song writing contest

На Евровидение в Украине предлагаем отправить Льва Лещенко с песней “День Победы”!

ok so a few months after all the avengers move in to the tower, its around the end of May, and Nat just disappears for a whole weekend. No one really questions it, they figure she’s off doing spy stuff, and when she comes back in a terrible mood no one pushes it.

A year later, it happens again. End of May, Nat leaves for a whole weekend with no word of warning. However, when she comes back, she’s in a much better mood than the last year. No one even realises that it’s the same weekend, so they don’t comment.

The next year, it happens again, and Clint starts to pick up on the pattern.He doesn’t want to mention it to the team, but he presses Coulson for Nats file, to see if this is an important date at all. Nothing comes up, and he’s too afraid to ask her outright. When she comes back, she’s humming a pop song that none of them have ever heard.

The next year, Wanda and Pietro have moved in the tower following the events of Sokovia and Ultron. It’s the same weekend, near the end of may, and on Friday morning the team wake up to find not only Nat gone but the twins as well. Everyone is suspicious, but when the team comes down on Monday morning to find the three of them sitting at the breakfast table, Nat gives everyone a look that stops all questions before Tony can even open his mouth. The twins are, unbelievably, in a worse mood. Clint wonders why Nat seems to take herself on a torture weekend every year, and why the twins have decided to tag along.

The next year, Bucky has been living in  the tower for about six months,when Nats disappearance weekend comes around. Clint is determined to find out where she goes, and this year not only the Twins but Bucky goes too. Stark had placed a tracker in Buckys arm, and Clint, Steve and Tony follow them to a dingy bar downtown. When they enter, they find the bar packed full of people singing Europop, and Nat, Bucky and the twins are no exception. Tony, Clint and Steve make a hasty retreat, knowing that they have crossed a serious line.

On that monday morning, Clint goes into the kitchen to find Nat is the sole occupant. Before he can say anything, Nat looks at him, and whispers ‘If you tell anyone about the weekend, I will make sure no one ever finds your body.’
To which Clint can only reply, ‘So… Eurovision, huh?’