Based on “Can you feel the love tonight” or “Can you feel the gay tonight”. I hate how I do Ohm’s hair because I barely do it (reason why I don’t do Evan often since it is somewhat similar). 

 Actually I guess I could make some dumb version of the song. Let’s try starring Delirious (D) and CaRtOoNz(L), along with Bryce (B) and Ohm (O). This is a parody and is not reflected from the actual Youtubers.

D: Don’t you see what’s happenin’? 

L: Fuck yeah. 

D: And all of us got a clue, 

L: Delirious I know but- 

D: On every Dead by Daylight we have played, he’s chasin’ after him. 

L: Well no shit I see that everyti- 

D: THE COMPLIMEMTS they’re sayin’, Ohm’s teasing has no end. TO HELL with all the tension hanging here, IT’S CUTTING OFF MY AIR.

“Can you feel the gay tonight? Even Delirious sees. CaRtOoNz saw through the bull they always hide, so show your feels inside…" 

O: So many things to tell him, but I refuse to say. The truth about my sexuality, he’ll always avoid me. 

B: There must be something botherin’ him, but I can’t really tell. Why can’t I just go face to face with him, Like ‘Ohm, I love you so’? 

 "Can you feel the gay tonight? Not sure if they could tell. It’s obvious, that even we could see, it’s not a one sided thing.” “Can you feel the gay tonight? You needn’t look too far. There is homosexuality, cause love is where they are.” 

D: If I could bet, sev’ million subs. They will do more than kiss. 

L: I’ll say the same, but if that’s really true. 

Both: Then we can’t sleep, tonight….