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SNK Character Song Series 07: Erwin Smith (Image song & monologue translations)

Thanks for your patience! 

Here is the second half of my translation, this time featuring Erwin’s image song & monologue! 

(You can read Levi’s song & monologue translations here.)

Similar to the Levi post, I included the original Japanese and romaji versions of the song, and I also made a transcript of Erwin’s monologue in the original Japanese. You can read that one here.

Again, spoiler warning for details of Erwin’s entire character song CD, as well as one more plug for the official release :)


“Hope Of Mankind” (Vocals by Daisuke Ono)

Side Note: the melody for Erwin’s song is based on the previously released SNK single, theDOGS.

Japanese Version

惨状だけが 現状そのもの

先へ進む 道を死守

繋ぎ止めるHope Of Mankind



それだけがHope Of Mankind



※ Repeat


Romaji version

Misekake no kibō wo toite
Yume wo chiratsukase wa shinai
Sanjō dake ga genjō sono mono

Toki ni saizen no saku wa
Tōtoi inochi kirisutete
Saki e susumu michi wo shishu
Senjō no seorī

Owari naki crisis no naka
Hei wo michibiki tsuzuke
Nani wo sutesatta toshite mo
Tsunagi tomeru Hope Of Mankind

Akiru hodo mitsumete kita
Jinrui no oyobanasa wo
Soredemo mada hirobite wa inai

Gisei harawanu jakusha ni
Donna shōki ga aru to iu?
Mukiaubeki aite to wa
Hyaku nen no kyōi

*Owari naki crisis no naka
Nando demo tobikonde
Kakushin no danpen sagasu
Sore dake ga Hope Of Mankind

Owari naki crisis no naka
Hei wo michibiki tsuzuke
Yuru ganu shinnen tsuranuku
Tsukiru sono hi made

Muzan ni chitta ejiki to natta
Yūshi ni itsuka tsugunaeru nara
Inochi hitotsu ja fuzoku darō ga
Jigoku ni ochita sono ato de nara…
Kagiri aru ima kudasu ketsudan ga
Asu wo tsukuru to shinjite iru


Suteta mono wa kagiri naku
Eta mono wa wazuka demo
Idomu kagiri zero ja nai
Kanōsei wa mada

English Translation

I do not offer false hopes
By dangling dreams in front
It is nothing but bleak, but that is the way things are

Sometimes the best policy is
To sacrifice precious lives
Defending until the end the path forward
It is the theory of the battlefield

Into the midst of this endless crisis
I will continue to guide the soldiers
Even if I have to abandon everything
I will hold onto the hope of mankind

I have stared myself sick gazing upon
Humanity’s inferiority
Nevertheless we have not yet perished

For the weak ones who have not paid with sacrifice
What sort of chances of winning are there?
The opponents we must face
Have been a menace for 100 years

Into the midst of this endless crisis
I will dive over and over again
To search for fragments of the truth
That is simply the hope of mankind

Into the midst of this endless crisis
I will continue to lead the soldiers
I will cling to my unwavering faith
Until my days come to an end

It is cruel how the victims have fallen
If I were to atone for these volunteers
One life is not enough, but
Perhaps it would after I have fallen into hell
There is a limit to the decisions I make now but
I believe we can build a tomorrow

There’s no end to the things I’ve thrown away
Even though the things I’ve gotten in return were few
The ability to challenge is not down to zero
There is still a possibility


Monologue English Translation

My father was a teacher. The course of my life was set in the classroom one day where my father was giving a history lesson.

Having doubts about the story of how humanity had been driven into these walls, I asked my father a naive question.

At the time, my father stayed silent, but after we returned home, he answered my question.

There were a great number of inconsistencies in the history book distributed by the monarchy.

Moreover, he had a theory that they were hiding an astounding truth.

I spread my father’s theory around to the neighborhood children.

There was no ill intention, it was an innocent act.

However, on the day in which those details were investigated by Military Police, my father died in an accident in a faraway town he had left for.

Of course, it was only ostensibly an accident. My father was killed at the hands of someone who disapproved of his theory.

Inside the walls, there are a portion of humans who indulge in a privileged life– their desires, as well as a foolish son tempted by innocent questions killed my father.

And then my father’s theory became my truth. Proving my father’s theory became my life’s mission.

Humans become titans, and titans become the walls.

In this world full of harsh paths, answering the question I put forth on that day is the meaning of my life, the reason why I was born.

It is for that reason that I came to lead the Survey Corps, giving commands to numerous subordinates: “Give up your life.”

Almost all humans who join the Survey Corps will die.

On their first expedition outside the walls, the probability that new recruits will become food for the titans is roughly 50 percent.

1 in 2 people will lose their life.

Just in the last 4 years, the Survey Corps lost the majority of its soldiers, and with the fall of Wall Maria, all of the results we had gained crumbled in an instant.

There is no guarantee that Survey Corps soldiers who dedicate their hearts for the sake of humanity will live tomorrow. The current condition is bleak.

However much we try to discuss our hopes and dreams, all of them will be easily crushed.

No matter how much we champion some great cause or become a sacrifice for someone else’s sake, the pay off is almost nothing.

And yet I have been ordering many soldiers to die.

I have been using gamble-like military strategies in order to fight against this cruel world.

A comrade who formerly aspired to join the Survey Corps with me fell in love with a girl from the bar we frequented, and he chose to protect her.

I too thought I could perhaps walk along that same kind of path.

But I chose the path of fighting titans over a girl I loved.

Even a person who chose a peaceful life and could spend their life happily will eventually die.

Hope? Or despair? When this small world is about to change, I am the only one who will choose my own path.

I am the only one who will choose the path I believe in.

Who is the enemy of this world?

The key that will save humanity from this despair is none other than humanity’s determination.

This firm determination is, above all, mankind’s hope.

Therefore, I have no choice but to go see the answers I want to know.

Even though I have lost my arm as well as many of my subordinates while carrying the wings of freedom on my back¹, I must continue to advance beyond the walls by fighting against this cruel world.

If we can manage to reach the basement of Eren Yeager’s home, surely we will be able to seize the key to freeing ourselves from control by titans which has lasted for 100 years.

The answer to the question I brought forth on that day is at a place right before my eyes, a place I can reach my hand toward and grab.

Everything is for the sake of my dream– my very own dream. For that purpose I have guided many soldiers, and have ordered them to die.









As well as every other soldier who has tragically fallen.

My one life is not enough, but eventually I will make up for it. After I have fallen into hell, certainly I will have the privilege to atone.

Certainly, without fail. But now is not the time.

No matter what it takes, I have to be present to witness the moment that the truth about this world becomes clear.

Even if I have to abandon everything.

My conviction is unwavering.

Translation note:

¹ Here the phrase 自由の翼を背負い/jiyū no tsubasa wo seoi (“carrying the wings of freedom on my back”) has a connotation of it being a heavy burden to bear. It looks similar to another phrase in Japanese, 十字架を背負う/jyūjika wo seō, which means “to have a cross to bear” or more figuratively, “to carry a heavy burden”.

anonymous asked:

needs to share sth with you, malec breaking up with the ruelle - war of hearts (acoustic version) in the background and both crying and then magnus gives alec back the omamori and saying aku cinta kamu and alec is crying even more bc he knows what it means

how about malec getting married with ruelle - war of hearts (acoustic version) in the background as both of them walk to the aisle and being surrounded by their friends and families they are both wearing gold and its the best day of their life, and as magnus says his vows he places the omamori in their joined hands because its symbolises so much to them and when its alecs turn he says his vows in indonesian because he learned it just for magnus he wanted surprise him with something special and they are both crying because this is it they made it and its just the beginning of the long life they are going to share

misssophiachase  asked:

Hey, Luiza! Are you still doing those fantastic song prompts? It's possibly a little unknown but I love the song I Shall Believe by Sheryl Crow, it's one of my fave inspired Klaroline songs, would love to see it in one of your drabbles, only if possible of course : )

I’m sorry it took me a million years to do this. I hope you like it!

“You don’t get to do that to me,” Caroline said as she stormed into his room… No. Not his room, she realized. His painting room, judging by the Hybrid standing in front of a canvas, sleeves rolled up and Henley stained with paint – well, at least that shade of red seemed too bright to be blood, she thought.

Klaus didn’t take his eyes from his painting, his long fingers holding a brush with precision as he stroke colours into the canvas. “I’m not in the mood, love.”

“Yeah, most of the time I’m not in the mood for you either, but that’s never seemed to stop you,” Caroline snapped.

Play with me, she mentally begged. I need this right now, please.

This time he looked at her and she saw the anger in his eyes, the burning fury directed at her for the first time. Because she had doomed them all without any regrets, but worse than that – she had said awful things about him, repeatedly told him that she’d never be with someone like him, someone so dark and twisted… Only for her to murder twelve people without a second thought. Her characteristic hypocrisy was beginning to tire even her.

He had looked at her with annoyance before, irritation and even with hatred (though she supposed he only hated how much he couldn’t hate her), but she’d never gotten to admire the ire of Klaus Mikaelson up-close, to inspect the hardness in his stare and the golden flecks that sparked in his irises.

Caroline waited a moment, expecting him to yell at her, to exploit every single one of her weaknesses and leave her even more broken. But he stayed silent, taking her in. And she stayed silent, too. Not knowing what to say. Not knowing why she was even there.

She saw as his eyes scanned her face. Once. Twice. They took notice of her vacant stare, her red eyes, her trembling hands. Perhaps he noticed that her hair was messier than he’d ever seen, that she hadn’t bothered with make up.

She saw as his eyes softened – slowly, as if he was fighting it.

Then he sighed, put the brush down and wiped his hands with a piece of cloth. “What is it that you want, Caroline?”

He sounded tired too.

“I don’t know,” she admitted, “I just… I didn’t want to be alone.”

Klaus just looked at her for a few moments – moments that took too long to pass as she stood there, feeling completely exposed and vulnerable - and then he took a step forward and another, until he was right in front of her.

He nodded as if he understood, as if he too had suffered through too many nights where he wished that someone would hold him close. Even knowing that he was not just the monster others thought him to be, she found that so very unlike him she almost laughed.

Instead she sobbed, and he pulled her to him, wrapping his arms around her awkwardly enough that she knew that he wasn’t used to comforting people – which wasn’t really a surprise – but even so, burying her head on the crook of his neck as his hand caressed her back soothingly instantly made her feel safe.

He didn’t say anything. He didn’t absolve her of crimes or promised that everything was going to be ok. Nothing was ok and he was still so very furious at her, she could tell.

But he held her for a long time, letting her take as much comfort as she needed. 

Perhaps terrible people weren’t so terrible all the time.


I’d Rather Be With You - Terry Callier (What Color Is Love, 1972)

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hc: jon gets really awkward whenever robb and theon act like a couple around him, especially in the beginning of their relationship and while theon has never been a big fan of PDAs, when he discovers this he makes it his life mission to be touching or kissing robb whenever jon is around and robb is completely oblivious to it, too happy to get attention from his boyfriend to notice.

Lol yes. And even more than the physical contact, Jon is disturbed by the lovey dovey talk too so naturally Theon comes up with the most ridiculous nicknames for Robb along with just sappy trashy romance dialogue.

unaesthetic songs

tagged by @thespiandrummer. thank you~

Rules: List 10 songs which you thoroughly enjoy, but defy your ideal/perceived musical aesthetic. These can be guilty pleasures or those which exist in genres you normally don’t associate with. Tag others if you so desire.

1. Rip N Dip (Tisoki & Ray Volpe Remix) - Getter

2. Mo Bounce - Iggy Azalea

3. Death of a Bachelor - Panic! At The Disco

4. Paul Revere - Beastie Boys

5. Don’t Dance - 3OH!3

6. Ass Drop - Wiz Khalifa

7. Chained To The Rhythm - Katy Perry

8. Helpless - Emarosa

9. Go Home - Bad Veins

10. Guys My Age - Hey Violet

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