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ENG: A Rose From A Crowned Rose for Rinny’s F/F Celebration

 ‘Cause I can still hope for a happy sapphic ending on the books. I think Sansa and Margaery would make a wonderful couple of queens, and I love them both so much! ಥ⌣ಥ 

[Description: A digital inked drawing of Queen Margaery and Queen Sansa, from a posible future in A Song Of Ice And Fire, by  George R. R. Martin. They are standing on a terrace, with a background of hanging leaves. They are close together, and their hands touch, their pinkies interlocked. Margaery is offering a rose to Sansa, that looks down, smiling at the corniness of the flirting, but happy. Both are wearing long gowns: one with roses, and one with feathers. ]

ESP: Una Rosa De Una Rosa Coronada, para la  Rinny’s F/F Celebration

 Porque todavía puedo esperar un final sáfico y feliz en los libros. Creo que Sansa y Margaery serían una pareja espectacular de reinas, y las adoro profundamente    ಥ⌣ಥ

[Descripción: Un dibujo en tinta digital de la Reina Margaery y la Reina Sansa, de un posible futuro en la serie Canción De Hielo y Fuego de George R. R. Martin. Ambas se encuentran juntas, en una terraza, con un fondo de hojas colgantes. Están muy cerca, y sus manos se tocan, con sus dedos chiquitos entrelazados. Margaery le ofrece una rosa a Sansa, que mira hacia abajo, riéndose de lo cursi del flirteo, pero feliz. Ambas están usando vestidos largos: uno con rosas, y otro con plumas.


I did another thing.

this is the big thing i’ve been working on, and in the end i rushed so there’s a lot of mistakes but the gist of what I wanted is still there, I hope ya’ll like it, I really thought that this song fit well with Sheith, and really with voltron ships in general since they are fighting an evil alien empire and could literally die any day….

i was going to leave this happy but then I remembered that I love pain and suffering,…. :)

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Little D.Va: why does this level suddenly gets so difficult?! 내가 미쳤어!

Little Sombra: *grinning*

I wanna draw overwatch kids! Sombra is such a cool character and lots of fans had this sombra and kind of rivalry relationship when it comes to tech stuffs xD
So here’s my take and i plan to draw overwatch dads too :3