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Translated Catalan songs: Vestida de Nit

This song is an havanera composed by Càstor Pérez and Glòria Cruz, here sang by their daughter Sílvia.

Havaneres are a traditional style of music that originated in Cuba in the 19th century, but they are more popular in the coast of the Catalan Countries, the Basque Country, Asturias and Cantabria. These songs were commonly sung in the ships of sailors and immigrants who went from the Iberian Peninsula to look for a betterr life in Cuba, and for this reason many of these songs are very nostalgic and often talk about missing their homeland or lost loves.

(In the video, the song starts at 1:34)

Here you have the original lyrics of this song in Catalan and their translation to English.

Pinto les notes d'una havanera
I paint the notes of an habanera

blava com l'aigua d'un mar antic,
blue like the water of an ancient sea,

blanca d'escuma, dolça com l'aire,
white like foam, sweet like the air,

gris de gavines, daurada d'imatges,
grey like seagulls, gold by images,

vestida de nit.
dressed in evening gown.

Miro el paisatge, cerco paraules,
I look at the landscape, I search for words,

que omplin els versos sense neguit.
that will fill the verses without unease.

Els pins m'abracen, sento com callen,
Pine trees hug me, I hear how they go quiet,

el vent s'emporta tot l'horitzó.
the wind blows away the whole horizon. 


Si pogués fer-me escata
If I could become scale

i amagar-me a la platja
and hide at the beach

per sentir sons i tardes del passat,
to hear sounds and afternoons of the past,

d'aquell món d'enyorança,
of that world of nostalgia,

amor i calma, perfumat de lluna, foc i rom
love and calm, scented with moon, fire and rum.

Si pogués enfilar-me a l'onada més alta
If I could climb the highest wave

i guarnir de palmeres el record,
and adorn the memory with palm trees,

escampant amb canyella totes les cales
sprinkling every cove with cinnamon

i amb petxines fer-los un bressol.
and making them a cradle with shells.

Els vells em parlen plens de tendresa,
The old ones talk to me, full of tenderness,

d'hores viscudes amb emoció.
about hours lived with emotion.

Joves encara, forts i valents,
Still young, strong and brave,

prínceps de xarxa, herois de tempesta,
princes of the net, heroes of the storm,

amics del bon temps.
friends of the good weather.

Els ulls inventen noves històries,
The eyes invent new stories,

vaixells que tornen d'un lloc de sol.
boats coming back from a sunny place.

Porten tonades enamorades,
They carry songs in love,

dones i Pàtria, veles i flors.
women and motherland, sails and flowers.

(Repeat chorus)


Catarina Furtado, Daniela Ruah, Filomena Cautela and Sílvia Alberto will host the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon. Read all about the four presenters here:…

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Princess Sofia, Prince Carl Philip, King Carl Gustaf (who should now be known as the Dancing King), Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, and Prince Daniel dance to a cover of “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake at the 2016 Polar Music Prize Awards. || June 16th, 2016

A notícia só será oficializada segunda-feira dia 8 de Janeiro pela RTP, mas em princípio serão estas as apresentadoras do Festival da Canção 2018. Muito feliz por ti Daniela! 🤗👌🙌😉🙏❤😘 *************
The news will only get confirmation on monday, Jan. 8th, but these will be the hosts for this year’s Eurovision Song Festival. So happy for you Daniela! 🤗👌🙌😉🙏❤😘

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OMG, I’ve just watched this and it’s amazing! Royals from around the world singing a love song, Queen Silvia wiping tears away and Victoria being the most wonderful I’ve ever seen. 

It’s definitely worth a watch :)