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be the witness of change, when everyone else is being quiet.

a small selection of kpop songs that criticise politics and societal norms.

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❝No matter how many times I’m broken, extinguished or fallen, I’ll lead the way

Gorillaz Inktober List

So I have my “Song per day” for Inktober, and would like help filling the rest of the list. If you have a song you like and would like some free art (as you’ll be tagged as a dedication) submit your favorite song (or second favorite if its already listed) and help out! You can even choose what day you’d like so if you have a cool date you’d like and its free come on down!

Also if you could please help out and reblog, I’d be very thankful!

Day 1 - Doncamatic

Day 2 - Feel Good Inc

Day 3  - All Alone

Day 4 - Clint Eastwood

Day 5 - Empire Ants

Day 6 - To Binge

Day 7 - Plastic Beach

Day 8 - 5/4

Day 9 - Busted and Blue

Day 10 - Faust

Day 11 - Broken

Day 12 - 68th State

Day 13 -  Rhinestone Eyes

Day 14 - Rockit

Day 15 - DARE

Day 16 - People

Day 17 - Melancholy Hill

Day 18 - Charger

Day 19 - 19-2000

Day 20 - Left Hand Suzuki Method

Day 21 - We Got The Power

Day 22 - Andromeda

Day 23- Saturnz Bar

Day 24 - Ticker Tape

Day 25 - Kids with Guns

Day 26 - Do ya Thang

Day 27 - El Mañana

Day 28 - Superfast Jellyfish

Day 29 - Sound Check (Gravity)

Day 30 - M1A1

Day 31 - Out of Body

Also I guess my list is going to be used by other artists, so cool! Just please reblog my list if you use it so I can check you out!

BONUS:: November 1st - November has come

We are just 1 day shy of the Strip That Down release date. I wanted to do a quick overview of the things we need to focus on in order to promote Liam the most efficiently

Download/gift  on Amazon, Google Play, and ITunes

Stream on Spotify  (10 free streams per day only). If you are going to subscribe to a music streaming service I wouldn’t choose spotify because it only counts the first 10 streams of any song per day for charting even if you subscribe. (Do the 10 free plays everyday before you move to the next service)

Apple music  (stream counts unlimited)
Deezer (stream counts unlimited)
Google Play Music  (stream counts unlimited)
Tidal (stream counts unlimited)
Rhapsody (stream counts unlimited)
Groove Music Pass (stream counts unlimited)
Medianet (stream counts unlimited)
The streaming services above normally offers the first 30 days free. Apple offers the first 3 months free.

YouTube (stream counts unlimited as long as you are looged out of all YouTube accounts )
VEVO (stream counts unlimited as long as you are looged out of all YouTube accounts )

Download the chrome refresh extension. It automatically refreshes your YouTube videos so you can get streams.

***Special note if you are outside the UK or U.S. you can change your VPN so that you can asscess spotify and all of your streams will count towards the U.S. and U.K. sales***

Request on the radio

Request through mediabase first!! Strip That Down has been sent to Rhythmic and Pop radio so those are the stations we need to target.

Request also through Twitter.

I have a website that has all the radio stations and links listed that we need to target. I will post the link to it on Friday.


Rayark 6th Anniversary Promo!!

Rayark turns six this September! Thank you for all the support in the past year!
To pay back all our players, there will be special in-game offers

 1. VOEZ 9/8 ~ 9/18!
App Store (GMT+8)
- 9/8 ~ 9/11: Song packs on sale for 3 Chuchu’s each (except Deemo Selection II、Cytus Selection II)
- 9/8 ~ 9/10: All songs unlocked
- 9/10 ~ 9/16: One new song each day for seven days in a row
- 9/11 ~ 9/18: Play the seven new songs for free. Each song is unlocked per day in their released order.
Google Play (GMT+8)
- 9/9 ~ 9/11: Song packs on sale for 3 Chuchu’s each (except Deemo Selection II、Cytus Selection II)
- 9/9 ~ 9/10: All songs unlocked
- 9/10 ~ 9/16: One new song each day for seven days in a row
- 9/11 ~ 9/18: Play the seven new songs for free. Each song is unlocked per day in their released order.

2. DEEMO 9/8 ~ 9/11!
App Store、Google Play
- 9/8 00:00 ~ 9/11 23:59(GMT+8): In-game DLC「Forgotten Hourglass」50% off!

3. Cytus 9/8 ~ 9/11!
App Store
- 9/8 00:00 ~ 23:59(GMT+8): Game is free to play!
- 9/9 00:00 ~ 9/11 23:59(GMT+8): Main Game 50% off!
Google Play
- 9/9 00:00 ~ 9/11 23:59(GMT+8): Main Game 50% off!

Hello @blue-fox-of-eternity,

I’m assuming you are new to our blog/tumblr or don’t use the audio function often so let me explain:

1. We can only post max. 6 songs per day. You send us around 15 songs per request, and two or three requests at the same time. I’ll do all of them eventually but you’re being very impatient.

2. We queue our song posts. A song’ll appear every few hours throughout the day, your requests included. The reason we do this is to not clog people’s dashboards, and our old-time followers are okay with it. It hasn’t been 24 hours yet so please don’t act like the world is burning down. 

3. This blog is VOCALOID/UTAU only. Most of the songs you requested are either already posted or not related to VOCALOID (anime songs and utaite covers). We can’t do requests like those.

4. There is only 1 active admin ATM. And I have a life outside of tumblr. A busy one. I’m not your slave so that you can nag me every hour. Our followers can wait so I believe you can, too.

You’re being immature and uncivil here. It’s your rights to post your favorite songs any time you like on your personal blog; we’re not authorizing VOCALOID songs on tumblr. If you dislike our blog then feel free to unfollow.

It’s one thing you insult me, but I ask you to never touch our followers. They have nothing to do with this.

Hope this clears our misunderstandings. It’s honestly very distasteful and sad seeing these first thing in the morning.

Utapri Questions/Challenge!

so a while back i’ve made a huge list of utapri questions on my twitter for everyone to answer, and i thought some people on tumblr might enjoy it as well! since it was so long, it’d take you at least 2 hours to answer all of them so i decided to remove a bunch of questions and added a few newer questions i haven’t seen around before.

you can either answer all the questions at once in a repost/reblog, or treat it like a 30 day challenge and answer one question a day! the first 20 questions can be answered more thoroughly, but song questions are usually without much explanation so i figured doing 3 of them per day would make up for it. if you follow this method you’ll end up with 30 days exactly, but of course you can answer them however you want! i’d love to see everyone’s answers!

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I just love Owl City way too much. I don’t know exactly what it causes on me, but I just can’t stop listening to it. Like, I am quite sure that, in 4/5 years, I hear at least one Owl City song per day. And it just doesn’t get saturated for me. Like at all.

Owl City calms me down like nothing or no one could ever do. Adam’s voice is so sweet and all the magic that he produces with every chord or every synth thing…… All those combined are so……….I don’t even think I have an adjective for that. It’s just magical.

I think my feelings for Owl City are the most pure thing I’ll ever feel. It makes it look like as long as I keep listening to it, I’ll always have light within me. Even with all the darkness around me.

And I wish I could make people feel like that too.

Takeda lets Jacqui try on his Shirai Ryu outfit while he’s taking a shower, but Hanzo needs to talk to him and so he walks into his room and catches Jacqui wearing his outfit.

Proud dad moment as he bows and thanks her for joining the Shirai Ryu - which leaves her flabbergasted as she doesn’t really want to hurt the man’s feelings or start a fight

“This is just a misunderstanding - I don’t mean anything by wearing these his clothes! I was just…”

Hanzo stands back up, looks her right in the eyes and says: “No take backs. You are  now part of the Shirai Ryu.” And leaves with the tiniest of smiles as he wasn’t oblivious, and mostly did not mean anything by those words himself. 

Didn’t mean Jacqui didn’t spend a week worrying about when a ninja would come to pick her up at her family’s farm, Takeda only halfway sure his mentor wasn’t serious.


this playlist started as a personal project to find inspiration for klanceweek and voltronweek, is a compilation of all the songs that reminded me of voltron, having non-stop music to listen… but it ended up being larger than I expected (more than 100 songs!), and something I want to share to all the fandom.

More information under the cut!

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