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hey thomas, you and dodie's cover of new york new york was so great! your voices blend together in a really neat way and i thought the style of the song really suited both of your voices. also, those harmonies were kickass! how long did the overall process of the song take (arranging, rehearsing, recording etc)?

Thank you!!!! She works BRILLIANTLY fast. I suggested the song THAT DAY, and she went to work learning the chords, figuring out the harmonies, the parts each of us would sing… and then the recording of it took maybe… 40 minutes?? And then she literally went STRAIGHT to the laptop and started editing. After that, it just took a few trips around the city to get the footage of the city life. I mean… that girl is amazing. Absolutely blown away.

Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records ( ロクでなし魔術講師と禁忌教典 ) — Ending theme [TV Size]
Music: “Precious You☆”  by Sistine Fibel (CV: Fujita Akane), Rumia Tingel (Miyamoto Yume), Re=L Rayford (Ozawa Ari)

Original short music video promo:

Watch the Opening theme here:
(Song: blow out by Suzuki Konomi)

anyway i can barely contain my excitement for ween in june, i dont care that its lawn behind a whole chunk of seating my face is gonna melt off and thats all that fucking matters!!!!


Tuesday, April 25: Crimson Glory, “Astronomica”

Astronomica was the comeback that wasn’t quite: Crimson Glory’s first album in 8 years was reasonably well-received, but the band subsequently went on multiple hiatuses and essentially only existed for the occasional festival appearance.  It’s strange- sure, songs like “Astronomica” were woefully out of fashion in 1999, but if the goal was to reactivate the band and reestablish them in the metal community, then the tune was an excellent calling card: the addition of killer ex-Savatage sticksman Steve Wacholz on drums made the musicianship arguably stronger than ever, and even if new singer Wade Black didn’t quite have Midnight’s distinctive presence, his vocals packed a mean punch, growling and howling with fury and fire.  This was a more aggressive sound not only for Crimson Glory, but for progressive metal in general, and really prophesized what was to come for the subgenre.  “Astronomica” had the best of both worlds: it was purely metal in the classic tradition, but added new textures and amped up the intensity.  The song boded well for Crimson Glory’s future, if only they’d committed to having one.

it mite be a bad idea - like that ever stops me - if i respite from pain - if the vibe feels  feels - on a borrowed guitar - a kava bar - thats all they serve - 1 song maybe - no recording no whining - (yah right) - maybe something i never played b4 - a lot of ifs and maybes - like life i guess  

Happy Birthday, Ella Jane!

100 years ago today, there was born in a small town in Virginia someone who was to become one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. Known as the First Lady of Song and the Queen of Jazz, Ella Fitzgerald was a singer blessed with astounding gifts, the greatest among them perhaps her ability to combine flawless musicality, a wonderful vocal technique, and a sense of compassion and humanity which permeates her work.

Here’s evidence of that, in her version of George Gershwin’s iconic song “Someone to Watch Over Me", recorded with the Nelson Riddle Orchestra in 1959 (Ella Fitzgerald Sings the George and Ira Gershwin Song Book, Verve Records) 

And never forget - this, too, is the sound of America!

Face the Music airs TODAY!! Boarded by me ( @arythusa ), Amelia ( @amelia-lorenz ), Sarah, and Cassie, directed by Giancarlo ( @giancarlovolpe ). 

Featuring songs by Amelia (Moon’s song) and me (Star’s song)!! I don’t know how to write songs!!! 


Yuzu performing his free program at the 2017 World Championship

1rst place GOLD WINNER!

With a score of: 223.20 NEW RECORD!!!

Total score of 321.59

4Lo 4S 3F 4S3T 4T 3A2T 3A1Lo3S 3Lz

“It’s more like a, like a, like a cry than, than singing at some points in the song, but it’s beautiful, I think. […] When you find yourself so passionate about something, you find it kind of, consuming you and, um, that to the point where it drives you a little crazy and sometimes you’re, like, freaking out and you’re like ‘What, why do I even do this?!’ type of thing and sometimes, like, all you wanna do is just beg for mercy but you can’t, because, you know, you just become so in love.” - Shawn Mendes on Mercy and its production