song for mood challenge


I know I already did a moodboard challenge before, but.. but.. Two lovely simblrs gave me another tag and one of them specially request one for Nathaniel. So… I can’t just ignore both of them^^

—– 💛 💜 ❤️Thank you @declarations-of-drama & @nocturnalazure

Ouwh.. and, I got another tag from @my-simension​ (Thank you ❤️) right before I post this challenge. It’s about:

Mood Song ♫♪♫, now check these out!

The Chainsmokers - The One

Laura Brehm - Don’t Wait

Misery Loves Its Company
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Misery Loves Its Company

Anti-Social (When you feel so hopeless, you feel like being cut off from the world. This song illustrates it perfectly for me. Also, challenge complete!)

“Beat but I’m not broken
Guide me through with your hand
Lead with your words spoken
Show me how to listen

Let your light shine through me
Take this hate I can’t release
Help me make the blind see
Misery loves its company.”

Three Seed
Silversun Pickups
Three Seed

Calm (By far one of the most chill tracks I’ve heard. I can literally close my eyes and be at total peace. it kinda reminds me of high school, even though I didn’t know of the band in high school. Damn, I almost forgot how much I love this band.)

“Cool like the ocean

Burned like a summer home
Fooled by the notion

That the sums don’t add up at all…

There’s the line that is leading clearly feeding
All the things I don’t believe in but I’ll step in once again

Cut in line to get closer to the source of
All the things I’ll never belong to

Step it up and sign right in