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Produce 101 as F4 (Boys Over Flowers)

I don’t really know why I thought of this as I reached home from dinner but here we go with my picks and the rationale for doing so. :3 And besides, this was my very first drama that got me into the Kpop and Kdrama culture so what’s a better way than to have a little moment as I recall one of my favourite drama of all time right? :)

Just a side note that this is 100% opinion and it’s really a personal preference! I’m all ears for differing really so do share your opinions with me too and perhaps we can be friends?? ^^ Hope you guys enjoy reading this anyway~ ^^

Ong Seongwoo as Gu Junpyo

Like Junpyo in Boys Over Flowers, Ong Seongwoo pretty much fits his part with effortless savage comments when the situation calls for it. Furthermore, he is sassy when he wants to be, and think about it, he would definitely have the same level of command and presence just like Gu Junpyo. However, despite the tough aura that he presents, it’s pretty clear that he is a huge softie and is capable of pulling off hilarious antics. Honestly, I could imagine him pulling off Gu Junpyo’s character flawlessly and perhaps even utter the cheesiest of lines when it comes to confessing (or even professing) to the girl that he likes. 

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Bae Jinyoung as Yoon Jihoo

Indeed, he did not get his name “Deep Dark” in the beginning of the show for no reason. He was a pretty stoic person back in Produce 101 and always faced the ground, most likely out of shyness. However, this pretty much resembles Yoon Jihoo doesn’t it? He’s shy, yet talented, and prefers not to draw too much attention to himself. However, as the show progressed, we got to see more sides of Jihoo, just like Jinyoung in Produce 101. He might be young, but I could totally imagine him as a huge tsundere, always being there for the main character at the most unexpected of timings when she needs his support. (i.e. Like how Jihoo called himself Jandi’s fireman) 

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Park Jihoon as So Yijeong

Do I need to say more? Yijeong, to me, was probably the most adorable one that all viewers probably fell for at first sight with his natural cuteness (especially in terms of visuals) and his smolness. However, who would have expected him to be the casanova of the team right? Indeed, that’s probably what Jihoon does best; he can be cute and adorable when he wants to, but rUDE when he wants to be, worming his way into women’s hearts. It was a little hard to appreciate Yijeong as time went by because of how he treated Gaeul at some points, but it was clear that he tried his best to change for her (which was really really sweet). Besides Jihoon’s natural smolness in this team, he could probably pull off So Yijeong extremely well and would show both his bad and good side. He might be 18 but ho, no one was a better fit than this not-so-innocent Park Jihoon. 

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Hwang Minhyun as Song Woobin

In the show, as far as I could remember, Woobin was always known for the comic relief, badassery, wit and the fact that he was always the friend which all those members turned to for help. To me, that sums up our Emperor Hwang pretty much; he’s a dependable older brother figure for the young ones, his stone reaction which brought laughter to the community and for having seemingly innocent witty (and savage) comments. It’s funny imagining him as the son of a mafia boss, but Minhyun has pretty much shown that he can pull off almost any concept. Furthermore, Woobin is one happy go lucky character who cares for his friends deeply and Minhyun has definitely shown that he is one happy boy capable of the unexpected. Woobin was pretty much the “mum” for F4. Hence, I don’t think Minhyun got his “mum of Nu’est” title for nothing, don’t we all think so? Indeed, he would be more than capable of pulling off this character because it pretty much represents him in real life anyway.

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That’s the end of this post! Thank you for reading up till this point and I hope you guys had fun! ^^ To see more of this, don’t hesitate to follow or perhaps drop in some questions too! :) Once again, I’m open to ALL opinions so fret not and drop me an ask or even a message to tell me what you guys think! <3 Wishing the top 20 all the best and goodbye for now~~ ^.^ 

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But what am I supposed to do?

Chapter 9: the conflict

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Of course it was too good to be true. Your reunion had turned into an argument which had left you even more confused than before. Minho had clearly wanted to pick your relationship up where it had left off… but he also had a new girlfriend. As easy as it would be to take advantage of his feelings for you; you couldn’t allow him to cheat. So you had pushed him away… but hopefully not too far.

*You add the last finishing touches to your outfit; a simple white dress. You twirl in front of the mirror. Today is the day of the big launch event. Your time to shine; a few of your designs were being displayed and your team had put together a great event plan. You are excited as you slip on your heels. You check your phone before you walk out of the front door.*

[Eunji] - we’re on our way! yayayay <3 see you later ^^

*As happy as you are that your friends are on their way… you can’t help but feel a small pang of disappointment at the lack of messages from… him. You haven’t heard from Minho since his visit to your apartment over a week ago.*

[Y/N] time to go!

*You grab your purse and head for the door.*

[Y/N] you’re going to do fine…

*You mutter to yourself as you clamber into a taxi.*

[Y/N] what could go wrong?

*You arrive at the venue; your team has done an amazing job and you can’t wait for the event to start. You spend an hour or so organising waiters, bar staff and the catering team. As you’re stood admiring the finished room, a large hand taps you on the shoulder.*

[Y/N] oh!

*You turn around surprised. A shy looking Woobin stands awkwardly in front of you; he was the company’s rising star… and super attractive.*

[WB] are you nervous… about today?

*He looks down at you with a shy smile; his dark eyes piercing into you. You gather your thoughts and give a small smile back.*

[Y/N] a little…

[WB] well don’t be… it’s going to be perfect.

*You peer down at the to-do list in your hands… almost everything was checked off.*

[Y/N] thank you… you’ve been so helpful-

[WB] is there anything I can do?

[Y/N] oh- oh no, just relax for a bit. After all, as MiCOs up and coming designer, you’re going to be swamped tonight! Just go chill.

*You add a wink before smiling and wandering outside; the weather is pleasant and dry… which was lucky seeing as half of the after-party was outside. You notice a stray bunch of balloons tied to a railing; you move them to the right place and enjoy the sunshine.*

*As the day turns to dusk; guests of all calibre start to arrive. You greet big shot designers and investors whilst also entertaining actors, models and other celebrities. You spend some time showing guests to their seats whilst also organising your array of staff. You even find the time to have a girlish squeal with Eunji and the girls. Soon enough it’s almost time for the main event to start; the fashion show. Your heart is in your mouth as you stand on the catwalk to introduce the show; palms sweaty and heart racing.*

[Y/N] MiCO Designs are proud to present-

*And then your heart stops as you notice a figure emerging from the shadows of the entrance. Your eyes automatically follow him across the room and you feel your stomach turn as you realise that he’s not alone.*

[Y/N] to- to present…

*Your mind falls apart and your mouth freezes. You watch as he swaggers to a seat near the back- you feel as if time has slowed.*

*Your mind snaps back to reality with a blush and your mouth forces out the speech that you’d worked so tirelessly to memorise. After the audience finishes clapping, you manage to find your way into a cool, quiet corner backstage… and you finally breathe.*

[Y/N] what is wrong with you?

*You mutter angrily to yourself whilst you allow your heart rate to return to a normal pace. You busy yourself with attending to the models backstage until you hear a roar of clapping erupt from the main room to signal the end of the show. After presenting your team of designers, you head off to enjoy the after party.*

[Y/N] thank God that’s over…

*You breathe a sigh of relief and reach for a passing glass of champagne. As you tilt the glass to your mouth, you find your eyes settling on a tall figure surrounded by photographers.*

[Y/N] poor Woobin…

*You sigh and take a sip from your glass whilst you study him; the future of the company. He clearly looked uncomfortable in the limelight.*

[MH] Who’s Woobin?

*The deep voice startles you and you jump, almost spilling your champagne. You turn around in surprise and feel your face blush pink.*

[Y/N] w-what?

[MH] is it the guy you’ve been staring at?

*You stand there, extremely conscious of the gazes around the room, unable to mutter a word. You watch as Minho’s expression turns agitated.*

[MH] come on Y/N, don’t play dumb…

*You glare at him and take another sip of your champagne.*

[Y/N] I don’t know what you’re talking about…

*You mutter between sips; the last thing you want to do is aggravate things. Minho takes a step closer to you and you feel your face get redder; you watch as his mouth curls up into a smirk.*

[MH] don’t worry Y/N… no one here knows about… us.

*The way he growls ‘us’ under his breath makes your insides whirl. You realise that no one is paying attention to you as Minho steps even closer; his torso almost touching yours… you can feel the heat of his skin as he leans in to whisper in your ear.*

[MH] have you fucked him?

*His husky voice makes your spine tingle. You pull away from him wide-eyed.*

[Y/N] what?! fucked who?!

*Minho gazes sulkily over at Woobin. The sudden accusations make you blush and the possessive look in Minho’s eyes makes you angry. Flustered you avoid his eye contact.*

[Y/N] why would you think that?!

[MH] well, have you?

*Your eye catches Jihye glaring at you from across the room. Suddenly anger fills your body and your blood boils. How dare he bring that little brat to your big event?! And then you don’t care anymore… of course you hadn’t slept with Woobin. But he didn’t have to know that. You lean in to whisper in Minho’s ear, letting your hand brush his. You hear his intake of breath.*

[Y/N] I don’t think ‘who I fuck’ is any of your business… now why don’t you go spend some time with your… girlfriend.

*You down the last of your champagne and walk away without another word.*

*You storm off; the glass of champagne already taking effect. You grab another glass and stand sulkily by the buffet table. How could he just waltz on into your life and pull moves like that? You grumble to yourself as you watch him cross the room to Jihye who immediately clings onto his arm like a parasite.*

[WB] Y/N?

*You turn towards the voice. Woobin is shuffling awkwardly beside you.*

[Y/N] are you okay, Woobin?

[WB] yeah… I just about managed to sneak away. It’s like a zoo out there.

*Woobin smiles with his eyes and you find yourself smiling back. The second glass of champagne starts to give you ideas. You turn to glance back over at Minho, making sure to hold his eye contact, before turning back to Woobin.*

[Y/N] here… you must be hungry.

*You smile sweetly and offer a piece of food up to him. Woobin smiles as he tries to take the food with his hand but you shake your head cutely and insist on feeding it to him yourself.*

*You grin up at him flirtatiously. You didn’t want to sleep with him… and you had no intention of doing so. But you were having too much fun to worry about leading him on.*

[Y/N] better?

*You wink at him and feel your insides burn up as he blushes cutely. You turn to look over your shoulder and you freeze as you make eye contact with Minho. Suddenly the champagne fog clears and Minho’s expression tells you that you’ve just made a wrong move…*

~to be continued~

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imaginary korean dramaroommate love

a man and woman with a neighbourhood-noona-dongsaeng relationship move to seoul together and become roommates. the man finally decides to put aside his feelings for his first love (his new roommate) and starts dating their pretty neighbour, while the woman and her male sunbae begin a love-hate relationship. but it’s only when she sees the man focused on someone other than her that she realises she loves him too. at the same time, he hasn’t forgotten his first love and does his best to keep the woman away from her sunbae. cute jealousy storylines ensue, followed by a wonderfully cheesy happy ending.

High Cut Jo Insung interview: Kyungsoo mention

Q. Nearly 3 million people went to watch Brother in theaters. It feels like no one could be happier for actor Do Kyungsoo than you.

I think I was like him when I was younger. He reminds me a lot of myself back then. Kyungsoo was around twenty years old when he debuted in EXO. I met (Cha) Taehyun hyung around that age, and now I see how I used to lean on him as Kyungsoo does [with me]. As I listen to the things Kyungsoo tells me about, I wonder if I had been as curious about so many things as him. I don’t want Kyungsoo to be alone.

And Kyungsoo isn’t attached to things like popularity. He doesn’t ask about what to do if a project doesn’t do well. This kid will say he’s just happy to have done it. It’s lovely of him. It’s the type of thing that has to be acquired or taught, but this friend is already aware of it. It’s good if a project does well in the box office, but if it doesn’t, he’s still glad to have done it. That’s how he gets over things. I learn from him too. Kyungsoo is quite admirable in that way.

If a movie doesn’t do well, he says “hyung, it didn’t do well” and leaves it at that. He doesn’t press the matter, but instead goes, “There’s another project coming up, and it’s interesting as well. I think I could try it too.” It’s eye-opening and odd of him. Ah, I really should learn how to simplify like that. The usual thing is to get greedy, to overthink with things like “the box office numbers have to reach this level so that I’ll be in a better position for my next project.” But Kyungsoo keeps to what’s essential. He loves acting for its own sake. He’s remarkable. 

There are two mistakes young people can make. They try to overcompensate with how adult or how collected they appear - because we make them like that. They get told to grow up as they are judged through older eyes. If I don’t take to a twenty-one year old, it’s because I see them from the eyes of a thirty-six year old, not from someone their age. But this friend couldn’t be doing better. How could he? That makes him my age. Kyungsoo is never too much or too little. 

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