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I feel like Sign of the Times is gonna be Harry’s epic, signature song like Rhiannon is to Stevie Nicks. And years from now we’re gonna have a collection of performances and someone’s gonna go “my favorite was the graham norton performance” and someone else is gonna go “yeah, but have you heard this one…? It’s rare and maybe not his best, i heard he was sick that night, but he did this little [note or lyric] change and it saved my life.”

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What are her witchiest songs? Besides Rhiannon?

Stevie’s witchiest (or moodiest ) songs with links to the appropriate live versions and demos: Sisters of The Moon, Gold Dust Woman, Kind Of Woman, Sorcerer, The Nightmare, CrystalLady From The Mountains, Running Through The Garden, Battle Of The Dragon, Forest Of The Black RosesCecelia, Forsaken Love, Planets Of The Universe, Maker Of Birds, The Witch, Nomad, Have No Heart, Night Gallery, Mirror Mirror, Joan Of Arc, Ooh Baby

The thing that amazes me most about Stevie Nicks’ song “Rhiannon” is that Stevie wrote it without any prior knowledge of the celtic goddess and her story. She just happened to come across the name Rhiannon in a novel she was reading to pass the time in an airport. She thought, “wow this is a beautiful name” and something powerful resonated deeply within her. Then she wrote the song…about a mystical woman, named Rhiannon, who was free, in control of her life, always lifting herself up…a healer…birds, horses, lovers. Only a little while after did she realize that she had written a song that fits perfectly with the goddess, Rhiannon. She literally FELT Rhiannon’s powers within her soul without actually knowing such powers existed. If that’s not magic y'all, I don’t know what is.


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Mashup of Fleetwood Mac: Rhiannon and Dreams

Ally & Stevie

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Top 5 Fleetwood Mac songs?

1. Rhiannon
2. Gypsy
3. Dreams
4. Landslide
5. As Long As You Follow
6. Sara
7. You Make Loving Fun
8. Seven Wonders
9. Go Your Own Way
10. Second Hand News

Did 10 because it’s impossible to not keep going. I feel like I’m leaving out countless good ones.

 if i were…

if i were a month: October
if i were a day: Wednesday
if i were a planet: Pluto

if i were a god or goddess: Danu

if i were a sea animal: Shark

if i were a piece of furniture: Grandfather clock

if i were a gemstone: Amethyst

if i were a flower: Iris
if i were a kind of weather: Downpour

if i were a colour: indigo

if i were an emotion: rage

if i were a fruit: lemon

if i were a sound: leaves rustling

if i were an element: fire

if i were a place: Frankfurt, Germany

if i were a scent: fresh laundry

if i were a song: Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac
if i were a body part: brain

if i were a pair of shoes: vans
if I were a direction: east 
if I were a liquid: jack daniels   
if I were a tree: oak    
if I were a musical instrument: violin
if I were a time of day: dusk
if I were a historical figure: Leonardo da Vinci
if I were a vegetable: carrot
if I was a berry: blackberry
if I were a movie: V for Vendetta
if I were a book: dreams & shadows
if I were a food: anything with cheese
if I were a material: leather 
if I were a taste: raw whiskey
if I were a word: craic
if I were an object: knife
if I were a facial expression: resting bitch face (rosa diaz specifically)
if I were a subject in school: psychology
if I were a cartoon character: mandy from the grimm adventures
if I were a shape: circle
if I was a sin: lust
if I was a car: BMW
if I was a natural disaster: tsunami
if I was a season: winter
if I was a virtue: diligence
if I was a mode of transportation: motor bike
if I was an item of clothing: leather jacket
if I was a phase of the moon: full moon
if I were a number: 7

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Fleetwood Mac Rhiannon Live 1976

“So it’s just about a very mystical woman that finds it very, very hard to be tied down in any kind of way and she’s uplifting all through the song. That’s what I wanted to get and that’s what the band got really well - that uplifting of wings kind of a feel, you know - when you feel like you see a seagull and she’s like lifting up. Well, that’s Rhiannon. Rhiannon is the heavy-duty song to sing every night. On stage it’s really a mind tripper. Everybody, including me, is just blitzed by the end of it. And I put out so much in that song that I’m nearly down. There’s something to that song that touches people. I don’t know what it is but I’m really glad it happened. This legend of Rhiannon is about the song of the birds that take away pain and relieve suffering. That’s what music is to me. I don’t want any pain..”

- Stevie Nicks on Rhiannon