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get to know me tag

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  1. nickname: I don’t have any :v I’m open to suggestions though
  2. gender: m for maybe
  3. star sign: virgo
  4. height: ha………
  5. time: 20:29
  6. birthday: sep 7
  7. favorite bands/groups: the strokes!!!! also winner and ikon and nu’est
  8. favorite soloists: Ok I got a lot! dean, kehlani, maitre gims, the weeknd, j balvin, maluma, elo, g.soul
  9. song stuck in my head: FLY by sik-k motherfuckin love you…
  10. last movie watched: okja! oink oink you anticapitalist pig
  11. last show watched: like all the way through? broduce…it was a mistake
  12. when did I create my blog: oh god lol like january 2012?
  13. what do I post: not enough memes and too many gifs 😬
  14. last thing I googled: “hojung hotshot instagram”  🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶
  15. do you have other blogs: shameless plug for my THEME BLOG
    otherwise i got a music/photo blog… that’s it tho
  16. do you get asks: no :( please talk to me
  17. why did you choose your url: It was……..fate
  18. following: 205
  19. followers: 7 on a good day
  20. favorite color(s): 🅱️urple
  21. average hours of sleep: 4-5….yikes
  22. lucky number: don’t have one
  23. instruments: piano
  24. what am I wearing: uhhhhh boxers… a t-shirt
  25. how many blankets I sleep with: 3
  26. dream job: getting paid to travel the world and eat food…
  27. dream trip: a food tour all around italy
  28. favorite food: thai food thoooooooooooooo
  29. nationality: viet-american but I don’t really subscribe to the latter part :/
  30. favorite song now: heyahe by one we love the babymaking anthem of the summer

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1. nicknames: JC

2. gender: female

3. star sign: taurus

4. height: 5′2

5. current time: 4:30am

6. birthday: april 24th

7. favorite bands: currently Boyce Avenue

8. favorite solo artists: Dia Frampton, Luke Thompson, Adele, Lady Gaga, Banks, Lisa Hannigan, Jolin Tsai

9. song stuck in my head: Lovefool - The Cardigans (IT’S STILL GOING)

10. last movie watched: It Comes at Night (it’s good!)

11. last show watched: iZombie

12. when did i create my blog: mid 2014

13. what do i post: video games, art/photography, horror things, cute and pretty things

14. last thing i googled: light leaks textures

15. do you have other blogs: I co-manage @ruggedskellington with my sister

16. do you get asks: sometimes

17. why did you choose you url: do I even need to explain

18. following: 642

19. followers: -5

20. favorite colors: dark shades of blue, black, gray, brown

21. average hours of sleep: 5-8 hours

22. lucky number: 20?

23. instruments: piano, violin, some guitar

24. what am i wearing: pjs

25. how many blankets i sleep with: currently 1

26. dream job: legal psychologist maybe

27. dream trip: Japan

28. favorite food: I LOVE WATERMELON

29. nationality: I’m from outer space

30. favorite song now: Love the Way You Lie pt. III

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get to know me tag

answer 30 questions and tag 30 followers that you would like to know better!

tagged by @fatenumberfor thank u matt rehfeahwjrfaruhr i did this so quick im so bored

nickname: ker, dinh dinh………., krusty, krustin
gender: hot bread
star sign: taurus but if we goin by that new 13th sign then im aries
height: tall 
time: 7:06 pm
birthday: april 23rd
favorite bands/groups: nct ikon and winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
favorite soloists: g.soul, jhene aiko, hoody, beenzino, Tyler,The Creator, babylon, drake, syd, and many many many more
song stuck in my head: crush - dust 
last movie watched: “your name” ughguh i cried a fuck ton 
last show watched: running man
when did I create my blog: uhh like this may
what do I post: ikon and mostly a bunch of jinhwan posts i lov that boi
last thing I googled: i had to do it to em
do you have other blogs: nah
do you get asks: nope :(( send me something
why did you choose your url: bc it was cute idfbfeajnd jinhwan+beautiful
following: 47
followers: 10 heck yeah
favorite color(s): any pastel colors
average hours of sleep: 10 yay
lucky number: i dont hav one
instruments: nah
what am I wearing: floral pajamas…………………
how many blankets I sleep with: 1
dream job: getting paid for doing nothing :)
dream trip: asia tour wooooooo
favorite food: mexican food yes
nationality: viet american 
favorite song now: ikon - bLinG bLiNg

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Get to know me tag!!

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rules: answer 30 questions about yourself then tag 20 people you want to get to know better

1. nickname: NA

2. gender: female

3. star sign: leo

4. height: 5′ 4″ (163 cm)

5. time: 4:20 pm

6. birthday: July 31st

7. favorite bands:  Nirvana, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Eagles 

8. favorite solo artists: Neil Diamond, Springsteen 

9. song stuck in my head: The theme from The Office tbh

10. last movie watched: Wonder Woman

11. last show watched: The Office

12. when did i create my blog: At the end of this May

13. what do i post: aesthetics, my art, my photography

14. last thing i googled: Chicken recipe 

15: do you have any other blogs: No this is it

16: do you get asks: Occasionally 

17: why did you choose your url: Because it essentially means tiny peach. Which is cute!

18: following: 300ish

19: followers: a couple thousand ( I don’t really keep track of these things ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

20: favorite colors: Yellow, light blue, all shades of red

21: average hours of sleep: 6ish

22: lucky number: 3 and 7

23: instruments: Piano 

24: what am i wearing: black shirt and jeans

25: how many blankets do i sleep with: One

26: dream job: Art Teacher

27: dream trip: I’d love to visit Europe extesnsively. See the historic sites and visit art museums. 

28: favorite food: any kind of fruit honestly

29: nationality: American

30: favorite song now: White Flag by Joseph


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No pressure to answer ^^

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Nicknames: Amel

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Gemini


Height: 1m53 last time I checked

Time: 11:08pm

Birthday: June 4th

Favorite Bands: The police, Evanescence, Cascada, Gnawa

Favorite Solo Artist: Sting, Damien Rice, Fujita Maiko, Idir, Shakira

Song stuck in head: none currently

Last Movie I watched: Wild child

Last Show I watched: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

Do I have any other blogs: no

When did I create my blog: 14th August 2015

Last Thing I googled: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica kissanime

Following: 357

Followers: 367

Favorite color: Blue

Average Hours of Sleep: 11-7 there’s no in-between

Lucky Number: 6

Instruments: no

What am I wearing: tank top and blue skirt

How many blankets do I sleep with: 1

Dream job: linguist

Dream Trip: Germany

Nationality: Algerian

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30 questions challenge

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1. nicknames: Crim, Lory, Noblesse Prime, little one

2. gender: Female

3. star sign: Virgo

4. height: 163cm

5. current time: 2.08AM

6. birthday: September 17th

7. favorite bands: There’s too many… Devin Townsend Project and Muse are my current fav though!

8. favorite solo artists: AURORA, Kerli, Susumu Hirasawa, Origa

9. song stuck in my head: kyaru pamyu pamyu - ninja re bang bang

10. last movie watched: Lilo and Stitch

11. last show watched: Orange is the new black

12. when did i create my blog: Maybe half a year ago? Or something

13. what do i post: Personal poop, art, rp and ff related stuff!

14. last thing i googled: aurelion sol…

15. do you have other blogs: Trashblog of course! But I really don’t use it anymore.

16. do you get asks: Not so often, few every now and then~

17. why did you choose you url: Cause this blog was meant to be for everything that’s related to Lorythas! And it still is, spiced heavily with my art~

18. following: 160

19. followers: 377

20. favorite colors: Black, blue and white

21. average hours of sleep: Too much. Or too little.

22. lucky number: Don’t really have any

23. instruments: Piano, cello and saxophone

24. what am i wearing: Tank top and pyjama silk shorts

25. how many blankets i sleep with: 1

26. dream job: ;A; I wish I’d have even one but nuh

27. dream trip: Japan and Paris

28. favorite food: salmon, wok, sushi

29. nationality: Finnish

30. favorite song now: Kerli - Diamond hard

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Tagging game!

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Rules: tag some people

Nicknames: Kat, Kay, K, Kayleigh

Zodiac: aquarius !!!!!

Height: 5'5

Last thing googled: ‘recipes with tomato’ bc i was hungry and all we have in our kitchen is tomatoes

Favourite artist: Green Day !! always and forever

Song stuck in my head: The end of non-stop where every1 is singing and no one can catch a break but more specifically when angelica and eliza both harmonise on the ‘satisFIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEED’

Last movie I saw: I watched the RSC Hamlet earlier lol

Do I have any other blogs: omfg yes right so I have this one as my main/HP and then I have @tattoograntaire for all my les mis/musical stuff @sweetprinceofdenmark for my hamlet/shakespeare/general english lit and aesthetic stuff @romionesecretsanta for the secret santa that i host every year and @ronweasleydefensesquad which i run to defend our boy ron weasley. (also there’s @sugarquillstudy which is my separate account/study blog although i don’t use it as much as i should ahhhh)

What did your last relationship teach you: i’ve literally never been in a relationship prior to the one i’m in rn so… but from this one i can definitely say that things aren’t always gonna turn out how u expect them to and that’s great

Religious or spiritual: neither ?? both ??? i d k

Favourite colour: green lol

Average hours of sleep: it varies. most school days i am for at least 6 (sometimes it ends up being 5) and in the holidays it can be anything from 4-11 it’s wild

Lucky number: anything with two even numbers in them (but not the same number)

Favourite characters: oooh boy are u ready. so there’s ron (and all of the trio tbh i love my children), enjolras from les mis, hamlet from hamlet, elend venture from mistborn 1-3 (again, all @krangune ‘s fault), trish walker from jessica jones, and angel from rent

How many blankets do I sleep with: one !!!! anymore is too much and sleeping without a blanket leaves u undefended from monsters js

Dream job: [distant screaming] i’d like to work in an ngo/charity or maybe as an author/journalist or possibly a glaciologist or a beekeeper idk man we’ll see

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Rules: answer the questions and tag some people you’d like to get to know better.

1. Nicknames: Lolo, Lore Lore (he calls me that sometimes and I just ajjgjfdhsjgh), Tiger
2. Gender: female
3. Star sign: Gemini
4. Height: 5′8″
5. Current time: 3:29 PM
6. Birthday: June 16
7. Favorite bands: Garbage, Dead Sara, Death Cab for Cutie
8. Favorite solo artists: Halsey, Hayley Kiyoko
9. Song stuck in my head: Leave Out All the Rest - Linkin Park
10. Last movie watched: I can’t remember
11. Last show watched: The Office
12. When I created my blog: December 25, 2015
13. What I post: mostly video games
14. Last thing I Googled: a friend’s Twitch profile
15. My other blogs: none
16. Do I get asks? usually there are a few people who send me some for ask memes :)
17. Why I chose my URL: because I’d die to live in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst
18. How many people I follow: around 270 I think
19. How many followers I have: almost 1k!!!
20. Favorite colors: green and pink
21. Average amount of sleep: 6-9 hours lmao
22. Lucky number: 16
23. Instruments I can play: piano, trumpet, guitar, and I also like to sing :D
24. What I’m wearing: striped t-shirt and black jean shorts
25. How many blankets I sleep with: just one
26. Dream job: honestly I want to be a Runner in Glass but that’s not possible :’)
27. Dream trip: back to Venice!!!
28. Favorite food: pasta, sushi, pizza, loads of unhealthy stuff…
29. Nationality: American
30. Current favorite song: right now I’m really obsessed with Colors - Halsey

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1. Nicknames: Q
2. Gender: Female
3. Star sign: Leo
4. Height: 5′ 6″
5. Time: 2000pm
6. Birthday: 8/8
7. favorite bands: BTS, IKON, The Strokes and about 10 other bands.
8. favorite solo artists: Missy Elliott, Lorde, Lana Del Rey, The Weeknd, Sia, Kanye, Royce Da 5′9, Lupe Fiasco….so many.
9. Song stuck in my head: The lyrics to The Louvre-Lorde
10. Last movie watched: The Paddington Bear movie! Super cute.
11. Last show watched: Season 19 episode 2 of BBC’s Top Gear 
12. When did i create my blog: 2015
13. What do i post: black and white kpop and photography
14. Last thing googled: Glasgow Coma Scale
15. do you have other blogs: Yes, the MVSS empire also includes a colour tumblr ( @mvss ) and a writing one ( @mvssmallow ). I have a non-kpop tumblr too ( @3intheam )
16. Do you get asks: occasionally
17. Why did you choose your url: I was listening to TOP’s rap breakdown from Doom Dada at the time. I like that it’s ambiguous and kinda means nothing and everything at the same time. 
18. Following: 7
19. Followers: a bit more than 7
20. Favorite colors: ivory, light gray, black
21. Average hours of sleep: 4
22. Lucky number: 8
23. Instruments: piano, guitar, bass
24. What am I wearing: duck print pyjamas
25. How many blankets I sleep with: 2 because it’s winter here
26. Dream job: CEO of a massmedia company (writing, film, art, music), mother to children and dogs
27. Dream trip: Ireland 
28. Favorite food: all forms of potato
29. Nationality: Australian
30. Favorite song now: The Louvre-Lorde 

Tagging all 8 of my followers. I always feel so bad for tagging because I wonder if it makes other people feel left out. If you feel like it, please do this and tag me so I can read about you. =)

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Rules: Answer questions and then tag 20 blogs you would like to know better.

I’m doing this thing again, sorry

1.Nickname: Vucko
2.Gender: Female
3.Star Sign: Scorpio
4.Height: 157
5.Time: 19:33
6.Birthday: October 26th
7.Favourite Bands: BTS, EXO, Day6, Coldplay, Bastille, Imagine Dragons,..
8.Favourite Solo Artist: Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes
9.Song Stuck In My Head: That good good by Luhan
10.Last movie watched: Split
11.Last show watched: Bones
12.When did I create my blog: July 2014
13.What do I post: Mostly about kpop (90% of that is about BTS) and something about sports and TV shows
14.Last thing I googled: EXO - The War download
15.Do you have other blogs: Nope
16.Do you get asks: Sometimes
17.Why did you choose your url: it’s related to BTS so maybe because of that
18.Following: a lot of blogs
19.Followers: couple of them
20.Favourite colors: blue, white, black
21.Average hours of sleep: between 8 and 10
22.Lucky number: i don’t have any
23.Instruments: I used to play piano a little.. but now just triangle
24.What are you wearing: pink t-shirt and shorts
25.How many blankets I sleep with: one
26.Dream Job: something connected with computers
27.Dream trip:  Paris, Northern Italy, London and South Korea
28.Favourite food: Pizza and sarma (If you ever come to Serbia, you should try it)
29.Nationality: Serbian
30.Favourite song now: Not Today - BTS
31.Favourite fruit: peaches, strawberries and raspberries
32.Favourite season: winter
33.Favourite flower: roses maybe
34.Favourite animal: dog
35.Favourite fictional character:  James Carstairs and William Herondale(The Infernal devices), Tyrion Lannister, Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen and Arya Stark (Game of thrones) *feel free to send me a message if you want to talk about these TV shows or books*

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Rules: answer 30 questions then tag 20 blogs you would like to know better.

I was tagged by @hwangminyeo bby, thank you for tagging me

1. Nicknames:  Bahie or Bom

2. Gender: female

3. Star sign: leo

4. Height: 5′3 ish, I guess that’s like 162cm (/ω\)

5. Time: 1:03 PM

6. Birthday: July 28th

7. Favorite Bands/Groups: well, of course it’s the one and only NU’EST babies~

8. Favorite solo artists: uhmmm I think it’s Crush, tbh I don’t really have a favorite like I just listen to all of them (⺣◡⺣)♡

9. Song stuck in my head: KARD’s Hola Hola, omgggg I’m so happy they finally debuted!!

10. Last movie watched: I can’t even remember omfg, I’m more a Kdrama and kshow person *embarrassed*

11. Last show watched: well, if we are talking about dramas it’s School 2017 and if it’s like a variety show type of thing, I just watched Pristin’s Channel :P~

12. When did i create my blog: November, 2012

13. What do I post: reblogs of the beautiful JR, Ren, Minhyun, Aron and Baekho and some silly texts about my feelings towards them (。・・。)

14. Last thing googled: Japanese emoticons because they are so adorable and I wanted to include some cuteness ♡

15. Do you have other blogs?: nope I don’t

16. Do you get asks?: yesss I dooo, but I mainly use direct messaging. AND omg thank you soooo much for asking questions and just idk talking to me~

17. Why did u choose your url?: well, back in 2012 we were all watching NU’EST’s love story and one day I decided to make a tumblr and the best url I could think of was nuestlovestory *hides*

18. Following: 51… I really want to follow more blogs like most of the ones I follow are inactive (and I can’t unfollow them as I’ve followed them for many years aigoo), therefore I recently started to follow other blogs as my dash is really empty (╥_╥)

19. Followers: 3k like omg I wan’t to thank all of you for following me! It means a lot like I’m so happy that many people are interested in our babies ♡ and omg let’s be friends! Just send me a message ᵔᴥᵔ

20. Favorite colors: pastel pink, my room is like white and pink everywhereeee

21. Average hours of sleep: 6-8

22. Lucky number: 28 because I was born on the 28th

23. Instruments: tbh I don’t play any instruments

24. What am I wearing: my pjamas omg

25. How many blankets I sleep with: 1

26. Dream job: I want to become an English teacher and am currently studying to become one~ AND OMG I’m not graduated yet (I’ve still 2 years to go in uni) but my internship school hired me so after the summer vacation I will start my career as an English teacher adjskadkflsj (≧ω≦)

27. Dream trip: I reaaaaalllllyyyyyyyyyy want to go to south korea like so badly~~~

28. Favorite food(s): all the Turkish food my mommie make + fries, fried chicken, burgers, tokbokki, ramyon, spring rolls and pizza (now it seems like I often eat unhealthy food but that’s not true *embarrassed*)

29. Nationality: Turkish-Dutch

30. Favorite song now: 2017 version of Hello by NU’EST babies (。♥‿♥。)

I’m tagging people I want to know better: @nuest-rebirth, @lovebugi, @minhyuun, @luminous-point, @minsbugi, @onibugi-jr and @pledisangels ♡♡♡♡

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answer 30 questions + tag 20 people you’d like to know better
- nicknames: Nemo, gnomes, + various others that are puns based off of my name. 
- star sign: Libra.
- gender: Female. 
- MBTI type: INFJ. 
- height: 5′4″
- time: 12:47am PST
- birthday: Oct 15th! 
- favorite bands: Some of my favorites are Linkin Park, Florence + The Machine, Paramore. there’s a lot more than this. ^^
- favorite solo artists: Hmmm… Jack Johnson and Lana del Rey but again there are more :3
- song stuck in my head: “Crawling” ;;;;
- last movie i watched: Cars 3
- last show i watched: The last non-animated show I watched was Scrubs. :> 
- other blogs: I made an osomatsu-san blog + then there are my older, older blogs…. I lost the info for my very first Tumblr and then with my second Tumblr blog, there was so much Naruto on there and I didn’t want to delete it, so I just ended up creating another blog (aka this one) >_>;;;
- when i created my blog: Somewhere between a 1 year to 2 years ago.
- what i post about: Anything since it’s a multi-fandom blog feat. my ships and beloved favs. :3 though mainly there’s a lot of HQ!! + BNHA + KH content right now
- last thing i googled: MBTI test. I actually had to retake this again since I forgot what I was, lollol
- following: 100+
- followers: 100+ 
- favorite color: BLUE. 
- average hours of sleep: Somewhere between 6-8? It really just depends on how early I need to be up the next day. 
- lucky number: I wouldn’t consider if lucky but I like the number 3. 
- instruments: I played the piano for a bit but i’m such a sucker for drummers + guitarist + bassists 
- what I’m wearing: Shirt + basketball shorts 
- how many blankets i sleep with: 0-2 (depends on the season)
- dream jobs: I wouldn’t say dream job but more like my end goal is to live comfortably enough so I don’t have to worry about finances 
- dream trip: Traveling to parts of Europe, Japan, and New Zealand. ^^ AND HAVING A KURODAI/DAICHI CENTRIC SLEEPOVER WITH ALL THE KURODAI PEEPS 
- favorite food: Noodles. :3
- nationality: Mexican-American

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