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I bought myself the American Idiot vinyl for my birthday and realizing that so many of the things I thought that Michael Mayer and his team interpreted are actually spelled out in the record sleeve! Green Day are even more genius than I thought

  •  ALBUM TITLE: Superwoman
  • ARTIST: Kimiko
  • ALBUM TYPE: Mini album 
  • SONGS: Seven

After rumors of leaving the idol group ‘ Jellybeans ‘, Kimiko is back on the scene with her first solo debut mini album ‘ Superwoman ‘ The mini album shows off the kind of image the young female wants to portray perfectly as it has the perfect mix of upbeat dance pop songs, sultry sounding love songs along with slow ballads that will make those who listen be inspired and be as what Kimiko herself said in an interview recently ‘ be their own superwoman ‘. Kimiko is said to have co-written 3 out of 6 of the songs in the mini album including ‘ Truth ‘ , ‘Find Me’ and ‘ Superwoman ‘ which some have said were created thanks to past experiences and current events in the nineteen year old’s life.


01: Superwoman
02: Paradise ft  @dyetcola  ( TITLE TRACK )
03: Find me ft @93jeonk
04: Breathe
05: Truth
06: I Got Love
07: Magic

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Hi, I'm kinda new - can you recommend me a few songs of bts?

So BTS actually has songs in Korean and Japanese and on top of that Yoongi, Namjoon, and Hoseok have mixtapes (well Hoseok’s is just one track). You can check their mixtape tracks on their Soundcloud.

Since you are just starting of with BTS, I’ll start with their Korean songs, you can message me after about Japanese songs if you are curious about them.

I’m going to list the title tracks [T] (main songs promoted) + follow-up tracks [F] (songs promoted after title tracks) as well as a few favorites from each album.

No More Dream [T]
We Are Bulletproof pt. 2 [F]
좋아요 (I Like It)

N.O [T]
진격의 방탄 (Attack on Bangtan) [F]

Skool Luv Affair:
상남자 (Boy in Luv) [T]
하루만 (Just One Day) [F]

Skool Luv Affair Special Addition [Repackage]:
Miss Right

Dark & Wild (This is one of my favorite albums so…):
Danger [T]
호르몬 전쟁 (War of Hormone) [F]
BTS Cypher PT.3 Killer
Let Me Know
여기봐 (Look Here)

화양연화 pt. 1 (HYYH pt. 1):
쩔어 (DOPE) [F]
잡아줘 (Hold Me Tight)

화양연화 pt. 2 (HYYH pt. 2):
뱁새 (Baepsae)
고엽 (Dead Leaves)

화양연화 Young Forever (HYYH Young Forever) [Repackage]:
불타오르네 (FIRE) [T]
Save ME
House of Cards (Full Length Edition)
Love is Not Over (Full Length Edition)

피 땀 눈물 (Blood Sweat & Tears) [T]
Am I Wrong
21세기 소녀 (21st Century Girl)
둘! 셋! (그래도 좋은 날이 더 많기를) [2! 3! (Hoping For More Good Days)] *this is the official fan song so I put it in*
BTS Cypher 4
Intro: Boy Meets Evil
*LOL honestly just check this whole album out because I love all the solo tracks from each member and can’t choose*

Sorry that I named so many. Honestly I love every single song that BTS has made/covered so it is really hard for me to make recommendations. Hope this helped somewhat though…
- Kylie

get lonely is a magnetic fields reference apparently

“I always preferred album titles that weren’t named after a song on the album. […] Why is the album called Get Lost? That’s a great example, because it’s The Magnetic Fields Get Lost—it’s a sentence. But divorce it from the band name, and it’s an imperative: get lost.” - JD circa 2004

the mountain goats get lonely

feelin’ dumb for not catching that one

[TRANS] The Star November 2016 - INFINITE Interview


Please give a simple introduction to INFINITE’s 6th mini album <INFINITE ONLY>.
The title song from this album, which we’re presenting to everyone after such a long time, is ‘Typhoon’. We named it <INFINITE ONLY> because it’s an album that only INFINITE can come out with.
INFINITE, 7th year idols, you’re not very young(?) anymore, it seems like you have a huge responsibility as an idol.
It’s not really a responsibility, but I think we’ve started to work harder than before. We also have a bigger desire to improve and show an even cooler appearance on stage.
With the musical <All Shook Up>, that’s already four musicals that you’ve starred in. What would you say the biggest charm about a musical is? I’m also curious about what you think your strength is as a musical actor.
I think the musical genre is quite charming. I like being able to sing while bringing life to a different character on stage. If I had a strong point, it would be my effort in including my own charms into whichever character I’m playing.
You’ve had a lot of individual promotions this year compared to the other members. Are you going to continue your individual promotions after this album as well?
I would like to… If something is asked of me, I’ll try my best to do it.
As the leader, what do you dream of for INFINITE 10 years later?
I would like to be on stage and giving awesome performances even 10 years from now. That’s INFINITE, the team I dream of.


You’ve made a comeback with the mini album <INFINITE ONLY> after 1 year and 2 months. This break was longer than other ones, fans must be the happiest of all.
Yes. I’m also really happy to be able to see fans after such a long time. Luckily, all of the fans give us so much love and support, so we’re promoting very happily.
You must have had a hard time right before this album came out, I’m relieved to see you so cheerful. What gave you the most strength?
First of all, it was my family’s unity. After that, it was seeing the INFINITE members working hard to fill my empty spot. The company staff looking out for me, encouragements from people around me. And last of all, it was all thanks to Inspirit’s love and support.
Hip hop is really trending lately. When will we be able to see INFINITE H promote again?
Even now, we have songs that we’re working on. In the future, if we are able to collaborate with a variety of artists, wouldn’t we be able to show you all?
Lately, the webtoons that Dongwoo reads are a hot topic amongst fans. You must enjoy reading webtoons normally then.
Yes. The message that each webtoon gives me is different. Some bring up my memories from school, and there are times where my rap lyrics are influenced as well. Many are quite four dimensional, while containing funny content. That’s why I think I read a variety of webtoons. Webtoon artists, fighting!


You’re already a 7 year idol group. There are many ‘7 year jinx idols’ but INFINITE alone has continued to promote without any big incidents. What’s your secret?
We dormed together, starting from when we were trainees until quite recently. We used to argue with each other a lot in the past, but now we’ve really become a family. We’re so close that we can understand each other just by looking at each other’s eyes.
Now that I think about it, INFINITE is on its 7th year, there are 7 members, and Sungyeol’s alcohol limit is 7 bottles of soju. What does 7 mean to you (laughter)?
I like the number 7. It’s the number that brings luck and I think it’s a number that has a very positive power!
You guys had such a long absence, it’s a shame that we didn’t see Sungyeol during that time. How did you personally spend your time?
I spent my time doing hobbies that I can’t do when I’m busy. I hurt my back a while ago, so I’ve been diligently exercising and doing rehab. I was preparing a lot in order to show an even better side for this comeback.
What is the future you dream of while promoting in the entertainment industry? For example, what is your ultimate goal?
I’ve also thought a lot about this…(laughter). I would like to try being a trot singer in my 50s. I’d like to steadily promote as an actor. A goal for the near future would be for INFINITE to become a long-lasting idol group and it would be nice to continue seeing fans.


It seems like Sungjong-ssi has a lot of interest in fashion. I’m curious about your participation in the album concept or in any visual aspect.
For our title song stage, all of the jewelry I wore, I bought myself. I also expressed my opinion for the hairstyle concept as well.
What kind of influence does fashion have on music and artist promotions?
In whatever case, when you wear cool clothes, you gain confidence. Stage costumes are an important part.
It’s a hot topic that you lost 10 kg especially for this comeback. What exactly is your secret method? You’re really like a ‘fairy’.
Yes. I’m like a fairy, right (laughter)? Lately, fans have been calling me ‘Fairy Sungjong’ and ‘MimiJjong’. It was hard dieting. I’d want to eat, but because I wanted to show a good appearance for the fans, I withheld.
What are your hobbies lately?
Lately, I collect rings, earrings, necklaces, and other accessories. I look for and buy unique items. Most of the accessories that I wear onstage are those accessories.
INFINITE’s music is of a refined retro style that doesn’t follow the trend. Is this a strength that only INFINITE has?
Of course. We don’t use a lot of electronic sounds in our music. And we also continue to improve.
What was a typhoon in your life?
This moment. I’ll leave it up to everyone’s imagination (laughter).
What is ‘INFINITE’ to you?
A treasure. A beautifully shining treasure. If there was no INFINITE, there would be no me.


It seems like you’ve been swamped with group promotions and individual promotions as well.
My INFINITE and acting activities are overlapping so I’m a bit tired, but I enjoy every day because I’m able to show many different sides of myself.
Among this album’s songs, which is your favorite?
There’s a song called <Thank You>, which is a love song for Inspirit.
You guys held your summer concert, <That Summer>, this year right?
It was a great time being able to see everyone at a small theater concert after such a long time. We’ll have many concerts going forward, so please show lots of interest then as well.
We can’t leave out talk about your appearance on MBC’s <King of Masked Singer> this year. It must have been gratifying to quiet the people who only thought of you as INFINITE’s visual.
Thank you. It feels like I’ve gotten one step closer to the ideal world that I want. It was a great experience and it incited thoughts in me of wanting to work harder in the future. Please look forward to seeing various sides of me.
Your acting career is fully blooming. We hear you got cast for KBS’s one-act drama <The Day After We Broke Up>, what kind of drama is it?
It’s a fantasy romance drama. It’s a time warp drama where the main character, Yoo Tan, lives his life in repeat while recovering the forgotten, important things [in life] that he was unaware of.
If you were to name a role model?
Leonardo DiCaprio and Ed Sheeran!


Because of your solo album, we met for the June edition of <The Star>, it’s great seeing you so soon.
Yes. I’m also glad we’re meeting again so soon!
You wrapped up your solo album <Write> successfully. Was it an album that fulfilled everything you wanted it to (The editor liked ‘Scent’)?
I’m glad because it was an album that proved my abilities as a solo artist. I’m also looking forward to the next album (laughter).
At our last interview, I felt you matured a lot internally and emotionally. What factors influence Woohyun internally?
I think that I’m maturing little by little as I get older and it’s also because there are more things to feel as well (laughter).
As a part of INFINITE, what is another adjective you’d like to use to describe yourselves?
As a part of INFINITE, I hope we could become ‘Long-lasting-dols’.


1st place yesterday, 1st place today. Your parade of 1st place wins keep on going. Congratulations!
Thank you. Because Inspirit worked so hard, we’re very thankful but also sorry. I would like to relay my thanks once again to Inspirit.
It feels like the choreography for the title song ‘Typhoon’ is a little less knife-like than before. Is this a small change that INFINITE is pursuing?
To be honest, from the beginning, we never thought ‘We have to have knife-like choreography’. But when we debuted, a lot of people said that about us. Now, we try to include our own individual flavor.
Going forward, is there a concept that you would like to try through INFINITE?
Even when I think about it, it seems like we only stick to breakup songs and obsession concepts (laughter). I think it would be good to try something different now.
You were on Mnet’s <Hit the Stage>. What do you pay attention to most while blocking the stage? Did you learn anything?
I didn’t plan too much and purely did what I wanted to do. More than learning something, I realized something once again. I’m definitely much better when I do the things that I like rather than doing something I’m told to do. I don’t think doing what others command, like a puppet, suits me.
This year, the film <Hiya> was shown. You were even given the Rookie Actor award at the Golden Film Awards, congratulations. Do you have any acting plans?
Thank you! I have a lot of plans personally but I can’t just do whatever I want. Since I’m still in the position of doing as I’m told, drawing up plans is quite vague. I’m not sure when, but I’ll continue to appear as an actor.
You look serious and reserved but you’re very talented. Is there something else that you would like to challenge?
Yes. I’m preparing to take on a new challenge with my friends. If it’s quick, maybe by next year? I can’t tell you anything in detail but please look forward to it!

Translated by: togetherinspirit7


1972. Vol. 4

is the fourth album by band Black Sabbath, released in September. It was the first album by Black Sabbath not produced by Rodger Bain; guitarist Tony Iommi assumed production duties. Patrick Meehan, the band’s then-manager, was listed as co-producer, though his actual involvement in the album’s production was minimal at best.

In June 1972, the band reconvened in Los Angeles to begin work on their next album at the Record Plant. The recording process was plagued with problems, many as a result of substance abuse issues. While struggling to record the song “Cornucopia” after “sitting in the middle of the room, just doing drugs”, Ward was nearly fired from the band. “I hated the song, there were some patterns that were just … horrible” Ward said. “I nailed it in the end, but the reaction I got was the cold shoulder from everybody. It was like ‘Well, just go home, you’re not being of any use right now.’ I felt like I’d blown it, I was about to get fired”. The album was originally titled “Snowblind” after the song of the same name, which deals with cocaine abuse. The record company changed the title at the last minute to Black Sabbath Vol. 4, with Ward stating “There was no Volume 1, 2 or 3, so it’s a pretty stupid title really”.

By 1972, the band had recorded 3 iconic records in a row and obtained recognition and popularity. Master Of Reality featured their distinctive sound in all its splendor, so the future couldn’t look brighter. Nobody played it that way, nobody was that influential for that following new generation of British kids who would eventually form their own bands and lead a whole movement by the end of the decade.

This is some of the best heavy metal ever made .. So put down  whatever evil metal you’re listening too, and check out the band that started it all. You will not be disappointed.

                  Tony Iommi    Ozzy Osbourne   Geezer Butler    Bill Ward


[Live Report] DIAURA Perfect Autocratic Territory Shibuya Koukaidou

DIAURA tackled their largest venue yet with a oneman held at Shibuya Koukaidou on December 29; putting an end to their 2013. It is certainly safe to say that DIAURA spent 2013 working towards that day and that all of their feelings were suitably packed into the live.

The wide stage was illuminated harshly by strobes as the members slowly came onstage, one by one. Lastly, vocalist yo-ka appeared, though he rose up from behind the drum set, holding a black flag as if declaring an autocratic society from that moment on. The hall responded with a huge cheer and yo-ka shouted, “The perfect autocracy, tonight!” A dark sound dominated the hall under red light, and the autocratic society was formed with “DICTATOR.” yo-ka released deep shouts and clear vocals, inspiring the crowd to intense forward headbanging with his yell of, “Bring it on!”

“Jolt, Shibukou(Shibuya Koukaidou)!” the vocalist cried, stepped up on the platform as he led the crowd by swinging his hips to “Code:0.” Kei, whose pink hair stood out in contrast to his black costume, jazzed up the tune with his guitar line while yo-ka sang with soulful vocals, delivering his emotional performance to the very back of the vast hall amid fantastical lights. “Well then, let’s get crazy, gumin domo!” This affectionate term for DIAURA’s fans identifies them as part of a group; a naming proven in a flurry of headbanging which filled the hall to heavy drumming from Tatsuya as “TRIGGER” proceeded to contrast heavy sound with more melodious tones.

“Welcome to the perfect autocratic territory. Let’s paint Shibukou in our colors, where only you guys and us are allowed to be today! Show us your power!” “Cult” began with slapping bass from Shoya as yo-ka stood behind the drummer to look around the hall, deinking in with his eyes the madness of the audience. At the last, he sang with beautiful falsetto, looking heavenward as if pleading. Smoke then burst forth for “Chaos Play” with its impressive call and response. Gentleness and robustness mingled together in the number, resulting in a wild experience.

More red light flooded the stage in accordance with the title “Akai Kyozou.” Although the impression of the song was heavy, heartache was represented in the melody, and yo-ka put agonizing feeling into his cries. Looking heavenward as “Sleeping beauty” began, Kei changed it up from a wistful sound to echoing notes in his guitar solo while Shoya set the rhythm firmly, coloring the song with his high-toned bass guitar.

Deep bass drum echoed for “Invisible” and yo-ka started singing painfully as he lay down, crying amid a haze of mysterious purple light. DIAURA’s dark world view was jammed into the song. Then, “The Redemption” followed with its deep symphonic sound. The crowd rocked their heads and intensity filled the hall. The backdrop screen displayed disconcerting images of deadwoods to aid the imagination and when it was over, a white curtain fell upon the black mood.

The title of the band’s latest album FOCUS was projected onto the curtain with song titles from the album displayed one after another, superimposed over a view of outer space. Lastly, it showed “TABOO” and the striking riff began, the members making their re-appearance with black hoods pulled up over their heads. The stage was shadowy and the mood of the hall concurred. yo-ka danced the choreography to the rhythmical intro, singing pleadingly as eight torches flared on the stage, lining the staircase crossing behind the drums. Although the tune was not the type to spark to life, it became gradually more dramatic. Then, all of a sudden, a siren rang and narration intruded upon the music, warning, “Caution!” “Kinjiroku” opened with the fans cheering—they were eager to enjoy another set of choreography.

Although “Taidou” began with a taste of darkness, the tone gradually rose as it progressed toward the chorus. The band took the crowd in to their own, almost religious world, yo-ka singing with a mixture of shouts and powerful vocals. “Throw all of your dark sides at us! Let’s destroy!” The audience unified in “anti people” which featured a long call and response section. As it continued, the shouts of “anti people” changed to “anti Shibukou” and the band and their fans trod into more autocratic territory than ever.

“The year 2013 was tumultuous for DIAURA. We were able to create a very precious song; SIRIUS cast light upon us and we made it here without losing that light,” yo-ka expressed. In the dark, countless stars swirled on the backdrop screen in answer to strong, agonized piano notes and “SIRIUS” began from its melodious chorus. Based on the alternating energy and inactivity of the score, blue and red light took turns to light the stage in contrast while the wistful melody and lyrics resounded in yo-ka’s echoing vocals. Then, continuing the emotional mood, the single’s coupling song, “Lily,” came next. The catchy guitar riff made an impression and the tormented vocal style grabbed the crowd.

“I am so glad that I could live to see in this day with you. We were looked down upon and denied but there are sceneries which we believe in. One of them was Shibukou. For us, this scenery is everything. For you, the four members you can see now are everything. We will go on with pride in DIAURA and you should each do so, too!” With that enthusiastic message from yo-ka, the members launched into enjoyment of utterly DIAURA-like, melodious yet heavy numbers such as “Sajou no Yume” and “deadly number.” True to DIAURA form, yo-ka cried, “Who is your master?” and the crowd confirmed the band as such, signaling the next song: “MASTER.” “Die to the last man!” The vocalist swung his big, black flag violently, inflaming the audience. Kei played his guitar solo at center for the first instance of the show, creating a distorted sound along the next of the instrument. Finally, in the last song, “Inocent,” yo-ka sat down still on the edge of his podium, all the better to watch the fans clearly. He made them sing again and again, the lyrics visible on the screen behind, and the members stoutly received the united, raised voices.

As soon as the band returned to the stage for the encore, they started into “TERRORS” without a word. The mid-tempo tune brought a pop image to the band’s dark side. Then, guitarist and bassist changed positions for “Beautiful Creature” and gave a different view to the crowd. The fans jumped, raising their hands up to the quick rhythm created by the drummer.

“Thank you for the encore! When we decided to perform here, there were many people who said it was impossible. However, I think that one of our dreams has come true with the realization of this scenery.”

Following his expression of gratitude, yo-ka introduced the members and they expressed their feelings one by one, beginning with Tatsuya: “My father told me I should keep enthusiasm in my heart and cherish my fellowship, so I will work hard.”

Shoya briefly talked of his feelings of success. “Now, I think we can do anything if we can try.”

Kei finished with a presentation of his gratitude. “I feel I am fortunate that to be standing on this stage now. I am really glad to play music.”

It was then yo-ka’s turn to deliver a closing assessment of his and DIAURA’s outlook: “There will be an answer if we keep going with belief. We should live on together, holding hands. There is a song expressing this in FOCUS which I would like you to listen to now.” Kei sat down, playing acoustic guitar for “Lost rain-Ushinai no Ame, Sono Kioku tono Kyousei-” and all of the feelings of the members twisted together. Cymbals echoed gently, sad and powerful vocals joined in, guitar created sweetness and heartache, and bass supported the number with its firm sound. It was unlike the heavy numbers which seem to define DIAURA yet the fans listened with silent, pent-up emotion.

“I wish this time could continue unchanged but there are only two songs left. Will you live on with us? Gumin domo!” Shattering the gentle mood, an air of excitement wrapped the hall for “DOGMA” and in the beginning of “Garden of Eden,” glittering silver tape rained down, received with cheers. The vocalist approached the other members to sing, looking into their eyes from up close. It was as though he delivered his gratitude to each member. Furthermore, phrases expressing DIAURA’s gratitude to their fans were squeezed into the lyrics and the song became a special message.

“It was an amazing night! Let’s go on without forgetting this moment! Thank you!” The members left but they were summoned back to the stage by an insistent encore call. “You are such beggars!” yo-ka teased. The band gave their Gumin further chance to headbang in “an Insanity” and, lastly, yo-ka yelled, “We will play for you our very first song at the finish.” “Shitsuyoku no Seiiki” expressed both the heaviness and melodious tunes which symbolize DIAURA and testified that the band’s beliefs have not changed since their beginning.

Their new single will be released on March 1 with a DVD of the show at Shibuya Koukaido to be released. Moreover, the band’s 2014 tour will be held in 47 prefectures with the final at Takadanobaba AREA on July 6 and a grand final at Shibuya Club QUATTRO on August 16. The hall was filled with shouts of joy from the crowd at the surprising announcements. The path DIAURA have begun to tread will develop remarkably in 2014, placing them at the heart of the current visual kei scene and worthy of high expectations.

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1976 The ISLEY BROTHERS “Harvest For The World”

“The Isley Brothers came with love, funk and the too seldom mentioned socially consicous songs; this album is titled after one of those social gems. However, "Who Loves You Better,” with its disco flair, was the album’s first release. Ronald Isley’s aggressive delivery blends nicely with Ernie Isley’s tantalizing guitar solos. It was a top three single on the Billboard R&B charts. The title track is a tour de force. Preceded by a mellow intro in which Ronald Isley’s earnest plea rings with urgency, the timeless lyric and festive rhythm make “Harvest for the World” a welcomed anthem for all the people of the world. It cracked the Billboard R&B top ten at number nine. Ronald Isley changes his tone on some of these compositions by adding a roughness to his still smooth tenor, like on the relentless jams “People of Today” and “You Wanna Stay Down.” Then there are those priceless ballads like “Let Me Know” and “Let Me Down Easy”; Ronald Isley sweetly caresses the lyric with compassion and agility. Neither of these two selections were releases but remain staples on R&B radio.“

[STARCAST] SuperJunior! Unusual MV meeting! | 140902

Delightful SuperJunior has come back with 7th regular album ‘MAMACITA’~!! They are getting hot response from domestic and overseas fans by breaking through more than 2 million views in 22 hours of title song ‘MAMACITA’ MV’s release. They have changed putting more dignity by performing differentiated charm with ‘MAMACITA’ from ‘Sorry, Sorry’ and ‘BONAMANA’. Please meet comeback talk of SuperJunior that shouts out ‘Hey! MAMACITA!’ delightfully and sings ‘feel the weight that has an important title!’, ‘MAMACITA’ MV behind story, and members thought toward SuperJunior world tour ‘SUPER SHOW 6’ which is going to be held soon~!! : )

Hey! MAMACITA! I’m ah ya ya ya ♬

#Hey # MAMACITA #We’re SuperJunior~!

Donghae and Siwon poses for the shooting by showing gentleman’s dignity (?) at the word that this picture would be shown to fans!

“We are SuperJunior~!!” We met SuperJunior in front of SuperJunior’s comeback broadcast waiting room. New album and MV stories became the common subject naturally when 10 members gather around whom usually give and take jokes while preparing the stage calmly. We asked them what roles they took as their character and is there any character they wished to act although the other member took it while talk about the popular ‘MAMACITA’ MV was going on. The waiting room soon became place of chattering… ^^

(Heechul) I want to say that Kang In looks so well in the fruit seller. lol. He likes to eat watermelon, so he eats that even in winter by getting if from somewhere. ^^
And I took the role of a bartender. I don’t feel insufficient about the character but since I shot the first I regretted a lot by thinking ‘I could’ve acted more excitingly…’ after seeing other members’ shot. That is the most regretful thing.

(Siwon ) I’ve taken the role of the sheriff who is mad at catching the greatest crook of all history (?!) I was so jealous of Eunhyuk’s role. It was being a bullfighter but he didn’t put much passion into it. ^^;;

(Sungmin) I took the role of being the ‘president of a bank’. I also envied Eunhyuk’s bullfighter character!

Eunhyuk who got 2 votes of the most envied character!! Then what would his response be?!

(Eunhyuk) I’m satisfied with my role. Since I acted well and vivified the character, members envy me. I’m so proud of myself. (Laughter)

Shindong talked about the behind story of how his character was picked!

Shindong) Actually, the ‘blacksmith’ character fitted the best with me. I had to choose between the ‘gardener’ and ‘blacksmith’ at first, but I picked the ‘blacksmith’ since I thought it would match well with me. I envy Kang In’s ‘fruit seller’ role among other members’ roles…… I would also have fitted well with it, and many fans liked it unexpectedly.

# Kang In #Shining tear-acting

The talk naturally headed about this album and this album’s title song after talking about ‘MAMACITA’ MV story for a long time! Members noisily talked about their opinions when we conveyed appreciation comments (?) of fans that they regard this song not just as a simple light song when looking at ‘MAMACITA’s lyrics and that SuperJunior’s dignity can be felt….

(Heechul) Elements of criticizing the society are contained in the lyrics which reverse from the song title ‘MAMACITA’.

(Shindong)  Do they say dignity?! lol. Dignity is said for me (LOL) I think many people regard us as favorable by looking back at things what SuperJunior members have done for the meanwhile.

(Ryeowook) SuperJunior has been already 9 years from our debut. I think there are things that are exposed from our accumulated experience and our effort done as that much. Our mind loving fans have become deeper.

Leader Leeteuk’s neat finish~!!

I think we have lost more dignity (?) since Shindong and other members have lost much weight.. LOL But I think that you may feel our internal dignity. I think that fans are feeling our strengthened internal aspect which we made through preparing and practicing for 2 years.

While talking about fans, the story subject moved on to the story about ELF (SuperJunior fan club). Leader Leeteuk showed off about their fans since he felt so good about hot responses they got from ELF whenever they released image, teaser, and MV. Also member’s gratitude and message that contained proudness toward their fans continued.

(Leeteuk) ‘MAMACITA’ MV broke through more than 2 million views in a day. I think our fans always make miracle. We will do our best always, so please give much interest and love

(Kyuhyun) Thank you for waiting for us for 2 years. And thank you for loving us continuously. We will reward you guys with our image of us doing our best on stage!

(Ryeowook) We hope you love not only our title song ‘MAMACITA’ but also all the 10 tracks in our 7th regular album!

(Donghae) I think it feels really great that we could meet our fans and hear their voices and opinions often since I missed them a lot. Since we have prepared a lot for ELF fans that waited for us for a long time, please watch our activities continuously!

Members were full of joy at the thought of meeting their fans through the stage. Lastly, SuperJunior also commented about SuperJunior world tour ‘SUPER SHOW 6’ which will be their 100th concert.

(Siwon)  I feel so proud of myself since we are holding the 100th concert in 7 years since it has been 7 years starting SUPER SHOW. I think it is more meaningful since we are holding the 100th concert not only in Korea but also in the whole world. I thank our fans, and don’t know how to express my gratitude toward fans that have waited for us continuously.

(Heechul) I thought of whether we have the qualification to get congratulated for our 100th concert. Since I had 2 years break period, I couldn’t fill in the 100th concert. So I’m so thankful to fans and I want to do my best for the 200th, 300th, and 1000th concerts.

(Sungmin) Actually, I cannot realize that it’s our 100th concert. I think it’s good that we have already done 100 concerts with members and made many memories.

(Shindong) I’m so nervous. Actually, if we do only 2 concerts in Korea, then we would be holding the 100th one in other country but due to the added one concert we could do the 100th one in Seoul. Since we are preparing so hard for this concert, I’m more looking forward to this one.

(Kyuhyun) I cannot believe that it’s already our 100th concert. It couldn’t happen at the time of ‘SUPER SHOW 1’. It doesn’t feel like I did it, and can’t believe it since the reality is here. (Don’t I have problems with strength?) Yes, since I’m the youngest. (LOL)

(Ryeowook) I remember the time of the 1st concert since we are having our 100th concert. First I thought of until when could we hold ‘SUPER SHOW’ but since it the 100th concert has become the reality, I attribute it to many audiences. I hope to make a happy stage with many people.

Their talk of being happy, serious and giving laughter after being serious again ended naturally when the stage preparation time was getting near. It’s time for preparing smart stage without laughing~!!

#Please love #the 7th regular album #‘MAMACITA’.

SuperJunior’s 7th regular album ‘MAMACITA’ has much to see since they have prepared for a long time. Please give much love to SuperJunior’s new album ‘MAMACITA’ since 10 males’ passion and sincere effort that could be noticed through their delightful but serious talks are melted in it.

Thank you : )

Source: Naver
Writing/Picture: SM Entertainment

Fun Fact: when I was 13, I attempted to write a movie musical using the music of the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, and Miley Cyrus. It was called “Just Friends” after the song on JB’s self-titled album. The opening sequence was “See You Again”, there was an epic fight during “Don’t Forget”, “G.N.O.” was a nightmare scene. I never finished it, but it honestly wasn’t as terrible as it could’ve been tbh.

Fan Account 21|02|2016: History in London, 히스토리

Okay so I’m waiting on the bus to go back to Scotland and I’m writing this on my phone but I felt I need to get this out as soon as possible.
I am just out from seeing History and honestly… I’m emotional wreck. This band has meant so much to me because of many different reasons. They helped and continue to help me through rough times (and I had a really rough time near when they debuted) and on top of that I met some amazing storias (you know who you are Geosquad) who have come to mean the world to me, all due to history.

OKAY so now to the actual concert. I can’t remember quite when I started queueing but it was hella early and we were… 15 away from the front I think? It was a big group of us and there was a wee bit of gossiping and nastyness going around because we left to go get food for the group and people thought we were jumping the queue when we got back.
To be honest, it was quite… chaotic the entire queuing time. I met some awesome, truly awesome, people but some fans also severely disappointed us because when History arrived, they chased after the. After that Sihyoung and (I’m not sure because he was wearing a hoodie) Jaeho/Yijeong left to go get food and drink. Again.. fans literally followed them and I got really angry because Sihyoung was obviously pissed off by it. So yes, I was the really loud Scottish girl if anyone heard me telling people to back off from the members.
The queue was a mess but anyway skip forward and I had VIP tickets so I got early entry. I was .. one person away from the front I’d say and at first it was fine. Slowly but surely the entire place was packed and I thought I would be okay, but fans were kinda crazy and I nearly fainted after one song (Dreamer).

Before they came on they kept peeking through a little partition at the back and the crowd obviously went wild. As they actually came on, they looked genuinely surprised at how the fans were; they were going wild.

So anyway after one song I moved to the back where I had some friends and I enjoyed myself more there. I could see everything perfectly and the songs after dreamer were from various albums, none title tracks. Each and every song was performed incredibly, I swear to goodness I knew they were going to be good but they shocked me with their talent.

So their of course they had their initial hellos after two songs, they talked about how loud and energetic we were and said they’d like to reciprocate that with their performances in order to show their love. They didn’t take long talking that time and quickly started performing again.

The next time they started talking however…. Sihyoung was a completely idiot oh my god. He waddled around the stage and I can’t quite remember the reason.

They had two main talking moments and my memory of what happened specifically at each part is iffy so I’ll just say the things that happened.
They definitelly all specifically talked about London and what they loved about it. Kyungil said the music, films, the fans and “herry pottah” hahhaah. Yijeong was surprisingly quiet and simply said the UK storias. Dokyun said british football players. Sihyoung and Jaeho were similar too.

History also had a moment where they took questions from the crowd and oh dear… forst person to go I could tell was my friend even from the way she breathed into the mic. Claire you are a unique breather. First kyungil goes “so cute!” To her. She asked them why they are so handsome and they could'nt understand her and neither could the translator so… her bias Sihyoung imitated her by babbling and making a face HAHAHHA. For quite a few minutes everyone talked about how cute she was but eventually Kyungil instead said “Why are you so beautiful?” and everyone went wild. So they all listed why they were handsome and Dokyun said “because my father is handsome”. They all agreed and started going on like “… my mum is handsome!” “My gran is handsome!”. Then kyungil answered and he said “but I’m ugly” we all called him a liar. Jaeho then said that kyungil was sexy and that so was he HAHHA.

Another question was “can I stand beside you in the Meet and Greet?” to sihyoung and he said of course. Anothrr question was “what is your favourite song” and kyungil was like “well we listen to this pretty much every day… it’s called History by One Direction”. They proceeded to sing that song ahhh.

Another question was what british food had they tried so far… apparently subway and mcdonalds are british food hahha.

Okay now to the biggy. Someone asked their ideal type and honestly that’s been overdone but.. they made it special. Dokyun said someone that is kind and has a nice smile to which all of the members started pointing to all of the crowd. Jaeho said that London storias are ideal type which made the members laugh and call him a liar LOL. They then said he was called casanova in SK. Sihyoung said that his ideal type is someone who looks good in jeans!

BUT. THEN Yijeong thought for a wee bit before saying that his leader was his ideal type, he then approached Kyungil and touched him. He was then encouraged to properly hug and he literally clung to Kyungil. Then we all encouraged Kyungil to hug him back and he did BUT then he burst out like “I LIKE GIRLS”. Yijeong laughed really loudly the lil bab. Then Kyungil said that his ideal type was a girl that loved him and yup, crowd went wild.

On top of that History also told his that they’re going sight seeing tomorrow (22nd Feb) and that if anyone saw them that they have to come and say hi. They then asked the light directors to turn on the lights for the crowds so they they could “memorise” faces!!!!

Okay so this part wrecked me you have no idea but they also said that initially History had come to London/Europe in order to give his strength and energy but they feel like instead it is them that is going home with more energy and happiness.

So performance wise Dokyun and Yijeong both did solo performances and Yijeong got really really emotional. You vould see he was crying throughout but at the end as he was walking off he was properly wiping at his eyes. I’m not okay.

They also did some sort of collab performance Jaeho with Kyungil, Kyungil with Sihyoung and Yijeong.

So they performed Might Just Die last, but obviously came back for encore (I started the chant hell yeah baby) and performed Ghost and Tell Me Love. LOTS OF FANSERVICE.

During the entire thing all of them interacted a lot with the crowd, and specifically with me it seemed that everyone else was waving at them and I made a heart sign with my arms abive my head to which (oh dear god) Yijeong pointed at me and made a heart sign back.

So that was it for the performances (I’m sure other people will remember more so look out for other fan accounts). Now onto the M&G!

I was daaaamn near the front but unfortunarely I wasn’t at the back to give Yijeong the tartan stuffed bunny we had brought from Scotland… he definitely got it though and that’s what matters. So it was all pretty chill but they were adamant not to hang around the members too long when giving high fives.

I said thank you to all of them, and Dokyun was first AND HE’S A SWEET LITTLE BABY AND HE SAID THANK YOU BACK. Also I noticed that all of them really GRABBED onto our hands, like properly.

Then Yijeong, and this will be with me to the end of my days (yeah he’s my bias but I love them all). I said 사랑해 but was so panicky that I forgot to add 요. Buuut he then said 나도 사랑해 and I died.

Then was Kyungil and uh… who allowed him to be so beautiful? He was super sweet though, as they all were and his smile was so big.Then Jaeho and that cheeky smirk omfg NOT ALLOWED. He said thank you as well! Sihyoung hahahha this boy I swear to god. I die. I die. I die. They all were so happy and smiling. To be honest… ALL OF THEM are legit so beautiful in real life, you have no idea.

So after the high five (we were split into 10 people) we were told to wait at the side. One girl was stressing out trying to figure where to put us and oh boyyyy I was put infront of Yijeong. I 100% looked a mess because I was still panicky and I couldn’t smile properly. Still, it will be a precious memory and photograph.

After that was done I turned around and specifically said thank you to Yijeong again and he was a lil bab and said thank you too.




Am I ridiculous enough yet. Uh yeah. Thank you History and thank you Storia. I’m so so sorry if this is a pile of shit.

anonymous asked:

I love most songs on the album. I really do. However, I sorta agree with you that it seems "stunty". Most songs can relate to Zayn leaving. At least, thats my take on it. They all seem heartbroken over Zayn.

I feel like that was the plan. There’s a duality to many of the songs. There’s the official narrative and then there’s the Zayn-centric subtext. Like History for example. Official narrative-wise, it’s about the fans (obligatory ass kissing of the ever demanding fandom). But lbh, the song is about Zayn. The album title is about Zayn (AM = after Malik/aftermath). Zayn is the ghost haunting the entire project. Zayn’s the elephant in the room during all the promo. I’m exhausted with it quite frankly. Because I’m too smart to fall for the okey doke. So everything is like…

This era of relentless stuntin’ needs to end already. I’m too grown and sexy for these games or to see people who should know better flailing over it. It’s tiresome.