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Flip Wizard
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Flip Wizard

A stupid song about a stupid elf wizard with an acrobatics modifier of +7. (Feat. the McElroy Brothers)

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leedonghae: I like it the best when I am with you

Things You Might Have Missed in DA:I (War Table Edition)
  • Save Clan Lavellan: You can in fact save Clan Lavellan as an elven Inquisitor. Doing so not only has your clan find a home in Wycome, but puts them somewhat in charge of the city’s government. Also the Inquisitor gains a special, white Hart Halla from their clan, the Royal Sixteen. One order to keep Clan Lavellan alive (but not the only working order) is : Leliana, Josephine, Leliana, Cullen.
  • New to the Crew: A Young Hopeful/Sutherland and Company: You may or may not remember the young man that can be spoken to on the second floor of the Tavern in Skyhold? Leliana would have the Young Hopeful worked in the Kitchens, but give him a chance with Cullen and you could be well on your way to building up the Inquisition’s Personal Mercenary group (their second one at least, considering the Chargers). The string of War Table missions can be continued by talking to Sutherland after each one and getting to meet his own ragtag group as it builds.
  • A Present for Bianca: There’s nothing really special about this War Table mission…I just can’t believe Varric likes to refer to himself as Daddy.
  • Hard in Hightown/Revenge of the Merchant Guild: Within the line of the Hard in Hightown missions, you will run into mentions of two Dwarves from other games. One being Worthy, the dwarf with the unfortunate name who was Hawke’s rune contact and the other is Jerrik Dace, the Warden’s companion from the Amgarrak DLC
  • Reclaiming the Mage Rebellion: If the Inquisitor sided with the Mages during In Hushed Whispers, they will run across another familiar name. Sketch the Elf, who is actually the same elf from both Leliana’s Song and DA2′s Sketchy on the Details Quest.
  • Other Mentions: There are many references to past characters of course, more than worth noting individually. However, a few more are Maevaris Tilani from the comics, Rhys and Evangeline from David Gaider’s Asunder, and even Zevran from DAO
  • Measure Veil Strength: Solas’ artifacts don’t really seem to do much, but activating 10 of them will actually open a War Table mission and a quest where the Inquisitor must close a giant Rift. As far as I know you do need Solas for the quests to be available.
  • Source of the Darkspawn Attacks: Protect Val Gamord from Darkspawn War Table mission, after Adamant and assuming you have the Grey Warden, will open another quest line like Protecting Clan Lavellan. By which I mean: you can either save or kill off the Wardens depending on your actions. The best order seems to be Cullen, Leliana, Leliana, Josephine or Leliana, and then Cullen.
  • Send Skywatcher to Stone-Bear Hold: (Requires Jaws of Hakkon DLC) This mission becomes available if/when you recruit the Avvar near the Fade from Fallow Mire, after saving the Inquisition soldiers. Though the most…”interesting” thing about this quest is how you apparently send Thane Sun-Hair a booty-call at the same time…
  • From the Heart: Following the Alliances mission line on the War Table will eventually bring up a dilemma of marriage for three young people. Two men vying for a woman’s hand, one for love and one for status. Depending on how you handle the missions can mean a lot of different outcomes, but assuming you find one of the successful lines, then the Inquisitor can actually attend the resulting wedding in Val Royeaux’s upper levels and give their blessings to the couple.
  • The Big One?: This is probably one of the most known missions on the War Table, but it is possible to miss it if you don’t know. When exploring the upper levels of Val Royeaux, you will no doubt run into the man selling a Mystery Box for 10000 Gold. This opens a Golden Nug in the shop which then opens a War Table mission to acquire a new, strange mount. So definitely try it out, if you haven’t!
  • Throne Accessories: Many of the thrones can in fact be upgraded with small accessories, for example the Andrastian throne can be upgraded to have small fire pits framing it and incense at the foot of the throne. This is achieved by random chance when completing Resource missions on the War Table. So if you ever have idle advisors be sure to assign them to the small Gold or Resource missions, even if you don’t need them.

a cross series parallel:

in the fellowship of the ring the hobbits hear a love song about an elf woman who fell in love with a mortal man which is clearly foreshadowing for aragorn and arwen, in a similar situation, ending up together 

He peered between the hemlock-leaves
And saw in wonder flowers of gold
Upon her mantle and her sleeves,
And her hair like shadow following.

in a storm of swords arya hears a song about a man and woman who are also from different worlds but are in love and find a way to be together which is, again, most likely foreshadowing for arya and gendry

I’ll wear a gown of golden leaves,
and bind my hair with grass,
But you can be my forest love,
and me your forest lass.

because authors dont write songs for nothing 

Christmas Special - Draw The Squad

- Draw the OC squad decorating a christmas tree together

- Draw them, waiting for someone who was supposed to get the goose/duck/turkey and they bust through the door with an alive bird in their arms

- Draw them setting the kitchen on fire, while cooking

- Draw them sitting at the dinner table drunk and singing christmas songs

- Draw them in christmasy costumes (santa, elf,..)

   +Bonus: Draw them having a nice costume party and one of them shows up in a sexy santa costume

- Draw your OC couple kissing under a mistletoe

   +Bonus: Draw one of your OCs, standing next to them being pissed about being single

- Draw them building snowmen outside

   +Bonus: Draw them starting a snow war and destroying everything

- Draw them sitting in front of the TV, in blankets with tea, watching christmas movies

A Music Based Fantasy RPG

A Music Heavy RPG where the music you play can give you wondrous powers…

The World of Noate is a world of Music, since man, elf or dwarf could speak, the sang songs and weaved tales.

And as this new found music grew, so to did its powers…

And this Magic Music has brought incredible powers to those who wield it well…

The Core Idea of this system is that the Music, which you would normally see in the background of many RPG Sessions, is now more prominent.

Music creates Magic, and with the variety of Music available to a Bard’s hands, the more variety of Magic available to cast.

Perhaps a player likes Heavy Rock, and cranks up the Volume to 11.

The Magic they could cast may be a wave of thunderous and deafening sound, or a scream to shatter the minds of their foes…

Or perhaps you play a simple tune, to charm your enemies with an enchanting song of Fey magic, or the Hellish sounds from the endless burning pits of the Underworld…

Either way, the player’s choice of music can creating amazing magical effects…

From simple enchantments to world-breaking magical rituals…

P.S. There are over 40 different “Types” of Music. Allowing for an incredible amount of magical variety…

So what do you think of this idea? 

And what would you change to it to fit it into your games?

Here are the KNEE SLAPPERS with the exact character descriptions my players gave me. I love these guys so much lol 

NIM PIN (Elf Rogue)
Nim is from a mining town called Erith located in the Snowbird Mountains. Her parents died when she was young, so she was raised by an eccentric old gnome woman named Madonna Tealeaf. Madonna was a witch who tried to teach Nim magic, but just ended up teaching her how to make fantastic date bread. She was an intern for the  mayor of Erith named Slag, until she overheard Slag being paid off to ignore goblin raids in the Broken Hill mines. Slag attacked her, and she killed him in self defense. The situation looked like she had murdered the mayor, Erith turned on her, and she was sentenced to death before she escaped from prison. Now she is living on the run, stealing from rich people in the towns she passes through.

MANGO (Tiefling Cleric)
Mango is the younger twin tiefling. She and her sister Mingo ran away from home in their early twenties after years of being bullied by their peers, and after running through a forest for a few days, accidentally stumbled through the entrance to the Feywild. They were almost immediately separated by magical mist, and Mango found her way to a fairy court. After studying their way of living and some interactions with the fairy’s religion, Mango became a cleric for one of their gods and was going to spend the rest of her life in the Feywild until Mingo found her.

MINGO (Tiefling Druid)

After being separated from Mango, Mingo almost immediately fell into a snare and was captured by a dwarf druid named Marek Garland, who had been hiding in the Feywild for years. Marek took her in, taught her how to harness the magic in nature, and essentially taught her how to be a druid. After a few years, Mingo became desperate to find her sister, and set off through the Feywild until she finally found her and Marek agreed to send them back to their home plane together. Mingo is plagued by pollen allergies. 

WINNIFRED UNDERBOUGH (Dragonborn Barbarian)

Winnifred Underbough came from a tribe of dragonborns from the Eastern mountains where her parents were the tribe leaders. Though the tribe was pretty secluded, her parents wanted Winnifred to receive an education in a more populated, modernized area and sent her to Yale for Dragons* (name tbd). While she was there, Winnifred realized that she had extreme anger issues compared to her peers. Mathematics was difficult enough that even the thought of it could send her into a Rage™. She was kicked out of school, and is now on a spiritual journey to find a balance between her desire to learn and her desire to wreck shit.

FIFER HIGH-HILL (Halfling Bard)

Fifer is from a commune of halflings living in the forest, where he lived with his two moms and about fifty other hippy halflings. They somehow got involved in a prank war with the fairies living in the area, where the halflings would dump water or something on one of them, and then a halfling would be cursed for eternity. In his own words, “we just liked having fun but sometimes they would just go way too hard, you know?” Eventually Fifer was cursed by one particular fairy that he would have to find new songs to play for both of their communities, otherwise something “unlucky” would happen to him. Now he travels the land, looking for new songs to take back to his commune.

BIRDIE SANDERS (Elf Gunslinger)

Birdie is a High Elf Dutchess who has been in hiding for 97 years after a HUGE fiasco at a party where she spread a bunch of rumors about the current ruling family. There was a ton of drama, and eventually people started to figure out that she was behind it all, so she just bounced for a century while she waited for things to calm down. She’s been living in Erith for about 50 years, and in that time some mysterious patron has been leaving presents for her on her porch, including the two guns that she carries with her now. She has no marketable skills besides her charming personality, so she works as the PR person for mayoral candidate Lauretta Blossom. 

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Heroes of Targos #1

Lucian Wintergaze - Lawful Good Half-Elf Paladin of Mystra / Wizard, Age 19

LUCIAN blinks in surprise when you ask about his origins. He confesses that he didn’t find himself all that interesting, and to be asked was quite flattering. His humility does him credit, but clashes harshly with his rather ornate regalia befitting the squire of Mystra. After a few more moments of innocently stumbling over his words, he begins to tell his story.

His life, as he describes it, was simple in relation to the grand tale of his parents and his grandfather before him. His grandfather was Varius Wintergaze, Paladin of Tyr and leader of the company that slew the demon Belhifet thirty years prior; his previously long-lost daughter, Siri Wintergaze, accompanied him and four others on this task, and then went on to become a prominent agent of the Harpers. It was during her work in protecting the city that she met a half-elven cleric of Mystra and fellow Harper, Sylvoril, who eventually became her husband.

Lucian goes on to say that Sylvoril’s mother was a song dragon in disguise and that such a matter is an entirely different story that he simply is too flustered to delve into. He suffices to say that he has a lot to live up to, and this matter of grand heritage and legendary predecessors clearly weighs heavily on the squire.

The boy spent his formative years in the library of Neverwinter, the city that his mother had come to call home after her early life and adventures in the north, where he would spend his time evenly split between learning the fundamentals of spellcasting and attending the clergy of Mystra along with his father. He grew to be fascinated by magic and the weave that sustained it, and wished nothing more than to harness it on his own to shape as his parents had. He came to excel at this practice, largely in part to the tutelage of his parents and no doubt in small part due to the dragonsblood in his veins.

It was the tales of heroism that his mother spun, however, that inspired Lucian to do more than become a practiced wizard. He was raised on the story of the Heroes of Easthaven; Nythura the Dragon-Blooded, Rhys the Blind, Zelthana the Pirate Queen, Magnar Gold-Heart, his mother Siri the Skald, and most of all, his grandfather Varius Wintergaze, Champion of Justice and protector of the Innocent. Wanting to live up to his grandfather’s memory, to make him proud, Lucian submitted himself to his father for training as a squire of Mystra when he was but a teenager.

His training involved many disciplines; wielding the forces of magic, studying the blade, coming to know the goddess Mystra, and learning of heroes that came before him. His apprenticeship under his knightly mentor, Sir Othenril, is now nearing its conclusion, and his final test is to participate in the battle against the invading forces targeting Targos. Always had he role models to aspire to, models of greatness to strive for, and affirms that he has confidence that he will succeed.

You wonder then, where the confidence in this young man lies. He possesses bravery in spades, of course, and often abandons his inhibitions in the heat of battle or in dire times, but he often second-guesses his leadership abilities in times of peace among many other aspects of his personality and character. He is very mindful of his behavior and is incredibly self-critical, all stemming from his obsession to pass his test and prove himself a true knight in the eyes of the Goddess of Magic.

The young Mage-Paladin Lucian is the leader of the Company of Mysteries, the group that banded together to fight against the Legion of the Chimera in Icewind Dale. His skillset lends itself to fighting at the forefront of a conflict, where he can attack enemies with spell and sword alike. His lack of self-confidence might demean him to some, but to many strangers in the Dales it gives him an endearing air of innocence that lends itself well to diplomacy. Lucian’s greatest asset as a martial fighter is not his physical strength nor sound body, but his sharp mind that allows him to assess the battlefield and react as a trained tactician might.

When not facing the pressures of leading the Company and fulfilling his role as a squire, he is a very kind young man that holds little to no malice in his heart, save for those who would harm the innocent for their own gain. He deeply embraces the ‘good’ aspect of paladinhood, almost so much that his superiors often question his devotion to the lawful aspect.

As a very intelligent and quick-witted person, Lucian often has input on many topics, to the point that the can easily be considered a know-it-all. It is clear that he was the consummate student, and learned much in his education both before and after his squiring. He has a beautiful singing voice, no doubt due to his song dragon heritage.

Lucian wishes well for all of his companions, and is thrilled to be adventuring with kindred souls that were likewise touched by the heroes of Easthaven in their own ways. He holds Magnar Gold-Heart in the highest respect as his grandfather’s dearest friend and ally, and sees the dwarf as a mentor in the ways of adventuring and fighting. He likewise has fondness for Ophelia Greywatch as well, and treats her with kindness both out of respect for her parents Rhys and Zelthana, and out of his desire to see her cheer up even if but for a moment.

Though her running afoul of the law unnerves him, Lucian considers Mori Cloudwhisk to be a dear friend as well, and quite useful for her mechanical expertise. He regularly encourages her to seek honest work, suggestions which the halfling regularly declines. Through the tiefling Grace watches the Paladin wearily, he affirms that he bodes her no ill will on behalf of her heritage. Lastly, Lucian believes the nobility of their most enigmatic companion, the aasimar wizard Marvoril Fylaeneiros despite his grim occupation and the suspicions of his allies.

In battle, Lucian wields his grandfather’s bastard sword and a shield gifted to him by his father on the night of his departure to the North. Varius’ blade is an enchanted bastard sword +2, formerly of far greater power, but has dulled in strength in the years since the death of its original wielder. Lucian carries it regardless, for it is still an artifact of great might, and also serves as a reminder of what he has to live up to.

Set List For The Wedding:

The Bard is from Kirkwall and likely does not realise the cultural significance of most of these songs.

  • Fereldan Folk Song about How Much I Love Andraste (Andraste is a metaphor for Queen Moira. But like, also, you know, actually Andraste.)
  • Andraste Had A Dog
  • Elven Folk Song that’s Basically The Mourner’s Kaddish and probably shouldn’t be sung at a wedding reception (In Uthenera.) 
  • Drinking Song About How I’m totally DTF King Maric and/or Teryn Loghain and/or Queen Rowan and/or Queen Moira.
  • Flemeth Stole All Of My Elfroot
  • I’m Orlesian And Queen Moira Kicked My Ass. Holy Shit I’m DTF. (Not sung in French.)
  • Hine Ma Tov, but in Elven.
  • I’m A Noble Woman and I Asked A Weaver To Make Me Fine Cloth (it was a metaphor for lesbian sex.)
  • I’m Getting Hanged In The Morning (Because I Killed A Chevalier.) #NoRegrets. (Credit to @biotic-raptor-lady)
  • King Maric is The Best King Ever. 
  • Shemlen Nobles Are Treacherous, Even If You Share Their Beds. (In French.)
  • I Picked Berries In The Woods with a Boy But We Got Chased By A Bear (It was a metaphor for sex and getting knocked up afterwards.)
  • A Song That Seems Like It’s About How Brave a Woman Warrior is (But is usually interpreted as being about Queen Rowan, so probably not a great song to sing when her husband is getting married to another woman.)
  • Fereldan City Elf Song About How My Farm Went Barren and My House Burned Down (My farm and house are a metaphor for the Dales being stolen..)
  • I Had Sex With An Apostate Woman Who May Or May Not Have Been Flemeth. She Was Into Some Kinky Shit.
  • The Soldier And The Seawolf.
  • I Cheated, So My Girlfriend Is Literally Murdering Me

I need to think of more though, cuz I don’t think this is enough.