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A Gentleman's Dignity vs Dr. Jin: First Impressions

Finals are done ! Summer is almost there ! And this drama season look more than promising ! The new season started last week with the premieres of two week-end (Saturday-Sunday) dramas A Gentleman’s Dignity (SBS) and Dr. Jin (MBC).

Following the viewers ratings A Gentleman’s Dignity (14.2%) won my heart over Dr. Jin (12.2%).

Although both have different stories and talented actors I was more into the group of 40 years-old friends than the cold-heart doctor. Let’s see this in more details.

Dr. Jin

I am a big fan of Song Seung Hun. I completely fell for him in East of Eden and his portrayal of Park Hae Yong in My Princess was perfect. Unfortunately I don’t think he is fitted as a doctor.

Being from a family full of doctors I enjoy medical shows more than everyone else. It also mean I tend to be really picky about the shows and how close to the reality they are (medically speaking). This is why Song Seung Hun didn’t make the cut. His performance as a doctor was horrible. He was plain and looked like he was just throwing his lines here and there. Now I know he is supposed to be cold and proud but it was not well done. However except for his performance as a doctor his overall performance was really good and he did have some chemistry with Par Min Young.

Ah Park Min Young. To be quite honest I don’t like her (no it’s not because she dated Lee Min Ho). No offense to her fans but I think she is one of the worst actresses in the kdrama world. Her performance in City Hunter made me cringe but I was too drawn into the story to stop watching. Her presence didn’t help me enjoy the show.

Now the main problem in this drama lies within the story. It is yet another drama with a time slip theme. The good point will be that it is now someone coming from the future and not the opposite. Plus being a remake of the Japanese drama from the almost the same name doesn’t help. Yeah I saw the japanese version and I can’t help comparing. 

This drama unfortunately didn’t catch my attention. I will probably give a shot to next week episodes, afterall you can’t judge a drama after one-two episodes, but I don’t think I will follow it thoroughly.

Still I wish good luck to the cast and the staff for the two next month and a half.

Now let’s move on to SBS’s drama.

A Gentleman’s Dignity

Well, well I only have three words for it. AWESOME ! WATCH IT !!!

Not only this drama benefits from experimented and talented actors but the story is starting well.

Jang Dong Gun, Kim Soo Ro, Kim Min Jong and Lee Jong Hyuk are so great you could actually think they are such a good group of friends in real life. Like many said they are doing a perfect F40 which after only a couple of minutes already make us laugh. I believe they must have a lot of fun behind the scenes.

Except for Jang Dong Gun (yeah I know) I’m familiar with all the actors and enjoyed all of them in their projects. I have yet to see another project of Jang Dong Gun but his performance already amazes me.

Kim Ha Neul is also doing a great job. It is my first time watching her in a drama and I wasn’t disappointed. Her character is really interesting, she is strong yet has some weaknesses that make her really lovable. I’m curious to see how she will evolve.

Indeed the experience and talent of each of them help us get a good image and understanding of the characters but we cannot forget the story.

It is my first time watching a drama about four men, their friendship and their lives. A Gentleman’s Dignity being a drama targeted for more mature audiences it is only normal to hear about “grown-up” subjects which I do enjoy a lot. 

The different elements of the story are smartly and subtly put together. The link/relation between Kim Do Jin and Seo Yi Soo was interestingly expressed. I particularly enjoyed the red thread encounter between the two of them since it induces that they are somehow “fated” to each other. And they are when you realize they have many many friends/acquaintances in common. 

Not forgetting the other three friends, these two episodes showed us the bases of each story. The writers also gave us hints as to how tight and complicated the four friends relationship is which I’m really looking forward to. I’m especially curious about Choi Yoon (Kim Min Joon) and his “story” with Tae San’ sister.

A Gentleman’s Dignity looks really promising and even though it wasn’t a drama I was waiting for I am completely hooked now. From what I saw it is going to bring a story full of laughter but also bromance and romance and show us what hardship can or cannot break a 20 years friendship.

I don’t know if I will do an episode by episode review but I will definitely keep you updated on my thoughts on it.

Thank you for reading :D and see you next week for the “big battle” Ghost vs I Do I Do vs Bridal Mask !