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honestly i think the crewniverse needs to decide if blue diamond is a metaphor for homophobia OR in love with pink diamond like,,,, she can’t be both


“I know that there are “better” concert songs which get more recognition, but isn’t it boring to hear songs like Massara Blue Jeans and Special Generation over and over again almost always for over 10 years? How often was “DANCE & CHANCE” performed? 4x in 18 years? Even top seller “Balalaika” (72k) is super rare. At least “This is UNMEI” (Melon/Kobushi) & Momusu’s first 2 singles shone again, some songs just go under and others make you feel tired - “rly, the 10th concert in a row with this?”.”

castielsbroken-wings  asked:

Is it bad that ever since I listened to that Blue October song "Home" that anon told you about, I've wanted you to write a fic for it? Like just happy family NewTina dancing in the kitchen?

That’s not bad at all!

Ask, and you shall receive… (hopefully sooner rather than later)

And I see colors when I hear your voice
Grab your wings, they’re putting gravity on trial
I see colors, I don’t hear the noise
Because we’re only flying for awhile