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Fic: 14 Seasonally Inappropriate Serenades (1/14)

Just because Blaine missed his chance to serenade Kurt on their first Valentine’s Day as friends doesn’t mean there aren’t other occasions now that they’re boyfriends. PG-13.  

1/14 - Your Song (Read on AO3 here)

Kurt and Blaine tentatively take each other’s hand on their walk through Dalton’s thawing campus. The budding trees make a picturesque setting for young lovers and provide a pretense for their stroll, although Blaine is certain Kurt would turn beet-red if Blaine applied the word lovers aloud to them. It’s too soon for that. It’s too soon to say the word love aloud either. He pretends to look at trees and looks at Kurt instead.

Blaine’s real goal? Figure this boy out so he doesn’t screw up being his boyfriend.

“Most iconic, romantic musical movie moment?” Blaine asks like he doesn’t have an ulterior motive. Kurt is contented enough to answer question after question about his likes and dislikes, and Blaine hopes they’ll be the guidance he needs.

“Ooh. Okay, ‘Come What May’ in Moulin Rouge for a proper duet, but if we’re going for a serenade, I’m going with ‘Your Song’.”

“Huh. I figured you’d lean more golden age in your choices. Moulin Rouge is only a few years old.” The movie wasn’t quite to Blaine’s taste at first. He saw the glimpses the ads provided, didn’t understand why it was so loud and fantastical even though he appreciated the artistry, and assumed he wasn’t its intended audience. He was drawn slowly to it anyway. Only once he he sat down with it, getting progressively closer and closer to the screen, popcorn forgotten in his lap, did he realize it was beautiful as well as overwhelming and like nothing he’d ever seen before. Funny how feelings develop.

“It’s so romantic,” Kurt confesses.

“Go on.” This could be a key. Blaine’s grasp of how to do romance needs all the help it can get.

“It cuts through everything else that’s going on, um…” – there’s that blush as Kurt searches for how to delicately describe Satine’s propositioning up to- and including crotch-grabbing and wreathing on the floor in furs – “…With her trying so hard to make herself whatever she thought he wanted. The scene leading into it is a chaotic mess, and then it stops because he sings. He unironically lays all his feelings at her feet. It’s real. It’s for her. She falls in love with him right there, and you understand completely.”

“You want that,” Blaine clarifies. He’s getting better at figuring Kurt out, now that they’ve been dating for weeks. If spilling emotions like an overladen shopper spills groceries is an attractive quality for Kurt, this bodes well for Blaine.

“Yes.” Kurt only hesitates for a moment. “I do.”

Something about laying feelings bare tugs at Blaine’s thoughts. “Valentine’s Day was rough, huh?”

“Because we were tragically single?” Kurt doesn’t sound the least bit sad now that he isn’t anymore.

“I thought it was ‘single with hope.’ Like the final lines in Sweet Charity, which is, like, even a worse ending to a musical than On The Town.”

Kurt shrugs cutely.

“I mean the part where I serenaded someone else.” One day it’ll be mostly funny. One day Blaine won’t feel inclined to wince at the memory. It makes him think of all the times he rehearsed that song opposite his bedroom mirror, thinking he could be the guy someone wanted that way. He perfected the looks he would give, the bravado he would assume as his own. He put himself out there, in front of strangers and his closest friends, and Jeremiah looked and said “no thanks.” He thought Jeremiah would like it, and he didn’t. Not at all.

All those headshakes from Kurt make so much more sense now.

“Yes, I was jealous, but it set us on this path where I told you my feelings, and the one drunken sleepover, one foam party, one parental sex talk, and one dead bird later…” Kurt’s laugh cuts himself off.

“It wasn’t like that!” Blaine laughs at Kurt’s joke anyway. All of those were things that happened, but really, it was Blaine’s adoration of Kurt growing the more he saw him.

Kurt squeezes his hand. “It’s not a bad memory. For me. Who cares about that guy now besides his hairdresser? Who cares that I have to wait for my serenades?”

“I’ll make it up to you.” Blaine can sing a bunch of love songs by heart. He doesn’t need to wait for Valentine’s Day to come back around for a chance to say what he feels.

“There’s nothing to make up!”

Too late. Blaine already spots a park bench he can hop onto and starts to sing the song Kurt chose.

You youngins may not know this, but way back in 1994, Weezer released their very first album, and on that album was a song called “In the Garage,” and this song began with the following lyrics:

I’ve got Dungeon Master’s Guide
I’ve got a 12-sided die
I’ve got Kitty Pryde
And Nightcrawler too
Waiting there for me
Yes, I do.

Now, I don’t know if this is canon, but just based on Kitty and Kurt’s personalities, there is literally a zero percent chance that they did not play D&D. And I can totally imagine an X-Men movie with that song in the soundtrack, playing over a scene of Kitty and Kurt (among others) sitting around a table playing D&D in the X-garage.

And with the next movie taking place in the ‘90s, we are SO CLOSE to that scene becoming a reality, but the next movie is already confirmed to take place in 1993 - a mere year before that song came out! - and film continuity already established Kitty as a teen in the early aughts, making her too young to join the team then, so it’s never gonna happen, and I just find that tragic.

As if I walked into the room
to see my ex-girlfriend
sucking the face of some pretty-boy
with my favourite band’s most popular song
in the background

Is it wrong that I can’t decide which bothers me most?
—  Los Campesinos! - It’s Never That Easy Though, Is It? (Song For The Other Kurt)