song goes with her so yay for song

I don’t like being one to obsess on character hate and find more and more reasons to hate one but for this one I can’t. I really tried to keep it in those past two weeks but uhhhhhhh

Look, I liked Emma’s song… except for its lyrics and its whole message. So apparently her parents’ song was “inside her” all this time and so her past pain of feeling abandoned just… goes away? It doesn’t matter anymore and yay she’s “cured” and “free” just like that?

Apart from the fact that it’s a huge disservice to Emma’s character, I also hate it and her shitty monologue in 6x11 because all that make Regιna’s past actions just… go away. She caused Emma’s parents to give her away? Their song was inside her the whole time, no prob! She’s the reason Emma grew up an orphan? That made her strong! Look how she would have been if it weren’t for those horrible homes where no one ever gave a fuck about her!

And that is what I call destroying a character to prop someone else, guys. Having them accept another character into their lives as part of their emotional growth isn’t.

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