song has nothing to do with the doodle

Okay but when Clint and Natasha finally get together the other Avengers are almost jealous because damn Clint must be having some mind blowing sex. Little do they know that Clint and Natasha don’t have sex for nearly eighteen months after they start dating because, for Natasha, sex has always been a weapon, another tool in her arsenal. It means nothing to her.

So for your consideration, Clint helping Natasha rediscover her own sensuality:

-first of all, cuddles. So many cuddles. Learning to touch without hurting or expectation
-drawing on each other’s skin with magic marker, sometimes writing song lyrics or just doodles
-Clint helping Natasha clean off after a tough mission and holding her close until she feels better
-holding her hand whenever possible, stroking his thumb over the back of her hand
-taking care of her when she gets sick (and despite her very violent protestations)
-knowing when she needs space and when she needs to be held so tight it feels like her ribs are going to break but Clint doesn’t let go because he knows that letting go would hurt even more

I just have a lot of feelings about these nerds ya know?