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Nicknames: Hoodie, Destiny, Yoyo, Yo

Gender: Got none

Star sign: Sagittarius

Height: 5′1″

Time: 11:38am

Birthday: December 8

Favorite bands: I don’t really have any favorite bands since all I do is listen to random songs

Favorite Solo Aritsts: I don’t think I have any

Song stuck in my head: Dope by BTS

Last movie I watched: How to Train Your Dragon 2

Last TV show I watched: Boku no Hero Academia (Waiting for that 3rd season!!)

When did I create my blog: 2 years ago I believe?

What do I post: Just my drawings pretty much…

Last thing I googled: vegan tofu recipes

Do I have other blogs: Yup. An ask blog for the “Dream Team” and the other one is my main blog.

Do I get asks: Yeah

Why did I choose my URL: It was based off my old username; just changed the first part of it haha.

Following blogs: 124

Followers: It’s within this interval: (- ∞,  +∞ )

Favorite colors: Lavender, Turquoise, Peach, Soft Yellow, Silver

Average hours of sleep: 5-7

Lucky numbers: I don’t think I have any

Instruments: I used to play the piano and violin in middle school. Haven’t touched either since then.

What am I wearing: T-shirt and pajama pants

How many blankets do I sleep with: 2

Dream job: I want to create my own cartoon really, but that’s wayyy out of my reach. So if anything, an animator!

Dream trip: Going to outer space. 

Favorite food: Mangoes! 

Nationality: American I believe

Favorite song right now: I don’t think I have one at the moment, but Dope by BTS is starting to get there xD

I tag: @ximenib@fear-originates-from-imagination, @sevenrenny, @mika213, @daniwry, @ollie-popper, @shaybunnie, @leoriotheoreo, @psychonautsmaster, @rumpcrunch and @rex101111! (No need to do it if you guys don’t want to)

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nickname(s): ? disappointment?

gender: female

sign: aquarius!!

height: 156cm

time: 9:05 pm

birthday: 17th february

favourite bands: R5, the GazettE, Queen and Nirvana!

favourite solo artists:  Laura Marano, Poppy

song stuck in my head: Call it what you want - Taylor Swift

last movie i watched: hot chick, it was on tv 

last show i watched: ooooooo the exorcist series!!!

when did i create this blog: 25th february 2018

what do i post: edits!!!! and shitposting. some anons hate me too

what did i last google: [in the last 24 hours]: “movie where a girl and boy switch bodies”

other blogs: @jupiterwishes @nicholasburnett

do i get asks: yes 

why did i choose this url: the vatore,,,,,, siblings,,,,, but vatore was taken by a somewhat porn blog so i just chose vvatore fkjhdkjff i’VE TOLD THIS SO MANY TIMES OMG

following: 472 but i might do some cleaning

followers: 2,409

average hours of sleep: 3-6 hours. 8-12 if i’m lucky

lucky number:  21 & 14

instrument: i know piano basics, guitar basics and how to play the bisel flute!

what am i wearing: pjs,,,,,, classy

dream job: paleontologist but that’s impossible so now i don’t have a dream job :D

favourite food: pork spare ribs are my fave but i also love carbonara pasta 

last book i read: Wrong about Japan, i had to read it for school

3 favourite fandoms: I’m in a lot but i would probably say the sixth guns aka the GazettE’s fandom. The R5family is pretty cool too but i just,,,, can’t stand the mentality most people have there

MY MAIn GOAL IS tO BLoW up AND ACT LIKE I DON’T KNOW NOBODY AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA jk i just dont wanna bother people but feel free to do this <3


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Nickname(s): Benfy 

Gender: Female

Sign: Gemini

Height: 170 cm

Time: 19:39.

Birthday: June 4

Favorite Bands: Imagine Dragons,  The Neighborhood,  Panic! At the Disco

Favorite Solo Artists: LP, Sleeping At Last,  Ed Sheeran, Sia

Song stuck in my head: Birdy – All About You

Last movie I watched: Before I fall.

Last show I watched:  The Big Bang Theory.

When did I create this blog: End of July.

What do I post: My sims legacy.

What did I last google: Something about Disney Legacy Challenge :)

Other blogs: No.

Do I get asks: I rarely get asks…

Why did I choose this URL: Just my nickname.

Following: Love <3

Followers: Love <3

Average hours of sleep: 4-6

Lucky number: All numbers :3

Instrument: When I was a little girl, I played the violin :D

What am I wearing:  Jeans and hoodie.

Dream job: I really love my job. I work like a web developer, but I wanna try to work like a game developer.

Favorite Food: Ice-cream and salad.

Last book I read: One book from the Lorien Legacies.

3 favorite fandoms: The Sims, Harry Potter and Doctor Who.

20 people: @108sims, @eralusa, @kikacute, @sunflowersim, @simsluname, @daylightdisco, @fayts4, @newsimmer101, @xcynicalsimsx, @wonderlandishsims, @cthulhu-kisses, @simplicityplays, @piggymoo, @awkward–simmer, @simlisssa, @dummysimmer, @princesswhocares, @simsdork, @oxfordcommasims and you! :3

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  1. Nickname: Shay
  2. Gender: Female
  3. Star sign: Aquarius
  4. Height: 5’8”
  5. Time: 11:12 am EST
  6. Birthday: February 5th
  7. Favourite band(s): I don’t really have favorite bands. I tend to listen to a variety of music, mostly instrumental! So of those I’d say X-Ray Dog, Two Steps from Hell, Rupert Gregson-Williams, and Hans Zimmer.
  8. Favourite solo artist(s): Taylor Davis and Lindsey Stirling
  9. Song stuck in my head: “I’m Alive (Life Sounds Like)” by Michael Franti & Spearhead
  10. Last movie I watched: Wonder Woman
  11. Last show I watched: House Hunters
  12. When did I create my blog: January 2015 (I think the anniversary is coming up in a day or two).
  13. What do I post: Royai, FMA, Wonder Woman, miscellaneous other fandoms on occasion, fanfiction
  14. Last thing I googled: Bronchial lung pattern
  15. Do you have other blogs: Lol yes too many (that I rarely update)! @mama-hawk is my parental!Royai blog, @hopeless-scientist-club is the science blog I mod with B, @a-little-ray-of-sunshine is my positivity blog, @nsfw-royai is my NSFW blog, @the-king-and-lionheart is my Aesthetic blog, and the rest are basically just URLs I’m saving.
  16. Do you get asks: Yes! And I love receiving them! They range from silly to serious, with everything in between.
  17. Why did you choose your url: The Flame and Hawk’s Eye is my pen name, and I love the Flame Alchemist and the Hawk’s Eye very, very much
  18. Following: 371 blogs at the moment!
  19. Followers: There are 2877 amazing people following me!
  20. Favorite color: Dark blue
  21. Average hours of sleep: Anywhere from 4-7
  22. Lucky number: 9 was my soccer number in high school, and it’s been my lucky number ever since!
  23. Instruments: I can’t play an instrument to save my life OTZ
  24. What am I wearing: Dark green sweatpants that say ‘vet med’ on the side and a lighter green nightshirt with a rabbit on it that says #showusyourbinky
  25. How many blankets do I sleep with: Normally 1-2!
  26. Dream job: Board-certified veterinary radiologist or surgeon
  27. Dream trip: I want to backpack across Europe, and I want to travel to Asia as well! I just need to win the lottery and get a private plane and just… GO
  28. Favorite food: B’s Mac and Cheese tbqh……
  29. Nationality: I’m from the US! (My ancestry includes primarily Polish and German with some Welsh, Scottish, and Indigenous Canadian mixed in.
  30. Favorite song now: “Louder” by Charlie Who?

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nickname(s): cherry or cheri

gender: female

sign: capricorn

height: 5ft

time: 18:40

birthday: 16 january

favourite bands: BTS, EXO, twenty one pilots, imagine dragons, echosmith, red velvet, blackpink, and little mix

favourite solo artists:  camila cabello, halsey, sunmi, iu, liam payne, and dodie

song stuck in my head: All These Years - Camila Cabello

last movie i watched: Bleeding Steel

last show i watched: I forgott!! does anime count?? if it does then it’s devilman crybaby (it’s v good 👍)

when did i create this blog: 5-1-2018

what do i post: sim edits and story/gameplay

what did i last google: [in the last 24 hours]: memes

other blogs: @dilvei-finds

do i get asks: rarely

why did i choose this url: it’s just some random words that sticks with me after two years!! p.s my friend said it’s secretly the word devil 😈

following: 336

followers: 240

average hours of sleep: 3-9 hours

lucky number:  7

instrument: I can’t play instrumentss!! though i know the basics of playing a piano

what am i wearing: a black dress cause i’m currently going to someone’s wedding while making this post :D

dream job: a producer or maybe a singer

favourite food: lasagna, pasta, andd thai food

last book i read: Storm Siren

3 favourite fandoms: I’m in too many fandoms so i’m just gonna say i’m in the anime/kpop/sims fandom

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nickname(s): Domi

gender: female

sign: Gemini

height: 1.68m

time: 11:39

birthday: 13 of june

favourite bands: Imagine dragons, T1P ,The beatles, red hot chili peppers, fostr the people ,arctic monkeys,, of monsters and men and queen ofc

favourite solo artists:  Niall Horran, T  swift, Grace Vanderwall, pink,kanye, and halsey

song stuck in my head: Feel it still - portugal the man

last movie i watched: Step sisters

last show i watched: Supernatural

when did i create this blog: 3/01/2018

what do i post: sim edits

what did i last google: wii music

other blogs: @wildnooboos

do i get asks: um almost never

why did i choose this url: smubuh random worrd generator

following: 338

followers: 334

average hours of sleep: 5-7

lucky number:  4


wearing:my pjs which are a spongebob shirt with some cute gray shorts

dream job: neurologist

favourite food: tacos

last book i read: The hate you give

3 favourite fandoms: um only like the sims ig

Idk who to tag, so if we just are mutuals you get to do it

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Nickname(s): ‘Ber

Gender: female

Sign: Leo, but I’m not a believer.

Height: 5′2″ if I’m wearing shoes.

Time: 9:22pm

Birthday: July 30

Favourite Bands: Nine Inch Nails, Muse, Awolnation, Panic! At the Disco (though kind of counts as a solo artist these days), Flight of the Conchords, Florence + The Machine, The Black Keys, Beach Boys, Dead Man’s Bones

Favourite Solo Artists: Ray LaMontagne (but not so much the new stuff), Elvis, Woodkid, Adam Lambert, Eddie Vedder (I like his solo stuff better than Pearl Jam),

Song stuck in my head: It changes pretty often, but today it’s “Addicted to Love” by Robert Palmer.  I get this stuck in my head at least once a month, though.

Last movie I watched: I saw like 30 minutes of Big Hero 6 today but the last movie I WATCHED was Iron Man 2.

Last show I watched: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

When did I create this blog: September 2016

What do I post: CC and a story (which has been on hiatus a few months but is coming back now), some CC finds, random sims-related crap.

What did I last google: “Addicted to Love” because I couldn’t remember who sang it.

Other blogs: Nope.

Do I get asks: Here and there.  I think people are intimidated by how hilarious and amazing I am.

Why did I choose this URL: Because it’s fucking baller.

Following: A little under 250, though I’ll bet like half of those are inactive because I definitely don’t see that many peoples on my dashboard.

Followers: Creepin’ up on 900.

Average hours of sleep: mmm… 6 or 7?

Lucky number: 72

Instrument: men’s heartstrings?

What am I wearing: Grey flannel pajama pants with cats on them and a giant red hoodie that belonged to my husband in middle school.

Dream job: superhero

Favourite Food: California-Mex style burritos.

Last book I read:i  One of the books in Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series, I re-read it all the time.

3 favorite fandoms: this is harder to answer than it used to be, I’m not as “OMG” about stuff as I used to be.  Um… LotR, Discworld, and ‘90s X-Men.  I love the Harry Potter books and used to be super into the fandom but…. it’s just everywhere now.  I’m getting burnt out on it.  Everytime Freeform has a Harry Potter weekend (which is like once a month), I try not to scream in frustration.

I tag: @suspiciouslypinklady @sunshinensadness @annabellee25 @quiddity-jones @simblrbreezycakes @simmerberlin @plumbbobbseytwins uhhhhh that’s enough. I think a lot of the people I would tag have already done it. 

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nicknames: joepie, juul(tje)
gender: female
sign: cancer
height: 173cm
time: 11:48 amsterdam time
birthday: 13th of july
favorite bands: arctic monkeys, the beatles, the shadows, r5, tame impala and queen.
favorite solo artists: lana del rey, douwe bob, vianney, marina and the diamonds and jake bugg.
song stuck in my head: les filles d’ajourd’hui
last movie i watched: pirates of the caribbean: the curse of the black pearl.
last show i watched: rewatching girlmore girls.
when did i create this blog: may 2016 but didn’t start posting until june 2017.
what do i post: gameplay pictures of the sims 4.
what did i last google: storm january 2018. Our chimney broke during this storm, no joke.
other blogs: i have a cc finds and inspo blog!!
do i get asks: yes!
why did i choose this url: because this is another simblr :-P
following: 229
followers: 643!! ♥
average hours of sleep: about 7/8 hours
lucky number: 6
instrument: none
what i am wearing: my pyjamas.
dream job: forester, small farmer or movie critic.
favorite food: jamie oliver’s pumpkin lasagne.
last book i read: an enchantment of ravens - margaret rogerson
3 favorite fandoms: none

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nickname(s): Pody
gender: Girl
sign: Virgo
height: 5ft
time: 12:02 (In Norway)
birthday: 22 September
favourite bands: Imagine Dragons, 21 pilots, Paramore and The Script
favourite solo artists:  Shakira & P!nk
song stuck in my head: Am I wrong - Nico & Vinz
last movie i watched: The Lizzie McGuire Movie
last show i watched: Broen (A danish/swedish show, its real good)
when did i create this blog: 06.01.2018
what do i post: Legacy and edits
what did i last google: [in the last 24 hours]: Sofia Helin the lead actress on the tv show Broen
other blogs: Brother-Lucifer
do i get asks: sometimes
why did i choose this url: Because i love Hawaiian flowers and Kokio sounded pretty cute.
following: 216
followers: 284
average hours of sleep: 2-11 hours depends if sick or not.
lucky number:  21
instrument: I can play guitar and ukulele, but i have none of them.
what am i wearing: Black baggy pants and a black singlet 
dream job: Photographer for National Geographic
favourite food: Anything Thai
last book i read: The Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud 
3 favourite fandoms: Im not in any im 20 so i feel like thats left behind to my 14 year old self

tagging: @sarahjsims @s-i-m-ply @thesimsdominion @avelinesims @blindingechoes @crypticsim @dolliemoon @existentialisims @funboysims @geniesimms  its just a random tag so just ignore it if you dont wanna do it ^^

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1. Nickname(s): Lena

2. Gender: Female

3. Sign: Scorpio

4. Height: 5′4″.

5. Time: 4:18pm.

6. Birthday: 27th October

7. Favorite Bands: Glass animals, Nothing but Thieves,Cage The Elephant and Highly Suspect

8. Favorite Solo Artists: TK (凛として時雨), Taemin, K.Flay and Stephen (I honestly wouldn’t say they are my favourite artists but they are the only solo artists I listen to frequently) 

9. Song stuck in my head: Bbom Bbom-Momoland I watched ONE performance ONCE a few days ago but I can’t stop thinking about it 

10. Last movie I watched: I just finished watching wonder woman

11. Last show I watched: Two moons

12. When did I create this blog: September-October.. I think? 

13. What do I post: Sims 4 gameplay and CC!

14. What did I last google: ACS Versace, I wanted to know when the first episode was going to be aired, needless to say I totally missed it ಥ_ಥ

15. Other blogs: Nope

16. Do I get asks: Not very frequently, but when I do I really appreciate them! so if you want, please talk to me!

17. Why did I choose this URL: It’s just a word my chemistry teacher said which I think sounds similar to plumbob does it tho? 

18. Following: 403

19. Followers: 563

20. Average hours of sleep: 5-7

21. Lucky number: I don’t have one 

22. Instrument: I used to play the flute at school and I kinda know how to play the piano 

23. What am I wearing: My pjs! Black shorts and a tank top with dogs on it lol

24. Dream job: Biochemist

25. Favorite Food: Canelloni!

26. Last book I read: I had to read animal farm for school

27. 3 favorite fandoms:  VOLTRON

20 people I tag: If you’ve already done (sorry, my memory sucks) or don’t want to do this just ignore it! @violetplumbob, @teslasims, @messysimblr, @sadtrait, @foursims, @eralusa, @simshysteria, @drippy-candles, @imming-say, @alternacorn-sims 

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rules: answer 30 questions then tag 20 blogs you would like to know better.

1. nickname: Jay or Janaina (because people confuse my real name with it all the time)

2. gender: female

3. star sign: Aquarius

4. height: 165 cm/5’5

5. time: 4:50 pm 

6. birthday: January 23rd

7. favourite band(s) (not kpop): The Pretty Reckless, Queen, Artic Monkeys, Legião Urbana, and Scalene

8. favourite solo artist: Troye sivan, Beyoncé, Cassia Éller, Sunmi, Gallant

9. song stuck in my head: Neverland by Holland and Machika by Anitta, J balvin and Jeon

10. last movie watched: The Greatest Showman

11. last show watched: I’m rewatching Brooklyn Nine Nine

12. when did i create my blog: december of 2016 i guess but i was inactive for a long time

13. what do i post: There’s no consistency tbh but mostly b99, star wars and lately a lot of kpop

14. last thing i googled: how to spell “lately” lmao english is my second language and i never know when there’s a double letter in a word

15. do you have other blogs: nope

16. do you get asks: i wish lmao

17. why did you choose you url: because of this i don’t even watch the tv show but that’s a iconic way to come out

18. following: 873 , i had no idea what i was going to do on tumblr when i got in so i followed a lot of fandom blogs

19. followers: 55 

20. favourite colour(s): blue and black

21. average hours of sleep: 5 to 9 depending on college 

22. lucky number: i don’t have one

23. instruments: none, but I’d love to learn how to play the cello and drums

24. what am i wearing: an old shirt with little rainbows on them and a pajamas short

25. how many blankets i sleep with: one when it’s mosquitoes’ season or when it’s cold (almost never here) and none otherwise

26. dream job: forensics expert

27. dream trip: DISNEY! Also Veneza, Egypt and the Amazon rainforest

28. favourite food: Açaí (idk if there’s a translation), pasta, lasagna and feijoada

29. nationality: Brazilian

30. favourite song now: Neverland by Holland, Curious by Hayley Kiyoko, Do Re Mi by Blackbear, Nós>Eles by Scalene, and The Way by Kehlani feat. Chance the Rapper

I tag:

















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Nickname(s): Katy (only my family calls me this) and Devil Twin (this is what my best friend and I call each other).

Gender: Female

Sign: Gemini

Height: 5′4

Time: 4:34 PM

Birthday: June 17, 1994

Favourite Bands: Fall Out Boy and Paramore

Favourite Solo Artists: Ed Sheeran

Song stuck in my head: Boop

Last movie I watched: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Last show I watched: Riverdale

When did I create this blog: Like 3 months ago

What do I post: Mediocre NSB gameplay and terrible jokes

What did I last google: DnD wizard spells. (My friends and I are huge nerds and have just started a new DnD campaign, okay.)

Other blogs: None

Do I get asks: Yes! I LOVE talking to you guys!

Why did I choose this URL: It’s the name of my founder.

Following: 217

Followers: 327

Average hours of sleep: I either get like 4 hours of sleep or like 12. There’s no in between lol.

Lucky number: 2

Instrument: Keyboard… as in a computer keyboard.

What am I wearing: T-shirt and shorts.

Dream job: Umm is professional dog snuggler a thing?

Favourite Food: Pizza, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, chicken, bagels, chocolate. I like food a lot, okay.

Last book I read: … I’m honestly not sure.

3 favorite fandoms: I’m really not invested in any, unless you count The Sims as a fandom.

I tag @idioticjenna @bloomsie @simshuie @youspacewalnut @solararoma @poppyseedsims @surreysimmer @imaginarycowplant @bookwormsim and anyone else who would like to do it!


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Nicknames: Bear & Rose ♡

Gender: Female

Sign: Gemini!

Height: 5 ft and 4 in

Time: 3:13 PM

Birthday: June 19th 1998

Favorite band: Marina and the Diamonds, Meg & Dia

Favorite solo artist: I don’t really know ,-,

Song stuck in my head: Um, I don’t think I have one right now

Last movie I watched: I think it was Ice Age the Meltdown, yeah, I have all but one of those movies

Last show I watched: Shark Tank!

When did I create this blog: Like, 2-3 months ago

What do I post: Gameplay, sometimes I reblog some stuff 

What did I last Google: “Etsy” or “Tumblr” lol

Other blogs: @mokihokiccfind I don’t really post on there and I’m not active, I just made it in case I see CC I wanna find later or anything like that!

Do I get asks: Sadly, no, :’c

Why did I choose this url: Because I think in TS2 it sounds like they say “hoki hoki” on the TV or somethin’ and I just added the “moki” part lol

Following: 940

Followers: 276 and I love all of them!

Average hours of sleep: I hate this question because I have no idea and I dunno how to know that lol

Instrument: I don’t play anything 

What am I wearing: My fiances t-shirt and penguin pajama bottoms and socks c:

Favorite food: I loooove gravy and I love to go to McDonalds

Last book I read: “The Sudoku Killer”

3 favorite fandoms: I’m not really sure tbh

I tag: @nervous—subject @simsplyirresistible @kikacute @fayts4 @pharsnip @owly-sims @spilled-milllk @greenfooddog @thatonebrobo @kris-sims

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nickname(s): Bobbi, Bosa, Rosie McGee, Rosie, Flobby Bobbi, Skinke
gender: Girl
sign: Aquarius
height: 5′11′’
time: 12:57 PM
birthday: 24th of January
favourite bands: The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, Nephew
favourite solo artists: Adele, Hozier, Lady Gaga (also I’m obsessed with Harry Styles’ album)
song stuck in my head: MANAMANAM (someone please help me)
last movie i watched: Jumanji - the new one
last show i watched: Riverdale, I think
when did i create this blog: Uhhh, honestly have no idea! Started using it properly in October 2016 though!
what do i post: Edits, builds, lookbooks, videos
what did i last google: [in the last 24 hours]: Amazong by mistake ‘cause I have fat fingers
other blogs: Just my CC reblog blog
do i get asks: A few here and there, I tend to save the nicer ones for bad days xD
why did i choose this url: Because I thought “Aveline” was a pretty name xD
following: 390
followers: 15,571
average hours of sleep: 5-7 hours (trying to get better)
lucky number: Don’t really know xD
instrument: Bass, piano and a bit of guitar (does singing count too?)
what am i wearing: Grey jogging pants, black jumper and Pikachu slippers :3
dream job: As of this moment, I don’t know :P
favourite food: Pizza, lasagne, boller i karry
last book i read: Uhh, I’m working on Blækhat by Sissel-Jo Gazan (Danish book)
3 favourite fandoms: Tbh, I think the whole fandom thing is lost on me lol

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Nickname(s): My real name is Aminah, so I generally get called Mina, Minnie or Min. It’s much easier than getting people to pronounce your first name properly.

Gender: Female

Sign: Capricorn

Height: 5″2

Time: 8:39am

Birthday: January 19th

Favourite Bands: I don’t really have favourites, my music taste changes all the time, but off the top of my head are: Imagine Dragons, Flannel Graph, Marina and the Diamonds, Lana Del Ray, Alessia Cara and Hilltop Hoods.

Song Stuck in my Head: Outkast - Roses. It was on the radio driving home last night.

Last Movie I Watched: The Holiday with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz. Love that movie.

Last show I watched: Vera

When did I create this blog: Last year or the year before. I really don’t remember.

What do I post: My simmies, building projects and decor.

What did I last google: Tiny vintage cottages. Looking for inspo.

Other Blogs: N/A

Do I get asks: Every now and then. I’m happy to answer them when I get them.

Why did I choose this url: I just wanted something simple as I was eager to be apart of the sims community after lurking for so long. So my nickname followed by sims = minasims.

Following: 313

Followers: 169 

Average hours of sleep: 6 to 7. I need at least 7 or more otherwise I’m grumpy.

Lucky number:

Instrument: I don’t play, but I could listen to piano, saxophone, violin and harp anytime.

What am I wearing: My pajamas. I just woke up and I’m having a cuppa in my nightie because it’s summer time here.

Dream Job: It’s never going to happen, but I’d love to run an organic free-range egg and apple farm and write mysteries in my free time. 

Favourite Food: Chocolate

3 fave fandoms: Sims, Murdoch Mysteries and Nancy Drew

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Nicknames: Ele

Gender/pronouns: she/her

Star sign: Leo rawr

Height:  155 cm / 5′1″ ft so more of a fluffy kitten than a lion

Time: At the time of writing this, 12:14PM

Birthday: August 8th

Favourite bands: Do as Infinity, Matchbox 20, Wagakki Band

Favourite solo artist: Shikata Akiko

Song stuck in your head: None right now, it tends to vary.

Last movie you watched?: … I have literally no idea.

Last show?: Hakyuu Houshin Engi

Why did you create your blog?: Tumblr wouldn’t let me properly browse tags anymore unless I created an account.

Last thing you googled?: betta fish

Other blogs: One in hiatus, @littledaifuku

AO3: N/A

Do you get asks?: Yes, and I love them! *0*

How did you get the idea for your URL?: It’s been my handle for ages.

I follow: Mostly my awesome friends <3

Followers: A lot of lovely and marvelous people that inspire me everyday ;–;

Average hours of sleep: 4-6 hyperactivity FTW

Lucky number: 8, 108.

Instruments: Flute, and a bit of piano.

What are you wearing? Shorts and a black shirt (I’m going to exercise later).

Dream job: Scenario writer for RPGs, anything involving creative writing.

Dream trip: Japan!

Favourite food: Tea.

Last book I read: Currently reading Murder on the Links.