song challenege,

On My Mind

Simon walked briskly into the alleyway by the Dumort, determined to put this to rest at last.  He had been driving himself crazy the last few days thinking of his sire, the person who had changed his life in the worst ways.  Raphael Santiago would not leave his head and Simon was sick of it.

“Well, if it isn’t my very own fledgling.” Raphael greeted him as he inclined his head.  He was dressed in tight black jeans and a white tee with a black jacket dangling open.  He was leaning against his stupid demon bike and looked more delicious than Simon remembered.  

“You don’t get to do this to me,” Simon said lowly as he didn’t hesitate to get in Raphael’s space and press the vampire into the brick wall.  He knew perfectly well that Raphael could easily push him into the opposite wall without  much effort.

“What are you talking about? Are you always this….forthcoming?” Raphael’s eyes glinted in the dim lighting from the street lamp.  He looked curious and even slightly aroused instead of the anger Simon expected.  

“You’ve been driving me crazy,” SImon whispered against the vampire’s lips before claiming them for his own.  Raphael’s hands tangled in his hair tightly as he let Simon open his mouth with his tongue and tangle them together.  SImon’s hands were under Raphael’s shirt and exploring his stomach and chest with no hesitation.

“Shall we take this inside before we get gossiped about?” Raphael whispered in SImon’s ear as he nipped it none too gently.

“Fuck yes,” Simon said sharply as he struggled to breathe evenly.  “Let’s go.”