my gawd!” I want one! I honestly like Bong-soo too.

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7) Descendants of the Sun: Yoo Shi- Jin: No list is complete without him lol. He was perfect….just perfect. I fangirled so much watching this drama. Should I apologize or confess? JESUS! That nearly kicked the wind out of me. lol

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6) Uncontrollably Fond: Shin Joon- Young: UGH! I loved this character so freaking much. OMG! That confession scene was AMAZING! He said some pretty amazing things as well. Chiillleeee he honestly could be number one the more I think about it. I mean KIM FUCKING WOO-BIN!

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5) Cheese In the Trap: Baek In-Ho: I didn’t read the web-toon so I can’t share the anger for the show being all about him. However, by the end of it I stopped shipping him with Seol and started shipping him with myself lol.

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The Liar and His Lover Episode 10

“And that’s how it works.
That’s how you get the girl.”

Rub some salt into the wound, will you? If it wasn’t enough for Chan-young feeling down about the song he wrote for MUSH&CO doing so-so in the charts, he now knows for sure Han-kyeol and So-rim are together. Ouch! And I know the guys of Crude Play jokingly commented on how he never had any initiative about doing building up group trip but somehow I feel like they meant it. Then again, I don’t see them making more of an effort either.

And I wish I could feel happy for Yoo-na since I know the troubles and insecurities that constantly surround her in the industry but she’s such a passive-aggressive and envious person, I don’t feel like celebrating her song made it to number one. She broke up with Han-kyeol in the worst way possible and now it’s resentful that he’s not pining over her or at her beck and call. Screw this! If I’m to cheer on for this character, I want her to deserve it.

CEO Yoo was on fire too, rubbing in more passive-aggressive and outright aggressive digs at CEO Choi, who is already making moves to have his revenge. What is the deal between these two? I wish they would just keep away from each other’s paths, which is something CEO Choi seems to want too and it’s CEO Yoo who refuses to backdown. I admire her and resent her for it because she’s a empowering character who calls the important shots, but she has such a bad way to go around things.

Speaking of which, I finally understand a little more about Kang In-woo, who seems to be receiving a lot of music deals but he rejects them because he knows these people don’t appreciate his music. One wants to make amends and the other pay back to the first one, and he has clearly move on from the past. Yes, all Kang In-woo wants is for someone to appreciate his present day music and self. I hope it’s Han-kyeol who gets to do this for his father, he is after all in a position to do so and would be able to protect his music too.

I’m also over the Se-jung subplot, girl needs to go ASAP. Gyoo-sun is already onto her with the whole phone thing and his disappointed face was too much to handle. I know this character is being set up for heartbreak and I can’t take it. He’s precious and must be protected, while she’s a conniving self absorbed leach. I know Gyoo-sun is an assertive and sensitive person, so I’m sure he will tell her off next time he catches her doing something like that, or at least I hope he does.

Meanwhile, Shi-hyun and Soo-yeon need more screen time together, damn it! Their scenes made me squeal more than anything else through the entire hour and they are not even the main couple. I’m a goner and so are they, for each other. I want SOMETHING from this front, soon. Ya hear me show? SOON.

Crude Play remains bro-tastic and I wished they would have show more of their drinking games because, one: they are awesome, and two: Soo-yeon totally won that night. I am sure of it.

Who the hell is that man and what he has done with Han-kyeol? I was not expect he would be so open about his feelings. Who knew he could be this affectionate? So-rim, you lucky gal. He’s still dating up. And I love he still is in shock of Dad’s friendship with So-rim, lol. But I’m even more glad that he has someone and something on a personal level, beyond music, he wants to protect. Han-kyeol was all business before meeting So-rim and now he’s having fun and is happy again, this is something he had lost before Crude Play even debuted and I hope it lasts for a long, long time.

But this week’s star is So-rim. Not only did she stood her ground and told off Yoo-na and her passive-agreesive bitchiness in regards of her past relationship with Han-kyeol (you go, girl!) but also she defended the song Chan-young wrote for her band, which ultimately it’s also her music. It might not be perfect but So-rim and Chan-young are still new at what they are doing, so it’s expect for them to have some setbacks. On this topic, I’m cheering for them. In regards of Chan-young’s feelings for her, I’m afraid the he is setting himself up for even more heartbreak.

So-rim might have a long way before reaching the number one spot in the charts but she’s happy to just being able to sing and work towards her dreams, some of them have already come true. And the greatest one it’s just getting started.

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it’s in the stars
it’s been written in the scars on our hearts


Down By The River - Buddy Miles (Them Changes, 1970)

We’ll never be as young as we are now
It’s time to leave this old black and white town
Let’s seize the day
Let’s run away
Don’t let the colors fade to grey
We’ll never be as young as we are now
As young as we are now
—  5 Seconds of Summer, Never Be

I owe my sister so much for making me the person I am today and for listening to Kerrang non stop when I was really young. I’d probably never have listened to Green Day if not for her. And I hate that as I got older I wasn’t true to who I am and changed myself to fit in because I didn’t want to be a weirdo. And in doing so I missed out on so much and I’m hating having to catch up properly and not knowing as much as I feel like I should. Though tbh I’m loving listening through the entire discography properly now, and feeling everything, and finally knowing more than just the popular songs.

TL;DR: I llove my sister for getting me into g day when I was 6. I’m a cunt and stopped listening to “get popular” and now I feel like shit and not a real fan for only knowing the popular songs. Hardcore discography sessions in progress.
You think it’s so easy to change yourself. You think it’s so easy, but it’s not. True, things don’t stay the same forever: couches are replaced, boys leave, you discover a song, your body becomes forever scarred. And with each of these moments you change and change again, your true self spinning, shifting positions— but always at last it returns to you, like a dancer on the floor. Because throughout it all, you are still, always, you: beautiful and bruised, known and unknowable. And isn’t that - just you - enough.
—  Leila Sales, This Song Will Save Your Life

(150125) @realjonghyun90: i came home early for the first time time in a while to find my mom and noona having a cold war…, i stealthily asked what was going on and (turns out) noona was watching inkigayo and said ‘mom, aren’t shinhwa so cool / handsome?’ but mom’s response was lukewarm so noona started sulking and went to her room and locked the doorㅋㅋㅋ (s/n: younha replied to this first tweet simply… laughing at what was being said.)

watching mother and daughter quarreling through the door was so cute, so i said i talked about noona to shinhwa hyungs while giving them my cd today and she got all excited and opened the door but it seemed her feelings were hurt from fighting with mom because her eyes were glistening with tears since she was pretty i hugged her tight, gave her a kiss, and spread out the story of how i delivered my cd.

i went to give my cd and saw minwoo hyung and hyesung hyung first in the hallway. then minwoo hyung asked, ‘yah was your noona a hyesungie fan?’… when i replied, “our noona is…. ‘ah…a jinnie hyung fan…!’” they replied, “ah…, really?” and then both of them disappeared…

@realjonghyun90: i’m sorry pilgyo hyung…. my noona is an all-fan… i got flustered in the moment and said the wrong thing… and she even signed up for shinhwa changjo 10th official fanclub… i love you shinhwa!! and shinhwa changjo!! (s/n: pil gyo is the real name of shinhwa’s hye sung. “shinhwa changjo” is the name of shinhwa’s official fanclub. shinwa has been recruiting new members for their tenth fanclub this month for the first time since 2008.)

when i asked my mom, mom who do you like? she said,
mom? mom likes c'est si bon.” ah……nod nod…..yeah…that’s right…. it was mom (we’re talking about)…. she was born in ‘67. (s/n: “c'est si bon” was a music hall in seoul that was popular in the sixties and seventies that featured folk musicians such as cho young nam, song chang sik, yoon hyung joo and kim se hwan.)

@realjonghyun90: our noona was crying out, “i mean how good is wa!! how cool is it!! do you even know how hard it is to come out as solo and bring your own dreams and stage to life!! our jinnie oppa is the best ok!!” like this. (s/n: “wa” is a single from shinhwa’s jun jin’s solo.)

@realjonghyun90: sigh…, just thinking about it again. (noona’s so) cute … (source: sullaem)

that planet earth turns slowly

My Bucky Barnes Headcanon

He loves David Bowie, all the periods, his favorites songs are Changes and Young Americans. He knows he has a future friend or not when he asks “How do you feel about Bowie?”. He punched a guy in a bar when Bowie was insulted, Steve and Sam had to drag him out and Tony paid the damages while laughing. When he first stolen glances at Darcy Lewis, she was listening to her iPod and he could see she was mouthing the lyrics of “Oh you pretty things” he knew he had to introduce himself to her.

When Darcy, after 8 months of relationship with Bucky, went to Stark to ask him to help her for his birthday gift, Steve knew something big was going to happen and he had the confirmation when the idol, the myth, the man himself came to congratulate the Winter Soldier for basically being born at the party.

Barnes just plain lost consciousness and Tony took a selfie with him on the floor. The rest was a brawl with Steve defending his best friend and everyone else trying to stop an impending murder.

Darcy and Bruce just chilled out with David Bowie and talked about his paintings.


River Song Appreciation Week

Day 3 - Favourite Theme: Inevitable Death

River: Sometimes I wonder if perhaps, just perhaps, I’m still a little bit— immortal. I think everyone wonders if they are, but I was, once…