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SMTM4 Semi-Finals: Fear. Mino feat. Taeyang

This was my favourite performance from SMTM4. Respect to Mino, Zico and Poptime for writing and producing this track. Whatever negative comments people have about it is fine. A lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinion of sheep. 

The important thing is that it resonated with me and every time I listen to it, I always hear the hunger in his voice. I honestly think the SMTM4 result did him a favour. I hope he stays hungry. I think it makes him a better performer. 

Okay guys but have you seen this??

apparently Mino was crying because the audience at the live show kept like booing him and stuff and I’m just like wtf??? Someone on twitter who went to the live was talking about how utterly disrespectful the audience was towards Mino and I was already upset by how dead the audience was throughout the show but this??? Mino’s family was in the audience like wtf. I don’t care about the fact that Mino didn’t win. I love Basick too, but this is absolutely abominable. Where did they get this audience from? Everyone acts like Mino is at an advantage but the entire audience is like comprised of underground fans that hate him and the online votes don’t even count (or so I’ve heard) and I’m just wondering how that’s fair. both contestants have established fanbases, so if one fanbase is excluded then so should the other one. I’ve had issues with the audience voting on SMTM for two years now because there is just no way they will ever have an audience that isn’t biased, and this goes both ways, you don’t want an entire audience of kpop fans either. I’m not taking away from Basick’s win, I think it was justified for that round. I just hope that next year they get like a panel of judges or something instead so that there isn’t anymore instances like Inno vs Basick this year and that one episode last year when BI overall won one episode undeservedly. I feel like we have had many instances that prove that this style of judging is just not working. They should either get a larger focus group or they should get a focus group comprised of unbiased judges. I’m not saying the voting was rigged or anything, that is not what I’m saying. All I’m saying is that Mino and other contestants should be protected from these kinds of things. I’m upset at the audience members who behaved this way. Even though I hate Blacknut, if I went to a live performance of his I wouldn’t boo him, there’s something so cruel about that. Especially since Mino’s family was in the audience, Mino is a human being, he’s barely an adult and going out there is already scary enough. Ugh, I wasn’t even that upset by Mino losing, but hearing all of these horror stories makes me feel devastated. Hearing about how he felt about the backlash for featuring Taeyang… it’s just so wrong. Imagine throwing yourself out there, bearing your soul basically, and then to get even more hate… I just think people need to take into account that Mino is a human being, I don’t care if you have this preconceived notion that he is like some symbol of manufactured music, he is not just some character from a tv show, I don’t care what your personal opinion of him is, he didn’t deserve that, not in front of his parents..  not anywhere. I could go on but I just don’t want to. I’m so upset.

When his girlfriend is on her period~

The woo song edition


[MH] Jagi? are you almost ready?

*he calls to you from the kitchen and you rush around the bedroom, grabbing your bag and rummaging through it, praying to the gods that your spare tampon was in there, cause otherwise you were screwed*

*just as you find it, you feel Mino come up behind you, his hands going to your hips and his head rests on your shoulder*

[MH] Jagi! come on, we’re going to be late…

[Y/N] I just need to check my make-up…

[MH] Baby, come on, your make-up is fine, lets go!

[Y/N] Mino, I just need to…

*he pulls on your arm and tries to get you to walk towards the door*

[MH] Jagiya- come ON…

[Y/N] Mino! Seriously! I need to go to the bathroom.

[MH] you not want to go anymore? is that why you’re taking so long?

[Y/N] Babe, its not that, honestly i just-

[MH] or is it cause you don’t want to go with me?

[Y/N] Jagi…no, listen, i just-

*he sits on the bed fiddling with something as his voice gets more and more sad*

[MH] its fine… if you dont. i’ll stay here and-


[MH] oh…jagi…I-


*he nods, looking slightly scared and you head into the bathroom. When you emerge you see him sat in the same place, but with a thoughtful expression on his face*

[MH] Jagi…?

[Y/N] yes, Mino?

[MH] what did you mean by sort it out…?

–A few minutes later–

[MH] Jagi, please don’t tell me anymore.


*you’re snuggled up on the sofa with Jiho, a blanket around you both and you’ve been feeding each other from a pack of maltesers. You’d asked him to buy you some earlier cause it was ‘that time of the month’, and you’d hoped he got the hint. However, by the way his hand was kneading your thigh, you thought maybe not…*

[ZC] Jagi…

*you looked up at him*

[Y/N] yes, Jiho?

[ZC] you look REALLY pretty tonight Jagi…

[Y/N] I’m not in the mood Jiho.

*you feel him shift beneath you as he crosses his arms and when you look up he is pouting*

[ZC] Fine. you didn’t have to say it so bluntly.

[Y/N] I didn’t say it bluntly. i just said-

[ZC] Jagi, i’m just messing with you. 

–a few moments later–

[ZC] Jagi, i love you…

[Y/N] I love you too Jiho.

*he throws his arm around you and you snuggle into him, but as you tune back into the movie you feel his hand begin to pull your t-shirt up*

[Y/N] Jiho. I said i’m not in the mood.

[ZC] but, Jagi-

[Y/N] Jiho, trust me, you don’t want to go there.

[ZC] and what if i do, Jagi *teasing*

[Y/N] then you’ll get one hell of a surprise when you realise what time of the month it is!

*you watch as his eyes widen, and he hurriedly puts your top back down*

[ZC] oh….Jagi, im sorry.

*you continue to watch the rest of the movie, and you end up with your head in Zico’s lap, his hand rubbing your belly*

[ZC] you are really pretty though Jagi….

[Y/N] The answer is still no, Jiho.


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dharaalmira asked:

Hello! i am new to winner and i have a pairing that really interest me, namsong!:) can you please give me vid recommend where they have many interactions and some facts about them? thank you!:) (taehyun sent a message to mino pretending to be drunk and without money to pay for the food he ate, so mino broke the company rules and sneaked out of the hotel to go pick up taehyun and to pay for his food, and he was soooo mad and like, MINO NEVER GETS MAD FOR ANYTHING??? LIKE NEVER?? but he was worried for taehyun so he got really mad *-*)

(namsong leaving for the bathroom together *grin*)

also check out my namsong blog

some facts:

  • they openly said they’re each other subunit and if they ever were to make an album they would go with a sexy concept
  • mino said taehyun is like a cat because he looks cold at first but once he recognizes you as ‘his person’ (mino’s words) he becomes really affectionate; taehyun says mino is like a dog because even on a bad day, it’s enough to look at him to suddenly feel very happy
  • one time during a photoshoot, mino said ‘taehyun i love you’ to which taehyun replied ‘me too~’
  • mino ‘jokingly’ asked taehyun out for a date more than once in front of the camera, but then their dates were always caught off camera and in private (art gallery date, food date, dinner with their parents date etc.)
  • when winner album came out and when asked to recommend a song from the album, mino recommended taehyun’s solo because “taehyun’s soft voice will make your ears melt” (his words), while taehyun recommended mino’s solo and he’s always jamming to it whenever it comes on
  • when asked who would they date among winner members, mino and taehyun were the only ones not giving an answer
  • the first time they went to Japan, they made a game to decide hotel room partners randomly, and seungyoon said ‘i bet mino and taehyun just went into the same room together’
  • during winner tv they were asked to write anonymous letters to another member and seungyoon wrote to taehyun saying ‘to the lovely nam taehyun whom I love…’ and taehyun straight up thought the letter was from mino
  • always during winner tv taehyun dressed up as a ghost to scare the shit out of the members and after he scared mino, the only thing mino said was ‘aren’t you cold?’ and he closed taehyun’s jacket (because they were outside in the snow)
  • taehyun’s solo song is called Confession and it’s about him confessing to the person he loves. During a fanmeeting he sang the song to Mino
  • when asked their first impression of each other, Taehyun remembered exactly how Mino looked and even what he was wearing the first day they met
  • during fanmeets in China, when asked to pick a member to make a team, Taehyun always yelled ‘MINO’ immediately. and when it was Taehyun’s turn to do something, Mino was always cheering for him loudly

also this (considering taehyun NEVER talks much in interviews):

Happy shipping! ♥

Song Minho- ENFP A look into the mind of a cinnamon bun

Extroverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving

Enthusiastic, idealistic, and creative. Able to do almost anything that interests them.  Great people skills.  Need to live life in accordance with their inner values.  Excited by new ideas, but bored with details. Open-minded and flexible, with a broad range of interests and abilities. ENFPs are warm, enthusiastic people, typically very bright and full of potential.  They live in the world of possibilities, and can become very passionate and excited about things.  Their enthusiasm lends them the ability to inspire and motivate others, more so than we see in other types.  They can talk their way in or out of anything.  They love life, seeing it as a special gift, and strive to make the most out of it. You could say they are the fun loving smiley cinnamon buns of the MBTI world.

Breaking it down: Extroverted intuition. Mino’s leading dominant function is extroverted intuition. Ne is all about the possibilities, leaving Ne users extremely curious and imaginative. The Ne user is always striving for growth or improvement. Ne can give them a sense of idealism and the desire to want to impact the world. Ne also has the ability to make obscure connections. The Ne user can take two seemingly unrelated topics and bring them together. This can also cause the user to have an off-beat sense of humor. Anyone who is a fan of Winner is familiar with Mino’s offbeat sense of humor, and his amazing word play when it comes to rap. Mino is always looking towards the future, even once telling Taeyang that he aspires to be the best lyricist in the world. Conversations with Ne users tend to feel flighty and all- over- the- place, a conversation about their favorite cartoon could quickly dissolve into philosophical analysis, one second they can be telling raunchy jokes the next they can be talking about what it all means… conversations with them are always exciting, but you have to keep up. Ne users are the most introverted of extroverts, that’s why Mino might seem a bit more shy then, say an obvious ESFP (Jackson of Got7.) Fellow Ne users would be the ENTPs, the same personality type as Mino’s close friend Zico.

  Introverted Feeling: An ENFP’s second function is introverted feeling. Introverted feeling deals with morals and having a strong ethical code impact all of your decisions making. Fi users want to live a life as true to themselves as possible and they have an unquenchable desire to express themselves and make an impact. Fi is different from Fe because Fe users respond to their environment and other’s emotions where as Fi deals with morals and what the person truly feels, making feelings more in depth and complex. Introverted Feeling also develops close attachment to people, things, and places making their user extremely sentimental. Fe typically forms bonds much quicker, but the emotions do not tend to run as deep as Fi. Fi users will normally make decisions based on emotions rather than objective facts and data which makes them sometimes seem insensible and irrational. Fi users feel everything very deeply, Fi users are the most sensitive of all types, they can have the highest level of empathy because they know what it’s like to be hurt, or to be in pain, they can easily put themselves in your shoes. They can react emotionally for no obvious reason since it takes a long time to uncover these hidden personal values that are so easily insulted and they can take criticism very personally. Since this function is introverted, Fi users’ feelings are more likely to manifest themselves in tears rather than words. Fans will affectionately call Mino a crybaby, and this has very much to do with his introverted feeling. He’s the kind of person who’d hide their feelings until they couldn’t anymore and since he would feel uncomfortable explaining them, he’d cry instead. Winner members have shared stories of Mino crying for no apparent reason when drunk and when team A won “Win” Mino was the most inconsolable, feeling more upset for his friends on team B. One of the major pitfalls of the ENFP is that they can’t handle criticism and that they tend to have low self esteem. This has everything to do with Fi. Towards the end of Mino’s run on SMTM4, he was visibly crushed by the onslaught of criticism he’d been receiving for featuring Taeyang in his song. What made him even more upset was the fact that he put himself in a place of vulnerability and was trying to open up to people which is a very hard thing for a Fi user to do. When Seungyoon makes comments about his weight he is obviously very affected since it is something he is very insecure about, in “Win” when he had his leadership position taken away he was devastated because he thought that it showed a deficiency in himself. Another negative Fi trait is having a temper, which with Mino isn’t too visible except for when Nam did his experiment in Winner tv and he cursed at him and when he had the diss battle with Blacknut. Mino is a kind, friendly cinnamon bun but if you were to ever attack one of his friends or his values, you better watch out because there is nothing like an ENFP when angered. A fellow introverted feeler would be WInner’s Jinwoo, this is probably why they seem to understand each other so well.

hidden functions- extroverted thinking and introverted sensing: since these two functions are the tertiary and inferior functions, Mino wouldn’t make his decisions based on them and they are the least used of his functions. This means Mino might struggle with organization, creating structure in his life, and with being logical and pragmatic. Mino prefers to work in a flexible environment and is more likely to work off of bouts of inspiration then to work with a plan. He would be easily bored by chores or busy work and is only motivated to do something if there is a foreseeable meaning behind it. He would probably struggle meeting deadlines and not paying attention to details. Since these two functions are so inferior and since his dominant function is extroverted intuition, he could also have a significantly shorter attention span since he has no patience for tasks deemed tedious. Mino is a perceiving type, not a judgment type. Therefor making him more flexible and spontaneous, he prefers to understand the world and adapt to it as opposed to organizing it. He has an outwardly chill approach towards work and is extremely open to new information. However, this also makes him indecisive and a procrastinator, someone who will get a two month project done the night before much to the dismay of group partners. Though ENFPs are extremely insightful and are in fact; highly intelligent, these functions being so hidden can lead them to often make silly mistakes and to struggle in school and work settings.

Overall: Mino is an ENFP through and through- free spirited, creative, artistic, a wordsmith with great communication and writing skills, full of inspiring optimism and idealistic energy, affectionate, exciting, impulsive, charismatic, flat out hilarious but also surprisingly deep and insightful, fiercely independent and authentic, a true friend who is always ready to see what’s out there with a wide dorky smile. He is the essential mood- maker of Winner with a heart of gold, he has his flaws but that just makes him perfectly imperfect. Essentially; a cinnamon roll too pure for this world.


These were my two favorite moments from Mino’s final stage. I love him. I’m proud to stan him. I am a proud Inner Circle from Team A days. I honestly could not be prouder of this man for bringing it every single time, day in and day out. He left it all out there on the stage. Thank you for working hard amidst the difficulties, Song Minho! I love you! As always, WINNER IS SONG MINHO!

Song Min Ho, ‘At least, ability as a rapper was proved.’

[OSEN=Kang Seo Jeong] Song Min Ho could not take the first place in ‘Show Me The Money4’, but he proved his ability as a rapper. Winning the competition was the confident way to prove his ability but it does not mean that he cannot prove his ability without ranking at first place.

Song Min Ho compete with Basic at the final round of Mnet ‘Show Me The Money 4’ which was aired on August 28 and he had to satisfied with second place. However, Song Min Ho showed every part of himself through this final stage. It was an acceptable stage for anybody to prove his ability.

In fact, Song Min Ho has been criticized by people before the actual rap battle was started with ‘Black Nut’s song titled ‘Anyway, the winner will be Song Min Ho’. That is why people’s eyes were on Song Min Ho’s first prize at the show and all these criticism was because of his background with one of Korea’s biggest entertainment company ‘YG Entertainment’. That is why people’s rate on Song Min Ho’s stage was very harsh. Whenever Song Min Ho presented his stage, people showed a reaction like ‘If you want to show us something, just go on’. Also, his unsuitable lyrics after the show became people’s hot issue to gossip and became all the rapper’s punching bag.

Song Min Ho’s developed rap skill and ability to dominating the stages were shown through every stages but the public’s eyes were very bitter. Maybe it was the result from people’s high expectation since BOBBY(iKONO)’s first prize at season 3 and the only solution for Song Min Ho was showing his ability so anybody can recognize him as a rapper.

Song Min Ho had high possibility to take the first place at ‘Show Me The Money 4’ as he could handle both rap and stage performance at the same time. His long period of time as a trainee developed his skills through step by step and his experience at big stages highlighted his raps with performance and showmanship. Ability to cover the stage was one of his great advantages.

Also, Song Min Ho compete with ‘Black Nut’ at the semi-final stage who attacked him with a rap song. The victory was handed over to Song Min Ho and his competitor ‘Black Nut’ accepted the result as well. After the competition, ‘Black Nut’ said “I used to be sarcastic about Song Min Ho and his victory and now I mean it for real.” It was chance to let people know that Song Min Ho’s victory was not because of popularity, but ability.

Finally Song Min Ho went up to the final stage and compete with ‘Basic’ for the first prize. Obviously ‘Basic’ was not an easy person to deal with. Song Min Ho went up with confidence shouting ‘Show Me The Money’ but he looked really nervous. However, Song Min Ho did it well. At the first round, he presented splendid performance and addictive rap song ‘okey dokey’ with ZICO. He successfully knocked ‘Basic’ out at the first stage. Followed by its first stage, he sang second song ‘Victim+For’ and showed his true thoughts by saying that “I said I’m fine but I was really nervous. I wanted to go over pressures.” Song Min Ho showed everything of him through this stage.

However, even though he could not win the competition, it was great enough to say that he showed his ability. Song Min Ho could not take the crown but his ability and skill was well proven and in fact, it was one of biggest and important thing that he gained through this show. At the same time, it became an opportunity for people to think of him in a new way.


Bobby Appears on “Show Me the Money 4″ to Support Song Mino

On August 28, Mnet’s “Show Me The Money 4,” revealed the final battle between the last remaining contestants, Basick and Song Mino.

The behind the scenes for each performance was also shown in this episode. Song Mino decided to meet up with the third season’s winner, Bobby. Song Mino was able to express his true emotions as he stated, “When I decided to appear on season 4, the pressure from the public was unbearable. Your name was brought up often. I told myself it would be okay, but inside, I was so nervous. I know that if I don’t win, I’ll be compared to Bobby. I had such a hard time.”


He further continued, “While preparing for my debut, I learned that I need to become stronger mentally in order to overcome hardships. However, these days it has been really hard. I’m so sorry and so sad. When I told my father that I’m alright, he started crying. I debated a lot whether or not I should just drop out of the program.”

Bobby provided his honest opinion and said, “I didn’t know that you would come all the way here. However, the winner is Song Mino!” and showed his full support for his labelmate Song Mino.