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Running Man 20 Day Challenge!

Day 9: Your Favorite Running Man Character

I love Song Ji Yok/Bad Jihyo. Whenever Song Ji Hyo gets mad, it’s definitely hilarious because of the other member’s reactions. I especially love the part when they covered her mouth and Ji Hyo is pretending to say some bad words. Freaking funny. 

Another character that I love is Sparta Kooks. I love how it has an S in the end because it seems unserious at all yet very powerful. I love it when the commander wins (not as much as I love it when Gary wins) because I’m sadistic like that. Other members are really scared of him which is why it’s more entertaining.

Runner-up would be Peaceful Gary & Wild Gary. He’s just my favorite member so I love his roles. *wink*

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Don’t Walk, Run! 10 Reasons Why Lee Kwang Soo Is Absolutely Hilarious on “Running Man”

Chances are, if you’ve heard of SBS variety show “Running Man,” you’ve heard of Lee Kwang Soo, one of the seven principalcast members who is truly one-of-a-kind. From his elaborate antics to shocking betrayals, Lee Kwang Soo proves himself to be a riot – and we have the evidence right here. Read on for the ten reasons why we think he’s just about one of the most hilarious people ever (feel free to add to or disagree with in the comments section below!)

1. Because he looked like this when you first met him

External image

Admit it. You knew he was awesome as soon as he got drenched during his first speech in the opening sequence of Running Man. And don’t get me wrong – you felt bad he was so pitiful, but you can’t help but laugh anyway.

2. Because his framing and betraying skills are second to none

External image

Song Ji-Yok, anyone?

Lee Kwang Soo is not known to be The Framer of “Running Man” for nothing. In just the first few episode, he’s worked up quite a reputation for other cast members. Does Song Ji Hyo really like to drink… and curse? Does Kim Jong Kook really like to play skipping rubber bands with children? Guess we’ll never know the truth, since Kwang Soo likes to instigate rumors with such a serious deadpan face.

In his spare time, Kwang Soo also moonlights as the Icon of Betrayal, a responsibility he takes great pride in. Friends or foes, no matter! Below, you can see the Betrayer in his nature habitat, ripping off the name tag of an unsuspecting teammate.

Bird – chirp chirp, Duck – quack quack, Giraffe – betray betray!

External image

3. Because his theme song should be sad, but it just makes you laugh

You can also feel Kwang Soo’s misery every time the opening bars of his theme song, “St. Argus and the Burning Train,” starts playing in the background whenever he gets caught up in his antics or misfortune. For some reason the sad melody is kind of hilarious when placed in Kwang Soo’s situations.

You can re-live some of his theme-song-worthy moments in a fan-made video here:

4. Because he dances like nobody’s business

External image

Kwang Soo has no shame (or inhibitions) when it comes to showing off his moves and busting out the ol’ dancing shoes. The following gif has no sound, but imagine his creaking sound effects in the background. 

External image

Can you tell this is MBLAQ’s “Y“? Yeah, neither can I. 

5. Because he’s not afraid to whip out his signature catchphrases…

Pil, Chok, CROSS!

External image


External image

6. …Or don his many, many personas

The Giraffe

External image

The Kwangvatar 

External image

The Kwang Ja

External image

…Just to name a few (trust me, there’s a lot more!)

7. Because something about his face cracks you up, no matter what expression he’s making

Like this:

External image

Or this -

External image

Or this - 

External image

Or these -

External image

Need we say more?

8. Because of his love-hate (but most hate) relationship with Kim Jong Kook, which we know to be just like the cutest thing ever

Giraffe and Tiger? Talk about the sweetest collaboration in the animal kingdom ever. Though Kim Jong Kook should probably watch his back, since there’s about a 100% chance Lee Kwang Soo will betray him. Or kick him in the shins. Or both.

We seem to see this a lot –

External image

9. …Or because of his touching Pil-Chok-Cross Bromance with Ji Suk Jin

“We’re Easy, but we’re not easy~~” 

C’mon. Everyone loves a good bromance. Especially when there’s a whole song – written by JYP, might I add – dedicated to them. 

10. And last, but not least, because of his spot-on comedic timings (which, as we know, are sometimes not by choice)

Remember when he managed to pick the only raw egg out of a whole bunch of eggs?  Twice? 

 Yup, that about sums up his character.

External image

Running Man fans, who or what would you like to see a feature on next? Let us know by voting in the poll!  Meanwhile, be sure to also let us know why you love Lee Kwang Soo in the comments section.