song of the viking


This beautiful Swedish lady sings an ancient Viking song. Now watch how the cows respond. 

It is often argued that everything our ancestors did and said gets stored into our brains. Their experience and knowledge gets passed down from generation to generation. This may explain why we know or react to certain things without having any prior knowledge.

Kulning is an ancient herding call used in the Scandinavian region. The call is a high pitch tone that can reach long distances. The herding call sounds more like a haunting and sad melody meant to echo through mountains and alleys.

It was getting late and foggy on a magical night last month when Swedish artist Jonna Jinton wanted to try kulning. She wanted to find out if the animals would answer to the call their own ancestors heard when the women called them. Kulning might just be one of the most beautiful and enchanting sounds ever made.

American Gods: a proposal

Maybe the old and new gods could just settle their differences in a Eurovision style competition.

Technical Boy: plays his vape thing like a kazoo; it is on fire
Media: David Bowie outfit and surrounded by TVs that are on fire
Mr. Wednesday: sings old Viking songs while ravens play drums that are on fire
Bilquis: consumes an electric guitar with her vagina; the guitar is NOT on fire because ow
Shadow: mostly stands around looking baffled and flexes his muscles periodically; his undershirt is on fire 

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Run Boy Run
Run Boy Run

“Tomorrow is another day

and you won’t have to hide away.

You’ll be a man, boy!

But for now, it’s time to run, it’s time to run!”

I want to get Woodkid popular so badly!

“Her hair was not the orange or strawberry color of common red-haired men, but a deep burnished copper that shone in the light of the torches. Even her eyes were red … but her skin was smooth and white, unblemished, pale as cream. Slender she was, graceful, taller than most knights, with full breasts and narrow waist and a heart-shaped face. Men’s eyes that once found her did not quickly look away, not even a maester’s eyes. Many called her beautiful. She was not beautiful. She was red, and terrible, and red.”

__George R.R. Martin

photography by Malgorzata Maj


Bifröst by Helene Bøksle

Snake Taker / Care Eater

(To the tune of MGS3′s Snake Eater)

Kiki submitted:

What a thrill
With determination and resets through the Ruins
What a thrill
I’m searching and I’ll stab into you
What a fear in my soul
That yours is so supreme!

I give my soul
Not for saving, but for you (Care Taker)
In my time there’ll be no one else
Murder, it’s the way I fall to you (Care Taker)
I’m still in a load, Care Taker

Someday you go through the traps,
And someday you feed on your pie,
It’s ordeal, the trial to solve
For the day we see new sparks

I give my soul
Not for saving, but for you (Care Taker)
In my time there’ll be no one else
Murder, it’s the way I fall to you (Care Taker)
I’m still in a load, Care Taker
I’m still in a load, Care Taker

(Care Taker…)



Alex Hogh Andersen

Socorro Jesus!

     “That night the wind was howling almost like a wolf and there were some real wolves off to the west giving it lessons.”  
 ― George R.R. Martin