“After debuting, the reality was that there were many people who did not accept us very quicky…We are not that kind of cute style, neither are we sexy. We are unique, too unique. No matter whether it’s the lyrics, song, or our style, it gives off the feeling of being different.”

“As a leader, f(x) is my responsibility. I’m always thankful to my members”

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I Still Can’t Get Over the concept that

f(x) bring in crowds like this

But Amber is So chill and does stuff like this

One day Amber could be at some skate park in Korea with random strangers and no one gives a crap. The next day she’s performing in a stadium in Tokyo and she’s apart of one of the highest selling kpop girl groups today. I Will never understand how she can do that. Amber has the perfect balance of fame and normal lifestyle how did she fucking achieve it what are her secrets


#7yearswithfx another year has passed and we’ve been through so much a first concert, a fandom name and a solo. you gave us hope, solidarity and compassion. you’ve blessed our ears with good music and shown us your kind hearts. despite your individual commitments you still try you best to meet with fans and find new ways to interact with us. Thank you for staying! f(Victoria+Luna+Krystal+Amber) = MeU, stay healthy and let’s continue for a long time together!

f(x)'s lalala's & dadada's & nanana's
  • f(x)'s lalala's & dadada's & nanana's
  • f(x)
  • All of Them

Out of boredom, I made a compilation of all of f(x)’s nanana’s and lalala’s and all that stuff, because I noticed they have a lot of those; they’re in chronological order so they don’t really blend that well but- enjoy~ 

(This compilation is literally longer than most f(x) songs, it’s almost 4 minutes long.)