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Episode 1.
Nate and Y/n go to the same school. She discusses something with her girls. Nate keeps his eye on her. And than Y/n and her friends set off towards the yard and start to draw. Nate starts to bully her but Y/n isn’t the kind of girl who wouldn’t stick up for herself.
Nate likes Y/n
But he’s a fuckboy of the school so Y/n doesn’t like him
Or does she?

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Eyes Closed (M)

G-Dragon: Angst/Small amount of fluff/Smut

PART 3: You Always Hurt the One You Love

A/N: All right this one is out before midnight for once! haha. This is finally a more Ji-Yong-centric part and I felt way too many feelings writing this but I hope you all enjoy none the less! xx

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P.P.S this was the song that was playing in the car, give it a listen!

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      Sitting in the rear seat of the black tinted windowed SUV, Ji-Yong absentmindedly played with the threads that were poking out from the rip on the knees of his jeans. The men accompanying him in the car sat in a comfortable silence as they were all far too exhausted from having been woken up so early; at least early to them. Just when they got comfortable being home, they get ripped right out of their comfortable bed sheets only to be shipped off to some other city. Another city, another photoshoot and yet it was still the same monotonous thing over and over again.

      Dawning his sunglasses Ji-Yong stared out the window and nodded his head to the faint sound of the music coming from the car speakers.

      ‘Haunted by secrets, my lips are sealed

      All of your demons it turns out they’re real

      The shadows on the wall, will watch me as I crawl

      But you know how to make me come back

      I’m just a monster that you’ll never fear’

      He shook his head out of his thoughts; somehow they always managed to be about her. He couldn’t understand it really, he would drink to forget but he always remembered. Always. Even when he was drunk out of his mind he could swear he’d hear her call out to him, swear that he heard his phone go off and that it was her finally willing to talk to him. But somehow it always just managed to be his imagination. He thought it was like some kind of cruel joke his mind liked to play on him although he wasn’t sure if this was actually some sick, deep seeded pleasure he got from torturing himself or if he had just completely lost it. He couldn’t even sleep without seeing her, the only time he’d actually get a decent night’s rest was ironically when he was piss ass drunk, but even then the hallucinations of her in the room was like dangling forbidden fruit right before him that was always just barely out of reach. Like the other night at Seungri’s friend’s club he could have sworn he saw her in the distance intermingled with the other just as intoxicated people in the club. But from his seemingly permanent seat at the booth he knew she was just another hallucination; just a fever dream of attaining the unattainable. There’d even be instances when he’d actually get to the point in the night where he would ‘forget’ her long enough that’d he’d go home with someone for once, but in the end they were never good enough; they weren’t her. At times he’d even feel terrible because every single time without fail he’d picture her being the one he was taking out his frustrations on but none of his paramours or lovers alike could satiate the undeniable hunger within him. I guess ‘Misery’ simply loved the company but very rarely did he love to keep it.

      ‘Why won’t you ever let me leave?

      Just fucking let me out

      Every time that I’m out of reach she says “turn around”

      “Yah, can you turn the music off…” he spoke.

      The suddenness of his voice filling the car startled a sleeping Dae-Sung and Seungri; whom of which was drooling on Dae-Sung’s shoulder.

      “Ahh, but Hyung that’s a good song it’s nice and mellow it was–”

      “I can’t hear myself think” Ji-Yong cut off the maknae “besides I hate that song…”

      Young-Bae threw him a half lidded side-eye.

      “Yah Ji-Yongie-ah” the oldest of the five spoke up “If that song brings up bad memories you just have to say so…”

      “Hyung!–” Ji-Yong readied himself to put up a fight, only for his actions to be cut short by a tired hand from Young-Bae on his shoulder.

      “Hyung, do you really want to piss him off at this close of a proximity”

      The eldest man simply shrugged and cozied himself up in his coat that was haphazardly strewn across his body.

      Ji-Yong sighed and slouched back into his seat.

      Seeing that the commotion had subsided the men returned to their previous positions as they tried to relax before a grueling day of getting unwillingly pampered and shoved into clothes that despite their appearance they were deceivingly itchy.

      Ji-Yong sighed again and pulled his phone from his pant pocket, these days he had kept his distance from social media but every so often he liked to make an appearance to appease the masses on Instagram. Opening the app he scrolled through his photos to find a selfie he had taken previously, added a cute~ caption and posted it. As if almost instantaneously the number of likes he received was by the thousands; the thought of it almost made him want to chuckle. Curious what he had missed in his absence from the world of social media he decided to check the photos he had been tagged in; every now and again he’d find some kind of amazing fan art or just a hilarious edit of one of the members. Scrolling through there was a picture of him from an old concert here, a picture of him drunk with some fangirl there; just an unintentional collage of Ji-Yong. The further he scrolled the more he began to notice he had been tagged multiple times in some picture of two people kissing.

      ‘Dear god another dating rumor?’ He thought.

      He kept scrolling past but seeing as I the amount of times he was tagged in that same picture, his curiosity had gotten the best of him. Only, I’m sure looking back he’d probably wish it hadn’t.

      And as clear as day, there she was; just as beautiful as ever but in the arms of another man no less. He felt an array of emotions, just seeing her in that state and just the thought of what had probably occurred between the two of them later that night made him sick. Feeling like his heart had tanked to the floor, a jealousy from deep within began to rear it’s ugly head. Just what did this douche bag have that he didn’t? He had, had to endure the pain of seeing her  in magazines gallivanting around with the annoyingly perfect men of Hollywood but this just seemed to hurt him more somehow.

      He scrolled down to read the comments.

      ‘Omo, she is so lucky!~’

      ‘WHo is that with her???? Damn! *faints*’

      ‘I totally know who that is (¬‿¬)’

      ‘Wtf how does she date all these people?!!!!’

      ‘I wish someone would kiss me like that (ಥ﹏ಥ)’

      ‘Pfffft well if this isn’t a fuck you to that dragon guy ╭∩╮(^3^)╭∩╮’

      ‘Wait how do you know who that is with her???’

      ‘Haha that’s Suho from EXO! My friend was at that party, she said she saw them together most of the night. She said Alex was pretty drunk and her and Suho were just like all over eachother *shrugs*’

      ‘What party?! DETAILS PLEASE!’

      ‘Some grand opening to some new club in Gangnam. I don’t have much details other than that, my friend is the one that lives in Korea not me (ಥ_ಥ)’

      ‘Holy shit…’ Ji-Yong thought ‘So–so I did see her the other night…it wasn’t just some fucked up dream I had’

      He bent over in his seat and placed his head between his hands, all this time– the past two days he had been mulling over and over again in his mind about that night when he thought he saw her and he actually had. He was mentally kicking himself for, for once not following his indiscretions and just going up to her. All this time, he could have heard her speak for the first time in months, he could have listen to her laugh, he could have been the one that was in that photo, he could have been the one that ended his night with her; but no, the better man had won.

      ‘Pffft, better man…’ he scowled ‘that ostentatious fuck…’

      Sitting upright in his seat again, he clenched his jaw and balled up his fist so hard his knuckles went white. He couldn’t believe that once again this asshole was the cause to all his problems. He couldn’t believe that he was stupid enough not to realize she was actually within reach and once again he had let her go. His chest started heaving up and down harder and harder the angrier he got.

      ‘ARGH!’ he pulled back his arm and took a hard swing at the plastic frame of the car window and completely smashing it in the process.

      The other men in the car just looked at each other awkwardly at the enraged man’s outburst.

      Noticing the blood cascading from from his best friend’s hand, Young-Bae went wide eyed.


      “What?!” he clenched his eyes shut and with a shaky, unbattered hand pulled out his pack of cigarettes.

      “Not to make the situation worse but, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!” his best friend gestured with his hand “You crazy son of a bitch, look at your fucking hand! What the fuck Ji-Yong?!” rolling down the partition to the driver he demanded that he immediately take them to the hospital.

      Managing to light his cigarette with one hand Ji-Yong spoke nonchalantly.

      “Yah, Young-Bae I’m fine…I don’t even feel anything…”


      The other men in the car just continued to glance at each other awkwardly, not trying to make any sort of eye contact with the other two men.



      “YAH!” the eldest’s voice boomed “Young-Bae you yelling at this Pabo isn’t helping. Ji-Yong, what-the-fuck?  What the hell could have happened to you in the past five minutes that you go and not only break the company car but you break your goddamn hand?!”

      With the cigarette dangling between his lips, he let out a sardonic chuckle.

      “Have a look for yourself…” he said barely above a whisper and tossed his phone in their general direction.

      Upon arrival the doctor had diagnosed that Ji-Yong had a Boxer’s fracture; in short he had broken the first two knuckles of his right hand. After pulling out the shards of plastic, stitching up the gaping wounds on his hand and wrapping his hand and forearm up in a cast he was free to go.

      He sat on the edge of the hospital bed in an almost catatonic state, staring blankly at the linoleum flooring solely being consumed by his thoughts.

      Young-Bae and a very cautious Seungri walked into the room slightly alarmed at their friend’s zombie like state.

      “Yah, Ji-Yong-ah the doctors said you’re free to go”

      No response.

      “We can go to TOP Hyung’s house and drink some wine and–”

      “He’s not supposed to drink while he’s on the medication Hyung..” Seungri interjected.

      Young-bae side eyed Seungri.

      “We can watch a movie so you don’t have to make an effort to talk to us?”

      Still no response.

      Seungri stepped forward and took a shaky breath before speaking.

      “Hyung, I failed you. If you wanna hit me go ahead, I deserve it” he preemptively winced.

      Ji-Yong pushed him away “I’m fine let’s go..” and he hopped off the hospital bed

      “But Hyung aren’t you mad at me?”

      “No Seungri, I’m not mad at you…” he kept walking toward the door somberly.

      Seungri and Young-Bae glanced at each other and walked out after him

      “But Hyung don’t wanna hit me? It would make you feel better” the maknae cleared his throat.

      Jiyong stopped in his tracks turning to face Seungri.

      “The only thing that would make me feel worse is inflicting undeserved pain on someone who’s done nothing wrong to me” he turned on his heel and continued toward the exit.

      The other two glanced at each other again, Young-Bae simply mouthed ‘Do something!’

      “Hyung if you’re playing hard to get its working, just hit me! It’s ok i swear!”

      Keeping to his onset silence, Seungri received no reply.

      “Ok well if you’re not mad at me who are you mad at?!” Young-Bae smacked the maknae on the back of the head.

      Not turning around he spoke in a monotone voice.

      “Myself…” he pushed passed the frosted glass doors revealing a smiley Dae-Sung with a bouquet of flowers in hand and a just as ecstatic Seung-Hyun that were both happy to see their leader one piece; so to speak.

      “Hey, there he is!” Dae-Sung motioned to hand over the flowers to Ji-Yong but he simply brushed him off and headed toward the town car in waiting.

      “Aish, what’s with him?” Dae-Sung furrowed his brows “I thought the Oxycodone would’ve made him tolerable for once…you’d think that being who he is he wouldn’t let some girl get him like that..if I was her I wouldn’t blame her for not wanting to get back with that mess of a ma–”

      “Yah!” Seung-Hyun smacked him on the back of the head “go get in the car!”

      Dae-Sung rubbed the back of his head and mutter incoherent nothings to himself.

      Walking up to the older man, Young-Bae placed a hand on his shoulder and sighed. Watching his best friend slide inside of the car, he couldn’t help but feel pity for him. He felt somewhat guilty. He had known she was back in Seoul, he knew about her and Suho but he didn’t tell Ji-Yong because he felt like he was protecting him; but it made him wonder if he was more so protecting himself. Protecting himself from what he wasn’t sure.

      “What are we gonna do Hyung?”

      Seung-Hyun blew a puff of air from his mouth “I really don’t know, I didn’t think he could get any worse but this just takes the cake”

      Young-Bae bit his lip and nodded.

      “Would talking to her at this point even help?” the eldest man raised an eyebrow.

      The dreaded man sighed again “Honestly, Hyung I don’t think that’d make it any better. I know he says he always says he just wants to see her but truthfully I think talking her would make him worse if that’s even humanly possible…besides I’m pretty sure that is a lost cause”

      This time the eldest man nodded.

      “I spoke to Tim the day after the club and he told me Suho had come back that morning and checked on her and that he was laying it on pretty thick; flowers in hand and all–”

      “Pfft, Jesus…” Seung-Hyun raised his eyebrows.

      “He also told me that she texted Tim later that night telling him about how excited she was for tonight, that Suho was supposedly coming back from Paris and he was going to take her on a ‘real’ date..”

      “Wah…that guy’s not fucking around huh?”

      Young-Bae shook his head “Aish, Hyung I just wish he would stop being so stupid and talk to her! I mean I know why she doesn’t want to talk to him but if he really did love her as much as he complains about all the time then why not fight for her instead of letting this stupid picture get to him?! While he’s over here breaking shit for no other reason other than letting his fucking ego get in the way, this douche is over here getting the girl. The more Ji-Yong mopes and sulks in his own self pity, the further away she’s getting”

      The older man shrugged.

      “I can’t let this happen, not just because Ji-Yong is my best friend but I also just straight up don’t trust that guy. Tim and I both agree that we feel like he’s up to something…I just don’t know what it is yet”
      Seung-Hyun replaced his hand on the younger man’s shoulder and nodded his head. He didn’t really know what to say, while he loved Ji-Yong he hated this self-destructive monster he had become; he hated the entire situation to be honest. The entire thing had him confused, being that Ji-Yong was the one that ended things to begin with he didn’t entirely blame her for wanting nothing to do with him. On the other hand, knowing how much he loved her and how much he regretted letting her go for no other reason other than being a complete coward, he wanted his friends to be just like they were when they first started dating; up until that point he hadn’t seen Ji-Yong as happy as he was in a long time. Now, all he saw was the pathetic shell of a man he once called his friend, this new Ji-Yong wasn’t the same guy he had know since they were kids. He always feared that one day or another one of them would let their celebrity status get to their heads and being at the place Ji-Yong was at the time, he never would have guessed that G-Dragon was there to stay once the stage lights shut off. Now more so than ever. He never minded Ji-Yong’s partying ways, or his promiscuity but when it got to the point where G-Dragon became his scapegoat and it was his catalyst for hurting Alex, he just slowly began to resent him. Seung-Hyun knew everything, he knew about every spat, every little fight, every time they’d say words they never meant to each other; he knew everything.

      “WHERE IS SHE?” Ji-Yong cried.
      “Ji-Yong calm down” Young-Bae tried to pacify his extremely intoxicated friend.
      “Yah! Young-Bae I fucked up, I FUCKED UP” he wailed with hot tears streaming down his face “I lost her, I FUCKING LOST HER”
      “Ji-Yong, jinja calm-down”
      “How the fuck do you want me to calm down when I ruined everything?! Ahh Young-Bae, I’m done!”
      “Done with what?” he furrowed his brows.
      “With this, with everything! I don’t wanna do this anymore!”
      “What are you talking about?”
      “Just let me drink until I can’t fucking feel anything anymore…I don’t want to feel anything…I’m fucking useless, all I do is fuck everything up”
      “No you don’t what the hell are you talking about?”
      “I-I screwed up” Ji-Yong slurred his words “she hates m-me, she hates me…”
       “Ok listen to me” Young-Bae took his best friend’s face between his hands “you are fucking drunk, just stop talking for a second and think about what you’re saying”
      “All I do is make her cry…” he said absentmindedly, completely ignoring his friend’s pleas.
      “Ok, Ji-Yong listen to me” taking his friend’s face in his hands again “Stay right here and drink this water ok? Give me a second a I’ll be right back”
      Ji-Yong simply nodded as he cradled himself back and forth on the hotel room bed.
      Stepping into the bathroom Young-bae pulled out his phone and quickly searched for Alex’s number. The phone rang three times before he got an answer.

      ‘Hello?’ her voice sounded hoarse.
      “Alex? Where are you?”
      ‘I’m with Jackson, Tim and Saige, why?’
      “I really need you to come back to your room, please it’s Ji-Yong”
      A short pause came before she spoke ‘why…I don’t want to talk to him right now. Besides my flight back home is in like 45 minutes so, no”
      “Flight back home? What do y–” he heard a crash from the other room.
      ‘What was that?’
      “Shit…” he swore under his breath.
      “Please just come back to your room, I don’t have time to explain!”
      ‘Young-Bae wait!–’
      He hung up his phone and rushed back into the other room to find Ji-Yong held a broken bottle of whiskey in a bloodied hand.
      “Ji-Yong what the hell?!” he rushed to his best friend’s side “No, no! Put that down! Jinga look at your hand!”
      Ji-Yong swayed in place and sniffled  “i-it’s not that bad, see” he held out his bloodied hand toward his friend.
Just then a pounding came from the front door. Young-Bae rushed to open the door, revealing an Alex who looked out of breath..
      “What the hell is going on?” she spoke as Young-Bae closed the door behind her.
      Not being able to stand his ground Ji-Yong swayed back and forth and stared at her in awe.
      “Oh my god Ji-Yong you’re bleeding!” she took several steps toward him and grasped the wrist of his bleeding hand.
      Not even batting an eye he continued to stare at her the words that were coming out of her mouth went completely unheard.
      “Oh my god um ok” she pulled him toward the bathroom “Young-Bae what the hell?! Why did you let him do this to himself?!”
      “Let him?! I was trying to keep him from doing anything stupid, and the one second I take my eyes off of him, to call you by the way, he does this shit!” he threw his hands up.
      She shook her head “can you at least find me a first aid kit or something? I need to get these little pieces of glass out of his hand”
      Young-Bae nodded and headed out the front door.
      “Tsk, Ji-Yong what the hell is wrong with you?” she held up his hand toward the light to get a better view “Here, let’s at least try to wash the blood off”
Running his hand under the faucet, he’d wince every now and again but still he would always manage to find his way back to staring at her; admiring her facial features.
      “Ahh, ahh!” he winced again.
      “Oh shit, I’m sorry!” she looked at him with pleading eyes.
      As if completely forgetting the shards of glass in his left hand, he cupped her face with the other hand and stared into her eyes before leaning in for a kiss.

      “Ji-Yong, no…” she pulled away from him “your timing is terrible, you really think that just because you’re and idiot with blood gushing out of your hand that means I’m not upset with you?”
      He closed his eyes and threw his head back.
      “What were you thinking anyway? You could have really hurt yourself…”
      “Would you have cared if I had?” he opened his eyes and leaned against the counter.
      “What the hell is that supposed to–You know what, I don’t want to fight with you anymore I just really want this night to be over” she sighed.
      He pushed himself off of the counter and stood right before her, once again staring into her eyes. He weighed his options in his mind before he bit his lip and went in for another kiss, only this time actually making contact. Deepening the kiss he placed his good hand on the nape of her neck and backed her up against the wall behind her. She hesitantly placed a hand on his bare shoulder and then moved up it into his hair. Pulling away to kiss her neck, he smiled to himself.
      “Mmm, Ji-Yong what about your–hng–hand?”
      “Fuck my hand…” he spoke into her skin.
      She let out a small whimper “I’m serious Ji-Yong”
      “So am I” he took his hand from her neck and placed it beneath one of her thighs and raised her leg up toward his waist.
      She threw her head back as her eyes rolled back into her head “Young-Bae is going to be back any second…”
      “We have to hurry then…” he took his hand and moved it up underneath her long hoodie and hooked his fingers around her underwear and yanked them off. He pulled away from her neck and looked her in the eyes and smiled, placing a peck upon her lips he reached between the two of them and attempted to undo his pants with one hand with no such luck.

      “Uhm, could ya help me out a bit” he let out a chuckle.

      She sighed and complied undoing the button and zipper to his pants.
Going back in for another passionate kiss he pulled down his boxer briefs and pumped himself before entering her causing her to gasp into the kiss. 

      Not giving her time to adjust he started pulling in and out at a fast pace, completely forgetting about his mangled left hand that he rested against the wall.
Her moans began to fill the bathroom as they reverberated off of the walls, he pulled away from the kiss and threw his head back letting out a few of his own grunts and groans.
      “Oh holy fuck…” his eyes rolled back into his head “I’m sorry for what I said earlier baby”
      She let out a whimper “Ji-Yong, shut–the fuck–up
      He chuckled before he let out a loud moan “oh fuck, babe–fuck–I think I’m gonna cum”
      “Already?” she said breathlessly.
      He looked at her through half lidded eyes “Yes already–shiiiiit–I’m surprised I could even get it up I’m pretty fucked up right now”
      She raised an eyebrow “that makes two of us”
      His moans began to get louder and louder, he usually wasn’t one to be super vocal during sex but when he was she took far too much enjoyment out of it.

      Her phone vibrated in her pocket causing her to pull it out to check who had messaged her.
      “Mmm–really? You’re gonna–ung–check your phone right now?!”
      She let out a moan as he picked up the pace “oh my fuuuck– oh shit it’s–ung–Young-Bae”
      “I said–oh Jesus H. Christ– I said it’s Young-Bae” she whimpered “He’s–he’s comiiing!
      “Shiit” he threw his head back again.
      “J-Ji Yong you have like 45 seconds to get your shit together”
      He breathlessly nodded his head and began to pound into her harder and harder until he could feel her clenching around his dick signaling that she was just as close as he was.
      “Come on baby–fuck–cum for me”
      Pulling him in closer causing her to leave scratch marks along his back she could feel that warm pit in her stomach beginning to build before she completely unraveled around him. Seeing her in complete ecstasy and feeling her clenching around his dick was all it took for him to become undone. Riding out their highs, Ji-Yong slowly pulled out as his chest was heaving up and down rapidly.
      “Shit sorry, I was going to pull out before I came..” he said out of breath.
      Just as winded he was, she pushed herself off the wall and with shaky legs made her way toward the shower and pulled off the detachable shower head to clean up.
      He made his way toward her and held her from behind before placing a kiss on the top of her head.
      She simply nodded her head in a delayed reply.
      “Why–” he cleared his throat “why do you always come back to me?”
      She turned toward him “I don’t know…maybe out of stupidity?…”
      “You could have easily just let me bleed all over the place, flown home and not cared”
      “I guess that’s my problem…”
      “What is?”
      “I care too much…” she sighed “I can’t just leave you alone, what if you had hurt yourself worse than you did tonight? I couldn’t let myself live with that weight on my shoulders if something had happened to you…I would never want you to hurt in any sense of the word”
      He nodded his head “But what about when I hurt you? Doesn’t it make you angry? Doesn’t it make you want to walk away for good”
      “Of course it does, and sometimes I wonder if you do it on purpose because you want me to end things because you’re too much of a coward to. You are probably the biggest, most narcissistic pain in my ass that I have ever met and yet still no matter what and out of sheer lunacy I will always come back to you. Because I unfortunately fell in love with you…”

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

      The car ride to Ji-Yong’s penthouse was a silent one, no one dared to utter a single word. When they arrived to his building Ji-Yong hopped out without a single ‘good-bye’ and headed toward the lobby; Seungri and Young-Bae followed suit behind him.
      Seungri cleared his throat “Hyung, are you feeling hungry?”
      “No…” he said in a monotone voice, not turning to face either man.
      “Cause if you are thre is no need to be shy about it! I’ll even cook the meat just for you!”
      No response.
      “Yah, Ji-Yong-ah you need to eat something eventually, you can’t be on the medication without it” Young-Bae furrowed his brow.
      “I said I’m fine…” he said walking into the elevator and pressing the button to his floor; the other two quickly hopped inside before the doors could close.
      Seungri and Young-Bae awkwardly glanced at each other, both determined to get their gloomy friend to at least crack a smile.
      “You know” Young-Bae smiled “now that you have that cast and everything, you can lie and say you fought a bear or something”
      Ji-Yong let a puff of air out through his nose.
      “Yea Hyung, you could say anything! I mean you could also say you punched a car but just leave out the reason why” Young-Bae smacked him on the back of the head.
      Ji-Yong raised an eyebrow.
      “Hyung…If it makes you feel any better, I don’t think she’s very happy with that guy anyway. Pretty sure I heard Rowan ask her that night what the whole deal with that guy was and Alex just said ‘wait what guy?’
      Finally he cracked a smile.
      Seeing the reaction he got from his Hyung the maknae continued with more feeling.
      “AND, from what Sasha had told me Alex isn’t staying that far away from here”
      Ji-Yong went wide eyed and turned to look at the maknae.
Seungri wiggled his eyebrows.
      “Whoa ok slow your roll there wingman” Young-Bae interjected “Don’t really think adding stalker to the broken fist is a good idea. I think he’s done enough for one day”
      “Tsk, come on Hyung!”
Young-Bae looked at the hopeful look in his best friend’s eyes and sighed.
      “Look if you really want to talk to her, go tomorrow huh? I don’t think seeing you in a Chanel dress shirt covered in your own blood is a good look for anybody”
      Ji-Yong looked down at his shirt.
      “Ok he’s got a point there Hyung…” the maknae eyed him up and down.
      The doors to the elevator opened up to Ji-Yong’s floor and the three of them continued onto the hallway toward Ji-Yong’s place. Reaching his front door, he pulled out his keycard and opened the door and before the other two could come in Ji-Yong paused and turned to face the other two.
      “Thanks for looking out for me like you guys did today”
      “Hyung did I just imagine it or did he actually thank us for something?”
      “You know what Seungri I think he did” Young-Bae smiled.

      “I know I haven’t been the best leader to you all, let alone best friend in the past few months but I want you know know that I sincerely appreciate you all putting up with me…”
      “That’s all we’ve been wanting to hear!”
      “Any time Hyung-ie~!”
      “With that being said, I want to be alone” Ji-Yong stepped inside and slammed the door before either of the other two could get a word in edgewise.

      After the events that took place throughout the day, Ji-Yong wanted nothing more than to pour himself into bed. Getting to his room he shut the curtains, turned off the lights and mid taking off his shirt he winced at a sharp pain shot right up his arm; he had forgotten he broken his knuckles.
      “Tsk, well I guess this is ruined” he muttered to himself observing the damage he had done to his favorite dress shirt.
      He tossed it in the general direction of his waste basket and plopped face first into his bed. When had he gotten to this point in his life? When did he begin to feel so lonely in a room of thousands? The ironic thing was that he found solace when he was actually alone. Truthfully he had nothing to complain about, he had it all: fame, money, souped up cars, even all the women he could ask for. But despite everything he had, there was still one thing he was missing; her.
He rolled over on his back and pulled out his phone from his pant pocket, scrolling through his photos he’d found some silly pictures he had taken of the members, the further he scrolled the more fond memories came clamoring back into his head. But there was one 30 second, black and white video at the end of his camera roll he never remembered taking. He pressed the play button and it was just himself on his bed staring into the camera. The Ji-Yong in the video looked to someone outside of the frame and smiled.

      ‘Babe what are you doing?’ the voice laughed.
      ‘Nothing just waiting for you’ he smiled again.
      ‘You are such a weirdo’ the voice laughed again.
      ‘Yea but you’re the one who made the mistake in dating me so–’ he raised up out of frame and when he came back down onto the bed he brought a giggling Alex down on top of him. He briefly kissed her before he tucked a wet piece of hair behind her ear. He moved the camera closer to their faces.

      ‘Eww Ji-Yong no, I look so gross right now I just got out of the shower’
      ‘No way, I honestly wish you could see how I see you through my eyes’
      ‘But if you’re looking at the world through rose colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags’

      He smiled again ‘I love you’
      She sighed ‘I guess I love you too’ her eyes flickered to the camera ‘Okay, let’s just turn this off now’
      ‘No baby wai–’

      His screen cut back to the thumbnail.
      Of all the stupid things he had done thus far in his life, his biggest regret was the day he let her go.


he’s like 20cm taller than me but he looks so short, smol, and cute 😊 


monthly live connection (episode two) ♡ 151014
(english subtitle) [* omits moments without jonghyun]


Rating: PG-13 to NC-17

Kim Jonghyun is one to handle all his business affairs seriously, he’s a man of focus, zeal—that’s how he makes his money. There’s no time for chit-chat, no time for pondering whether or not a contract should be signed. Come in ready, be ready, that’s the motto he lives by. “We have a few new employees with us.” One of Jonghyun’s higher-ups announces. “Names? Do you have a profile on them?”

“Yes sir, of course, sir.” Jonghyun leans forward, resting his elbows on the wooden desk, awaiting the man to list off each employers name. “Well, uhm, we have—“

“Start again.” Jonghyun waves his hand back and forth. “I placed you where you are because of your quick wit, now sharpen that tongue of yours and start again.” The man blinks his eyes rapidly and starts again. “We have Sulli, Song Ji-eun, Young Bae and a Kim Kibum.” Jonghyun nods, leaning back in his chair and nodding.  Four new employers wouldn’t be much trouble, of course they’d complain about the type of work they were getting themselves into, but if they wanted the job they’d get over it and if they didn’t well Jonghyun didn’t care what happened to them afterwards. “Is there anything else I should know of?” He asks and the man nods. “You have a meeting two days from now.”

“A meeting?”

“Yes…they called in hopes of making a deal with you.” A grin quirks Jonghyun’s lips. “A deal, huh.” He echoes amusedly, before shooing the man away in basking in the silence of his office. It was a dark, windowless room, black curtains drawn to block out the sun and the furniture was either black or a blood red color. Jonghyun couldn’t stand those vibrant hues and rainbow color palettes renovators brought to him. He runs a hair through his ashen hair before rising to his feet. His clothes were always a solid dark color. Ranging from deep brown, navy blue and faded black. He went out and shopped for his own clothes, he had a specific style. Classy, elegant yet sexy. He adjusts the velvet cuffs of his suit jacket—he was an expensive man. He begins to walk around the room, his hands clasped behind his back. There were murals hanging from the walls of his office adding a bit of an artistic flare to his business. He owns a banking company of sorts, management one would say. He gets people jobs, he handles big business marketing and contacting overseas. People come to him when they want to spread their market globally. He was considered perfect, The Dark Lord of the business world. It always humored him to hear such a name spread around the firm. Yes…simplly a dark lord. There’s a light rasping at his door, breaking him away from his thoughts and causing him to look towards the door suspiciously. He checks his watch. His next meeting wasn’t until an hour from now…who could be coming in so early. The rasping appears again, this time more persistent, Jonghyun groans, making his way over to the door and opening it dejectedly. “I’m sorry, but my next meeting isn’t unti—“

“Sorry for the intrusion, I just wanted to ask you a few questions before I officially started working here.” The voice belonged to a young man in a beige pink suit, his brown hair slicked up stylishly—he was well dressed for his first day—Jonghyun grins—he knows what he’s doing. “Well, I only talk to those who have scheduled a meeting; mind telling me your name?”

“It’s Kibum, Kim Kibum.” The man says unfazed, his slanted eyes never moving away from Jonghyun’s. “Kim Kibum…” Jonghyun pauses to act like he was actually thinking about it. “Mm, I don’t think I have your name written down.”

“Well you should write it down now because I need to talk to you about a few things.” Jonghyun raises a brow, taken aback by the mans’ forward way of speaking. Once he’s regained his composure, he laughs. “My, my, you’re quite blunt for a first time employee.” Kibum shrugs, his broad shoulders straining against the fabric of his suit. “I get that a lot.” Jonghyun ‘humphs’ his arms crossing over his chest. “Kibum right?”


“Come back later and I’ll talk to you then.”

“Here right?”

“Yes and we’ll have a nice long conversation.” Kibum’s gaze lingers on Jonghyun’s eyes before he bows his head mumbling an apology and walking away. Jonghyun leans against the door frame, his head tilting as he scoped out Kibum’s shapely behind. “Hmm,” He taps his chin. “He’s interesting.” And a pink tongue flickers out to lick along his lips and then his sharp teeth.


As Kibum rounds the corner he releases a deep breath, a hand coming out to rest against the wall so he could hold himself up. “Fuck, he’s much more attractive in person.” He finally exhales, his feline eyes blinking rapidly as the recent memory of Jonghyun’s voice raced back and forth in his mind. Sharp jawline that was softened by his disproportionate nose and full lips, big, deep eyes that seemed to see into Kibum’s soul…the longer he stared at him, the more Kibum felt like he was getting sucked into a warmhole. He stands up straight, fixing his suit jacket and clearing his throat before slinking his way back to the waiting room, in which he had come. Kibum was a twenty-four year rookie model, he was called in for simple magazine gigs or store posters to lure in customers. Photographers always said he was “pleasing to look at.” Kibum took it as a compliment, it was better than being called “average” by his old high-school friends. “Look at me now!” He wanted to scream at them, but not yet, not until he was business partners with the boss—he’d get there soon enough. He plops into one of the comfortable red chairs, his legs spreading as he relaxed. “I’m so tired…” The other night he was up going over what questions he would ask and what he would wear. He always chose his first day outfits with care; whether it was the first day of school or the first day at his new job. Kibum did a lot of odd jobs when he was younger; fixing fences, being a taxi driver, mowing lawns, watching kids (he was really good at that)—at some point he had gained some muscle, his abs tightened up and his biceps rounded over and bulged. He wasn’t as muscular as he was back then, but he kept his body toned. “Are you new?” came a husky yet gentle voice. Kibum looks to his right, his gaze landing on a young male with blonde hair and clear skin. “Yes.”

“I’m Taemin,” He thrusts his slender hand out, Kibum takes it with a smile. “Kibum.”

“Nice to meet you.” Kibum noticed that Taemins teeth were unusually white and long, before he could get a better look they disappeared in his mouth. “This must be your first day, I’ve never seen you around.” Kibum nods. “Yeah, this is my first day,” he runs a hand through his brown hair. “I don’t feel that nervous, but then I met with the boss….” He trails off and Taemin nods. “Aaah, yeah, Mr. Kim can do that.”

“Does everyone call him that? Mr. Kim?”

“Yeah…” And then Taemin leans over to whisper in Kibum’s ear. “Unless he takes a special interest in you.” Kibum blinks, his grip on his briefcase tightening. He always bought the local newspaper and Jonghyun’s face would always be splayed across the front page. He was a twenty-five year old billionaire, hah, how do you figure. Kibum took a liking to his face and the half grin, half smile he always showed during interviews. It was like he was talking through the camera and to Kibum, but there was always a dark mystery surrounding him…atleast that’s what Kibum thought whenever he saw him. He shifts in his seat and glances at his phone to check the time. Only eight minutes passed since his encounter with Jonghyun.

A few hours later…

The toilets flushes and Kibum yanks up the zipper on his pants before pushing the stall door open and moving towards the sink to wash his hands. As the waters running, he looks up at his reflection, tilting his head left and right to check for any pimples; there were none, his skin was still clear minus the occasional bump or two. He pumps the foamy soap into the palm of his hand before spreading it up to his wrists and then along his fingers. Another toilet flushes behind him and a stall creaks open, a well-dressed figure emerging. Kibum turns the faucet off, shaking the water from his hand and then turning to dry his hands with the brown paper towels, but he stops short when the figure comes to a halt in front of him. Kibum blinks, his gaze locked on the males lower region, his eyes focusing in on his crotch area. “I’m in your way aren’t I?” A velvety-smooth voice questions and Kibum looks up slowly, his gaze finally meeting the mans’ gaze who turned out to be—Jonghyun. “Y-yes, you are.”

“You must want me to move.” Jonghyun continues on, his hands in his pockets, Kibum could smell his cologne—a fresh coconut scent. “Yes, I’m trying to get to the paper towels.”

“Oh?” Jonghyun steps closer, his scent growing stronger. “Then get them.” Kibum didn’t know if that was a threat, a taunt or a command. Does he want me to go around him or should I push him out of the way? Kibum opts for the first option and begins to walk around Jonghyun, but is stopped when his wrist is clutched. “Lets go to my office, don’t you have a few questions?”—his grip was inhumane, Kibum thought his wrist was breaking.

“Yes, but my hands—“

“They’ll dry on the way there.” Jonghyun raises Kibum’s wrist to his nose to show this, but it looked like he was smelling Kibum’s skin. Kibum yanks his hand away before ripping a few paper towels and drying his hands. Jonghyun watches as he goes with a chuckle, before following after him, his dark eyes tracing up and down Kibum’s backside and he growls ever so softly, his eyes flickering red. Once inside the office, the door clicks shut and Kibum’s turned off by the complete darkness and isolation of the room. “It’s so…dark here.” He comments, Jonghyun walks around him to go sit behind his desk. “I guess to others it is, but I like it like this.” Kibum takes a seat across from him, his eyes dancing around the room. Jonghyun watches him, his hands folded together and a faint grin tugging at his lips. Kibum’s jawline was equally as sharp as his, if not sharper—to be quite honest—all his features were sharp and well defined, but Jonghyun liked his lips the most or maybe it was his neck. Pale skin balanced by his pink lips; Jonghyun swallows that yearning tickling the back of his mind and then tingling against the roof of his mouth. He hadn’t taken someone in ages, his body was just aching for it. Jonghyun takes a secretive glance around, his ears straining for any voices. It didn’t seem like anyone was in the office, but he wouldn’t take any chances. “I only have a few questions, Mr. Kim.” Jonghyun ‘s eyes slide over to meet Kibum’s and he smiles merrily. “Mr. Kim” He sighs. “That’s quite formal, please, call me Jonghyun.” His eyes crinkle up as he smiles and Kibum nods hesitantly, his long legs crossing together. “Well, I was wondering what type of work you have in store for me, how far can I make it up the ladder in this business?”

“You’re asking what type of position you can acquire.”

“Yes, a higher one than I am in now.” Jonghyun nods, leaning back and spreading his legs as a show of authority, he unbuttons his suit jacket and whips it back to reveal his dark blue shirt—a simple gesture to show off the relaxed mood—relax, he was telling Kibum. “Well, there’s two options,” Kibum leans forward, his brown eyes blinking eagerly. “You can work hard just like everyone else; running errands, setting up meetings, taking calls or…” Jonghyun stops dramatically, taking pleasure in the way Kibum’s eyes squinted and his pink lips thinned out. “Or you can sleep with me and have whatever position you desire in no time.” Jonghyun says it coolly as though he were pitching another business idea. Kibum blinks—it takes a moment for the words to actually catch up with him and once they do his eyes zero in on Jonghyun with scorn. “What?”

“Sleep with me, have sex, fuck, if you want to get vulgar.” Jonghyun smirks. “What’ll it be?” Kibum leans back, his eyes widening. “None of the above, so I’ll ask you again, what can I do to get to such a position and in a short amount of time?” Jonghyun is slightly thrown off by Kibum’s composure after such a suggestion, but leans forward, his elbows resting on the desk. “Kibum,”

“Yes?” He still managed to keep a tone of mutual respect. “All you have to do is work for it—everyone who wants it,” Jonghyun’s brown eyes glimmer. “Works for it.” Kibum nods. “Can you show me that you’ll work for what you want?”

“Yes, of course, that’s what I applied for.” Jonghyun rises to his feet. “Excellent.” Kibum took note of the way the fabric of his shirt strained against the muscle of his pectorals. Jonghyun glances at his golden Rolex and heaves a sigh. “I’m sorry to have to cut this short on you, but I have to go take care of some business.” Kibum jumps up, shaking his head. “No, no, it’s quite alright,” He bows. “Thank you for your time.” Jonghyun smiles—attractive, well-dressed, blunt and respectful—jackpot. “Not a problem at all, I hope to see your face more often, Kibum.” Kibum lifts his head with a cheery smile, Jonghyun noticed the dimples in his cheeks. “Yes, me too.” He bows his head once more before walking out of the office with a bubbly gait that matched the pink of his suit. Jonghyun stares after him, his smile from before still plastered onto his lips before it fades away into a frown. “Damn,” He crumples into his seat, rubbing his nose and licking his teeth. “I was this close to nabbing him.” Jonghyun spoke to the shadow lurking in the dark. “Why didn’t you?” That same gentle yet husky voice from before questions. “Too many people and I didn’t want to scare him.”

“Isn’t scaring your prey how you get off?” Jonghyun scoffs. “Thanks for putting my sadism out there, Taemin.” The shadow—Taemin—emerges from the dark with a playful grin. “You’re always welcome, Mr. Kim.” Jonghyun rolls his eyes, rubbing his chest trying to cease the need that was quelling up inside of him. “I want him.” He declares.

“You just met him.”

“But his blood, you must have smelt it.”

“I could feel it when we shook hands.” Taemin recalls their brief greeting from a few hours before. “It was heavenly.” He says ironically causing Jonghyun to chuckle. “Don’t let anyone else get to him.”

“Okay and you just make sure you don’t get caught making one of your “deals.” Taemin warns and Jonghyun throws him a wink. “I’ve never gotten caught.” And as he smiled his sharp fangs peeked from beneath his lips and his eyes gleamed red.

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