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monthly live connection (episode two) ♡ 151014


monthly live connection (episode two) ♡ 151014
(english subtitle) [* omits moments without jonghyun]

blue night radio - 150520

jonghyun: before (/ in the past) we prepared the concerts with performances that we wanted to show off. this time we prepared a concert that allowed us to have fun together with the audience.
(…) go young bae: i personally like taemin-ssi and the two of you did a couple dance together!
jonghyun: (laughing) ah, can you please stop talking about the concert. let’s listen to a song.
go young bae: “romance”!
jonghyun: (in english) no! dirty loop’s “accidentally in love”. (source: cosmicsticks)

the story by jonghyun ♡ letters from (most of) the guests

[coffee boy] jonghyun-ah! watching you always go through challenges and living your life to the fullest has given hyung a good motivation! just like your innocence gets ripe as time passes i hope you become the happiest person and a person who receives much more love. - coffee hyung

[okdal / oksang dalbit] our jonghyun-i has lots of loneliness. he keeps on setting off firecrackers looking at couples that break up. also, he has losts of joy. he keeps on singing whenever the ads come out (on blue night). but, even that looks handsome. does jonghyun know our inner struggle of not being able to tell him to quiet? jonghyun, we won’t let you go.

[go young bae of soran] aigoo~, our dj teacher~!! thank you so much for inviting me to this time and place that’s full of jonghyun. in the distant future, when someone asks me who the best man i’ve ever met is, i would answer without hesitation that it’s jhinee’s songhyun. [translator’s note: a little joke they do on blue night is mixing the first letter of their group name with the first letter of their first name]

[lee ji hyung] (first impression of jonghyun) 1. oh! this man’s hands… are so sexy. 02. oh my god! this man’s ear lobes… are quite intelligent. blue night. giving advice on love life part. our good was a little boring, right? it’s so great to see you again, jonghyun-ssi!

[zion.t] he looks like a teddy bear. he looks really gentle but he’s so amazing when he’s working. stay strong and hope you make good music. stay strong.

[nine of dear cloud] jonghyun-ah, please eat well. “ogu ogu”. [translator’s note: term used to express affection]

[taemin] please buy me a meal later! hope you wrap up this concert calmly! don’t make embarrassing mistakes! hwaiting~. (source: thatcoolcatmeow)