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PinocchioP / July 1, 2017

Fuck the anime for choosing the first opening song like that.

They knew full well that when ft ended, that song would only break us even more

Especially when translated to English, okay

I’m gonna recite this by memory mkay bECAUSE I CAN

Fairy, where are you going, I’m trying, to assemble all this light, to shine it down and make tomorrow bright

Oh yeah, do you hear the voices calling out your name

Oh yeah, cause I lost my voice while doing the same

Oh yeah, I’ll never quit until I feel your beating heart

Oh yeah, oh yeah

The sun and moon have joined in celebration, have you forgotten their affiliation

When you’re not here to share your laughter with me, I just can’t find my inspiration

Now it’s snowing, keep going, be honest, keep smiling, cause we’re approaching, the clock keeps on ticking, and it never stops

Fairy where are you going, I’m trying to assemble all this light, to shine it down and make tomorrow bright

Don’t say goodbye.

Akdong Musician

English Lyrics

My darling
Can I call you darling
Darling darling darling
Still feels like a dream
I dreamed about you for so long
Woo play like woo
Shall we party all night?

Your cherry lips
On your pretty face
Swallow up my eyes
Woo swallow woo
Do something about it, I’m gonna punish you

As if you’ll disappear if I blink
It doesn’t feel real
That’s right
You are my baby

Now my love, My darling
Smile next to me forever
Until happiness overflows
To the point of tears

Oh Mr. Moon
The twinkling Mr. Moon
Mr. Moon, Mr. Moon, Mr. Moon
If this is a dream
Let me take more sleeping pills
Woo I said woo
So this night will never end

Don’t wanna just stare at the mirror
Can’t believe you’re mine
I’ll make the rest of your life so fun
With songs, vacations, board games
I’ll do anything for you
Oh god, don’t leave me alone
I’m gonna do it over

I’m gonna kick the bed and laugh out loud
I’m gonna bother you and stick to you all day
There’s gonna be a lot of comments on our pictures
Even if they say you’re too good for me and that I’m a thief
In reality, they’ll be jealous

As if you’ll disappear if I blink
I still don’t know
That’s right
You are my baby

Now my love, My darling
Smile next to me forever
Until happiness overflows
To the point of tears

Now my love, My darling
Stay by my side forever
Until love overflows
To the point of tears

Que Llueva
Que Llueva

OOC- #LullabyForWaywardWinchesters

So I mentioned that I spoke a little bit of Spanish a few days ago, and today I remembered a little song that I learned back in my choir days. And not all of it is in Spanish- part of the song is actually the English translation. I sing this pretty much every time it rains (which is almost never because I live in the god damn desert), and it’s just such a happy little song. 

I hope you like it! :)


I found an english translation of this beautiful amharic song. It’s only snippets but still better than nothing. hope you enjoy it :)

አምናና ካችአምና (amnana kach amna)

አዳማች አትቼ (adamach atichae)

አላወራም ነበር የሆዴን አውትቼ (alaweram neber ye hoden awtiche)

ይለፈው ዝምታ አይኖርም ዘንድሮ (yalefew zimita aynorim zendiro)

አንተ ሰተኸኛል የልብህን ጆሮ (ante setehegnal yelibihin joro)

yesterday and yesteryear
I found no one to listen to me
I never shared my innermost intimate thoughts
the silence of the past is no longer
because you have given me your listening heart

ሰላሜ ልበልሃ (selame libeliha)

ደስታዬ ልበልሃ (destaye libeliha)

ኩራቴ ልበልሃ (kuratae libeliha)

እምነቴ ልበልሃ (emnetae libeliha)

ህይወቴ ልበልሃ (hiywete libeliha)

let me call you my peace
let me call you my happiness
let me call you my pride
let me call you my faith
let me call you my life

Eurovision 2017: Celebrate Diversity

Most European Countries: Let’s sing in English

anonymous asked:

The story about the howling commandos meeting each other for the first time made me cry. Can you tell us anything more about your time in prison? (Seriously though, this is one of my favorite blogs, I hope you enjoy modding it as much as we do reading it <3)

well, calling it a prison is really a hair misleading; it was actually a labor camp. which is how we had access to the supplies necessary to blow somebody up. some of the supplies. we stole a lot of stuff. 

i don’t have many stories from there that arent incredibly depressing–surprising no one, nazis are not great at running fun summer camps, but they’re pretty good at causing misery–but nonetheless, we did our best to keep spirits up in the face of adversity. sometimes we sang.

no, really, we actually did a fair bit of singing. not loudly, mostly just to keep a steady rhythm as we worked. the guards let us get away with it so long as we kept it quiet. and most of them didn’t speak more than a word or two of english, so they never had any idea what lyrics we were singing.

once we figured that out, we got inventive. 

it turns out that if you have nothing to think about except how badly you want to get out of nazi prison and how much you hate nazis, even the most illiterate of men become poets. we came up with bawdier and bawdier verses for dozens of songs, all increasingly insulting to hitler, red skull, hydra, and nazis in general. old classics like ‘Hitler Has Only Got One Ball’ were trotted out alongside our originals, which included ‘Satan’s Favorite Dinner is Nazis and Spam,’ ‘All You Need To Beat A Hydra Is Fire, Fools,’ and ‘Red Skull’s Blue Because His Mother Never Loved Him.’ i’ll admit we sometimes got a little…personal. but to be fair, they were nazis.

we sang some of the songs we made up for the rest of the 107th when we got out, and they were pretty impressed with how vulgar they were. steve went as red as his uniform and choked on his beer in front of peggy.

 we were very proud of ourselves.

The song Håper du har plass has been played 3 times in this episode (4x8)

First in Savner dere (Miss you), then in Unnskyld (Sorry) and now finally in Håper du har plass (Hope you have room).

In Savner dere Sana is seeing photos of her friends and missing them. The music is sad and only two lines are sung:

Det er ingenting som fenger lenger

Eller føles ut som en ekte følelse

Nothing’s interesting anymore

Or feels like a real feeling

Once again, this is a sad scene. Sana feels like she is no longer a part of the group and seeing these photos is nostalgia. It’s not her life anymore

In Unnskyld we see Sana being distanced from the group. In this clip you cannot hear the lyrics what so ever and the music is really emotional.

In Håper du har plass however you finally get to hear the chorus. This is the lyrics:

Jeg håper du har plass, jeg håper du har plass

Jeg kommer helt alene og ikke med noe lass

Du kan si når jeg må skjerpe meg og sette meg på plass hvis du finner et vindu til meg

Oh, fang meg når jeg faller eller mister meg selv og siste flammen eller gnisten

Jeg skal la deg gråte ferdig for et liv på min bekostning hvis du finner et vindu til meg

I hope you have room, I hope you have room

I come completely alone and without any load

You can tell me when I need to straighten up and put me in place if you find me a window

Oh, catch me when I fall or lose myself and the last flame or spark

I will let you finish crying for a lifetime at my expense if you find me a window

Hideen in this sad song is actually a beautiful message about having your friends’ back and being there for them.

The song you first thought would be sad turned out to be an uplifting song. Julie only shows us this when the group is actually reunited.

Conclusion: Julie is a genius