song jongmin


Kim Jongmin and Jung Joonyoung in the 300th episode special of “Immortal Song”

They’re wearing matching (*cough, cough* couple *cough*) outfits like the pair of cuties they are !!


Hwang Kwanghee (from ZE:A) as Song Jongmin (Nakao Senri) – Now, like many others I am worried about this role. Here is why: Jongmin/Nakao is an extremely, EXTREMELY feminine looking boy. Short and girly. And Kwanghee? Not short and girly. So we shall see how this goes. But for now, there are only a few things you need to Jongmin/Nakao. Like I said, he is girly, very girly, and he is gay. He has a crush on Seungri/Nanba and becomes jealous of Jaehee/ Ashiya almost instantly. After looking into this a bit, it looks like Korean TV might not be ready for a girly-boy liking another boy, since the only source I found says he is simply a hurdler who