song of the day link

valentine’s day dance-playlist

here’s the whole spotify playlist link

love you like a love song-selena gomez 

i love you-parks, squares and alleys 

anchor-mindy gledhill [slow song] 

honey-magic man 

peach-the front bottoms 

shape of you-ed sheeran 

up-sing street [ from a movie] [slow song] 

human-dodie clark [slow song] [not on spotify]

love me better-mrsuicidesheep

new romantics-his dream of lions

vanilla twilight-owl city

caught up in you-38 special

slow down time-us the duo

make me (cry)-noah cyrus

for him.-troye sivan

too good-troye sivan

subject to change if you guys have anymore !
80s Valentine's Playlist

Nice 80s-themed Valentine’s playlist cause I love you guys too much!

For anyone out there who doesn’t have a special someone, don’t take it personally. Don’t call yourself “ugly” or hate on yourself just because you don’t have a partner at the moment. I too don’t have a boyfriend, but I don’t let that bother me. Getting a special someone isn’t a competition, after all. It takes time, so don’t let it get to you.

On that note, happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


Cause I’m just getting started, let me offend
The Devil’s got nothin’ on me, my friend

Redraw of this piece from last December (only 6 months! wow)

Nepeta Week #4: Music

March 14th through March 18th

Listen to these songs on loop and draw Nepeta based on these songs~! It’s a MUSIC CHALLENGE!!!

Day 1: Listen to “Diggy Diggy Hole”. Take you’re time. Listen to the 10 hour long version. And create what you see with our adorable Nepeta involved~! Link

Day 2: Listen to “You are a Pirate”. And let the magic begin~! Link

Day 3: “Angel with a Shotgun”. What can possibly come up with this? Nightcore or the original is fine~! <3 Link  Link

Day 4: “Goog Girls Bad Guys” by Falling in Reverse~! Link

Day 5: Choose your ultimate song! What’s you’re mood? 

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask. I’ll try to answer as best as I could :33


My new tribute for Adriana Lima, with “The Lady in Red” by Chris de Burgh.

I know this song because Adriana posted a link to it a past Valentine’s day of some years ago, so I tought it was perfect to post it today.

And I got respect and I don’t neglect the people that I really care to protect [x]

Happy Birthday Karen!

♥ Tag game ♥

I was tagged by @pinkiemarshmallow :D

♥ Rules: you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first ten songs, then tag 10 people. 

I don’t listen to music on my phone so I’ll use my playlist on Youtube ;w;

♥ 1: Taeyeon 태연_I (I Got Love)
♥ 2: BTS - 피 땀 눈물 (Blood Sweat & Tears)
♥ 3: BTS - Save Me
♥ 4: Yuri!!! on Ice - Yuri On Ice
♥ 5: DAY6 - 놓아 놓아 놓아 (Letting Go)
♥ 6: DEAN ft. Gaeko - Half Moon 
♥ 7: Port Robinson & Madeon - Shelter
♥ 8: Block B - Toy
♥ 9: DAY6 - Congratulations 
♥ 10: BTS - 봄날 (Spring Day)

I linked the songs if you want to listen to them :3

♥ I tag: @ontheotherside524@fledgie, @subtle-mistakes, @skybluell, @illicitblue, @mitsukax, @hakusl, @vorfreude-flowers, @yunvvgi, @miyanox


Everyone can see me burning (insp.)

i’ve had this idea for a while so here’s a wip of it

i absolutely love steven u/undertale crossovers =u=