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I like listening to kokoro no sports because it’s such a light and fun song and Its fucking good, Deborah. And I don’t care what you, the divorce lawyer or the marriage counsellor say you stole the best years of my life and killed my spirit. I hope you’re happy with derrick lord knows he won’t be cause you’re a devil bitch, I still expect a holiday card.

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Relationship status: um?

Favorite color: Sky blue!

Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapstick, because my lips are always dry as hell

Last song I listened to: Deborah Cox- Kinda Miss You (Niko the Kid remix)

Last movie I watched: Uhhhh… fuck I don’t even remember. I hardly ever watch movies. Does the film version of Jesus Christ Superstar count?

Top 3 characters: Kuroko (knb), Kurama (yyh), Eren (snk)

Top 3 ships: Kagami/Kuroko, Midorima/Takao, Akashi/Mayuzumi

Books/manga I’m currently reading: I’m currently in the process of acquiring each copy of the KnB English translation

Top 5 musicals: I’ve watched a few, but I don’t think I’ve ever really finished any.

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Castiel Playlist

Hello everyone, your prayers have been answered! It is I, the super-kind and super-generous and most humble Emily! I have made, for your writing pleasure, a Castiel Playlist! This playlist is based on the dynamic of Castiel and my Candy, Mimi, which is probably about the same dynamic most Castiel players have. These are necessarily songs either character would listen to, but are more the feel of a particular idea. The aspects of the playlist are as follows:

And here is a link to the youtube playlist of all the songs. I tried sticking with lyric videos, but there were a few instances where that just didn’t happen. Since these are not necessaily situations that all writings would need, I’ve made sub-playlists for the different volumes.

Volume One: His Songs includes just songs about Castiel. Since it’s kind of hard to find songs that aren’t romantic unless you know them already, this is a shorter list (with the exception of Ever After, all the other ones have at least 10… sorry babe). Some of them are kinda tongue-in-cheek (”Good Girls Go Bad” is how Castiel perceives himself more than actual, and “Stacy’s Mom” is less him wanting her and more him being an asshat)

Volume Two: The First Cut is basically a collection of breakup songs specifically aimed at Deborah. While there’s a second breakup-list down the line, this one was supposed to be more melodramatic, since it was Castiel’s first love and he lost her while he was a dramatic high schooler. 

Volume 3: Fool for Love is the whole reason we’re here: the ooey-gooey love songs that mostly center on how fucking obnoxious these characters are and how stupidly in love they are. 20 songs because you deserve it. I tried getting a decent mix of male/female perspective, but probably didn’t hit the quota. Also, this is the playlist with 2 music videos, because “Perfect” and “Crazy for This Girl”  are either unpopular or too fiercely protected

Volume 4: Her Songs Honestly, this is the one I’d expect people to skip, but again the characterizations for Castiel-daters can’t differ that much. Since the Manic Pixie Dream Girl is super-popular now, there’s plenty of songs that work. I tried to get in some of the important aspects of personality down, like the openness (song 1), the sassiness (song 3) and the unfortunate incident of spying on boys changing (song 4). I was going to put in something as a nod to my Candy’s queer-ness, but nothing really worked that wasn’t a sexualized “girls like girls and that is hot” or specifically a f/f romance, which isn’t exactly what’s going on here.

Volume 5: Done, the breakup playlist! Because if you can’t think of good break-up songs for your OTP, you need to figure out how to hit the feels! I was trying to get multiple ideas going on here. Some are natural break-ups, some involve character faults… and only one could be with Castiel running of and joining a band… huh, I thought I had more. None of them are love-triangle-y cause I think all that was gotten out with “The First Cut”

Volume 5: Ever After Again, short. Given the chronological order, I tried to include a lot of “We broke up but are together now” songs, since just going by “Together forever and ever and it feels so good!” would have been way… way too short. “If It Means a Lot To You” is really more of a break-up song, but the final lines really made me think of a couple juuuuust barely making it, but never letting go of each other again as a result.


when my heart’s in   s m i t h e r n e s s


Deborah Cox -Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here 

As a shorty I used to hate this song. But Deborah took me to church mane.

life of the party
  • me: favorite party outfit?
  • deborah lloyd: a fabulous dress, heels and a cocktail ring.
  • me: party no-no?
  • deborah lloyd: not turning up.
  • me: best dance song?
  • deborah lloyd: "happy" by pharrell williams or anything disco from the studio 54 era.
  • me: party cocktail?
  • deborah lloyd: i'm a champagne girl.
  • me: favorite way home after a party?
  • deborah lloyd: taxi, please!