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“Here Comes The Rain Again” by Eurythmics

Touch (1983)

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ALERT! David Duchovny explained THE RAIN SONG at his Saturday Concert in Vancouver 2015. It was more like inspiraton for his song. DD said "her favorite movie" "a W.C. FIELDS movie", a person in that movie loved the rain and he made it rain outside for her. It struck me! He's talking about Tea because she said that's one of her favorite movies. HE WROTE A SONG FOR TEA ABOUT HER FAVORITE MOVIE I'm sure you'll be able to find that quote it's from the 90's.

Found it!

“Téa loves the rain,” Duchovny says. And Duchovny, it’s very clear, loves his wife. “What’s that moment you love in the W C. Fields movie?”

“Oh yeah,” she says. “I may have dreamt it. But he was in the hospital and he was going to die; it was very sad. His girlfriend or wife or whatever says goodbye and leaves–and oh, the thing is, we know he loves the rain. So he’s sort of sleeping, and we’re crying because we know he’s going to die. And then he hears the sound of rain on the hospital roof. The camera pulls back and we’re outside, and here’s this woman–with a hose.” -  Vanity Fair Magazine

Advice from Tom Waits

In almost every Tom Waits song you’ll find advice on how to live your life right. Here are a few favorites:

  • Don’t be a crybaby when there’s wood in the shed
  • Never trust a scarecrow wearing shades after dark
  • Never let the weeds get higher than the garden
  • Never trust a man in a blue trench coat
  • Never drive a car when you’re dead
  • Always keep a diamond in your mind
  • You can always find a millionaire to shovel all the coal
  • Money’s just something you throw off the back of the train
  • You must risk something that matters
  • If it’s worth the going, it’s worth the ride
  • When you get blue and you’ve lost all your dreams, there’s nothing like a campfire and a can of beans
“Broken Promise”- Chapter Two


The scent of summer had dragged alongside itself the established hundred days of mourning, yet the heavy cloak of grief still lingered in the air among the Takeda clan. With every passing day Yukimura heard more and more rumors of a possible uprising, more concerns of the Oda clan’s eventual takeover, more doubts as to whether he had it in him to be the leader the clan needed.

With the sun in its highest position he decided to take a break underneath the peach tree, thankful for its generous shade and pleasant smell. As he recalled, rice balls the maids had crafted were nowhere near as flavorful as Kaede’s. Still, he ate them. Training had intensified in the past months, and his body desperately needed the fuel to catch up.

The patting sound of several feet alerted him to passersby. The maids spoke flusteredly as they followed Kaede around. Her kimono was distended, her belly now seven months heavy with child, his Lord’s child. A bittersweet ripple spread through his chest as he contemplated her somber figure. She looked like if a petal were to flutter by and caress her skin, she would crumble into nothingness. Kaede. His beloved Kaede, the one whose dark eyes were lit with an intense fire, the woman who dared sneak into Lord Shingen’s service in disguise, the one who had the gall to train and grapple with him despite her tiny frame… She was wasting away and there was naught he could do.

The child, what would it look like? Would it have its mother’s dark, lush features? Or the predatory presence of its father? His chest tightened at the thought of Lord Shingen. Back at the camp the once commanding, fearsom man had looked so frail as the life slowly ebbed away from him. Yukimura recalled the crimson stain on his clothes growing, blooming like the cruelest of flowers. His chapped lips had been trembling as he reached out for his hakama, bloodied fingers grasping it tightly. He had complied with his Lord’s wish and listened closely.

“Protect the clan,” Lord Shingen had said.

Even now, four months after his death,Yukimura had no words to give in reply; he had simply nodded then. Before breathing his last Lord Shingen had placed a small trinket in his hands, one he had immediately recognized as Kaede’s hairpin. The cryptic smile his master had worn at that moment still haunted Yukimura, as he had never gotten the chance to inquire as to what it all fully meant.

His fingers reached for his breastpocket and retrieved the hairpin. He recalled the first time he saw Kaede dressed as a woman and how he had pieced the broken pin back together for her. He remembered how her face lit up with a smile like the dawning of a new day when he gave it to her. His lips curled up at the thought of her placing it in her glossy black locks. He never did think she needed it; he thought Kaede was beautiful as she was, though he understood how important it was to her as the last present she received from her late father. Yukimura sighed, his heart feeling like lead. She had been through so much and she had still kept that bright smile… But this broke her beyond recognition and he wasn’t sure he could put her back together.

She was his Lord’s wife, the woman he had loved with all his might, the woman that Yukimura loved to this day. The pain he had felt at their wedding ceremony cut through him again. Her face painted like the doll she was, her cherry lips wrapping around the sake cup. For an instant he had wished that he were the one sharing the cup with her, the one to join her to him. But, she was Lord Shingen’s and forever she would be. Kaede had been his Lord’s from the moment she stepped foot in this place.

He already knew part of what Shingen’s keepsake implied. The Takeda clan had been under strict vigilance since the death of their Lord. No one was safe from suspicion- not the retainers, not the shinobi. Repressing the news of Shingen’s death had proved to be tedious work. As a precaution, anyone caught conversing with anyone outside the clan was executed. The sooner an heir was born, the better. A lordless clan was one begging to be destroyed.

“You starin’ at Lady Takeda? Naughty boy,” said a familiar voice.

“Not now, Saizo.”

The silver haired shinobi plopped next to him, stealing one of the bland rice balls away before popping it into his mouth almost comically.

“So, does she know yet?”

Yukimura shook his head, lips pressed into a tight line. He wasn’t ready to tell her just yet. He had been waiting until after the child was born, a time he hoped she would be more relaxed.

“Need I remind you the clan needs a leader?”

“I said not now.”

“While you’re dawdling on your fuzzy little feelings for the Lady, Oda is advancing.” His reddish eyes had a menacing glint to them. “They’re onto us. There is no more time.”

There was no need for Saizo to tell him; he was well aware that time was slipping through his fingers. He nodded, mind still hazy from the weight of responsibility. Saizo’s look had softened somewhat, a playful smile gracing his mouth.

“Go on, dear.”

At his impish quip, he made his way to Kaede’s quarters, though not without uneasiness bubbling in his gut. Through the thin rice paper, he could hear the placating voices of her maids. He cleared his throat and it seemed to catch their attention, as the voices stopped.

“Lady Takeda. It’s Yukimura.”


Not that he was surprised in the least, as icy silence had become one of her specialties in more recent times.

“Come in,” she said.

The shoji slid open and revealed her, flanked by her handmaids. The apples of her cheeks had become fuller and rosier, a mark of motherhood to come. Even so, he swore he could fall for her again. If she only would smile again, smile for him…

“My Lady,” he said, “I have matters to discuss.” His green eyes flickered between her and the maids. “Matters involving the clan.”

Her dark, empty eyes didn’t meet his very often; they lingered on the floor or, when outside, the skies. It was almost as if she were looking for a trace, any trace of Shingen.

“Please leave us,” she finally said. Shortly thereafter, her maids left the room.

Reaching back into the folds of his hakama, he offered his hands to her, clutching the hairpin. The furrow in her brow straightened out, her eyes drooping upon seeing the accessory.

“Why… Why do you have this?”

“Lord Shingen,” he began, but couldn’t finish at the sight of her eyes beginning to tear up again. How he wished to kiss those tears away one by one. Yukimura was a sinner, in love with his Lord’s wife. Who could redeem him now? “He made me promise to take care of the clan,” he said, looking at how her slender fingers stroked the poorly-pieced hairpin. “My Lady, I don’t know if you were aware of the situation, but the Takeda clan is in danger without a Lord.” When he looked back up at her, he saw the mixed feelings brewing in her eyes. “You are in danger and so is the child within you.”

“What is it that you’re trying to say?”

The harshness in her tone took him by surprise. Her voice had usually been soft and sweet like the falling rain, smooth like the song of a shakuhachi; now, however, it was flat and severe like the shamisen.

“My Lady, a Lord must be appointed to secure over the clan. And-.. And that involves…”

Kaede let out a soft sigh.

“I know. I’ve heard the rumors already.” Her hand rested on her cheek, the hollow look back in her dark eyes. “So who are you marrying me off to, Yukimura?”

Her words tore a gash in his heart.

“My Lady, I-”

“Who?” she demanded.

“My Lady, I am not worthy. But Lord Takeda has entrusted me with the life of the woman he loved and that of his child. I will assume the role of daimyo for the time being.” Drumming within his ribcage, his heartbeat sped up and he swore he could see it beating on the fabric of his rust-colored hakama. His lips prickled. They were dry and painful. “I know I can never come to replace Lord Shingen. As such, I will not ask for your heart nor your body, My Lady. But, for the sake of my Lord and the clan, I will ask that-… Well, that you come under my protection as my wife.” He was beginning to stutter. “I- In name only, of course.”

She merely stared at him. Yukimura couldn’t read the expression on her face. Was she appalled by the idea?

“I have sworn my life in faithful service to Lord Shingen. Likewise, I do to you. Please allow me to protect my Lord’s most precious person… And the child that grows within you.” With a thud, he pressed his palms to the tatami and bowed. “I will make sure my Lord’s child does not grow up fatherless. My Lady, please.”

More silence.

His chest grew more and more painful, his heart beating so quickly that he swore it would shatter his ribs.

“Fine,"she said.

When he sat up, he saw her holding the pin to her swollen belly. Her graceful eyes, brimmed by a thick fan of lashes, wavered- though he wasn’t sure of what that meant. Her lips parted, exhaling once more.

"Fine,” she repeated. “Protect Lord Shingen’s heir and you can have everything.”

Of course, he knew she was referring to his land and his army. But that wasn’t what he truly wanted. No, what he truly wanted was something he could never ask for, something he was sure he would be punished for.

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The wind told me a secret; he’d been feeling kind of sad. He doesn’t like to wander, not knowing where he’s at. Then one day he met her, standing all alone. In a field of green grass, humming on her own.

Lavender was her sweet name, the wind had heard her say. He began to dance around her, he was music to her sway. She really enjoyed his company; she couldn’t go nowhere. He told her all the stories, he’d heard from here and there.

But one day when the wind came, he saw that she was gone. A storm had blown her right off, in the wee hours of dawn. The wind then started sprinting, calling out her name. But all he got was silence, and echoes all the same.

And henceforth from that day on, he was lost all o'er again. He’d sweep the empty meadows, still looking but in vain. So if you hear a howling, you’ll know somewhere he’s crying. For Lavender, his sweet darling, a song of rain he’d sing.


K-music study time!

I’m not a EXO fan neither a huge Miss A fan, but this is so sweet! It’s good to listen to sweet songs like this when it’s raining outside, you know?

After the first chorus, Baekhyun sings:

우리 둘 너무 잘 어울린대
I know, she knows
사실 내가 봐도 그래
근데 가끔 불안한 기분이 들 땐
혼자서 울적해


사실 - fact, actually

가끔 - sometimes

불안 - anxiety, worry

기분 - feelings, mood

땐 - moment


어울리다 - to match, to suit

대다 - to place, to put

그렇다 - to be or do like that

들다 - to get (feelings)


도 - too, as well

The translation is something like this:

People say we really match well
I know, she knows,
Actually I also think so
But sometimes I get worried about it
And then I feel sad alone