song lyric tattoos

Mama Mavis, oh
Mama, they tried my patience
Obama is gone, who is left to save us?
So together we mourn, I’m praying for my neighbors
They say the devil’s at work and Trump is calling favors
You say I’m dangerous, I speak for the nameless
I fly with the vultures, I be with them bangers
If change don’t come, then the change won’t come
If the bands make ‘em dance, then the rain gon’ come
—  Gorillaz feat. Mavis Staples & Pusha T, Let Me Out

When I first came out to myself as trans and started figuring stuff out about my gender, I was confident I would never, could never come out. Maybe to a few of my closest friends, but never to my family, my school, to my work. I’d never start hormones or change my name or get surgery and this was just going to be my secret and I was just going to suffer and this was my life now.

3 years later, I have come out to my family, and my friends and Facebook and very recently work. I’ve started hormones and everyone I know is using a name I feel comfortable and I’m feeling like… I might just make it after all