song that heaven allows

Born Today, May 6, in 1920 Producer Ross Hunter…

“The way life looks in my pictures is the way I want life to be. I don’t to hold a mirror up to life as it is.” - Ross Hunter

Produced over 40 film and tv shows including Pillow Talk, Magnificent Obsession, Flower Drum Song, Midnight Lace, The Thrill of It All, All That Heaven Allows, Tammy and the Bachelor, Imitation of Life 1959, Thoroughly Modern Millie…

Rich Games pt. 17 (Suho Scenario)

Summary: Everything is just fun and games for the rich boy, Suho.
Members: Suho x Reader (Appearances by EXO and BTS Members)
Type: Student! AU/ Drama/ Angst/ little Fluff
Length: 2,865 Words

 I am sorry this took so long. I wanted to make it good and I was REALLY busy with school and work. But I really really hope you like it. <3

-Admin Kat

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You glanced over at IU and found her smiling at you. “What should I do?” You asked her under your breath as Suho continued to sing. You had no idea how to react. This was like something straight out of a cliché movie. You looked all around the cafeteria. Girls were staring at you in envy and the boys were watching Suho with mocking disbelief. There were tears in your eyes, but not from sorrow or from joy. They were tears of frustration. This boy was playing with your emotions. You never knew what he was going to do or what little secret would reveal an ulterior motive.

“Do what feels right, but don’t let him fool you again.” IU told you reassuringly. You nodded your head just as the song came to an end.

                                                                 Beautiful Beautiful
                                              Open the door of heaven (only allow me
                                                        Oh You Beautiful Beautiful
                                  My eyes are drenched with joy (I’m falling only into you)
                                                        Oh You Beautiful Beautiful
                                     Even forgetting time for a bit (even forgetting myself)
                                                       Oh You Beautiful Beautiful
                                              I’m dreaming a dream of you forever

The room was silent as the last word lingered in the air. All eyes fell on you; boys’ and girls’. You slowly began to stand; stopping when Yoongi placed his hand on top of yours. You glanced down at him and his eyes met yours. His eyes held a look of worry and slight jealousy. You froze halfway seated. You could not take your eyes away from his. “You shouldn’t trust Suho. His reputation is pretty accurate when it comes to him. (Y/N), you need to be careful around him.” Yoongi’s words repeated in your mind. After what felt like hours, but were mere seconds, he pulled his hand back and dropped his gaze to the table.

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